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Addendum to English Department Syllabus for ENG 103 SPRING 2017

Office: 502 Fulp Hall Julia Seligson

Office Hours: 10:00am-11:00am MW 864-646-1360
8:30am-11:30am TTH

It is your responsibility to read the departmental syllabus and my addendum. If you have any questions,
please ask for clarification. I will ask you to sign off indicating your awareness and understanding of all
information in these documents.
I will make every effort to read email or pick up phone messages promptly, but do not rely on these if
emergencies arise. I may not be able to return your calls as quickly as you would like. For me, email is a
better avenue for communication.
I reserve the right to amend or modify this addendum and the schedule of classes (separate document) as
necessary. I am required to notify you changes in writing, and I will do so.
We will use a Learning Management System called Blackboard for some work. We also strongly encourage
you to use a wired connection (an Ethernet cable plugged into your router) when you are working with
time-sensitive material. Wireless is terrific, but it is not as stable as wired. In addition, we strongly encourage
you to log in directly to the server ( for any time-sensitive Bb activityquiz or other
assignment. The College is not responsible for your losing connectivity due to issue with your provider or
wireless access. I will not reopen quizzes if you lose connection.

Grading Matters
Weights of various documents and numerical equivalents of letter grades are outlined in the departmental syllabus.
Your course grade will be determined primarily by grades on the written work; however, these factors may
influence your grade:
1 All assignments are due at the beginning of class with these special conditions:
Daily assignments. I do not give make-up work on pop quizzes or other in-class assignments. If
you are not present when the assignment is taken up, the assignment is considered late.
Late assignments. Excluding the Diversity project, you may turn in ONE late assignment per
semester, including any late assignment due to an absence or being tardy. The LATE assignment
must be turned within 48 hours from the beginning of the class in which the assignment is collected
along with supporting documentation for the lateness. For instance, if an assignment is due at
8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, you will have until 8:00 a.m. Thursday should you choose to use your late.
For a Thursday assignment, you will have to email me the assignment before 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.
According to English Department rules, I will accept only ONE late assignment. I will accept
emailed attachments; however, you will need to bring a hard copy as soon as possible along with
supporting documentation for the lateness and the Late Assignment Form. See departmental
syllabus for additional information.
2 All work completed outside class must be typed/printed and completed according to MLA standards. I
will let you know what is due when and the necessary format. I DO NOT accept hand-written work.
3 All major essays will be submitted to SafeAssign. I will give you specific instructions on how to do this.
I will not grade your essays without a SafeAssign report, either hard copy or online. You MUST submit
the assignment to SafeAssign before the deadline date/time or the entire assignment is considered late. I
will not reopen SafeAssign. Take a screenshot or a picture of the final submission screen for SafeAssign
for back-up!
4 You must write original assignments/essays specifically for this class. You may not re-use your
own or another students assignments/essays from previous semesters or another class. If you re-
use an assignment/essay, you will receive a zero for the assignment/essay and may be charged
with plagiarism.

5. If your paper does not meet the minimum requirements (mode, word count, number of good sources,
etc.), you will receive an automatic F and potentially a zero for the assignment.
6. For this class, we will use MLA 7 th edition standard rules, not 8th edition. You are expected to
follow the specific documentation standards set in this class as well.
7. I do not post grades in Blackboard. It is your responsibility to record your grades, but I will help
clarify if you have a problem.

Attendance Matters

The attendance policy is clearly spelled out in the departmental syllabus, and you will sign indicating that you
read and understand how important attendance is. The English Department policy is as follows:

1 If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check the schedule of classes to see what is on
the schedule or check with another student in this class to find out what you missed.

2 While I do not need to know details or see doctors notes (unless these are supporting documents for a late
assignment), let me know as soon as possible why you were absent. However, the absence will not be
excused. An absence means you are not here. Class attendance is carefully recorded using a daily sign-in
sheet, and you are responsible for signing the attendance sheet.

3 Regular attendance keeps you up on whats happening in class. Remember how many absences you have:
you are allowed 6 absences in a MWF class; 4 absences in a MW or TR class. Once you exceed the limit,
I am required to withdraw you from the class. This may result in an F for the course.

4 If you more than 15 minutes late (or need to leave more than 15 minutes early), you are counted absent.
Keep your class schedule in mind when you schedule appointments.

Other Matters

In addition to the syllabus, these items are important for this particular class:
1 Learn how to access your email account and check it regularly. I will use email as a primary
means to communicate with you concerning information for class.
2 Attend the literacy workshops required for 103. The library staff will conduct the workshops, but you must
attend the workshop on designated days to receive credit. This workshop, along with several online
assignments and quizzes) is 5% of your grade.
3 Turn off and put away your cell phones or other electronic devices before I enter the classroom. Exception:
if you have the course textbooks on an iPad, you may keep those available in class. I will ask you to show me
you have the textbooks or novel on your device. Do not leave your phone on your desk.
Often, these electronic devices can be disruptions in a learning environment. If I see it/them or hear it/them
used inappropriately, you may be asked to leave class. If you are asked to leave class, you will be counted
absent and may receive a grade of 0 for the day depending on what is going on in class.
4 Please submit ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) forms as soon as possible. I must have the completed
form before I can provide any accommodations.
5 The syllabus outlines the criteria for assignments. I will give you specialized instructions (or modifications)
for each assignment. My specific instructions are just as important as the syllabus. Read both carefully so
you know what you are supposed to do for a particular assignment.