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Teacher Name: Subas Bk

Unit Plan: Writing an Autobiography

Time: 40 mins

Lesson: 4/ Paul Speaks to the Crowd Act 21: 37- 40 and 22: 1 to 21

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Students inspire to write an autobiography from
the Pauls story.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

The student will . . .
1. Who was Paul? - Understand the importance of an
2. What he did to the followers of Jesus autobiography
Christ? - Apply the story in real lives
3. How God changed Paul? - Know how God changed Paul for His
4. How can we use this story in our lives? kingdom

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

Beginning the Lesson
1 min 1. Greetings to students
I will tell students to greet and shake hand each other

1 min 2. Outline for today class

Lecture about the story
Group activities
3 mins Question and answer

3. Review
7 mins Verb

4. I will give a handout of the story to everyone. I will read the story for students

10 Developing the Lesson

mins 1. I will explain about the story why Paul persecuted the followers of Jesus Christ
Teacher Name: Subas Bk
Unit Plan: Writing an Autobiography
Time: 40 mins

2. I will tell how God changed Pauls life

3. I will share what how we can this story in our lives
4. I will explain how this story inspire students to write an autobiography

I chose this story because we can know that since, Paul came back to Jesus. He did
not stop share the gospel of Christ. He has a great testimony in the Bible. He wrote
and spoke about his life how he changed from against God to follower of Jesus.
Pauls testimony inspires everyone who read his story.

As you are practicing writing an autobiography. Pauls story helps us to understand

why our personal testimony is important.
9 mins
5. Group activities
I will divide students in a group. I will give clear instruction what they should do in
a group.
Share in a group what you have understood from the story
Share how do you inspire to write an autobiography
How do you apply this story in your lives?
6 mins Closing the Lesson
1. One of the persons from each group will share about what they have learned and
shared in a group.
3 mins
2. Question and answer time:
3. Ending class wishing a good day to students

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Giving students group work

Bible story
Handouts of the story