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Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2001 Team 4 Avishekh Kumar Singh MP13020

Chandra Bhushan MP13022 Manoj Kumar MP13033 Shwet Kashyap MP13057
2. 2. Formed in 1870 basically as law enforcement agency FBI reside within executive
branch and DOJ FBI Director reported to Attorney General working under functional
structure 1930 domestic intelligence activity included under FBI Declared 1998
counterterrorism as top priority but low resource allocation Federal Bureau of
Investigation FBI Director Major Action J Edger (1936-1972) Management practices
like performance appraisal 30 Field offices, National academy Evolved as
independent agency Clarence Kelly (1973-1978) Counter terrorism, Organised Crime
& white collar crime William Webster (1978- 1987) Inclusion of counterterrorism,
Illegal drug offenses Freeh (1993-2000) Counterterrorism wing in HQ of FBI, job
rotation between FBI & CIA Mueller (2001 0nward) Re-organisation & improved
coordination between FBI and other intelligence agency Emphasis on terrorism and
public corruption
3. 3. Law Enforcement Agency Domestic Intelligence Agency Arresting, prosecuting &
Convicting People Gather Information & Investigation Solving Crimes by acting after
criminal act occur Preventing Crimes by anticipating threat and stopping before it act
Their activity is all about related to past incidence which already occurred Their
activity is all anticipating possibility of any incidence may occur in advance Autonomy
given for solving criminal cases to FO Power with the HQ and permission required for
any activity to FO. Mother May I philosophy Guideline and deadline define for each
case No such clarity Domestic intelligence capability Critical components for effective
domestic intelligence services Efficient Organizational structure, Information
sharing, and Oversight & Reach
4. 4. Head Quarter (HQ) Approx 10000 people work in HQ & complex structure
Oversaw and coordination by Priority setting Performance measurement of field
officers in terms of nos. of arrest, indictment, conviction which makes ineffective to
DIS Coordination was not effective Central Services(Forensic labs) , Strategic
analysis ,facilitating services to counterterrorism. Field Officer (FO) Approx 18000
people in field offices More interested in criminal law related case solving Fast
acting and immediate result gives more pleasure SAC lead the field work and
powerful position, allocate cases & decide priority, mostly unjustified priority Least
care about counter terrorism Role of Headquarter & Field officer
5. 5. Basic hiring and promotion is based on law enforcement function, Most of field
officer mostly interested in criminal preventing wing Lack in processing available
information and keep it as a secret rather than arresting terrorist Too much
bureaucratise making it inefficient and lack in sharing information Inadequate
information technology made the Bureau unable to correlate the knowledge possessed
Lack of synergy and Competition between law enforcement and intelligence for
resources allocation Low efficient in collection and providing intelligence to decision
makers. FBI & CIA do not talk to each other Poor quality information collection and
lack in training in staff for analysis Lack of coordination between field officers and
HQ Unattractive compensation package was keeping motivation low FBI Present
Function- OFI
6. 6. Basic established process : Collection - > Analysis -> Dissemination - >feedback
US is much larger country & Terrorism threat is much different in US as compared to
other countries. New agency will be costly & new bureaucracy to duplicate
capabilities that already existed End to end solution can be provided by creating
synergy in collecting and passing information from intelligence wing to law
enforcement wing Counter-terrorism, Counter-intelligence, and Intelligence services
are integral part of the FBI Availability of resources and capability in term of skilled
person, specialist Good history in terms of solving critical crime with the help of
pioneer technology Domestic intelligence: as a part of FBI
7. 7. FBI has to reinvent itself to meet the requisite in present scenario of terrorism
Organisation structure to be made cross functional structure than silo type functional
structure Performance measurement system to be aligned as per job profile
Retention of talent pool with attractive compensation Layering of intelligence report
based on its confidence level and maturity. Visibility of these layered information to
Counter Terrorism Division. Higher rigor on analytical tools for information analysis
Upgrade data communication IT infrastructure & high speed data communication
network on dedicated line which may more supportive for investigation team Single
information FBI analyst to asses the threat environment. One data portal system to be
used for all purpose. More coordination with other intelligence wing like CIA and
sharing of threat information among all partners Strengthening and deployment of
FISA Improvements Recommended