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The observation was carried out at the institution educative NORMAL SUPERIOR
DE MONTERIA- is located at Kr 1 w 37 115, Cordoba, Monteria in JUAN XXIII,
next to Universidad Del Sinu. This public school has kinder garden, primary,
secondary and complementary cycle levels (from 1th to 13th grade) this are some
characteristic of the school: state: old-active type: educational institution calendar: A
sector: official. Zone: Urbana stratum: stratum 1 day: morning, afternoon, weekend
genre: mixed character: academic, technical contracted enrollment: yes. Regarding
to physical infrastructure, they have a big space .The school has one laboratory, a
big library ,two kiosks, one canteen and two playing fields in which they can
practice soccer, basketball. The classroom is little and comfortable , has air
conditioner , the class that is being observed were 4 A and 4 B graders the
classrooms are conformed by 37 students ages between 9 and 10.

This first report is going to be focus on students behaviors, seating arrangements

and how the teacher catches the students attention during the class. First, as soon as
the teacher arrived into the classroom, the students went straight to their seats and
stay a little quite, waiting for the teacher to start the class, they were talkative, but
not in a way to disturb the class. In another hand, they were talking about the topic
and participate when the teacher asked them; also, they respected their partners turn.
Second, the students were talkative when they did not have anything interesting to
do. The students like playful activities, they are responsible the 70 % of the time,
they are helpful, they have good behaviors the teachers voice is audible, she speaks
clearly and their tone is high. Third, the teacher has a clear view of the classroom
that helps her to maintain eye contact with the students and see which students are
talking too much and ask them to pay attention and stop talking. Finally, the teacher
is able to keep the order and the attention of the students through activities, giving
clear instructions