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Your Vodafone bill

Every 3000 sheets of paper cost us a tree. Let's conserve.
SMS ACT GOGREEN to 199 (toll free) to get your bills on email only.

Bill No: 209287050 Bill Period: 27.01.17 to 26.02.17

Bill Date: 27.02.17 Your Plan: VG_MU_MV_L&T_75S

MR. JAIKUMAR C SHUKLA A/C L&T Vodafone No: 9726080908

Alternate Contact No: 9428408388
OPP ADITI VIDHYALAYA Relationship No: 13930760
MANJALPUR No. of Connections: 1

Amount Due
Payment Adjustments
for this Rs 1,112.64 Late Payment
Charges after
Balance Bill Period 17 Mar 2017
Rs 1,535.67 Rs 1,550.00 Rs 0.00 Rs 1,126.97 Due Date Rs 100.00
17 Mar 2017

Pay previous balance, if any, immediately to avoid disconnection. Pay your current charges by 17.03.2017 to avoid late payment charges.

Summary of Charges Current Bill Period

One Time Charges 0.00
+ Monthly Charges 925.00
+ Usage Charges 54.97
Call Charges 51.89
Conference Call Charges 0.00
SMS Charges 0.00
Mobile Internet Charges 0.00
National Roaming Charges 3.08
International Roaming Charges 0.00
Value Added Service Charges 0.00
Discounts 0.00
Other Credits / Charges 0.00
+ Total Charges 979.97
+ S Tax @14% + SBC @0.50% + KKC @0.50% 147.00
+ TOTAL PAYABLE 1,126.97

Imp: Cheque / DD should be payable to Vodafone Number 9726080908.

Pay your bill from your mobile using Vodafone m-pesa TM.
Many ways to pay your Vodafone Bill To register for m-pesa TM , call 55400 (toll free).

Online IVR
Visit the 'Quick Bill Pay' section on and pay Call 199 and follow the voice instructions to pay your bill.
using your credit card, debit card or netbanking. SMS QUICKPAY
to 199 (toll free).
MyVodafone App Vodafone Stores
Log on to My Vodafone App and pay using your mpesa account, Walk in to your nearest Vodafone Store and pay by cash (at kiosk),
credit card, debit card or netbanking. credit card or debit card. You can also drop your cheque in the
payment drop box.
Direct Debit Pay using Citi Reward Points
Give standing instructions to automatically debit the bill amount You can redeem your Citi Reward Points to pay your Vodafone bill.
from your bank account or credit card. To sign up for Direct Debit, call
199, visit your nearest Vodafone Store or log on to
As per Govt of India Notification, Krishi Kalyan Cess @ 0.50% will be levied on all telecom Services in addition to the existing Service Tax of 14.5% (14% ST + 0.50% Swachh Bharat Cess). This is applicable on all
bill payments made on or after 1st June, 2016.
To find out your Nearest Payment Centre , SMS Store<Space>Cityname to 199 (toll free)

Vodafone Mobile Services Limited: Vodafone House,Corporate Road,Prahladnagar,Off SG Highway,Ahmedabad-380015,Gujarat.Tel:7971710899,Fax:7971710898

Service Tax Registration No: AAACS4457QST001 CIN: U64202DL1992PLC088087
Regd. Office: C 48, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi-110020. Tel:+91 11 71718000, Fax:+91 11 26385081,
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