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Stephen DePerry Jr.

Once a family is identified as not having a permanent address, either

through Central Registration, school personal or outside agencies, they are
asked to attend an interview with me.

We first identify the members within their family (spouse significant other
Both their prior and current living locations and situation (last permanent-
current - out of desire out of necessity)
Their Contact information
Then their personal issues, needs and current circumstances (loss of employ
domestic eviction)
We review their total income, cash on hand and employment plus any state
programs as SNAP they may be involved with
We discuss their current living situation and the plausibility of permanent
The possibility of Assisted Living as with the Harvest Homes program (Warm
Review any issues with utilities that might restrict housing
I review all of the areas resources (Basic Needs Network) and programs with
them that they might benefit by
The family is afforded a copy of our local resources list along with letters of
introduction to the Living Closet & Saint Andrews Closet in Charlestown
Depending on the family and their immediate needs, I will give them a
gift/gas card when available, school supplies and household/food items from
our Giving Closet at Tower Street
I will also go to our district personnel population to acquire gently used
clothing, household item and whatever is needed.
To expedite their progress, I will contact local agencies and make
introductions along with appointments for them to acquire further assistance
Fund raisers by our Student Character Committee, schools within the district
and donations from the community are placed in our Giving Closet while
monies obtained are placed within the Student Activity Fund at the High
School Character Ed #88 and used to assist these families with rent, security
deposits as well as utilities.
Lastly, they are given my office number and asked to stay in contact with me
If I do not hear from them, I shall reach out to check on their progress as well
as monitoring them and our most needy families through our MMS program