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Micah Heath

Enthusiastic Employee
176 Kreiger Drive, PO BOX 92
Skandia, MI 49885
906- 942-7934

Potential ability to absorb and understand new job

duties and responsibilities by observing attentively.

Red Fox Run Golf Course: lawn and property
upkeep, refuse removal, golf club maintenance.

Black Bear Grill: responsibilities included cooking,
dishwashing, food preparation, food delivery, and waiter.

Self-employed in lawn maintenance: Five years
maintaining neighborhood shrubs, and lawn care.


Golf cart upkeep responsibilities; washing, waxing, and battery
charging. Delivered carts to members upon request.

Over 6000 yards of course maintenance
include repair sod divots, refilled and sanitized water coolers,
debris and trash pick-up.

Operated various lawn maintenance equipment;
grass trimmers, hand tools, ball retrieving equipment, and service
golf carts.

Various responsibilities at the clubhouse include office cleaning,
vacuuming, and restroom cleanliness.

Recognized by club members, co-workers, and managers for my
excellent job performance during this past season.


Responsible for following guidelines regarding restaurant cleanliness.

Accountable for collecting money from customers and delivering meals in the
surrounding area.

Prepared meals listed on menu to many satisfied customers.

Preserved courteous customer relations during my employment.

Continued to observe numerous job duties to develop my skills.


Currently maintain six residential properties within Marquette County.

Collected and retained payment records for services.

Regularly maintained and serviced rider and push mowers.


Gwinn High School four year degree. GPA of 3.2.

Finlandia University, Hancock MI, Major: Physical Therapist Assistant
Program. GPA of 3.1.

Attended Michigan State Police Student Trooper Program in 2014.

CPR/AED certification at Gwinn High School, 2015.