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30/03/2017 Color Horoscope - Astrodienst

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Horoscope for: Caleb

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Color Horoscope
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for Caleb, born on 28 July 1975
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Author: Johannes Schneider
Volume: 10 - 12 pages A4.
Available languages: English,
French and German
With this brief extract, you can take a first look atyour personal "Color Horoscope" by More information
Johannes Schneider. Small samples from the individual sections will give you an
overall impression of the complete horoscope. Free and online:

The "Color Horoscope" combines the delineation of the birth chart with color Color Oracle
psychology. It provides you with an insight into the character structures by describing What are you
your distinctive traits and your needs as well as the various roles you play. The internal dealing with right
now? This color test
psychological defense mechanisms are also described, and the possibilities for will reveal more
alleviating these conflicts are pointed out. At times, the text is somewhat about your current
confrontational and demands an active analysis of your own personality . disposition.

You can order the complete "Color Horoscope" by Johannes Schneider, consisting of
10 to 12 pages, as an E-Horoscope in the Astroshop.



Objectives and Motivations

Based on the ranking of the planets receiving a high score, your objectives and the
motivations for your behavior can be described as follows:

When you want to achieve something important to you, you mobilize all your creativity
and apply all your energy and resources to overcome your dif
ficulties. You display
equally vigorous dedication in standing your ground when someone tries to hamper or
patronize you, or when someone presents unreasonable or even unfair demands. oYu 1/6
30/03/2017 Color Horoscope - Astrodienst

can go on the warpath against injustice even when you don't suf fer from it personally.
In your opinion, life should consist not only of toil but also of enjoyment and pleasure.
For this reason you are determined to create a pleasant life for yourself.With an alert
mind, open eyes and pricked ears, you observe the world and always strive to become
acquainted with new things and to expand your horizon. Y ou attain [...]

Distress and Problems

The tendencies and modes of behavior which can cause you distress and problems
can be described on the basis of the ranking of planets with a low score. However
, it
cannot be deduced to which degree you have become aware of and overcome your
personal weaknesses, and consequently have gained a deeper understanding of the
problems of others. The following statements indicate what you can do to improve
your ability to move through life with fewer problems.

You are often frustrated because in your view, you receive too little physical affection
and you experience too few erotic adventures and enjoyments. This can mislead you
into seeking consolation in other sensual pleasures or distracting yourself from your
sense of lack through overwork. At best, both can provide only temporary relief.When
you are frustrated and a pessimistic mood creeps up on you, you conceal this and
pretend to be lighthearted and self-confident.[...]


By combining your objectives and the motivations behind your behavior with your
fears and the indications of your underlying issues, it is possible to conclude that
your psychological needs are as follows:

No matter what happens, you insist that you are entitled toself-development. What
you are striving for is an entertaining, interesting life which allows you to develop your
skills and brings your creative ideas[...]


Your Color Horoscope indicates a variety of rolesthat you play on the stage of life.
The following section describes the role plays you engage in, as well as the
motivations, objectives and modes of behavior associated with it.

The general image you project can be characterized as follows:

You find it a welcome change from your daily routine to spend time with interesting
people in a relaxed atmosphere, to do something pleasant[...]

Your personal style of interaction, in other words, the manner in which you deal with
and have an impact on people, is typically as follows:

Some of your actions are motivated by your desires and particularly by your thirst for
loving attention. You are convinced that your expectations [...]

Your basic life concept, in other words, the role which was impressed upon you by
your genes and your upbringing, or which you have adopted as a result of your own
personal experiences, can be described as:

When you have set your mind on something, you want to achieve it. Y
ou encourage
yourself with the belief that you will be successful, you[...] 2/6
30/03/2017 Color Horoscope - Astrodienst

Like all people, you are looking for a satisfactory resolution of your tasks and
difficulties as well as a compensation for the things you cannot do or have. The
desired solution to your problem or the corresponding role is:

Breaking Out
You do not just want to work and to accomplish at sks; you also want to get something
out of your work and to be able to enjoy the pleasant[...]


In conclusion, here is a description of those facets of your personality which can

stand in the way of your development into a free and happy person as long as you
are not aware of them. You hardly notice in you the presence of these intellectual
and emotional patterns, nor do you perceive their mode of action. Nevertheless, the
effects they have on your life are usually not to your advantage. Use the following
interpretations as a working hypothesis for self-exploration. The recommendations
given for each postulate indicate alternative attitudes which could possibly allow you
to leave the old field of negative emotions behind.

Strong Character
You impress people with unusual ideas, creativityand marked stubbornness which can
make it quite difficult for others to deal with [...]

About this Horoscope

This interpretation of the positions of the planets at the time of your birth is based on
the Astro-Color-System developed by Johannes Schneider; in addition to the ten
typical planets, this system also includes the two minor planets Chiron and V esta. In
this system Chiron is considered to rule the sign of Virgo and the sixth house of the
horoscope; Vesta rules the sign of Taurus and the second house. The twelve celestial
bodies are awarded points based on their position in the signs and the houses of the
horoscope and on the aspects between them. These scores are used to establish a
ranking of the 12 celestial bodies, called the planet profile, and four subgroups, called
the basic structures. Since a typical color has been assigned to each of the celestial
bodies, this ranking can also be represented as a series of these twelve colors. As you
can see from the personal planet profile calculated for you, each planet has its
assigned color above it; the height of the colored column indicates the number of
points awarded to the planet.
Together with 13 additional colors, these same colors form the basis of the
psychological color test Color-O-Scope, which can be foundhere under the name
"Color Oracle".The colors you select in the test indicate your current behaviors and
problems, while the astrological analysis of your birth constellation describes your
personality. The combination of these two interpretations makes it possible for you to
compare your present situation with your intrinsic nature and to see which facets of
your personality you are currently living out and which you are not. This
comprehensive insight is entirely new within astrology and is impossible to achieve
with any conventional method.

30/03/2017 Color Horoscope - Astrodienst

Astrological Data used for Color Horoscope Free Try-Out


for Caleb (male)

born on 28 July 1975 local time: 8:40 am
in Recife (Pernambuco), BRAS U.T.: 11:40
34w52'52, 8s03'14 sid. time: 05:42:33

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Leo 447'13 direct
Moon Aries 304'02 direct
Mercury Leo 018'56 direct
Venus Virgo 1020'11 direct
Mars Taurus 1850'34 direct
Jupiter Aries 2412'46 direct
Saturn Cancer 2409'59 direct
Uranus Libra 2833'22 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 910'28 retrograde
Pluto Libra 656'38 direct
True Node Scorpio 2819'24 retrograde
Vesta Aries 224'21 direct
Chiron Aries 2809'24 stationary (R)

Ascendant Virgo 2456'16

Medium Coeli Gemini 2559'50

Major aspects
Sun Trine Moon 143
Sun Conjunction Mercury 428
Sun Sextile Pluto 209
Sun Trine Vesta 223
Moon Trine Mercury 245
Moon Opposition Pluto 353
Moon Conjunction Vesta 040
Mercury Square Uranus 146
Mercury Trine Vesta 205
Mercury Square Chiron 210
Venus Square Neptune 110
Jupiter Square Saturn 003
Jupiter Conjunction Chiron 357
Uranus Opposition Chiron 024
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle). 4/6
30/03/2017 Color Horoscope - Astrodienst 5/6
30/03/2017 Color Horoscope - Astrodienst
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