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Women : The meeting is on the 3rd floor. Why are you still out here
Man : I saw sign tidak boleh masuk elevator. So i will use the stairs
Question : What can be infered from the speakers?
Answer : Elevator off to the meeting

Man : Prof. Wright I was wondering if I could change the topic of my paper? I cant seen enough
Woman : Um. Did you check the science library? There is plenty of resources for you.
Question : What does the woman imply the man to do.
Answer : read/check information in the science library.

Woman : I cant believe you miss the class again. Didnt professor say something to you last time
Man : Well this time is different, I have been excuse, my car ran out gas.
Question : What does the man imply?
Answer : He have been excuse/permission.

Man : I rarely seen that professor. She is pretty dull if you asking me.
Woman : I guess I will call her exciting. The lecture is very interesting. I really look forward for for
each class.
Question : What does the woman mean?
Answer : She think the prof. Class is exciting/interesting / she disagree to the man (forget)

Woman : Im gonna have to go the office this week to see my aplication.

Man : If I were you, I will do that right away
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer : The woman should go to the office right now or imedeatly (2 pilihan, right away cocoknya
right now or imedeatly).

Woman : Usher. Show me your photos. That picture look like its lot of fun. Where was it?
Man : in the park outside the city. We plan another next month. Ill send you the details once
we finalized the plan.
Question : What does the man imply he will do?
Answer : he will invite the woman

Man : I cant believe that, I see the restaurant out of bussines yesterday.
Woman : I dont get it. There is usually so susah/macet on the door.
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer : The restaurant didnt run out bussiness/ door macet

Woman : I seen you drive there on the beach. It was a nice car from the agency Im talking to you
Man : I wish. It told me that the minimum age is 25. So thats the bad trip.
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer : He is to young to rent the car

Woman : I need you to turn this text book. I decide to change the class. Um I need to recite.
Man : Sory but i need to see that in competition.
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer : He need the book/ he cant turn back the book. (forget)

Woman : Have you seen my sociality journal. I put it right here on the table. I need to bring it to the
library to shelved it.
Man : Oh. Mark pick up some book on the table. Maybe it got mix with them.
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer : Mark take the journal

Man : I cant believe you go to that store on Saturday to get the job offer.
Woman : I know. But it give me money from the offer.
Question : What does the woman mean?
Answer : the woman need money (forget)

Woman : I cant decide how much pen for my project

Man : I think calculate howmuuch you spend a week & then get little more, better safe than sory
Question : What does the man suggust the woman do?

Man : I like to ride my bike to school but the street aroud here issss so much traffic.
Woman : You know they jusst finisssh building new bike track from campus all away to the town.
Question : What does the woman imply.
Answer : The man can use the bike track

Woman : I just hearrd that the university not considering tearing down the sstudent center & building
a new one
Man : Oh thats definetly need some work, but im not sure we need to tearing down it. I think
theyre looking for some other option first.
Question : What does the man think the university should do?
Answer :

Man : Im sory I think I sign for practise piano at this hour.

Woman : Oh. Im sory. I was going on my favourite song... lets .. together
Question : What does the woman do next?
Answer :

Woman : were gonna hike this weekend. Will you come along.
Man : ah. It would be georgous. But it is too much oon my plate now (sibuk)
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer : Busy

Man : Oh thats gonna interesting. Are you avaible for the party.
Woman : sure. My company i work choosing small reception on the walker hotel. Its time to meet the

vice president ... .

Question : What does the woman mean?

Woman : are you planning to take vacation this year?

Man : as sooon as the project is over. It takes 3 more weeks.
Question : what does the man mean?
Answer : He is planning to take vacation after the project.

Man : wow its already pass noon. You guys still working on this project?
Woman : How about we meet after the class tomorrow.
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer :
Woman : all the audition is two weeks ago, but there is no announcement.
Man : I came to your performence, I dont think you have to worried about.
Question : What does the man mean?
Answer : He think teh woman will be elected/succes/choosen.

Part B
BRT, Bus Rapid Transportation
1. She meet the prof, to purpouse new research
2. Where did she get the information? She read article
3. Why does the woman mention name of country/city? It has transportation that interested her (BRT)

Thomas jefferson is the fouder of Republican Party & after that he become U.S president.
1. What the text mainly discussed? Early U.S political party.
2. What does thomas jefferrson think about republican party? He thought it wouldnt last long
3. Peran political Party di america. Entah negatif/positif. Simak baik2.

Part C
Indus river became a civilization because its rich land. People use it for agiculture. Then the people
gathered to live there and became farmer. They build house made from mud brick. And after the success
from gathering resources they became seller.
1. Indus river civilization (forget)
2. Farmer is what they do
3. They Build their house from mud brick

Parrot. (kurang lebih percakapannya begini)

Talk about debat about which is influence the behaviour, Heredity (gen) or Environment. The example
parrot. there are two kind of parrots. 1 is carries nesting material (srips of bark, leaves, grass) tucked in its
feather. 2 is carries nesting material in their beaks (paruh).
Then the scientist observes the behaviour or the cross breeding (istilah abg) of both types. The 3rd type
first carries nesting material in their beaks, but always the material is fall because it beaks is not to big. And
then the 3rd is quick adaptation of the conflict behaviour of their parents genes. So it bring nesting materials
tucked in the feather. (cek lg, mungkin kebalik, jtuh di feather lalu pake beaks)
1. What the talk mainly discussed? Two thing that influence behaviour.
2. What does the crossbreeding parrot problem? Forget the question. Yg jelas answer: conflict behaviour
3. What doe the cross breeding do? Quick adaptation