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Student Teaching edTPA Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Central Focus: The Battle of Alamance impacted North Carolina

4th Grade Social Studies before the Revolutionary War.
Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:
4.H.1.4 Analyze North Carolinas role in major
Date submitted: Date taught: March 17, 2017
conflicts and wars from the Pre-colonial period
through Reconstruction.
Daily Lesson Objective: Students will be able to understand the Battle of Alamance and retell it in their own words.

21st Century Skills:

Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
Civic Literacy Vocabulary):
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving -Regulators: a backcountry person who wanted to control his own
Communication and Collaboration life
-American Revolution
-Battle of Alamance
-Militia: volunteer army
- Revolution: a fight to remove a government from power

Prior Knowledge: General overview of American Revolution (purpose, time, locations)

Activity Description of Activities and Setting Time

Turn and talk to your neighbor about everything you have learned this far 5 Minutes
about the Revolutionary war. What have you all been learning about the
1. Focus and Review
American Revolutionary War?
When did it start? Who fought in it? Why did it start?
Today, you will be learning about the Battle of Alamance. By the end of this
2. Statement of Objective
lesson, you should be able to understand it and retell it in your own words.
for Student
As you guys have learned, the Revolutionary War began in April of 1775 and 8 minutes
lasted until September 1783! How many years is that? Discuss with your
neighbor. Thats right it was a little over 8 years. Can you imagine what it
would have been like to live in the midst of war for eight years?
The Battle of Alamance took place on May 16, 1771. When did we say the
Revolutionary War began again? (April 1775). Yes, thats correct, so how
many years did the Battle of Alamance take place before the War began? (4
3. Teacher Input
years). So although the Battle of Alamance was not technically during the
Revolutionary War, it still played a significant role in the History of North
Carolina and the History or the American Revolution.

I am going to read a little to you about the Battle of Alamance (Read NC

Studies Weekly Article).

4. Guided Practice 10

Now we are going to watch this video. As we watch, write down 3 things you
learned and 3 things you have questions on.

Now that we have watched the video, lets discuss what we learned and what
we have questions about. Turn and talk to your neighbor and then we will
discuss as a class.

Pretend you live in North Carolina during the time of the Regulators. Write a 15-20
story telling us what your life is like. Have your parents had to pay unfair Minutes
taxes? Have any of your family members been put in jail unfairly? What were
they accused of? Was there a fair trial? Do you visit them often? What is
going to happen if their debts cannot be paid? Does your family know anyone
that is a Regulator? Do the Regulators plan to help? What was the Battle of
5. Independent Practice
Alamance like? Do you know anyone who fought in it? What was the
outcome? Why was it fought?

Be creative but realistic! You do not have to answer every question above.
You can just pick a few and really expand on them if you would like.

Students will share their writings briefly with a partner and a few will share afterwards with
the whole class.
6. Assessment Methods of
all objectives/skills:

So, today we learned about the Battle of Alamance and that although it is not 2 minutes
actually the first battle of the American Revolutionary War. It was a battle
7. Closure between the Regulators and the Militia in North Carolina.

Students will be able to retell the Battle of Alamance and the impact it had on North
Carolina and its citizens.
8. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills:

Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

Students may first verbalize what they are going to Students may first verbalize what they are going to write with a
write with a partner. Students may also use a computer partner. Students may also use a computer to type if necessary.
to type if necessary.

Materials/Technology: Smartboard, Social Studies Journal

Reflection on lesson:

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