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In a village enveloped by the primordial standard of

living, which probably doesnt know yet liberalism lives a
typical barrio lad about 15 years of age. On the onset of the
new era which offers avenues to diverse manifestations of
choice, that which has no concept of right and wrong, this lad
suffers from the very common internal conflict of identity. For
how do you build a concept of identity in a world which knows
everything as right and wrong? In the perception however of
his religious and morally upright family, anything not
accepted by the common norms or those which do not favor
positive feedbacks from the community is illegal or immoral.

Sticking to the high moral standards of their religion,

Librado characterizes himself as discreet lass imprisoned
within a lads physique. His brother who has brought honor
and pride to the name of the family has been their familys
living trophy yet a thorn on Librados side. He is major
Leonardo Dimacapigil III whose valor was inherited from the
chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, who was also a
great pride of the Kankanae tribe of the Mountain Province. It
is tradition to send every son to the Philippine Military
Academy and bring merit to the tribe, yet, this becomes
Librados nightmare every day of his life. For years hes
been struggling with this dilemma, until he finds a sanctuary
in the confines of his school. Here, he feels accepted most of
the time, by his girlfriends. Mica, Kylie, Sheena and Aubrey
are the diva-in-the-making-trendsetters who epitomize the
key to anyones closet which house a lot of dark secrets.
They as a matter of fact, set Librado free from being Librado
to Liberty.