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Apellidos Y Nombres: Pineda Espitia Juan Jose GRADE: /50

Fill the information about yourself in the chart. Then write a 70-80-word paragraph.

What is your name? My name is Juan Jose Pineda

Where are you from? I am from de Bogota
What is your marital status? I am single
What is your job? I am a administrative assistant
snack(s)? My snack favorite is the pizza
starter(s)? My favorite starter is the ajiaco
What is / are your dessert(s)? My favorite dessert it's the roasted milk
favorite: music? My favorite music is rock
band / artist? My favorite band is blink 182
instrument My favorite instrument is the guitar
What time do eat lunch? I have lunch at 1
you: watch T.V? I watch TV at night
relax? I relax on Sundays
Which day(s) of
study English? He studied English on Saturdays
the week do you:
go dancing? I am not going to dance every week
Complete la tabla, y luego escriba un prrafo con la informacin requerida. (70-80
palabras mximo)

Use Arial 11, Calibri 11 o Time New Roman 12

Deje doble espacio entre lneas.
Tenga en cuenta el nmero de palabras requerido (70-80)
Tenga en cuenta la gramtica, la puntuacin y la ortografa.

My name is Juan Jose Pineda, I am from Bogota, I am single and administrative assistant.

My favorite snack is pizza, my favorite starter is ajiaco, my favorite dessert is toasted milk,

my favorite music is rock and my favorite band is blink 182.

My favorite instrument is guitar, lunch at 1, I watch TV at night, I relax on Sundays, I

studied English on Saturdays and I'm not going to dance every week