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Observation Task 4: Development of Early Writing Skills

Focus: Identify the early developmental writing stages and strategies within those stages

Objective: Identify the developmental stages and strategies used by your MST to support the
development of early writing skills in students

Procedure: Familiarize yourself with the Observation Table: Development of Early Writing Skills.
Identify the developmental writing stage the student is in, the ADEC outcome that the activity
addresses and a brief description of the activity. For example, K2LP1 Identify beginning
sounds heard in words

Observation Task 4: Development of Early Writing Skills

Table 4: Development of Early Writing Skills
Developmental Supporting Activities Links to the ADEC Curriculum Comments
Writing Stage

The teacher tell them the

Using small white sound of the letter. I think is great to
board, and do it that let
markers to pratice Children use a marker to write children saved the
the letter and they listen, also word in quickly
they can raised. So its effective and know to write
them to memories the sounds the letter.
and letters of alphabet to write

It is a good way
Using playdough Make link with sound and
with letters and and useful to the
make it with student and at the
Be recognize letters. same time be fun
capital and small
Makes the student to quickly for the student.
save the character, how to do

Students gain
Use the cards to Help students to type in order
trace the benefit from
the letter.
punctuated learning how to
write letters
characters and Learn the step how to write in better and repeat
type them right way. them.

Suggestions for the further development of early writing skills

Using the card student own name.
Using the steps of write the letter correctly.
Make activity in different method for them, collage, and puzzle, painting, work sheet.
Make challenge children in letter writing.

Reflections on Observation Task 4: Development of Early Writing Skills

1. What are developmental writing stages the majority of the students in?

Let students draw and observe them if he can write he letter they
know it.
Make for each students name in flash card in writing area to
practice they names.
Child learns more about print by watching you write and by
listening to books, he will try to write letters himself.

2. Describe and explain two (2) suggested strategies that the teacher can use to help the
majority of the students within their developmental writing stage.

Put students name card in writing area, when they play in the areas they will follow the
dots then write the name without helping in daily.

In the end of the week give them home work of the letter they learned and write in the
home to help children to memorize the words of the sound when see the pictures the will