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Ses ‘Aa Snes nk ope 2 Topic Vocabulary 1 Give examples of two hogs that. 1. aremade of metal 2. areabout your height 5, sbout the ame size sa potato 4. are battery powered 5, no bigger than an iPod 6. won wheels 7 help you with your sdhoolwore 8 your parents always remind you to do 9 have go sensors 10. you need inorder to drive Useful Expressions 2 Choose the bat cominstion rhe sentence. 1 le dower exis yet, but 1 Tbe the et o gett 1. Bmsohappy Lown one 2. This ial bt 3 two 20 wel be iesagreacides 5. The reasons itis are a. Tmnot interested ying one. 1 is eaty to use and afordable ‘3 Complete the sentences Make them tue fo you, 1. Talika robotin onder 2. Iewoul relly help wth 53. The est thing about it would be 4 Itwould have a 4. What mean is ‘4. you shoulda’ be afraid to try it B, Canyou peat that? 5. Wa that leat? ‘2: Thope you ke it 1 Thope jou understand 6. dont think explained that wel 2 Could you repeat that. i Leeme ry agan er Sens Book pp Future Simple, be going to, Future Continuous, Future Perfect Simple 11 complet the santences withthe vrs in brackets Use the Flat Sap bo gop ior Peet Conn Tae nay be ethan ene corect answer My ster (start) medial schol next year. think she (be) a good doctor 2.Tmgladthat you (eon) that ne thriller tonight, Maybe you (understand the ending better than di 8. Oursight (eave) at 9 doce tomorow night, 0.96 (tak) the tran tothe aipore, 4. Swe (not go) suring this ‘wend because the waves (not be) bigenough 15. My parents Sally (buy) laptop for my brother, s0 he (not need) to we mine alte 2 wits sitablesoteace to flow ach somone blow. Ueethe words begoingto. 1 Areyou cal? /tumon/thehester) rackets and he utr Sin Buy the atest ebot. Gie/ make / youre easter) (ou al off thelader) Fmsonry Teast meet you tonight, (0/ vse / my relatives) Shee very wort (he el elated /aterber exams) ‘Which sentence canbe completed wing the Present Continuous with future meaning? 3 Woite sentences that lopcally follow the orginal sentence ‘sng the words povided. Us th Futur Conus er ature Pefet Simpl, 2. im finally geting wed to ving here (nthe 20eh of the month live ee fra yar 2, Tim looking forward to being somewhere warmer! Tomorrow at thistle /T/se/ onthe Beach John won't be meeting us unt about 6 odock He no finish is homework before that My grandmother i gong tobe 60 next week ‘We Pave / aig fly party / on her biehday Researchers remaking great progres ‘They think tha by the end ofthe decade / they find stareforthe disease Wie semances that geal flow tho oigial sentence sing the words prviod. Use the Future Continuous or Faure Perle Simple. 2. What wl /won'thappen to youtomarw? 2, What ae you going to / not og todo tomorrow? hat will you have completed / not hae competed bynext yer? 4. What wil yoube doing /not be doing this ine next year?