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Lewis First Grade Hatching Project Consent Form

Ms. Lewiss Class will be hatching 7 chickens in our classroom for a period
of 4 weeks! We will also be caring for and observing the growth and
development of 2 baby chicks. These animals were provided to us by the
Rent-a-coop organization for a fun, educational opportunity to interact
with live chickens.
During these four weeks, we will facilitate in the care and health of our
chicks and eggs, and learn about chicken life cycles, fertilization,
physical development and health, and the importance of agriculture and
chicken produce!
The students will only be allowed to hold the chicks one at a time
under close supervision, and will wash their hands with soap and
water before and after.
The only times we will take the chicks out of their brooder will be
to measure their growth and development once a week, and to
observe important characteristics of chickens after a period of 21
At no point will the eggs or newly hatched chicks be handled by the
Students will sign a chick project contract which states appropriate
behavior in regards to our chicks.
At the end of the 4 weeks, all chicks will be returned to the farm where
they came from.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
Parent/Guardian Name: __________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________________

______ I Give permission for my child to observe and handle the

classroom Baby Chicks.
______ I would like more information.