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Name: Emily Pankey

PART A: The students will be publishing an informative podcast about why writing every day is important. The students will read a
poem or short paragraph that they have written in class aloud on the podcast and they will then explain the positive effects that
writing has on memory, learning, and mental health. The podcast will be produced in class using Audacity, and it will be published
to the school website and shared with all the faculty and parents.

Grade Level: 8th

Content Area: ELA
Technology Used (check all that apply): Movie Audio Podcast Vodcast Other: (list)

Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed: ELASE8W6: Use technology, including the internet, to produce and
publish writing and present the relationships between information and ideas efficiently as well as to interact and collaborate with

Brief Description of Learning Experience:
This standard addresses using technology to publish writing and present relationships between information and ideas, so the students
will be working in stations for this project. They will be working in a research station to collect data on the relationship between
writing on memory, learning, or mental health (the students will be assigned which topic to research). When students have finished
their research and collected information concerning their topic from at least two sources they will move to the writing station and
work on a paragraph that contains the information they found. The paragraph will be one that they will read for the published
podcast so it needs to be informative, entertaining, and addressing the correct audience. The students will have had previous lessons
concerning these topics for their writing. When they are finished with the paragraphs, the students will move to the recording station,
and record their podcast. The podcasts will be recorded through Audacity and published to the classroom blog, and their parents and
the school will be informed to tune into the podcast. The students will be graded on how entertaining and relevant their episode is.
The students will be grouped up with other students who have their same topic and they will all make individual episodes of the
podcast concerning the topic. I will be moving around to each station guiding the students in their work, and making sure their
productivity is happening quickly.

Student Engagement/Higher-Order Thinking: The LoTi levels addressed for this project would be levels 2 (exploration) and 3
(infusion). The project is higher order thinking skills, and the students are creating their own product. The teaching is learner-
centered and the focus is on the content and the process.

Importance of technology: The project could be completed without the use of the podcast production, but the podcast adds
relevance and tangibility to the assignment. When the students publish the podcast, they will have a real audience and their
research and writing will have meaning. It introduces them to audio technology and they will have a product to look back on.

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