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Analysis & Findings

Industry Analysis

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication Industry in SAARC Countries:

Bangladesh has one of the lowest tele density and the lowest telephone
penetration rates in the world and even in the South Asia. According to the
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report, the telecommunication
revenue as a percentage of the GDP is also low in Bangladesh compared to
the other regional countries. Among the SAARC countries per 100
inhabitants Maldives has the highest tele density while Bangladesh has the

Country Banglade Indi Pakist Nep Bhut Maldiv Sri

sh a an al an es Lanka
e per
nt 3.9 5.01 4.19 1.34 2.03 16.92 8.1
Source: GP Annual Report
Table 1: Number of telephone per 100 inhabitants in SAARC countries .

Figure 1: Number of telephone per 100 inhabitants in SAARC countries.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Telecommunication Industry in Bangladesh:

The telecommunication sector in Bangladesh is poised for rapid growth in

the coming years. The concept of mobile telephony has become largely
familiar and phenomenal in Bangladesh from the early 90s. The sector,
particularly which of mobile phones, is one of the fastest growing areas of
the economy. The growth potentials will continue to remain robust for the
foreseeable future.

There are five telephone operators in Bangladesh at the moment. Among

them one is Government owned telephone operator: Bangladesh Telegraph
and Telephone Board (BTTB) announced Teletalk and the other four are
privately owned companies namely Grameen Phone Ltd. Telecom Malaysia
International Bangladesh (IMIB) owned Aktel, Banglalink and Pacific
Bangladesh Telecom Ltd (PBTL) owned Citycell. Following table represents
market share position for the year 2006.

Company GP Aktel Banglalink Citycell Teletalk

Shares 63.90% 18.67% 12.10% 3.92% 1.47%

Table 2: Mobile Market Situation

Figure 2: Mobile Market Situation

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


About CityCell:
The Only CDMA mobile phone service provider. City Cell
(Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is Bangladeshs
pioneering mobile communications company and the only
CDMA network operator in the country. CityCell is a
customer-driven organization whose mission is to deliver
the latest in advanced telecommunication services to

The company offers a full array of fixed and mobile services for consumers
and businesses that are focused on the unique needs of the Bangladeshi
community. City Cells growth strategy is to integrate superior customer
service, highest standard technology and choice of packages at affordable

The company operates a 24-hour call centre with over 86 well trained
operators to respond to customer queries. City Cells customer service is
open 7 days a week to ensure customers can access CityCell at any
convenient time.

CityCell is focused on innovation and creating new ways for

customers to stay in touch and to do business. City Cells is
offering a wide range of competitive prepaid and postpaid
mobile packages as well as Value Added Services such as
SMS and information based services.

CityCell is looking forward in introducing CDMA 1x

technology in 2004 to provide innovative multimedia
features, including MultiMedia Messaging Service (MMS)
and many more data based mobile features currently not
available in Bangladesh.

CityCell has extensive network coverage throughout the country. They are
continuously expanding and upgrading our already comprehensive network
and to meet consumer demand and maintain a high quality network. The
program is designed to upgrade network technology and add network
capacity to support the companys consistently increasing customer base.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Ownership Structure
CityCell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is a privately owned company
with majority foreign ownership equity. Following lists the current owners of
CityCell (PBTL):

SingTel Asia Pacific Investments Pte Ltd - 45%

Pacific Motors Limited - 31.43%
Far East Telecom Limited - 23.57%

CITYCELL at a Glance

Technology: GSM
Frequency: 900 Mhz / 1800 Mhz
Initial Capacity: 10, 00, 000 subscriber.
Coverage: Nationwide, 61 Districts
Thanas Covered: 415

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


Banglalink Shared Value

Banglalink aims to understand peoples' needs best and develop appropriate

communication services to improve peoples' life and make it simple. All its
work is aimed towards meeting its vision. All members of the Banglalink
family are highly passionate individuals, fully committed to achieving the
vision that we have set ourselves. Its customers' needs matter most to us-
making their life simple and improving it is all Banglalink wants. To ensure
the vision is achieved, it has set itself with a few values, It wants to be:

Straight Forward

All the Banglalink family members have one thing in common- a passion to
serve. We want to go that extra mile, so that you can have the best possible

Banglalink at a Glance

Technology: GSM
Frequency: 900 Mhz/ 1800 Mhz
Initial Capacity: 20, 00,000 subscriber.
Coverage: Nationwide
First Phase: Covering 61 Districts within 10 months of operation

Investing in the future of Bangladesh

Making a difference

The biggest barrier today for people is the cost of handsets. It will strive to
lower the total cost of owning a mobile. It is here to help make a difference
in people's lives by providing affordable and reliable connectivity solutions.
It will strive to connect people and link their lives by listening to them and
by understanding their needs. It is here to help you speak your language.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Banglalink Coverage:

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Banglalink Vision

"Banglalink understands people's needs best and will create and deliver
appropriate communication services to improve people's life and make it

Who is Behind Banglalink

Orascom Telecom is one of the most dynamic telecommunications

powerhouses in the world. Orascom is based in Egypt and has operations in
11 countries worldwide. Established in 1998, it is today the largest
capitalized company on the Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges with over
11 million subscribers worldwide. It has grown to be one of the largest and
most diversified GSM network operator in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Human Resource

The Real Tigers Behind the Stripes!

At Banglalink Employees believe that their teamwork is their greatest asset.

Useful contributions made by each individual bring us that much closer to
their goals. The Banglalink family is made up of a group of passionate
individuals, uniquely qualified from diverse disciplines but working towards
our vision.

Banglalink ensures for the Tigers/Tigress:

A friendly, professional and mutually supportive environment that

encourages our people to develop their potentials to an optimal level

A true quality of professionalism that can be found in all world-class

multinational companies

Team oriented professionals, who contribute to the greater whole of

the organization through their participation in decision making

A system which recognizes and rewards groups as well as individuals

for their efforts and contributions to the company.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


AKTEL is the dynamic and leading end-to-end countrywide GSM mobile

communication solutions of TM International (Bangladesh) Limited. It is a
joint venture company between Telecom Malaysia Berhad and A.K. Khan &
Co. Limited which was established in the year 1996 and services launched
in 1997 under the brand name AKTEL.

AKTEL is proud to be associated as part of the Telecom Malaysia Berhad

(TM), which is strong financially, and internationally renowned for its
successful ventures like Dialog Telecom Limited, the market leader the
telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka.

The TM Group has a global presence in 12 countries with staff strength of

30,000 Group wide. TM has recently made a couple of new major
acquisitions in Indonesia, Pakistan and Singapore in the effort to stamp its
presence internationally.
In Indonesia, TM has acquired 56.9 per cent interest of PT Excelcomindo
Pratama, the third largest mobile operator in Indonesia and 24.9 per cent in
Mobile One of Singapore. TM hopes to extend its regional and global
presence with these new acquisitions

Since the commencement of its operation, AKTEL has been a force to be

reckoned with in the telecommunication industry of Bangladesh, being one
of the fastest growing mobile communication companies offering
comprehensive GSM mobile solutions to more than two million subscribers.

Today, AKTEL boast the widest International Roaming service in the market
connecting 315 operators across 170 countries. In addition, AKTEL is the
first mobile operator to connect Tetulia and Teknaf, the northern and
southern most points of Bangladesh. AKTEL was also the first to provide
seamless coverage along the Dhaka-Chittagong highway.
With a network covering all 61 (allowable) districts of Bangladesh, coupled
with the first Intelligent Network (IN) Prepaid Platform in the country, AKTEL
is geared to provide a wide range of products and services to customers all
over Bangladesh. At the heart of all of AKTELs success today, is a young

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
dynamic workforce comprising of over 600 highly motivated and skilled

Today, AKTEL is recognized as a leading brand in Bangladesh and this is

driven by our persistent pursuit of quality and technology, putting it clearly
ahead of the rest. The future with AKTEL is promised to be exciting as we
strive to employ the best resources and latest technology in offering many
more innovative and exciting products and services.

AKTEL at a Glance

Technology: GSM
Frequency : 900 Mhz / 1800 Mhz
Initial Capacity: 30,00,000 subscriber.
Features: GPRS facility, International SMS, Roaming
Coverage: Nationwide, 61 Districts
Total Number of Thanas: 440

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings



Teletalk Bangladesh Limited (TBL) is formed as Public limited company

under the Companies Act 1994 on 26th December 2004. Therefore it is a
Govt. owned company. Honorable President Prof. Dr. Iazuddin Ahmed
inaugurated Teletalk Mobile Service on 29th Dec2004 by talking with
Honorable Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia.

Although a new entrant, Teletalk is staffed by experienced Telecom

Committed to accessibility, quality, coverage and price Teletalk launched
its much anticipated Mobile Telecom service on commercial basis on 31st
March 2005.

TELETALK at a Glance

Technology: GSM
Frequency: 900 Mhz/ 1800 Mhz
Initial Capacity: 2, 50,000 subscriber.
New features: GPRS facility.
Coverage: Nationwide,
First Phase: Most of the District Head Quarters, Highways and upazillas

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Total Number of Base Station: 451

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings






Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

SWOT Analysis

Strengths and weaknesses are the micro environmental factors influencing

a business which are within the organization. Opportunities and threats are
the micro environmental factors that influence all the firms in the industry.
They are present in the whole industry. The following figure shows the
strengths and opportunities that GrameenPhone Ltd. enjoys as well as
weaknesses and threats that the company faces.

International roaming
Distribution Channels
Pre-Paid service
Low price handsets with
quality and variability
Lease of Fiber-Optic cable
from BR

Opportunity Threat
Unmet demand Introduction of BTTB mobile
Possibility of further network phones
expansion Aggressive marketing by
Increasing interconnection with competitors
BTTB Possibility of new entrances
Favorable Regulatory Authority using GSM Technology.
Possibility of innovative Better relationship of
products and services competitors with regulatory

Billing inflexibility
Growing customer
Lack of follow-up from
Deviation from original
business plan
Marketing plan.
Figure 8: Product Wise Subscribers

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Growth Analysis

Market Share Growth of GP

GrameenPhone Ltd. is the market leader in the telecommunication sector in
Bangladesh. At present the telecom market in Bangladesh is comprised of
3,089,311 phone connection of which about 25% i. e. 730,000 phone
connections are provided by the fixed line network, Bangladesh telegraph
Telephone Board (BTTB).

The remaining 75% i.e. about 2,359,311 connections are provided by the
four mobile operators. The market share of GP is highest in the year of 2002
because the numbers of subscribers are increasing more rapidly than
competitors. But in the present day the market of GP is reduce because of
competitor's policy and decreasing rate of subscribers growth. Figure Upto
Year 2004 As per GP annual report.

Year Company Percentage

GP 65%
Aktel 18%
City Cell 13%
2000 Sheba 4%
GP 66%
Aktel 16%
City Cell 13%
2001 Sheba 5%
GP 69%
Aktel 14%
City Cell 13%
2002 Sheba 4%
GP 62%
Aktel 21%
City Cell 14%
2003 Sheba 3%
GP 64.10%
Aktel 20.10%
City Cell 13.40%
2004(Mar) Sheba 2.40%

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Table 9: Market Share Growth Of Gp & Other Operators

Figure 16: Market Growth of GP & Other Operators

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Operational Growth:

In view of operational growth GP is the most successful organization in

mobile industry of Bangladesh. The main source of revenue of GP is earning
from subscribers. The number of subscriber is increasing year after year
because better service is arrange by GP, by increasing number of skill
employee, base station and roaming partner.

June'06 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000

r (Figure
in '000) 9634 5000 1,512 1,200 775 471 194
No. 0f
Employee 3953 2100 1004 795 695 592 470
Station 1750 1515 1400 590 500 412 299
Partners 317 275 201 199 127 96 56

Table 10: Operational Growth

Figure 16: Operational Growth

Note: Data source: Employee figures up to Jan 06, Base Stations
Up to April06 by interviewing relative officials.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Investment Growth:

Business investment of GP is increasing at an increasing rate. Although the

price is high the number of subscriber are increasing for better service and
good network range. In this situation reinvestment is a wise decision.

Investment ( USD in
Year million) Cumulative
1997 0 49
1998 10 59
1999 28 87
2000 23 110
2001 41 151
2002 46 197
2003 69 266

Table 11: Investment Growth

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Figure 17: Investment Growth

Date Source: Raw Data from Revenue dept, Finance Division.

Government Benefits from GrameenPhone

The services of GP have been helping everyone win over the last nine years
since its inception on March 26, 1997.Along with the four other operators in
the country, GP has established that the mobile phone is not just a status
symbol in the hands of the well to do, it is rather a toll in the hands of the
people to achieve economic growth for the nation.

GP as a service provider also enriches the National Treasury in many

different ways. Since its inception up to June 2004, GP has contributed BDT
13.6 billion to the Government Exchequer in direct and indirect taxes.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
This does not include the economic growth due to additional phones, whose
impact on the countrys economy could be even larger. The following table
illustrates how the National Treasury Was Augmented:

Year 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999

Tax, Vat &
Duties 11525 7214 5288 3180 1593 747

Table 12: Government Benefit from GP

Figure 18: Government Benefit from GP

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


Ratio Analysis
Ratios are used in much of our daily life. We buy cars based on miles per gallon;
we evaluate baseball players by earned run and batting average, basketball
players by field gal and foul-shooting percentages, and so on. These are all ratios
constructed to judge comparative performance. Financial ratios serve a similar
purpose, but we must know what is being measured to construct a ratio and to
understand the significance of the resultant number. Financial ratios are used to
weigh and evaluate the operating performance of the firm. Definitions alone carry
little meaning in analyzing or dissecting the financial performance of a company.

In this country there is no such standard level exists for practice. GrameenPhone
Limited is a multinational company, which has big long-term investment. More
over it is established only about 9 years ago. So, ideal ratio cannot be maintained.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
There were some difficulties in collecting the data. In the last annual reports on
GrameenPhone Ltd. the breakdowns of the balance sheet and income statement
were given only from the year 2002 to 2004. Therefore, the ratio analysis could be
performed only for those years.

Followings are some important ratio analysis for grameen phone which
indicates its growth & performance over time.
Following ratios have been calculated:
Asset Turnover Ratio
Equity Turnover Ratio
Net Profit Margin
Debt to Asset Ratio
Debt to Equity Ratio
Revenue-Expense Ratio
Interest Coverage Ratio

Income Statement
As of December 31, 2004
(in (in
000) 000)
2002 2003 2004

87787 1.3E+ 19700

Total Operating Revenue 50 07 695

- - -
4E+0 6E+0 96767
Total Operating Expense 6 6 18

21250 35096
Interest Income 3 4 330660
- -
31130 24635 -
Financial Cost 4 8 135776
- -
Non Operating Expense 17643 56166 -91085

Earning Before Income Tax 45024 68822 10127

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
61 65 776

- -
15653 25615
Tax Expense 84 00 3382300

Net Earning Before 29370 43207

Appropriation 77 65 6745476

- -
33376 45584
Transfer to Tax Holiday Reserve 6 5 -562020

Net Earning Available for 26033 38649

appropriation 11 20 6183456

Balance Sheet
As of December 31st, 2004
2002 2003 2004

Total Asset 13253298 17263866 27006573

Long Term Liabilities 2791022 1735550 1668448

Total Liabilities 7738924 8839073 13558352

Total Equity 5514375 8399358 13448221

Total Asset Turnover

The Total Asset Turnover = Net Sales/ Total Assets

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

Net Sales 1970069 12577199 8778750

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Total Assets 2700657 17263866 1325329

3 8
Total Asset 0.729478 0.728527 0.662382
Turnover 4

Table 13: Total Asset Turnover

Figure 19: Total Asset Turnover

From the calculation the total asset turnover ratio is 0.729, 0.728, and
0.662 respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph &
calculation reflects that GPs total asset turnover ratio is increasing year to
year. This means GP is experiencing a positive total asset turnover growth.

Total Equity Turnover

The Total Equity Turnover = Net Sales/ Total Equity

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

1970069 1257719
Net Sales 5 9 8778750

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Equity 1 8008393 5514375
Total Equity 1.46492 1.570502 1.59197
Turnover 9 2 6

Table 14: Total Equity Turnover

Figure 20: Total Equity Turnover

From the calculation the total equity turnover ratio is 1.464, 1.570, 1.591
respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs total equity turnover ratio is decreasing year to year. This
means GP is experiencing a declining total equity turnover growth.

Net Profit Margin

Net Profit Margin = Net Profit after Taxes / Net Sales

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

Net Profit After Taxes 6183456 3864920 2603311

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Net Sales 19700695 12577199 8778750

Net Profit Margin 0.31387 0.3072958 0.296547

Table 15: Net Profit Margin

Figure 21: Net Profit Margin

From the calculation the net profit margin ratio is 0.318, 0.307, and 0.296
respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs net profit margin ratio is increasing year to year. This
means GP is experiencing a positive net profit margin growth.

Return on Assets

Return on Assets = Net Profit after Tax / Total Assets

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

Net Profit After Taxes 6183456 3864920 2603311
2700657 1325329
Total Assets 3 17263866 8

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Return On Assets 0.228961 0.2238734 0.196427

Table 16: Return on Assets

Figure 22: Return on Assets

From the calculation the return on asset is 0.2289, 0.2238, and 0.1964
respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs return on asset or ROA is increasing year to year. This
means GP is experiencing a positive ROA growth.

Return on Equity

Return on Equity = Net Profit after Tax / Total Equity

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

Net Profit After Taxes 6183456 3864920 2603311
Total Equity 1 8008393 5514375

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Return On Equity 0.459797 0.4826087 0.472095

Table 17: Return on Equity

Figure 23: Return on Equity

From the calculation the return on equity ratio is 0.459, 0482. 0.472
respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs return on equity or ROE is fluctuating year to year.

Interest Coverage Ratio

Interest Coverage Ratio = EBIT / Interest Expense

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

EBIT 330660 350964 212503
Interest Expense 3382300 2561500 1565384
Interest Coverage 0.097762 0.137015 0.135751

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


Table 18: Interest Coverage Ratio

Figure 24: Interest Coverage Ratio

From the calculation the interest coverage ratio is 0.0977, 0.1370, 0.1357
respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs interest coverage ratio is decreasing year to year. This
means GP is experiencing a increasing interest expense.

Debt to Equity

Debt to Equity = Total Debt / Total Equity

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

Total Debt 1668448 1735550 2791022
Shareholder's Equity 1 8008393 5514375
Debt-to-Equity Ratio 0.124065 0.2167164 0.506136

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Table 19: Debt to Equity Ratio

Figure 25: Debt to Equity Ratio

From the calculation debt to equity ratio is 0.1240, 0.2167, 0.5061

respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs debt to equity ratio is decreasing year to year. This means
GP is experiencing a increasing shareholders equity.

Debt to Asset

Debt to Asset = Total Debt / Total Asset

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

Total Debt 1668448 1735550 2791022
2700657 1325329
Total Asset 3 17263866 8
Debt-to-Asset Ratio 0.061779 0.1005308 0.210591

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Table 20: Debt to Asset Ratio

Figure 26: Debt to Asset Ratio

From the calculation debt to asset ratio is 0.0617, 0.1005, and 0.2105
respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs debt to asset ratio is decreasing year to year. This means
GP is experiencing a decreasing total debt.

Revenue- Expense Ratio

Revenue- Expense Ratio = Total Operating Revenue / Total

Operating Expense

Particulars 2004 2003 2002

Total Operating 1970069
Revenue 5 12577199 8778750
Total Operating
Expense 9676718 5743374 4159845

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Ratio 2.035886 2.1898624 2.110355

Table 21: Revenue-Expense Ratio

Figure 27: Revenue-Expense Ratio

From the calculation debt to asset ratio is 2.0358, 2.1898, 2.1103

respectively for the year 2004, 2003, 2002.The above graph & calculation
reflects that GPs revenue to expense ratio is decreasing year to year. This
means GP is experiencing a decreasing total debt.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings



....Towards Positive Customer


Customer Management Division

Give sustaining positive experiences to the customers by understanding and
fulfilling/exceeding their service expectation at appropriate time and prices. Make the customer
experience as the main differentiator in the market.

Knowing customer expectations

Knowing us

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Organizing us


"Let's not expect the customers to travel to get the service rather let service travel to the

CMD consist of the following areas:

1. Planning, Implementation & follow up segment

2. Operational Unit

Planning, Implementation & follow up segment consists of 8 units

Operational Unit consists of 6 units.

There are sub units under each segment & unit

Each unit is empowered with a head 100%, Deputy head 80 % and Shadow head 60%.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Planning, Implementation & follow up segment


Office of CMD Head. Bridging of Intra- and Inter-divisional activities with operational

Process improvement:

The Process Improvement Team is responsible for ensuring simple & efficient processes in
CMD to gain operational excellence and positive customer experience.

Service Quality Assurance (SQA):

The Service Quality Assurance (SQA) team strives to identify & rectify the gaps & errors from
the day-to-day activities and follow-up the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of every unit in
CMD. SQA Measures, Shares, Reacts and Continues Improvement process to achieve its vision
"Quality That Sustains". Quality Checking is in terms of end-to-end process and KPI activities
are based on the 5-performance objective factors e.g. Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility
and Cost.

Program office:

This unit is responsible for project management, implementation and evaluation of the projects
initiated by any unit of CMD

Technology for Customer Experience (TCE):

TCE helps both internal and external subscribers to understand the technical problems in their
own language. It works as interface with the Technical Division. It carries out the customer
service part of any technology intensive project initiated by MRD. Provides support to develop
and facilitate new tools used by CMD.

Human Capital (HCM):

The aim of human Capital is to put "right people in the right places". To realize this vision,
HCM works to foster empathy, mutual respect and high performance, quality recruitment and
optimum distribution of manpower. Lastly, HCM strives to uphold employee motivation by
ensuring development and incorporating GP's core values of leadership among all.

Training& Competence development:

This unit is responsible for CMD in-house training starting from induction training for the
newly appointed Customer Manager. It also arranges need based functional training for the
Customer Manager in duties in every contact points and follows up training with the Human
Resource division.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Budget& Follow-up:

Preparation of CMD Budget, Monitoring & Follow up of Budget, Budgetary control in

applicable areas, also assist respective units/departments for utilization of resources.

Operational Segment
Customer Management for Business segment:

Corporate Customer management:

This wing of CMD is dedicated to serve the valued Corporate, CIP, VIP and all Socially
Important Subscribers by offering pro-active services customized to their needs.

SME Customer Management:

Established to serve the business segment comprising Small & medium size Entrepreneurs

IR Customer Management:

It extends state of the art customer service experience to the valued in-bound and out-bound
roamer by doing timely activation and cancellation. It's IR unit follows up with the bank for
ensuring collection of subscriber's bill in no time through auto bills pay service.

Call Management Center:

Call Center is the first point of contact for the valued subscribers through Hot line 121. It is
specially designed to handle issues relating to account status, billing, credit policy, network,
product information, international roaming and various services.

It also monitors the SMSPAY (2992) and VMSPAY (12112/12122) dedicated to collect
payment information from the subscribers through text message and voice message respectably.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

This is an automated customer enquiry service known as INSTA-CARE, is an interactive Voice

Response mechanism to handle telephone calls from the subscribers in a systematic way,
reducing the waiting period. Introduced in 2001, it is operative round-the-clock.

Customer Center:

The 13 GrameenPhone centers in Divisional cities of the country are operating from 8am to 8
pm 7 days a week 365 days a year to meet the needs of the subscribers. The unique idea of
GPSD aims to go to the doorsteps of the subscribers to provide services. Right now there are
more than 600 GrameenPhone Service Desk all over the country to provide every kind
of services to the valued subscribers.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Credit & Collection Management:

Credit Management: Activities and objective of this unit is to implement and monitor credit
policy and minimizing revenue misuse. It ensures smooth connection of the subscriber giving
timely advice relating to credit policy.
Banking: By the effective communication with the banks Banking Unit ensures quick and
accurate payment information through Online and Offline for the positive customer experience.


Off line payment updates, necessary adjustments and Refund on daily basis. Generate Revenue
Report on weekly & monthly basis.

Bad Debt Recovery:

Recovering of outstanding amounts from barred and permanently disconnected accounts and
protecting revenue losses by determining revenue leakage areas/risk factors.

Customer retention and win back

Calling Center:

The Unit is working to increase company value by enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty and
their use of our services. The Unit is closely working with service campaigns; some of these are
based on the Life Cycle of the customers: such as Service based campaigns, Survey, Welcome
Calls, and Retention Campaigns.

Travelers to Customer:

GrameenPhone has always been for people. Its prime objective has always been to provide its
subscribers with quality service ensuring the positive experience whenever they use or dial a
GP number. Now it is not only about providing a service; it is about being with its subscribers
through thick and thin. GrameenPhone shares an amity which is founded on the basis of mutual
trust with its subscribers. Besides promoting and educating customers about our services, many
valuable insights were gained from the customers as well.

General Services


Deals with all types of written queries/complaints received through fax, letter, email. Provide
positive and unforgettable customer experiences to the subscribers through more cohesive and
innovative service options which help to build customer loyalty and retention.

Customer Demographic Management (CDM):

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Activates the newly sold subscriptions and maintains the demographic history of the
subscribers by sorting, scanning and archiving the subscription and after sales service
documents. In addition, this unit provides "Instant Service" by verifying the signatures as well
as other documents from its electronic archive in order to provide prompt after-sales services to
the subscribers.

Delivery and courier Management:

Printing the invoice, Ensuring proper delivery of the bills and maintaining the couriers to work
in a smooth way. This unit also deals with all kind of bill related queries.

Figure: CMD Organ gram

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings



Succession Subscriber Activation &

& Refund Demographic

Bill Delivery Mgt

Grameen Phone Centers
Corporate Cust. Service
Bad debt -Call Center 121
Bill payment at
GP Listed banks

Payment info from the

Payment posting banks to CMD
Credit Mgt. & Adjustment (Semi sorting/reconciliation
Automated/ manual)

Figure 11: Customer Service Cycle

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Inter-Divisional Dependency


Corporate Affairs IT
-Legal HUMAN
-Legal &
& Compliance
Compliance --Constant
Constant support
Administration -Recruitment
Administration -New
-New network
network connection
Transport -GP
-GP Training
Transport -Procurement

RAFM- Fraud
Fraud detection
detection MARKETING
& necessary tools
necessary tools -New
-New Packages
Customer -Publications
Supply Chain
Chain Mgmnt-
Mgmnt- -Publications
Management -Creative
-Creative &
& Promotional
Purchase Requisitions
Requisitions &&
Bill Verification
Division support

Sales and
and Distribution
Budget Approval
-Electrical/ Implementation
-Electrical/ Implementation
Dealers &
-Ensure Bill
Bill Payments/
Civil Works/
Civil implementation
Works/ implementation
-Corporate Sales

Figure 12: Inter Divisional Dependency

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings



We are here to help


Four values of CMD:

Make it easy
Keep the promises
Be inspiring
Be respectful


Make it Keep the Be Be

Easy Promises Inspiring Respectful

Chart 13: Values

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Call Center Value Creation & Reflection

Make it Easy:

Make access easy to deliver the information in understandable language


Increase Channel & agents

Availability of required information
Training to develop knowledge
Using Simple tools (single screen solution)
Information deliver in customer friendly way
Managing human resource in easy way

Key Support & Contribution

Call management center & CMD management
Related Divisions

Be Inspiring

Providing one stop service as per customers expectations


Putting excitement in working place

Performance base recognition
Setting challenging goals
Implementing innovative ideas
Prompt delivery of correct information
Capturing right insight and act accordingly
Ensuring smooth logistic and operational support
Making sure of corporate environment
Incorporate Competent persons in the team

Key Support & Contribution

Related divisions
Call management center & CMD management

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Be Respectful

Empathize with customers need and execute in best possible time


Process simplification
Involvement of customer manager with end to end process
Develop perception among the customers that we are attentively listening to them
Act according to internal and external customers need
Provide unique information
Ensuring the value for service

Key Support & Contribution

All customer touch-points


Keep the Promises


Developing the team & tools to ensure accurate solution


Promise what can be delivered

Deliver as per capabilities
Managing expectations (internal & external)
Timely delivery

Key Support & Contribution

Alignment with all divisional activity

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Call Center Special Project: Dialect Hotline

For GrameenPhone service related questions, queries and feedback please call 121 & enjoy a
whole new experience.

Easy way to use 121:

Dial 121 to get into the world of new experience.

Then Select language by pressing 1 for General Bangla, 2 for English or 3 for Bangla with
regional dialect.

For Post Paid customers

To get Usage, Billing & Payment Information Press 1

To provide Payment update Press 2
To register Complain and Request Press 3
To get General Information Press 4
To talk with Customer Manager Press 5

For Pre Paid customers

To get Balance, Validity & Other a/c related information Press 1

To register Complain and Request Press 2
To get General Info Press 3
To talk with Customer Manager Press 5

For Djuice customers

To get Balance, Validity & Other a/c related information Press 1

To register Complain and Request Press 2
To get General Information Press 3
To know about the recent djuice Events Press 4
To know about djuice Offers Press 6
To talk with Customer Manager Press 5

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


GrameenPhone has always strived for achieving the highest customer satisfaction and it is
continually trying to enhance the satisfaction level. We are customer oriented Service Company
& thus we must focus on our valued subscribers group for fulfilling our mission towards
customer perfection.

A big part of our grameen phone subscribers reveal in different regional rural areas. Most of
them use their local language as conversation medium for sharing their views. Many of them
are not familiar with modern native language. As a result when these subscribers call us over
hotline for any type of query or for resolving their problems, very often they dont understand
the solution provided for them. This happens because of language gap.

Subscribers of some specific zones like Sylhet, Chittagong, Noakhali, Barisal face troublesome
situations when they call at hotlines. Most of the time our officers over hotline try to meet these
subscribers need by searching officers of that region. But this seems inconvenient for both end.
Thus, the customer satisfaction level is somewhat interrupted.

In such cases if we can provide support to these subscribers over separate hotlines or by
adjusting regional hotlines with our existing hotlines. It will obviously enhance our customer
perfection. Subscribers will highly appreciate this attempt by GrameenPhone as it will reflect
customer preference & taste. Besides, this pioneer effort by GrameenPhone will make itself
ahead of other market competitors.

Current Regional Hotlines:

Bengali Dialect

English Dialect

Chittagong Dialect

Sylhet Dialect

Barisal Dialect

Noakhali Dialect

Khulna Dialect

Rajshahi Dialect

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Dialect Features

Local_Dialect Bengali

To get customer service in ones local Bengali language dial 121 and then press 15 respectively,
for details call 121.


12111--- For Usage, Billing Information & Payment in Bengali

12112--- VMSPAY for Recording Query & Payments
12113--- VMSPAY for Recording Complains & Request
12114--- To get General Information
12115--- For Conversation with Human Agents at Call center
12116--- Thank You & quit 121

Local Dialect English

To get customer service in English language dial 121 and then press 25 respectively, for details
call 121


12121--- For Usage, Billing Information & Payment in English

12122--- VMSPAY for Recording Query & Payments
12123--- VMSPAY for Recording Complains & Request
12124--- To get General Information
12125--- For Conversation with Human Agents at Call center
12126--- Thank You & quit 121

Local Dialect Chittagong

To get customer service in local language Chittagong dial 121 and then press 31 respectively,
for details call 121.

Local Dialect Sylhet

To get customer service in local language Sylhet dial 121 and then press 32 respectively, for
details call 121.

Package Prices

To know current package prices:

121132---for current prepaid package prices

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

121142---for current postpaid package prices

Figure 14 : Call Flow Process for 121

at 121

Call Transmitted
Through BTS Tower

Call Transmitted
Gateway of IVR

Interactive Voice
Response ( IVR )
Redirects the Call

Calls are
answered by
Call Center

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Instapay Service at Call center

Instapay service monitors the SMSPAY and VMSPAY dedicated to collect information from
the subscribers through text message and voice message respectably.


SMSPAY insta service is available from any GP mobile. The server number is 2992.
Through SMSPAY the call center agents collect payment information from the subscribers
through text message.

How it Works:

Mobile--- Write Message Write: payment

Message Option Information

SMS update by Call SMS Reaches at Send at 2992

Center Agents SMSPAY Server


VMSPAY Insta service is available from any GP mobile. VMSPAY is dedicated to collect
information from the subscribers through voice message.

Services through VMSPAY:

Payment Information Update

A subscriber is called back by the call center agents to provide them solutions about their
queries, complains & requests.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


Theoretical Definition of Customer Service:

In general sense, customer service means any activity or benefit that one party can offer to
another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything.

The main objective of providing customer service is customer satisfaction. Customer

satisfaction means the extent to which a product or service meets the customers expectations.
Expectations are based on customers buying experiences. Customer centered firms seek to
provide high quality customer services in an attempt to exceed to customers expectations. In
order to do this, now-a-days, customer centered companies are increasing their range of
customer services. As I have already explained the theoretical concept of customer service, in
the next part, I will try to focus on the quality of customer services provided by GrameenPhone
especially by Postpaid-Helpline.

Customer Service Points of GrameenPhone:

After sales service is very important in Mobile Operator Industry. As the leading company in
the Mobile Operator Industry, GP is providing the following service points/Touch points for its


GP is the first company which has introduced 24 hour helpline service in Bangladesh.
GrameenPhone has only one help line-121. A GP subscriber needs to dial 121 to reach
GrameenPhone Helpline. It is computer aided information base to afford immediate access to
the information about the subscribers. But the operations are done manually.

After dialing 121 the subscriber is first welcomed by an automated and standardized process.
Then s/he needs to wait for few seconds. After that the subscriber reaches the Customer
Manager. The Customer Manager starts the conversation with a greeting. The subscriber
explains his/her problems to the Customer Manager.

If the inquiry is regarding general information, the Customer Manager does not need to take
help of information system. S/he just provides the information and the subscriber keeps the

There are some queries that are very much more personalized and the Customer Manager needs
to get into the account of that particular subscriber and provide the service. In some cases the
subscriber just keeps the complaint/request and later action is needed to be taken.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Hotline 121of GrameenPhone:

Location: Helpline - Postpaid is under direct control of CMD.

Major Responsibilities of the Unit Members

1. Providing quality service.

2. Assuring that the customers are satisfied after getting the services.
3. Avoiding the respected calls of the same customer on the same day.
4. Minimizing the calls handing time.

Average Call Handling time of Helpline members: 1 min to 2 min per call.

Types of Services Provided:

Grameen Phone Hotline offers various services to the valued GrameenPhone subscribers. Some
of important services are noted below:
Line status Queries
Edge Related Queries
Prepaid Card Validity queries
Lost Phone Queries
Line Unbarring
Connectivity Problem
Bill and usage queries.
Payment Update information
Password Block, Message Sending Problem
Balance Transfer Problem, Tariff plan queries.etc.
In providing most of these services many software are used. Moreover, these services are
provided most of the time for either Post-paid or Pre-paid subscribers or both. Here a
diagrammatical presentation of the general process for resolving customer queries is given-

Soft Pop
System Up Problem Service Provided
Customer Identification To Respective
Query Hard Direct Customer
System Query

Fig: General process for resolving customer queries

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

1. Line Status Queries:

Nature of the Query:

Sometimes subscriber makes queries about the connectivity status of the line. Most of these
queries arise when their line is barred because of his bill has already crossed the credit limit.
These queries may also arise for other reasons like subscriber may mistakenly bar his outgoing
or incoming with a password.

Back-up Tools:

Helpline officials use several tools inn checking the line status. These tools are-


OSS-This is the abbreviation of Operational Maintenance & Support System. This tool is
used to check the various parameters of any line, either Pre-paid or Post-paid.

Causes of These queries:

These queries usually arise for the following reasons-

In case of Post-paid line, when the bill crosses the credit limit, the line gets
Sometimes users mistakenly bar their outgoing or incoming calls with unknown
Users often divert their line to other numbers mistakenly.

Checked by Feedback
Line Status BSCS/ Subscriber
Query OSS

Fig: Line Status Checking Process

How to resolve

The above mentioned software are used on the basis of nature of queries.If the line is barred
because of the bill crossing the credit limit, it can be checked from BSCS. But if the line is
barred to giving wrong password or diverted to other number, then it can be checked from OSS.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
2. Edge Related Queries:

EDGE stands for Enhanced Data Rate for Global Evolution. It is an advanced form of GPRS. It
is 8 times faster than GPRS. GrameenPhone launched its EDGE service on the 1 st September,

EDGE provides the following three services-

WAP(Wireless Application Protocol)

MMS(Multimedia Message Service)
Internet Browsing.

GrameenPhone offers two types of EDGE package-

Package 1.
Package 2.

Package 1: It contains all the three services like WAP, MMS, and INTERNET and it is a pay-
as-you-go service. That is, if the subscriber does not use the service, he does not have to pay
anything .It is available for both Pre-paid and Post-paid subscribers .There are no monthly fees.
There is a charge for browsing/downloading of TK.0.02/Kb.For MMS sending, the charging is
event based and the charge is TK.5 per MMS and the size of the MMS should not be more than

Package 2: It is same as Package 1(P1) in terms of services. But it is only being offered for GP
Post Paid subscribers. Subscribers only have to pay fixed monthly fee of TK.1000 for unlimited
browsing for a month. But this monthly fee will not cover the price of contents downloaded
from GPs WAP site ( and for MMS he will also be charged as usual as TK.5/MMS
(excluding VAT).

Nature of the query:

Edge related queries may include the following forms

How can the EDGE facility can be availed on handset?

What sort of handset is required for EDGE?
How long will it take to provision EDGE on the handset?
What is the charge for using EDGE in terms of Package?
How to save the service settings on the handset?
How to cancel EDGE? And many other EDGE status related queries.

Customer Identification:

It is important to identify whether the subscriber is eligible to get EDGE service in terms of
handset type, line (Pre-paid or Post-paid) he is using. It is to be mentioned that all handsets do
not support EDGE.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Back-up Tools:

For EDGE related service, special software called EDGE is used. Moreover, other tools are
used, like-

BSCS (Business Support and Control System): It is used to check what type of EDGE
package (P1 or P2) the post-paid subscriber is using.
OSS-(Operational Maintenance Support System): It is another tool that tells whether
EDGE service is availed for any subscriber either using a Pre-paid or a Post-paid line.

Causes of these problems:

As EDGE is the newest kind of service offered for the first time in Bangladesh by
GrameenPhone, people is very much curious to know about the service. That is why; lots of
subscribers make calls to helpline to have a clear idea about EDGE.

How to resolve:

Generally when a subscriber makes complaint that EDGE is not still activated despite trying
several times, the status of his line is checked first from CSS. If the subscribers complaint is
proved to be true, then the subscriber is suggested to go to nearby Customer Care office of

Sometimes subscribers fail to save the service settings on their handset, these settings are sent
again through EDGE software as per their request.

But to provision or cancel EDGE, subscribers have to send SMS on their own in the following

Send to
To Activate: Write EDGE 5000
P1 / P2

Send to
To Cancel: Write Cancel

Fig: EDGE activation and cancellation process.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

5. Line Unbarring Requests:

After getting payment information from the Post-paid subscribers, the respective officials check
on his line status. If the line is barred, his line is unbarred by giving command to the system.

Nature of the Problem:

Normally subscribers convey payment information to helpline to reactivate their line. If the rest
of his bill, after deducting the paid amount from his total bill, comes below the credit limit, then
his line is unbarred by giving specific command to the system.

Customer Identification;

Before making any changes to the existing line status, the authenticity of the subscriber must be
checked in terms of whether he has really paid the bill. This authentication is also done by
matching the subscribers name with that of the name kept in the official record and when and
where he paid his last bill etc.

Back-up Tools:

The line unbarring is done from the BSCS tool.

Causes of these problem:

Subscribers raise these types of requests when the line is barred because his bill and current
usage crosses his credit limit.

CREDIT LIMIT: Credit limit means up to which the subscriber can make his bill without
giving any payment and whenever his bill crosses the credit limit, his line will be barred.
Subscribers can raise their Credit limit by the payment of Security deposits. In this case, the
credit limit will be calculated in the following manner:

Security Deposit Of the subscriber +TK.1000 limit facility from GrameenPhone =Credit
Unbarring done
Customers To Unbar Line Informing Customer Line is
from BSCS
Request Unbarred
Fig: Line Unbarring Process

How to resolve

The staffs at helpline unbar the line by giving specific command to CSCS and request the
subscriber to turn-off the mobile set for the next 10 minutes and turn it on after that.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

6. Connectivity Related Queries:

Subscribers often fail to generate or receive calls from other numbers due to network related
problems. These network problems usually arises during special offer season as for example
when GrameenPhone offered djuice to djuice call free after first minute at off-peak hours
during the last Eid Season, it resulted into huge network problem at that time. In these types of
situations subscribers usually make complaints regarding connectivity problem. From Helpline
they are requested to try later to their desired number.

7.. Request Pin Send for Balance Transfer

Process of Handling: Verify the subscribers complain with the following Method

Mobile No.
Are you the original signatory: Y/N.
My Esay/U&I no:Y/N
My Time: Y/N
My Choice: Y/N
Can you say Activation date: Y/N
Last card recharge history: Amount & Date : Y/N

Case-1: - After verification unlock & send the pin instantly from ERS link

Status: Solved
Case-2:- If you are not ERS user or ERS link is not available pls. input CIMS with
unsolved status and inform subs. That you will get the PIN within 3 hours.
Remarks: PS
Status: Unsolved

8. Bill & Usage Queries:

Bill queries are one of the common queries from the subscribers end. These types of queries are
normally generated on bill cycles.

Nature of the Query:

Bill & usage queries most of the times come from the Post-paid customers. Pre-paid customers
normally can know their bill by dialing *566#.

The bill queries may take the following forms-

i. What is the current bill?
ii. Does the bill cross the credit limit?
iii. How can itemized bill be collected/
iv. How many free minutes are left (for anytime product)?
v. When the bill paper will be sent to the subscriber?

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Customer identification:

After getting a query from the subscriber regarding his or her bill, the first action would be to
identify whether he is the original owner of the mobile. As soon as the subscriber is proved to
be the original owner, he is informed about his bill and other bill related information.

Back-up Tool:

Bill query for the Post-paid users can be answered by using two types of software tools. These
two software are-
FUP tool

BSCS: BSCS normally used for postpaid subscribers to answer their queries

FUP Tool: This tool normally is used to answer the billing and free minutes queries of Anytime
500 & 1600 users.

Customer Desired
Query Services
FUP Provided

Fig: General Process to respond to bill queries.

Causes of the problem:

Subscribers usually make these types of queries on a regular basis because they want to keep
their payment up to date and they dont want their line barred due to non-payment of bill.

How to resolve:

Officials at helpline usually tell the bills from the above mentioned software. They also tell the
bill from the Pop-up screen.

There are also many products like Large Account, Corporate users for whom normally CSCS
software is used.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

9. New Product and Offer query:

Subscribers reach the Helpline to know whether GrameenPhone is launching any new product
or making any new offer to its valued customers. Helpline officials answer to these queries
according to the instructions they get from the management in this regard.

10. Payment updates Information:

Post-paid subscribers provide payment information so that this payment information can be
updated in his account.

Nature of the Query:

Post-paid subscribers pay their usage bills on a regular basis to keep their line active. As soon
as the subscriber pays their bill, he informs his payment update to keep his line from barring.

Customer Identification:

Before receiving payment update from the subscriber, it is important to check the following
Whether he is the real subscriber?
Whether he is providing valid & complete payment information?
Whether he is providing the correct amount, date, bank, branch in his payment

Backup tool:

To update the payment information, a software called BarGen is used. In this software some
information is updated along with payment like date, bank, and branch.

Cause of the problem:

Subscribers make these types of requests most of the time when their line is barred. The line
gets barred when their bill crosses the credit limit.

Customer For payment Updates Update Notification of payment Update Subscriber
Request Software

Fig: Payment Update Process

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

How to resolve:

When it is come to know that the subscriber has paid his bill, his mobile number is inserted in
the respective software. In the next step the paid amount, bank, and branch name are updated
simultaneously. At last, subscriber is assured that his payment information is duly updated in
his account

11.Tariff Plan Queries:

These queries are usually call charge related question arising from the subscribers end.
Subscribers usually ask about the call charges of a particular GP product. They sometimes
make complaints that these call charges are still too high and make requests to raise this issue to
top management.

12. Request For Password Unblock

For Prepaid Number

Verify the subscribers complain:

Verify the password (If not default password)

Are you the original signatory: Y/N.
My Esay/U&I no:Y/N
My Time: Y/N
My Choice: Y/N
Can you say Activation date: Y/N
Last card recharge history: Amount & Date : Y/N

For Postpaid Number

Verify the subscribers complain

Verify the password (If not default password)

Are you the original signatory: Y/N.
F&F no: Y/N
Can you say Activation date: Y/N
Last bill payment history: Amount & Date : Y/N

CIMS Input (If Verified) CIMS Input (If Not Verified)

Remarks: Verified & Done Remarks: Fax
Status: Solved Status: Solved

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

13. Problem in Call Generation

Problem Type: After card recharge OBI-1 is shown in OSS.

Check the barring and activation status from Minsat.

(Expired or temporarily blocked)
Check OSS

CIMS input:

Remarks: OBI-1
Status: Unsolved

14. Complain about Message Sending

Check the HLR Status from OSS.

Check the Minsat Status.

CIMS input

Remarks: TS-22/TS-21
Status: Unsolved

15. Problem With My time


My Choice is activated or not
Subscriber cant activate My Time within 72 hours of the deactivation of My

Check SMS view tools

Message sending time.
Send message to right format: Y/N.

CIMS input:
Remarks: 6to11 or 12to5 (input subs. desire time slot)
Status: Unsolved

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

16. Complain About My Easy

Check status from SMS view tools.

My easy No.
Message sending time:
Send message to right format: Y/N
In case of correction: maximum two-digit discrepancy is acceptable.

CIMS input :
Remarks: Right no & Wrong no.
Status: Unsolved

17. Complain Welcome Tune

Check the HLR status from OSS

Check the PRBT GUI

CIMS Input

Default (if everything is ok in both PRBT GUI & OSS)
PRBT (if PRBT-1 parameter is missing in OSS)
GUI (if PRBT-1 exists but GUI shows subs doesnt exist)

Status: Unsolved

18. Complain Other Operator Connectivity

Problem Type: T&T, Banglalink, Aktel, Citycell, ISD

interconnectivity problem.

Check the HLR status from OSS

Check the MINSAT/BSCS status
In terms of T&T/ISD outgoing problem, it should be verified whether the subs
give the code number properly or not.

CIMS Input

Remarks: 1. Name of operator with MOC/MTC

2. Number
3. Location

Status: Unsolved

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings



CIMS stands for Customer Insight Management. Every Time a customer makes a call at
hotline, the reason for calling is recorded for further analysis.

The CIMS can capture three types of information through tickler:


Different types of complains, queries and requests are categorized with different related topics.

The CIMS can also capture the status of the complain. There are two options:


Solved refers those whose problems, queries or requests are solved instantly. Unsolved refers to
those which needs back up support for solving the problem or query.

Besides the CIMS has a Remarks option where details of the call is recorded in written
manner. Each call must be recorded with specific remarks.

With CIMS one can check the following

Previous call records at hotline

Related reason for calling at hotline
Time of calling
Name of the call center agent
Status of the record

Each call center member is assigned with password & id to login and work with CIMS. CIMS
is very important as this is the reflection of customer suggestions and feedbacks.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Complain Related CIMS Tickler Codes

Followings are the complain related ticklers:
Sort Dependency Tickler Description Tickler Product
Complain about After Sales
CAS CMD service All
Complain Address Verification
CAV CMD Process Postpaid
CBA CMD Complain Barring Activities Postpaid
CBD CMD Complain Bill Delivery Postpaid
CBS CMD Complain Banking service Postpaid
CBT IT Complain Balance Transfer All
CCE Technical Complain Card Expunged Prepaid
CCG Technical Complain Call Generation All
Complain about Customer
CCM CMD Managers All
CCN Technical Complain Connectivity All
CCP CMD Complain about Credit Policy Postpaid
CCR IT Complain Card Recharge Prepaid
CEG Technical Complain about EDGE All
CFL Technical Complain Flexi Load Prepaid
CIR Technical Complain International Roaming Postpaid
CMC Technical Complain My Choice activation Prepaid
CME Technical Complain My Easy activation Prepaid
CMI CMD Complain Miscellaneous All
CMS Technical Complain Message Sending All
CMT Technical Complain My time activation Prepaid
CNC Technical Complain Network Coverage All
COC Technical Complain Over Charging Prepaid
Complain Other Operator
COO Corporate Affairs Connectivity All
CPA Marketing Complaint Promotion and Add ALL
CPC Technical Complain Pending Credit Prepaid
CPF Marketing Complain Product Feature All
CPM CMD Complain Product Migration All
CPP Technical Complain Push Pull All
CQH CMD Complain Que in Hotline All
CRC CMD Complain Reconnection Postpaid
CSC CMD Complain Sim Change All
CSD S&D Complaint Sales and Distribution All
CTP Marketing Complain about Tariff Plan All
Complaint on Technical
CTU Technical Upgradation SIM Prepaid
CVC Technical Complain Validity Check Prepaid
CVM Technical Complain Voice Message All
CVP VPP Complain Village Phone Postpaid

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
CVS Marketing Complain Value Added Service All
CXC Marketing Complain Xtra Card Prepaid

Query Related CIMS Tickler Codes

Followings are the Query related ticklers:

Sort Dependenc Tickler Description Tickler Product

Desc y
QBS CMD Query about Bill SMS Postpaid
QBT IT Query Balance Transfer Prepaid
QBU CMD Query Billing & Usage Postpaid
QCS CMD Query Connection Status Postpaid
QCV CMD Query Card Validity PrePaid
QDA CMD Query Deposit Adjustment Postpaid
QDE CMD Query Djuice Event Prepaid
QFC CMD Query Fraud Lock Prepaid
QFF CMD Query FF All
QFL CMD Query Flexi Load Prepaid
QFX CMD Query Fax All
QGF CMD Query GSM Feature All
QIR CMD Query IR Postpaid
QMC CMD Query Mychoice Prepaid
QME CMD Query MyEasy Prepaid
QMI CMD Query Miscellaneous All
QMR CMD Query Market Rumour Post/Pre-Paid
QMS CMD Query Message Sending All
QMT CMD Query MyTime Prepaid
QNP CMD Query New Product and new offer All
QPA CMD Query Press Add All
QPF CMD Query Product Feature All
QPM CMD Query Product Migration All
QPP CMD Query Push Pull Prepaid
QRC CMD Query Reconnection Postpaid
QSB CMD Query Sim Blocked All
QSC CMD Query Sim Change All
QSV CMD Query Signature Verification All
QTO CMD Query Transfer Ownership PostPaid
QTP CMD Query Tariff Plan All
QUI CMD Query U and I Prepaid
QVM CMD Query VMS pay Postpaid
QVP CMD Query Village Phone Postpaid
QVS CMD Query Voice SMS All
QXC CMD Query Xtra Card Prepaid

Request Related CIMS Tickler Codes

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings
Followings are the request related ticklers:

Sort Dependency Tickler Description Tickler

Desc Product
RAD CMD Request Address Change Post/pre
RAS CDM Request Account Separation Post Paid
RCR CMD Request Card Recharged PrePaid
RCS CMD Request Customer Suggestion All
RDB CMD Request Duplicate Bill Post-Paid
RDC Cust_comm Request Dual Cliam Post/Pre
Request Duplicate
RDP CDM (CDM) Subscription Issues Post
RFB CMD Request feedback All
RFX S&D Request Flexi Load Point Prepaid
RIB CMD Request Itemized Bill PostPaid
RID CDM(CMD) Caller ID hide Post/Pre
RIR CMD Request IR PostPaid
RLP CMD Request Lost Phone All
RLT CMD Y Post/Pre
RMI CMD Request Miscellaneous All
RPM CMD Request Product Migration All
RPU CMD Request Payment Update Postpaid
RPW CMD Request PWD Unlock Post/Pre
RRC CMD Request Reconnection Postpaid
RSC CMD Request SIM Change All
RSG CDM(CMD) Request Sign Change Post/ Pre
RUD CDM(CMD) Undertaking Post/Pre
RUG CMD Request Unlock GSM Feature All
RUP CMD Request Unbar Phone Postpaid
RZR M) Request Zone Restriction Post/Pre

Other Issue Related CIMS Tickler Codes

Followings are the other issue related ticklers

Sort Dependenc Tickler Description Tickler

Desc y Product
TNA CMD Tickler Not Assigned All
TOF CMD Request Transfer of Ownership Post

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings



Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings



Customers Perception on Call Center Experience ( May06 & June 06)

Satisfied with the cost that is paid for Satisfied with the cost that is paid for
-27 23 solution -32 18 solution

Customer Managers - really listen & Customer Managers - really listen &
-10 40 understand your problem -8 42 understand your problem

Customer Managers - provide quick Customer Managers - provide quick

-18 32 solutions -17 33 solutions

Customer Managers - able to solve the Customer Managers - able to solve the
-18 32 problem on first call -16 34 problem on first call

Customer Managers - knowledgable & Customer Managers - knowledgable &

-12 38 well trained -10 40 well trained

Can Easily record payment info / Can Easily record payment info /
-19 31 complaints -17 33 complaints

Prefered Language selection is Prefered Language selection is

-6 44 convenient -6 44 convenient

-8 42 Voice Clarity -6 44 Voice Clarity

-13 37 Easy Menu Option -13 37 Easy Menu Option

-27 23 Do not have to wait on Queue -32 18 Do not have to wait on Queue

-22 28 Easily Accessible -25 25 Easily Accessible

Positive Perception Positive Perception

-50 -25 0 25 50 Negative Perception -50 -25 0 25 50 Negative Perception

64% Customers are not satisfied with the cost required for 121 Hotline
Service. (10% Negative change in satisfaction)

64% customers are not satisfied for waiting on queue (10% Negative

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Customers Loyalty Perception (May 06 to June 06)

-5 45 Do not want to Switch operator -6 44 Do not want to Switch operator

-7 43 Satisfied with customer service -6 44 Satisfied with customer service

-13 37 Satisfied with Existing Product -13 37 Satisfied with Existing Product

May buy another GP product if May buy another GP product if

-12 38 required -10 40 required

Do not want to Migrate to another Do not want to Migrate to another

-18 32 GP Product -19 31 GP Product

May recommend to May recommend to

-8 42 friends/relatives to buy GP product -9 41 friends/relatives to buy GP product

-12 38 Continue existing product -12 38 Continue existing product

Positive Perception Positive Perception

-50 -25 0 25 50 Negative Perception -50 -25 0 25 50 Negative Perception

38% Customers want to migrate to other GP product.

88 % Customers are satisfied with Customer Service (2% positive
Customer Loyalty is 88%.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Five Factor Analysis of Customer perception

Cost on Customer Experience

From CMD Touch Point

Quality Apr '06

3.8 May '06
3.3 3.6
Jun '06

Cost 3.2 2.8 Speed

2.8 3.4
2.4 3.3

4.0 3.4 2.7 3.2
Flexibility Dependability

**Measurement on a scale of 5.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings


Customer satisfaction at May 06

Other reason 2
Products & features 16
Customer service 25
Tariff 3
Network Coverage 54

0 20 40 60 80 100

Other reason 2
Products & features 13
Customer service 28
Tariff 3
Network Coverage 54

0 20 40 60 80 100

Customer satisfaction at June 06

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Customers Expectation Reflection

Others 9
Internet 5 Preferred Media For
2 Marketing Products
Bill Board 4
News Paper 34
TV 47

0 10 20 30 40 50

9 22 5
New Products &
Services as per
% expectation

7 9

0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140

GrameenPhone Aktel Bangla Link Teletalk City Cell None of them

-65 1 35 Other Operator

Service Quality

-100 -50 0 50
Positive Negative

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Overall Satisfaction

-26 74 Satisfaction

Delivers as per
-47 53 expectation

GP office
-33 67 reachable

-29 71 Prompt Service

-41 59 Manager's

-25 75 Customer Service

-60 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 Positive

100 Perception
Negative Perception

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Conclusion & Recommendations

As a corporate rule, in order to achieve the business objective of the

company, individual divisions should have their own objectives to support
this. The divisional objectives are far different compared to each other,
according to their nature of job and functional role. No doubt it is a great big
teamwork which makes the business objective happens. And considering
GPs success we can confidently say that we have such a winning team to
be proud of.

GP customer management division functions are evolving around its own

objectives, which are of continuous nature. The objectives of Customer
Management Division are:

To maintain, develop and ensure quality customer service

To act per customers feedback

More Involve & Evolve

Ensuring after sales service at free of cost

Maintaining service channel throughout the country

Maintains cross functional team work to lead the company

As a result, it has been a year of great success for Customer Management

division as well as for Grameen Phone. Our subscriber base is near more
than 1 crore. In the context of international industry this is quite and early
achievement reaching such results. Such success goes to CMD for their best
quality customer service.

Now, they have bigger challenge to face in the near future of reaching
higher number of subscriber bases and establishing its support system. In
order to face such challenges, the employee needs to be real smart
professionals with great self-motivation and proactive attitude. And above
all, they need teamwork. They believe, we are the best bunch of
professionals here in our GP Team. It is our contribution to the company that
will make GP a brighter star in the country or even more.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Identification of Problems that affect the quality of customer

service provided by 121 Hotline:

From my sample survey, I have identified there some problem exists in

rendering quality service through hotline.

These problems may include:-

1. Lack of inter- unit interaction.
2. Lack of training and development.
3. Inappropriate schedule of work for hotline members.
4. Absence of initiatives to improve the working tools used in hotline
5. Very small working place.
6. Lack of team spirit among the members.

Out of these problems, LACK OF INTER-UNIT INTERACTION is the most serve

one affecting the service quality of hotline unit.

In the later part, I have presented two real facts explaining how inter unit
dependency is important in providing customer service through hotline and
at the end I have made some recommendations in order to resolve this
major problem and other problems as mentioned above.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Recommendations to resolve the problems of Customer Service at

Call Center:

Here I have made some recommendations to improve the call center by more inter-unit
interaction under CMD. As a result the customer service will be improved and customer will
get positive experiences from postpaid helpline services. The recommendations are-

Routine inter-unit meeting should be held every week on the overall customer
service related problems to find ways to resolve these problems more quickly
and in a better way.
Hotline team should be provided with training on the fundamental/basic
activities of all units, so the dependency on other units can be reduced to a great
The communication among the units must be frequent, so all the units will get
follow-up on the current problems regularly.
The training and counseling unit must be re-arranged in order to improve the
quality of training. So, the level of job knowledge of both the new and existing
employees will be improved.
If any unit concerned with offering a particular service faces any difficulty in
rendering that service, that unit must give full-fledged information to Post-paid
unit in advance, so that customers can be served with proper explanation
regarding that service.

Here there are some other recommendations to remove the other problems as I have mentioned

Human Capital Management of Customer Management Division must make

new policies to facilitate the proper utilization of manpower.

Technical unit of GrameenPhone must come up with new and advanced software
tools to facilitate the rendering of customer service in a better way.

The workplace of Helpline is very congested. So the space must be broadened or

even Helpline should be replaced to a new place if necessary.

Job rotation for every employee must be done on a regular basis to improve the
overall efficiency of Customer Management Division.

All of the employees should be encouraged to work as a team to take

GrameenPhone one step further in achieving its ultimate goal. To do this
GrameenPhone must give more emphasis on group achievement than it does
right now.

Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

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Mousumi Rahman
Analysis & Findings

Mousumi Rahman