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Graphic Organizer Lesson

Students will work independently and create a concept map using popplet. The
concept map will help students develop understanding of algebraic expressions and
vocabulary. This assignment will be due by the next class period. The concept map
must include:
1. Definition of algebraic expression
2. The parts that make up an expression along with their definitions or examples
3. An example of an algebraic expression with its parts identified (Picture)
4. How can an algebraic expression be simplified
5. Include picture of Order of Operations
6. How an algebraic expression is evaluated
Students will use the following links to gather information for this assignment:

Click on the link,

SSE-expressions-seeing-structure/A/1/1a/constant-definition, and watch the
videos on constant, coefficient, variable, and term.
Click on link,
constants-coefficients-and/9074869 , to watch a video.
Click on link,
and-coefficients/644505 , to watch a short video.
Scoring Guide
10 8 6 4
Informati The The Some There are
on concept concept information many
map map is missing. pieces of
includes all includes all There are information
required information gaps in missing and
information but is not conceptual the concept
in detail. It detailed. understandi map shows
demonstrat ng. significant
es gaps in
students conceptual
understandi understandi
ng of ng.
5 4.5 4 3.5
Organizat Information Information Information Information
ion is is organized is organized is not
organized. I and easy to in a way organized
can easily read. that makes well.
see it a bit
students difficult to
understandi understand.
ng of the
topic. Other
can also
learn from
the concept
5 4.5 4 3.5
Appearan The The The Graphics
ce concept concept concept and text are
map is map is neat map looks not used
attractive and presentable appropriatel
and neat. attractive. . y. Concept
Students map is not
show appealing
creativity. to the eye.
Made use
of graphics
and text in