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Swot Analysis


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o Uncontr Threats olled use of antibioti cs and medicin es on milch o Food animals safety o Unfriend o ly WTO Unhygie regime nic and practice Imports s by from farmers other at farm countrie so Drought and flood .

 The overvaluation of the tenge  Qualified labor force.  Low production cost and freight .  Abundant agricultural land. (dutch disease).Swot Analysis of Kazakhastan Strength Weaknesses  Large number of small farmers  Impact of harsh and uneven involved in dairying. climate.

and finance.  The growing government support technology. to the sector. Opportunity Threats  Potential for exports due to low cost  Instability . and advantage. Relatively high cost of labor. and  Limited access to know-how.

commodity prices in the world  Growing Milk Market at domestic as markets.of agricultural of production. well as international level  Less than favorable business and investment environment for dairy sector .


employment opportunities  Lack of infrastructure to suffice .  Perishable nature of product  Dairy cooperatives generate  Lack of control over yield.Swot Analysis of Gujarat Strength Weakness  Support by state and central  No diversification government.

. Large number of small and  International norms. marginal farmers involved in dairying.

started EXPORT in Asian and African countries.  The Indian .Opportunity Threat  Good margin can be obtained if  Miss use of brands name.

 Huge opportunity in dry areas of following its delicensing.dairy industry. has been India .

attracting a large number of Rajasthan etc. entrepreneurs.such as Hyderabad. .

 Tie-up with local small  MNC competitors such as nestle. unorganized milk producer .

like Britannia. Aarey to  Bann on plastic. Mahananda. Gokul. .

.fight against big MNC’s  Growing focus on health nutrients in urban market.