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By : Yonatan Kurniawan

I aspire to learn many things in YSEALI Urban Planning and Smart Growth Workshop
which I summarize into three points thing that I really want to learn:

First, I want to learn about how planning can transform a country rapidly.
As an example, Singapore which Independent in 1965 can using planning properly
and effectively to transform Singapore into developed country. The reason I want to
know about this is because Indonesia, the country where I live have been
independent 20 years earlier than Singapore still has a lot of shortcomings,
especially in the planning sector. Planning that has a lot of difficult mechanism and
also not effective is make Indonesia still in stagnant condition and hard to transform
into developed country. Although Indonesia have many resources especially in
natural resources, Indonesia is still lack of planning management. A lot of system
and different implementation in each state made a gap between development on
Eastern Indonesia and Western Indonesia. Therefore I want to learn how Singapore
planning sector manage to transform Singapore into developed country in a rapid

Secondly, I want to learn about how to planning a livable city. Uncontrolled

population growth led to increasing land demand for developing housing and
facilities. For that reason I want to learn how to balance between the needs of the
population (housing, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, transportation and
energy) with the management plan in order to maintain the green open spaces,
conservation area and heritage without destabilize the economy condition of a
state. Since childhood I lived in the Bandung City, the capital of West Java Province.
Bandung have very small and limited area for developing but Bandung have a rapid
population growth rate because of several reason such as migration. This thing
causes Bandung become very unlivable as for example high levels of congestion
become worse every year, lot of slum, changing in land use especially in the
conservation area into a commercial uses, and many others. Therefore, I was very
interested to learn about Singapore as a case study that succeeded in creating a
livable country with a limited space to development.
Thirdly, I want to learn how planning public can be get city planning
information and understood by the content through appropriate policies.
In Indonesia, society mostly never heard about planning sector and sometimes they
result in conflicts between communities and government. Information about city
planning or regional planning usually was not spread and known only by the
government. The lack of dissemination of information about planning in Indonesia
needed to be changed and therefore I am keen about information management and
policies in Singapore about inform public about city planning.

Fourth, sharing knowledge and experience with fellow colleagues who are
involved in the field of urban planning, especially in the same region (ASEAN).
This workshop is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and learn about
different counties urban planning. With knowing a lot of differences to make any
participant can increase knowledge in urban planning areas.

Therefore, from the things I aspire to learn in this workshop, then I look forward to
applying some things for my home country, which is:

First, as a junior in the field of planning I really-really want to share

information/knowledge about planning area to society. Sharing information
that I can do with my capability today can be starting from the closest co-workers
and someday up to a larger scope. Information about difference forms in planning
for each ASEAN Country, how to planning a livable city, and how to rapidly develop
country using effective planning are interesting topic and with my capabilities I can
write and arrange it into interesting media like info graphics to spread the
information. Provide information in an attractive and interesting form of planning
area is my dream so planning can be more known by society and can create a good
planning atmosphere between the government and society.

Second, as a junior researcher I probably still cannot give a real big impact, but I
can implement the knowledge i gained from the workshop into the projects that I
participate. I often work together in drafting a document of policy
recommendations, then I would like to implement new solutions and also innovation
on urban management to develop smart city and livable city which can balanced on
protected areas with cultivation area.

Why you should be selected for this workshop.

I should be selected on this workshop because first, I want to focus into planning
and want to spread the knowledge about planning to the public. Therefore, this
workshop can help me broaden my knowledge about urban planning. Secondly, I am
also eager to learn something new and as best as possible I want to implement it on
developing efficient planning in Indonesia. Third, I have experience and can share
information about planning because I have graduated from Regional and City
Planning Department of Bandung Institute Technology and in the last 2 years I have
working in some planning projects. In several projects I have been working on,
there is related to some themes in the workshop such as natural resources
management, developing spatial plan, and policy making, so I can share my
experience in that areas. Also I can share about Indonesian planning system from
process until implementation. Because of that reasons, I should be selected for this

Pertama, Saya ingin fokus kedalam bidang perencanaan dan ingin menyebarkan
ilmu mengenai perencanaan kepada masyarakat luas. Oleh karena itu workshop ini
dapat membantu saya memperluas ilmu mengenai urban planning. Kedua, saya
juga eager to learn something new and as best as possible I want to implement it on
developing efficient planning in Indonesia. ketiga, I have experience on working in
planning area such as natural resources management, developing spatial plan, and
mainstreaming climate change into policy, and also I can share about Indonesian
urban planning area such as process and implementation. Because of that reason, I
should be selected for this workshop.