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First not is one good day raul correct is good day raul
Second the redaction of the text is bad because talk in many times and
not is specific for example in the first paragraph (tell you that i am
visiting fasugasuga and watch these palms which are no longer in our
country i also found these stairs in in historic stone in the atrium of the
parish nuestra seora of Belen ) in Spanish is dgale que visito a
fasugasuga y miro estas palmas que son ms en nuestro pas en el que
tambin encontr esta escalera en la piedra histrica en el atrio de la
parroquia nuestra seora de belen this not is clear
Third in this paragraph this has problems about the redaction (located in
the center of the city what i could not show was parish temple since it is
in works of restoration of this magical place of ccundinamarca that i did
not like is that people do not care for this tourist site trash and people
from the street invade this place) localizado en el centro de la ciudad lo
que yo no poda mostrar era el templo de parroquia ya que es con los
trabajos de restauracin de este lugar mgico de ccundinamarca que no
me gust es aquella gente no se preocupan para esta basura de sitio
turstica y pueblan de la calle invaden este lugar
De finally well see you soon is bad written the correct form is see you