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This site is useful to get all information about

college ,student and staff.
It also helps the parents to get more information
about college and student like courses, exam
time-table, notices etc.
It can handle the details of student, teacher,
class details, subject details and fees details.
In this system, only teacher or operator can
view the details of student and teacher.

The main objective of this system, is to reduce the

consumption of time during maintaining the records of
college management.
Simple database is maintained.
Easy operations for the operator of the system.
User interfaces are user friendly and attractive, it takes
very less time for the operator to get use-to with the system.
Block Diagram
This system saves a lot of time that is otherwise
required due to paperwork.
This system is efficient and convenient to work with
the institution.
It also provides a platform for the students and faculty
for communication.
The students can also view the information of the
institution using this system.
These type of E-CMS are already available in our
markets, but it does not have the feature that we are
providing to our college.
Here we will provide the high permission to the
Admin so he can handle the complete college for
better security and maintenance.
There will be different permissions to the admin and
The application provides appropriate information to
users according to the chosen service.
The project is designed keeping in view the day to
day problems faced by a college.
The project entitled as E-College Management
System is the system that deals with the issues related
to a particular institution or college.
Awareness and right information about any college is
essential for both the development of student as well
as faculty.
Future Scope

Create Bluetooth client application that can

communicate with remote Bluetooth servers.
Better security features can be added to prevent site
Student can log their leave application online.
Biometric features can be added for the authentication
and attendance of student as well as for faculty.

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We want to express our deepest gratitude to following persons
for their guidance and support-

1.Er. Pankaj Agrawal(ED).

2.Er. Pooja Agrawal(Dean).

3.Er. Alok Misra(HOD-CS).

4.Er. Krishna Giri(Project Guide).

5.Dr. Jayant Mishra(Project Co-ordinator)