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Floral Gifts: We thank Sally S K Yeo (in memory of Michael K P Leong) and Terence Hu (in memory of Stanley Foo) for today’s flowers.

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Church-Wide Corporate Prayer Meeting Come, join us in this Church-Wide Prayer Call! Mid-Week Bible Study > Book Of Esther Come & be enriched in this study program. Register yourself at our Information Counter. Men’s Breakfast Fellowship Calling all men to join us for a time of sharing & fellowship. Singles Ministry Calling all singles for a get-together with a Walk @ MacRitchie.

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1. Welcome/ After-Service Fellowship

A very warm welcome to all members and friends who have come to join us in our Worship Service. Please join us for a cup coffee/tea after the service @ Amstutz Hall. This morning’s refreshments prepared /served by:Ms Helen Han & Ms Annabella Bea / WSCS Ladies (8.00am Service) Mrs Maggie Yap & Mrs Alison Mooi (5.00pm Service).

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2. Guest Speaker, Ms Judy Foo

We warmly welcome our guest speaker, Ms Judy Foo to our pulpit and thank her for bringing God’s Word to us today. Ms Judy Foo joined the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 2007 and she is the Director of GoCentre, YWAM Singapore. She is now co-directing the GoFest Asia Conference. Judy was serving at Bedok Methodist Church as a youth worker from 1955 to 2007. Current sermons are available online on AMKMC Website at You can also purchase the sermon on CD @ $3/- nett per CD All orders will be mailed by post with effect from 1 August 2010. Please indicate your name, contact number and mailing address CLEARLY on the CD order forms, and make full payment when you place your order. We regret to inform that incomplete forms or orders without payment will not be processed. (The current $1/- postage fee will also be waived with effect 1 August 2010). Please collect your CD orders from the same service in which you placed your order (for example, if you ordered the sermon after the 5.00pm service, please do not collect from 8.00am service even if you normally attend 8.00am service. If you wish to collect from another service than the one you are placing orders, please state clearly on your order form the service time you would like to collect it from). Ushers for all our Church services are urgently required, especially at the 5.00pm Service. If you are able to offer your service, please volunteer by calling the Church office. Training will be provided. A gentle reminder to those who had ordered the book by Rev Lawrence Seow “Memoirs of an Evangelist” (at the Church Camp) to pick up your copy from Mrs Molly Tan at the Church office. To Mrs Gina Lim on the passing away of her beloved husband, Mr John Lim Chee Fook on 12 July 2010.
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3. Sermon Availability On Website and CD

4. Collection Of CD Orders

5. Ushers Needed Urgently

6. “Memoirs Of An Evangelist”

7. Our Deepest Condolences


8. Vehicles Parking A gentle reminder to all worshippers not to park your cars indiscriminately and illegally. Please help us especially in the following areas:a. Please do not park your vehicle at the Church’s porch area and main gate area. b. For those parking at the nearby HDB car parks, kindly ensure you Do Not obstruct the entrance & exit of these areas. c. You can also park along Ang Mo Kio Street 21 from 7.30am to 8.00pm on Sundays only, but please ensure that you do not “double park” along the road. We thank you for your kind cooperation.

9. AMKMC (TRAC) Budget (1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011) As the Church approaches the close of the financial year ending 31 July 2010, we praise God for His grace & provisions over the past year. The total projected church expense budget for the coming financial year from 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011 is estimated to be $2.1 million as compared to $1.9 million for 2009/2010 - up 12%. This budget funds the on-going programs & activities of the Church, and the upkeep and maintenance of its support infrastructure. Our budget is primarily funded through pledges and offerings received every Sunday at our worship services. Pledge Letters & Pledge Cards are obtainable from our ushers or at the Information Counter.

10. Pledge Update & Pledge Cards Targeted Budget (Financial Year 2010-2011):Targeted Pledges (Financial Year 2010-2011):Total Pledges Received (as of 11 July 2010):Number of Persons Pledging:$2,102,230.00 $1,505,000.00 $1,399,450.00 422

Pledging is planned giving. It is part of the accepted responsibility of a committed member. We want to thank those who have pledged towards the Church and also a gentle reminder to those who have not pledged, you can either send in your Pledge Card to the Church office or drop it into the offering bag during the offertory time. Those who need the Pledge Card may obtain it from our ushers or our tract rack located near the entrance of the Sanctuary.

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11. Church-Wide Corporate Prayer Meeting Wednesday, 21 July 2010 at 8.00pm @ Sanctuary Come and join us for this time of prayer and intercession. Members & friends are invited to join us in this Church-Wide Prayer Call!

12. Wed@Prayer Meetings @ 8.00pm @ Amstutz Hall Come and join us for this time of prayer and intercession 7 July Praying In The Spirit 1 21 July Church-Wide Corporate Prayer Meeting @ Sanctuary 28 July Praying In The Spirit 2

13. Mid-Week Bible Study Session Do come and join us & be enriched in the study/learning programme. Details are as follows:Mid-Week Dates > Time > Venue > Bible Study on the Book of Esther by Rev Dr Tony Chi 22, 29 July and 5, 12, 19 & 26 August 2010 (Thursdays) 8.00pm to 10.00pm Church Sanctuary

Interested to attend, please register yourself at the Information Counter.

14. Health Talk For Seniors On “Aging And The Elderly : Health Matters” Inviting all seniors (55 years old and above) to come and spend an afternoon with us over an informative and useful session of Health Talk and a time of fellowship meeting up with friends too. We are pleased to have our very own Dr Cheng Heng Lee to share with us on some important health tips and medical matters. Details are as follows:Date Time Venue Cost > > > > Saturday, 31 July 2010 2.00pm - 4.00pm Church Sanctuary Free of charge

Interested, kindly register at the Information Counter for catering and logistic purposes or contact Mrs Jessica Zhuo @ 9005 4487 or Pastor Lee @ 9661 3262 for further information. Closing Date > 25 July 2010. To-date, we have 30 persons registered for the Health Talk. Sign up now!

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15. Men’s Breakfast Fellowship For the upcoming Men’s Breakfast Group on 14 August 2010, we have the privilege of having Mr Jason Wong to share with us - “The Family Man”. Details are as follows:Next Meeting will be on Saturday, 14 August 2010 Guest Speaker > Mr Jason Wong Topic > “The Family Man” Mr Jason Wong is currently the Director, Rehabilitation, Protection & Residential Services Division, Ministry of Community, Youth & Sports and was formerly the Deputy Director of the Prisons Service and chaired the Yellow Ribbon Project. Married with 2 children, he is actively involved in spearheading and spreading the Dads for Life movement in Singapore. He is actively engaged by various churches and para-christian organisations to share of the importance of Godly father’s in the lives of children. But if you have not provided any contact number or particulars, please call any of the facilitators listed below:8.00am Service:Mr Goh Geck Teck - Mr Richard Ng - Dr Andrew Lim - 9.15am Service:Alex Chew - 10.30am Service:Calvin Lim - Zuriel Zhuo - 5.00pm Service:- Mr Patrick Goh - Do invite your group & any fathers you come in contact with for a time of sharing and fellowship. Do let us know of the attendance by 10 August 2010 for catering purposes.

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16. Singles Ministry > National Day Walk @ MacRitchie Reservoir Family Life has recently started a Singles Ministry with the purpose of providing mutual support and fellowship for this interest group. To kick off this Ministry, we are organising a get-together with a Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir. Details are as follows:Date Time Meeting Venue Duration Cost > > > > > 9 August 2010 (Monday) 7.00am Church Foyer 4 - 5 hours Free of charge

For enquiry & registration, please contact Ms Susan Chee @ 9737 0763 or Ms Lim Siew Choo @ 9616 9093 (after 6.00pm) directly. Also, if you would like to know more or to contribute to this Ministry, please contact Ms Susan Chee. Closing Date:- 1 August 2010.

17. Baptism & Membership Class (BMC) 2/2010 If you’re above 16 years old and have been worshipping regularly at one of our worship services over the past 6 months, we invite you to consider joining us as a member of our Church. Details are as follows:a. Lessons in AMKMC Chapel 1 @ 2.00pm - 4.00pm (Sundays) (10 Sessions) > 8, 15, 22, 29 August ; 5, 12, 19, 26 September ; 10, 17 October b. Full Day Retreat > 23 October 2010 (Saturday) @ 9.00am - 5.00pm c. Baptism Service > 26 October 2010 (Tuesday) @ 8.00pm - 9.00pm d. Confirmation Service > 14 November 2010 (Sunday), @ respective worship services. Registration is compulsory for all who are seeking:a. Baptism only - to be baptised only b. Membership (via Baptism) - to be baptised & confirmed in the faith c. Membership (via Transfer) - to transfer membership from another Church and be confirmed in the faith. Please obtain the BMC Registration Form from the Information Counter after service or download the registration form from our Church website:- Closing Date for Registration:- 25 July 2010.

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18. Spiritual Formation 102 (SF 102) Retreat You have attended SF 102 and experienced some of the ways that we could come close to our Lord. We invite you once again to come together for a SF 102, Overnight Retreat. Spend the weekend to rest in our Lord, examine your life with Him and consider the mission and legacy of your life with Him. Details of the Retreat are as follows:Date 21 & 22 August 2010 (Saturday, Full-Day) & (Sunday, till 6.00pm) Venue > Canossian Spirituality Centre Fee > $40/- per person Limited to 18 participants (Only those who have completed SF 101 may register to benefit fully from this Retreat). Transport > Return transport from AMKMC to Centre will be provided Please register and make payment at the Information Counter. For any queries, please contact Mrs Cheong Lay Yen @ 9623 9423. Registration closes on 15 August 2010. >

19. Mid-Autumn (Moon Cake) Harvest Event > 18 September 2010 (Saturday) We will be presenting an enjoyable night in Hokkien for your dialect speaking pre-believing loved ones & friends. Block this date in your calendar and start praying for the people you intend to invite & accompany them for this outreach event. > There will be songs, games and food to enjoy! > We will be giving out the invitation cards soon. > Let’s unite to reap the harvest for our Lord. Our guest speaker, Rev Emily Tan will be preaching in Hokkien for this event. Rev Emily Tan has been serving in the Executive Committee of the Assemblies of God of Singapore since 2005. She helps to oversee the Foreign and Home Missions of the General Council. She is currently the Senior Pastor of Sembawang Assembly of God. She also serves as the Vice-Principal and the Dean of Studies (Chinese Faculty) of the Assemblies of God Bible College. From 1987 to 1996, she was a missionary in Malaysia. During this period she pioneered Abundant Grace Church and Sungei Buloh Assembly. Rev Tan graduated with a Master of Ministry from the Trinity Theological College. She is currently a Doctor of Ministry candidate with the Singapore Bible College. She is married to David Tan and have 2 children, Sophia and Daniel.

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20. Watch out For Our Next Sermon Series On The Book Of Joshua (Starting 1 August 2010) Most Christians believe that God is all-powerful and that He can free us from slavery to sin and emotional distress. If that is true, then why do we so often live in inferiority and in fear of defeat? Did God promise us too much? We can learn from the life of Joshua about seeing the promises of God fulfilled. Joshua focused on God, not circumstances, and was not paralyzed by the fear of enemies who looked on him as a grasshopper. So come and join us in this series of 12 sermons preached by our three pastors starting 1 August 2010 where we will learn the following:> > > > > > Identify the pitfalls of spiritual growth Capture territory from Satan Use the captured territory for the glory of God Take a giant step toward spiritual maturity Discover that God is all-powerful and worthy of our trust Conquer our fear of failure and defeat.

21. PULPIT CALENDAR For The Month Of JULY & AUGUST 2010 Date 25 July Sermon Topic Sermon Series On the Last Things 7. “Reward of Heaven” (Last Sermon on this Series) Sermon Series On The Book Of Joshua Introduction to The Book of Joshua Sermon Series On The Book Of Joshua “Listening To The Right Voice” - Joshua 1 To be advised Sermon Series On The Book Of Joshua “A Winning Strategy” - Joshua 2 To be advised Speaker / Service Rev Stanley Chua (All Services)

1 August 8 August 15 August 22 August 29 August

Rev Stanley Chua (All Services) Rev Lee Yam Kai (All Services) Mr Amos Ang (All Services) Rev Leslie Lim (All Services) Rev Francis Ng (All Services)

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PLEDGING TOWARDS OUR CHURCH REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT A big thank you to all our members & friends who have pledged and given to our Church Redevelopment. The following details are the updates of our progress:No. Title Amount Remarks a. Target Amount to be raised > $7 million b. Total No. of People Pledging > 639 c. 1. Total Amount Pledged > $1,577,789.13 2. Total Amount of Donations > $2,432,916.43 d. Actual Amount of Pledges > $3,882,727.54 & Donations Rec’d Less Expenses e. Donations Received before > $529,795.59 Fund Raising Campaign f. 2008 Events:1. Movie (Jun08) > 2. Golf Game (Aug08) > (Event raised $200,000/-) 3. 30th Anniv. Dinner (Oct08) > 4. Commemorative Book > 5. Movie (Dec08) > 6. Sale of 2009 Calendars > 7. Sale of Food Items > 2009 Events:1. Fund Raising Dinner 2009 > 2. Sale of Food Items > 3. Donations From Cells > 4. Fund Raising FunFair > 5. 2nd Offering Collections > 6. 31st Anniv. Collections > 7. Christmas Service Collectn > 8. Music CD-Sales/Donations > Less Costs 2010 Events:1. Sale of Food Items > 2. 2nd Offering Collections > 3. Donations From Cells > 4. Music CD-Continuing > Sales/Donations (Gross) TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED > TO DATE (d, e, f, g & h) $22,390.00 $192,245.84 > $18,292.30 $34,040.00 $7,050.00 $35,610.00 $1,630.00 $245,706.66 $9,689.60 $4,152.50 $62,710.82 $35,957.27 $ 5,474.10 $12,528.05 $2,486.28 $8,894.70 $83,452.91 $1,657.00 $12,490.00 $5,208,981.16 >

Balance to be received in 2010. From Sponsors & Table Sales.



From the above figures, we are grateful to God that He has helped us all raised 74.42% so far. We still have 25.58% to go before we reach our target of S$7 million. Please press on. We pray that you will continue in your efforts to enlarge AMKMC for His glory. Remember no amount is too small, as long as your heart is willing, God can use your mite and multiply it for His glory. If you need a copy of our Church Redevelopment Fund Raising FAQ Booklet, please do not hesitate to ask our ushers. If you need a pledge envelope too, our ushers will be pleased to hand you one. You may drop your pledge envelopes into our offering bags (fold it) or mail it to our Church Office. > If you are issuing cheque, please write it in favour of “Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church (TRAC)”. > On reverse cheque, please write “For Church Redevelopment Fund”. > For all contributions to our Church Redevelopment Fund, please use our pledge envelopes available at the Information Counter or ask our ushers for one. This will help ease our accounting and administrative work. We look forward to your active participation to enlarge AMKMC for God’s glory. Please continue to submit your donations. Once again, THANK YOU for your commitment and support. Pg 13

23. AMKMC JOINT-MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT Joint-Management Committee (JMC) Redevelopment Project Fund “Enlarging Our Church For God’s Glory” The Joint-Management Committee (JMC) representing members of the 3 congregations in AMKMC has been tasked to raise funds jointly from members of each of the Churches. Our target is to raise S$5 million to contribute towards the total cost of the Redevelopment. Here are some of the exciting ways that each one of us can contribute towards the Redevelopment of our Church and also leave your name to mark this commemorative occasion:a. Be a BRICK Wall Builder b. Be a PEW Installer c. Be a COMMEMORATIVE BOARD Constructor Copies of the Brochure “Enlarging Our Church For God’s Glory” and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are obtainable at the Information Counter. > You can drop your donation card and cheque in the boxes provided at the exit doors after the service. Alternatively, you can mail your donation card and cheque to our Church. Attention:- Ms Jaclynn Lim. Please issue cheque in favor of:“Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church Building Committee” Update of Fund Raising By AMKMC Joint-Management Committee (JMC):As at 13 July 2010, JMC has received the following donations:-



Comm. Boards $375,516 $35,000 $5,005

General Donations $141,593.60 --GRAND TOTAL



$144,000 $48,000 $3,000

$194,000 $62,000 $4,000

$855,109.60 $145,000 $12,005 $1,012,114.60

We would wish to appeal to all members to submit their donations for the Church Redevelopment Project. The target amount to be raised by JMC is $5 million and we have raised only 20.2% of the target amount after 12mths 3wks of appeals. This is our Church and we should place as much effort as we can to re-build the Church and to thank God for our many blessings. The Church Redevelopment Committee solicits your prayers and support for this fund-raising project so to realise our dream of Enlarging our Church for God’s Glory!
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Worship Services Attendance (11 July 2010) 8.00am (Traditional Service) 9.15am (Contemporary Service) 10.30am (Contemporary Service) 5.00pm (Traditional Service) Total:372 103 249 158 882 (NC - 2) (NC - 1) (NC - 3)

Children’s Ministry Attendance (11 July 2010) Children’s Church 1-2-3 Ministry (8.00am) AMK Kidz @ AMK Hub 1-2-3 Ministry @ AMK Hub 5.00pm Kidz Ministry 1-2-3 Ministry (5.00pm) Total:5612 Ministry (8.00am) 5612 Ministry (10.30am) 52 10 (NC - 2) 57 13 (NC - 3) 18 3 153 (NC - 5) 55 10

(NC - 6)

(NC) > denotes New Comer

8.00am Service Ministry Of Word Worship Leaders Accounting Stewards Ms Judy Foo Ms Kathleen Ye Mr John Teh & Team Mrs Cheng Cheng Lin M/M Donald Tan M/M Tai Kim Swee Mdm Eleanor Choa Ms Angeline Sng Mr Khoo Teng Aun M/M Chan Choy Kee Dr Lawrence Leong Dr Han Meng Siew (Team A Leader) Mrs Gladys Han M/M Anthony Lee Mrs Susie Heng Ms Rita Absalom Ms Phyllis Sng Mr Yip Why Hong Mdm Foo Tiew Yea Ms Betsy Chan Ms Ho Ching Sum Ms Charity Kiew 9.15am Service Ms Judy Foo Mr Teh Cher Hao Mrs Lily Loke Mr Kenneth Tan Ms Joanna Khoo 10.30am Service Ms Judy Foo Mr William Yee Mr Matthew Chong Ms Tan Jia Hui Mr Alvin Chong Mr Timothy Tan Ms Esther Tan Mrs Natalie Lim 5.00pm Service Ms Judy Foo Ms Tracy Heng Mrs Seah Chai Lian M/M Steven Chiang Ms Cynthia Ng Dr/M Heng Kim Boon


Joshua (I/C) Cell 5A/5B

Ms Lee Swee Ching Ms Sun Rutian Ms Sharon Lee Ms Oh Bee Hian Ms Rae Tan Ms Chua Elin Ms Joanne Kher

Mrs Alison Mooi (Group A Leader) Mrs Lee Mei Ling Mdm Amy Lee Ms Cynthia Ng Ms Viirna Ng


Ms Wang Yunshi Mr Justin Chan Mr Desmond Ng Mr Alphonsus Ang Ms Tan Jinyu Mr Leong Chee Shan Ms Claudia Khng

Mr Marcus See Mr William Ang Mr Simon Loh Mr Isaac Tan Ms Shirley Ho Mr Sean Ng & Team

Mr Tan Weilie

Support Singers Sound/AV Technicians

The 8.00am Choir Mr Ong Siong Huat Mr Simon Tng

The 5.00pm Choir Mr Mooi Kok Keen Dr Goh Siew Hor

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