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Two years later, some policemen bring Merrick to the hospital to see Dr. Treves.
Silcock has taken his 50 and left him in Belgium alone. He finds his way back to
London. He is dirty and tired. Dr. Treves asks for help from the Hospital Chairman
Mr. Gomm. Mr.Gomm writes a letter to the editor of The Times newspaper. In his
letter, he explains about how Silcock has taken Merrick to Belgium but has later
stolen all his money and has left him in Belgium. When Merrick gets back to
London he is caught by the police. The police finds the name card and brings him
to Dr. Treves. He needs a place to stay but he is not ill to stay in the hospital. He
also cannot go out because he is very ugly and people are afraid to see him. The
hospital can give him a room but they need some money to do that. Mr. Gomm
hopes that the readers will help Merrick. The readers are kind and they have
donated 50,000 to help Merrick to stay in the hospital. Merrick can now stay in
the hospital for the rest of his life.

He goes on to meet interesting people like Dr. Treves lady friend and her
Majesty, Queen Alexandra, the Queen of England. He even becomes friends with
the queen and receives Christmas present from her. He also sends her letter.
Merrick also goes to watch a play at the theatre and even travel to the country
and stays six weeks there during summer. He enjoys the nature at the

Dr. Frederick Treves is a doctor at the London Hospital. One day, he stops in front
of a shop and sees a picture of a horrible creature. He wants to meet the
creature. So he pays 12 pence to see Joseph Merrick, a very ugly man with an
huge head. Merrick has an ugly body and he cannot walk properly. Dr. Treves
wants to have an appointment with Merrick at the hospital to examine his
condition. He makes the arrangement with Silcock. So, on the next day, Dr.
Treves brings Merrick to the hospital by cab but there is nothing Dr. Treves can do
to help him with his condition. He gives Merrick a name card before he sends him
back. However, when Dr. Treves goes to find them again on the next day, they
are not there anymore.

However, in April 1890, Merrick dies because his head falls on the ground when
he tries to sleep on his back. His head is too heavy that he dies on the spot. Mr.
Gomm writes to The Times again to explain Merricks death and how happy he
has been. He thanks the readers for the kindness and tells the readers that the
remaining money will be donated to the hospital.

One day a new nurse sees Merrick and she is so afraid that she screams and runs
out from the room. Merrick tells Dr. Treves that he knows he cannot stay at the
hospital for long and that he wants to move to a lighthouse or a home for blind
people so people will not be able to see. Dr. Treves tells Merrick about the
donation and Merrick is once again a happy man.
(Important Events)






Character Traits/Moral Values/Themes

Examples Evidences Notes

Dr. Treves Dr. Treves is a doctor at the hospital. He pays 12 pence to Character traits
helps see Merrick. After that, he brings Merrick to the hospital to Kind/helpful/caring/loving
Merrick examine him.
Message/Moral values
Dr. Treves finds a way to help Merrick get a home at the We should be kind.
hospital by telling Mr.Gomm about it. We should be helpful.
We should be loving
During Merricks stay at the hospital, Dr. Treves visits him and caring
everyday and talks to him so he will not feel lonely. Themes
Kindnesss/love and care

Mr. Gomm Mr Gomm writes to The Times newspaper and asks for the Character traits
helps public to help Merrick to stay in the hospital. He gets 50,000 in Kind/caring/ loving
Merrick a week and Merrick can now have a home at the hospital.
Message/Moral values
We should be kind
We should be caring
We should be loving
Kindness/love and care

Merrick Dr. Treves introduces a beautiful young lady to Merrick and she Character traits
starts gives him some books on their second meeting. Kind/grateful/caring/loving
friends and Merrick also becomes friends with her Majesty, Queen Message/Moral values
becomes Alexandra. They talk about books. Her Majesty even sends him We should be kind.
friends with Christmas card and present. After that Merrick writes a letter to We should be
the Queen. Queen Alexandra to thank her. grateful.
We should be loving
and caring.
and care

Merrick goes Mrs. Kendal and three nurses help Merrick to watch his first play Character traits
to watch the at the theatre without anybody seeing him. Merrick enjoys the Kind/grateful/loving/caring
play show very much as he laughs and tries to sing like the children.
Message/Moral values
We should be kind.
We should be
We should be loving
and caring

Kindness/love and care

Silcock takes Silcock treats Merrick poorly and uses him to make money Character traits
advantage of in London. Selfish/disrespectful
Silcock takes Merrick to Belgium where many people want Message/Moral values
to see him. He takes away the 50 that Merrick has saved and We should not be
abandons him alone in Belgium. Merrick finds his way back to selfish.
London and is later found by the police. We should respect
We should be kind to

A nurse is Some people laugh at Merrick because he is ugly. One day, a Character trait
scared of new nurse goes to his room and sees him there. The nurse Disrespectful
Merrick screams and runs out of the room. This makes Merrick sad and
because he it is not the first time such thing has happened to Merrick. Message/Moral values
is ugly. We should respect


Merrick Merrick takes a train to spend 6 weeks at the countryside. Character traits
enjoys the During his stay there, he enjoys the nature. He listens to the grateful
nature in the bird sing, watches the fish swim, makes friends with a dog and
country. pick some pretty flowers to put in his room. Message/Moral values
We should be
grateful for the
beautiful nature
around us.

Love for the nature.