Smart Cities

Schenectady, NY
Capital District Clean Communities
March 16, 2017
Smart City Report

Eric Shannon
City of Schenectady, NY
Innovation and Performance Specialist
(518) 337-7238
Organizational Structure
• A city is a living, growing and continuously evolving system with many inter-related
and co-dependent parts all working together to achieve a common goal –
Effectively utilize available resources to thrive in its environment
Biological Transportation Systems
• Analogous to the evolution of biological systems, our understanding of
transportation methods have evolved to deliver goods from one place to another
City Transportation Systems
• City assets utilize various forms of energy to transport goods, transport people,
move waste, conduct operations

Asset #63 – Codes Vehicle
Asset #665 – Street Sweeper

Asset #547 – Streets Truck

Asset #306 – Recycler

Gasoline, diesel, hydrogen,
natural gas, bio-fuels, electric
Asset # 525 – Spreader/Plow
System Efficiencies

Commercial Freight

March 1st – Asset #306, District
4, 1.35 ton SSR, 50.4 mi

Mar. 14th – Asset # 525
(Spreader/Plow), 104.9 mi
Complexities of “Big Data”


March 14th, 00:00 – 24:00,
combined 475 mi
City Processes
• Fuel Imports (MPG and TCPG) • Number of Vacant Houses/
• Energy Consumption (All City Properties
Buildings, WWTP, Vehicles) – GHG • Code Compliance and Prosecutions
Emissions and meeting reduction • Public WiFi Usage
targets • Citizen Complaints/ Concern
• Kiosk and Parking Meter Collections Tracking
• Plowing Routes • City Revenues and Costs
• Vehicle Data and Work Orders • City Employee Health Programs
• Housing/ Property Sales • Online City Applications
• Lighting Usage and Analytical Tools • FOIL Requests
from Smart Lighting • Foreclosures
• Commercial Water and Sewer • ADA Compliance Percentage
• GIS Coverage Percentage
• Waste/ Recycling (Commercial,
Residential, Street Sweeping) • Parks and Facilities Registrations
• Website Statistics (PDF Downloads, • Crime Rates (DDACTS, STAR)
Site Visits, Type of Device) • Traffic Accidents
Data Patterns



30000 Meter Collection
Kiosk Collection
Total Meter
Gas (U)* (g)
Gas (D)* (g)

Total Gas U+D (g)
Street Sweeping (yds)
15000 Waste (t)
Paper Recycle (t)
10000 Average Temp (F)
Precipitation (inch)
Snowfall (inch)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Smart City Divisions
Metered Parking


Meter Collection


Kiosk Collection
UD $


Total Meter

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Metered Parking

What does our existing network look like?
What are the costs of upgrading current meters with kiosks?
What is the ROI – can it be made up for through uniform parking costs?

Overall – does it: Reduce Costs or Increase Revenues?
Provide a better service to our citizens?
Electric Vehicle City

• EV Destination District – NYSERDA Grant Funding
• Expand EV Deployment
• Consumer Education and Outreach
• 2 Workshops – Positive Feedback
Smart Lighting Infrastructure
• LED lighting w/ wireless mesh network, cameras, various sensors
• Traffic management analytics, paving management, public WiFi, 3rd party apps
• Public safety, gun shot detection, increased patrol time
Smart Lighting Infrastructure
• City of Schenectady – 5100 total street lights (4600 – National Grid)
• With current deployments – roughly 200 smart lights (cameras and basic analytics)
Complete Streets Vision

• Better utilize public
transit systems,
pedestrian traffic
corridors, etc

• Much like the EV
Project, citizens need
to have infrastructure
in place to have as an
excepted method of
Smart City Concept
Bringing Information Together

• Intersection Design (Planning, Development,
Engineering, Streets, Police, Utilities, City Council)
• Plowing (Streets, Police, Planning, Private Companies)
• Using real data to make proactive changes
(Infrastructure, transportation, policy, etc.)
The Evolving City

• Using technology and data analytics to better understand the complexities of City
operations and replicating naturally occurring signal pathways (but with data
instead of molecules)
Eric Shannon
City of Schenectady, NY
Innovation and Performance Specialist
(518) 337-7238