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Nama :

Kelas :
Choose the correct answer!
No. Abs :
1. My name is Britney. I live in Nice. My country is France. I speak .
a. French c. Franch
b. France d. Frence
2. My name is Thariq Akbar. My country is Saudi of Arabia,I am
a. Arabia c. Arab
b. Arabic d. Saudi Arabia
3. Mr. Yokohimo is from Japan. He Speaks ..
a. Japanese c. Japany
b. Japan Language d. Japanice
4. Steve lives in Melbourne. His nationality is ..
a. Melbournese c. Australian
b. Australia d. English
5. Elizabeth stays in U.K, She Speaks
a. Kingdom language c. English
b. England d. American
6. Lisa : . ?
Rina : I usually spend my time to go to some interesting place together with my family.
a. Who do you usually do to spend your time on the weekend?
b. What do you usually do on the weekend?
c. When do you usually spend your time?
d. What did dou do last weekend?
7. Ika : My father works for a travel agent. He is a guide.
Lisa : What does your father do?
Ika :
a. He usually drives a car for the clients.
b. Hes usually responsible for the process pf making visas.
c. Hes responsible to give information about tourist attractions to his clients.
d. Hes responsible to guard the clients until they arrive safely in the houses.
8. Mother : . Its already 1 a.m. You havent even slept yet!
Melly : Its Okay, Mom. I Have an Exam Tomorrow morning.
a. You have to study harder, Melly. c. Youre joking, Melly.
b. Do not force yourself, Melly. d. Dont be serious.
9. Galih : . are you going to doctor?
Rio : Twice a week.
a. How far c. How soon
b. How often d. How Many
10. Romi : .. Is he working?
Jim : in that office
a. Who c. When
b. Where d. What

Change these sentence into negative and interrogative

1. Kathy and Mike usually sit in the front row.

2. Every morning, the sun shines in my bedroom window.
3. I know what you are doing.
4. He attends college from September to May every year.
5. Diane washes her hair every other day or so

Translate these sentences into English!

1. Mereka belajar Bahasa Inggris Setiap Hari.

2. Saya mempunyai beberapa teman yang berasal dari Amerika
3. Dia Adalah tetangga saya
4. Fransiska berasal dari Italia. Dia bisa berbicara bahasa Italia.
5. Apakah dia (Laki laki) mencuci mobilnya setiap sabtu?

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