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I enjoy solving problems, and currently some of the most important

problems come from our finance and economy especially considering the
events of the past year or two alone. I not only want to be part of the
process that goes about solving these issues I also want to be someone
who innovates new solutions as well. As a result, I believe that a career in
the financial services industry will help me to attain that aim. My
academic background has made me adept in working with numbers and
searching for abstract solutions to problems, but I want to develop these
skills further by applying them into the financial field and not only to hone
them but to mould them around my career. The insight week will give me
a brief insight into how the Bank operates and also I want to experience
the different sectors to get an idea of where I would most fit in.Bank of
America Merrill Lynch stands out as it has been awarded many times on
its success at innovation and this shows me that this firm is not afraid of
trying new things and can adapt and create, and I think this reflects my
own attitude for working. My first divisional preference would be Global
Banking and Markets, because it fits nearly exactly into my aspiration to
solve complex problems and it is a sector where innovation and thinking
outside the box can most benefit a client in achieving their goals.