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TRC SED 606 Fall

Olivia Harris
Teacher Candidate School Placement Grade Date

Instructional Planning &

Knowledge of Subject Matter
Evidence of short & long term planning
Demonstrates a thorough understanding of subject matter and can
Materials/Activities modified to ensure all students achieve objectives
state the connections to NYS Standards
Lessons are relevant and well prepared
Able to make connections between subject matter & other disciplines,
Uses Varied & effective teaching strategies
as well as school/district initiatives
Uses Questioning techniques that lead to a higher order thinking
Continually strives to make subject matter relevant to students
Uses alternative grouping strategies (ie. co-op learning, interest
everyday lives
Build upon and revisit prior topics, concepts & skills
Use a variety of methods to assess each student
+ Provided immediate feedback to responsesnoting what is - Launch did activate prior knowledge but could be more
correct about the responses. engaging.
+ Reminded students of prior learning. - Can students use the SMARTBoard?
+ Called student names to encourage participation when asking - Can students read parts of the text? (The students could read
questions. the repetitive part of the text, at least.)
+ Used fact/opinion paddles to increase student participation and - Isnt the objective to write a fact/opinion statement? Will you
informally assess understanding. really accept only a drawing instead of a written sentence? Could
you encourage both? Verbal explanation would show
understanding, but dont the students need practice writing
sentences as well?
+ Defined words within activity. - Define evidence since you are asking for this on the worksheet.
+ Used some higher-level questioning and follow-up questions + Used independent practice as a closure activity where students
(i.e., How do we know.?). needed to judge the fact/opinion statements of their peers (using
fact/opinion paddles).
+ Encouraged participation/sharing by all studentsallowed time
for all who wanted to share.

Classroom Management Professional Disposition

Establishes routines and procedures
Approach is proactive with clear standards of conduct that convey high Meets professional obligations of punctuality, appearance and
expectations preparedness
Maintains accurate records in an efficient manner Takes initiative to contribute substantially to team activities, volunteers
Students are constantly engaged respectful & appropriate behavior is to participate, and supports school events
reinforced Accepts and implements suggestions made by school and college
Classroom is orderly and materials are easily accessible personnel
Creates a learning community that respects individual differences
+ Reviewed classroom rules prior to the start of the lesson. + Used good volume and pacing.
+ Used proximity control, nonverbal symbols, light touch on the + Demonstrated rapport and comfort with the students.
hands, and verbal reminders to redirect behavior.
+ Rotated through students during independent practice. + Good variability in tone to increase engagement.
- Position yourself so that you can see all students while you work + Got down to students level during independent practice.
individually with one student at a time.
+ Used positive reinforcement for participation in activities. + Dressed professionally.
+ Gave applause for the work done in the lesson. + Was enthusiastic when students participated.
- Can you incorporate some type of self-monitoring of behavior
(since this is the secondary target)?

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