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what is chipset?

collection of integrated circuits is called chipset

what is ic ?
an integrated circuite is collection of transisters

what are mainboard technology

1. xt -old mainboards
2. AT-- old mainboards
3. ATx -- currently we are using
4. mini ATx -- currently we are using
5. LPx - used for laptops
6. NLx- used for laptops

what are parts of mainboard \what are the components under pc


1. north bridge controller ic

2. south bridge controller ic
3. processor socket
4. processor fan power jack
5. ram slots
6. bios chip
7. cmos battery socket
8. 34 pins two rows floppy disk drive data cable connection
9. 40 pins two rows IDE data cable connection
10. SATA data connection
11. mainboard speaker
12. main board led's
hdd led
speaker led
reset led
power on\ off led

13. serial port

14. parallel port
15. sound port
16. lan port \ethernet port
17. fireware port
18. usb port
19. main board power input connection
20. cmos clear jumper
21. cdrom audio \vedio input jack
22. main board power indicator led
23. different slots -- like ISA slot, PCI slot , PCIE slot , AGP slot ,
24. front pannel sound \usb connection