Psalm to Invasion, Cry from Destruction Soar from light to dark, each sun’s fire Our wait will

not last much longer We grow, our legions never tire Adrift always we grow stronger They float high, foundations unseen Iron clad, guarded to each seam Blue lights descend, scalding rebuke By their judgment, the whole Earth shook We serve our dish to mankind’s lust Due for their hateful discourses Pain extinguishes all their trust Replaced by armed endless forces Without wanting to shed our tears Such tools we pit against our fears The singing blazes from afar Invades our lands, our fields lay charred Our Lord’s commands send plummeting The blue and green world shining bright Our brilliance flies by trumpeting Laying anguish to every plight Propelled outward by our own screams None would have ever thought to dream There stands no hope for tomorrow Nothing can outweigh our sorrow

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