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GOOD MORNING Words by ARTHUR FREED Music by NACIO HERB BROWN eis we @ Good Morning Words by Music by ARTHUR FREED NACIO HERB BROWN Moderat ere i = >: Se I Piano mf SEE === — to - geth- er, A cou-ple of stay-er up- pers. Our > co FT Ea A day is done at break-fast time And starts in with our sup- pers. > t Copyright 1939 by Loew's Incorporated Chappell & Co. Ine, New York, NX. Publisher and owner of publication, mechanical and small performing rights Cane International Copyright Secured Made in U.S.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Including public performance for profit Any arrangement or adaptation of this composition without the consent of the owner is an infringement of copyright. _f e = = <== =| re are to - geth-er, But the best of friends must part; se | = 7 s i os aa rR @ pri Fe - F eS ee 3 SS a Bo 26) At AT FY ® ff es ir li let me sing this part-ing song From the bot-tom of my heart. ee = = ee oa he eS Bb FT EE Refrain Good morn - ing, good morn - ing, Weve danced _the j > nt = z Bb Bbdim FT bid fl whole night thru; Good morn - ing, good morn - ing a i P 5 > i — r of ©-961-4 Good Morning Bb Eb Bb Cm FT Bb Ea oO ROR Good morn-ing, good morn ing, > . \ = Gea 2, 7 Bb Bedim = FT HH Ea (iia great . to stay up late;Good morn-ing, good morn-ing to —_to o> A > i the band AT a ei SSS == 3 gan to. play, The stars were shin - ing bright. Hie the = z le x te z x te = ae = e C-961-4 Good Morning Gm7 G7. F Bbmé c Bh Am co 5 oO Bd B the milk - man’s is Way, Its too late to say good eee . morn - ing, good morn - ing, . > Fr Bb Bedim FT ha a - beams will soon smile thru,Good morn-ing, good morn-ing to —_—: . > > fia Ep Bb Dm F7 II2.55 cm Dm Bb6 J ©-961-4 Good Morning A BEAUTIFUL NEW BALLAD Forgive Me Lord Words and Music by ORD HAMILTON Refrain For-give me, Lord, for all my sins this ay And drive all —>~ RU ten. Make me more hum - ble when- ev-il thoughts with-in my heart a - way ten. cer I. swell with pride For I shall stum-ble and fall with-out you A 2 rel —=| ¢ lack of grace this day 2 wy my side. For-give me, Lord, my oe Taian ——— Copyright 1930 for all coustries by Noel Gay Music Co.Ltd, London ‘Chappell & Co. Inc. Owner of publication and allied rights for U.S. and Canada