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PART 1-2
MS. HUONG TOEIC - HuongNguyen (Helen)

Thng 8/2016


Ms Huong HLU .

ETS 1000 LC
Test 1
(W-Am) Good morning.41I have a reservation
at this hotel - my name's Clara Dawson. Cho bui sng .Ti c t phng ti khch sn
(M-Au) Hello, Ms. Dawson, and welcome to ny- tn ti l Clara .
the San
Sebastian Inn. Unfortunately, your room won't
(M-Au) Xin cho, b Dawson, v cho mng
be available until noon, but 43 I'd be happy to
n SanSebastian Inn. Tht khng may, cn
keep your luggage behind the counter until
phng ca bn s cha th c cho n gia
then. (W-Am) Oh, that's fine. I just flew in
tra, nhng 43 Ti rt vui lng gi hnh l
from New York, and I'd like to get a late
ca bn pha sau quy cho n khi .
breakfast. Do you have any recommendations
for restaurants in the area?
(W-Am) Oh, tht l tt. Ti va bay t New
(M-Au) 43 Here's a city restaurant guide -
York, v ti mun c c mt ba n sng
breakfast places are listed at the beginning.
mun. Bn c bt c gi no cho cc nh
hng trong khu vc k?(M-Au) 43 y l
hng dn nh hng trong thnh ph - nhng
nh hng c ba sng c lit k u danh
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following
conversation. (M-Cn) Nancy, ti nghe ni rng bn ang
(M-Cn) Nancy, I heard that you're chuyn n vn phng ca chng ta Hng
transferring to our office in Hong Kong. What Kng. bn s lm g ?
will you be doing there?
(W-Br) Oh, it'll be the same thing I've been
(W-Br) Oh, nh mi vic m ti thng lm
doing here.
The company's ready to start marketing our
Ms Huong HLU .

new speech recognition software in Asia - and

since my team's had a lot of success selling Cng ty sn sng bt u tip th phn
the product here, they've asked me to move to mm nhn dng ging ni mi ca chng ti
Hong Kong to head up the sales efforts there. trong khu vc chu - v 45 k t khi i
(M-Cn) That sounds like a great opportunity. bng ca ti c rt nhiu thnh cng bn sn
You know, my cousin works in Hong Kong for phm y, h mun ti di chuyn n
a big retailer. I'll give you her e-mail address Hng Kng dn u vic bn hng .
in case you want to contact her. I'm sure she'd (M-Cn) C v l mt c hi ln. Bn bit y,
be happy to help you find an apartment there. ch h ca ti lm vic ti Hng Kng cho mt
nh bn l ln. 46 Ti s cung cp cho bn a
ch e-mail ca c y trong trng hp bn
mun lin lc vi c y . Ti chc rng c s
rt vui gip bn tm thy mt cn h .
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following
(M-Au) Ms. Patel? This is Eric from facilities. (M-Au) B Patel? y l Eric t cc c s.
Were replacing the carpeting on the second Chng ti s thay th thm trn tng hai, v 47
floor, and 47 we'd like to replace the carpet in chng ti mun thay thm trong vn phng ca
your office on Friday. bn vo th Su.
(W-Am) That's not a problem.48 But I need a (W-Am) Khng vn g. 48 Nhng ti cn
computer that day so I can access my files on mt my tnh ngy ti c th truy cp cc
the server. Will that be possible? tp tin ca ti trn my ch. Liu c th khng
(M-Au) Well, Room 203 has a computer you ?
probably use.49 I'll get in touch with technical (M-Au) Vng, Phng 203 c mt my tnh bn
support to make sure you'll have access to your c th s dng.49 ti s lin lc vi h tr k
files there. thut m bo bn s c quyn truy cp vo
cc tp tin ca bn .
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following (W-Am) Xin cho, 50 Ti ang lp k hoch
conversation. t hng cm hoa cho mt ba tic trao gii
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Am) Hello,50 I'm planning to order flower vo thng ti. Mt ng nghip gii thiu ca
arrangements for an awards banquet next hng ca bn. (M-Cn) C, chng ti chuyn
month. A colleague recommended your shop. trang tr cho cc s kin ca cng ty. Bn c
(M-Cn) Yes, we specialize in centerpieces for bit loi hoa bn ang tm kim?
corporate events. Do you know what type of (W-Am) 51Ti c mt nh ca mt trong
flowers you're looking for? nhng tha thun t ba tic nm ngoi ti c
(W-Am) 51I have a picture of one of the th e-mail cho bn. Nu bn c th lm mt ci
arrangements from last year's banquet that I g tng t, th s tht tuyt. Ti t hng
can e-mail to you. If you could make trc bao lu
something similar, that'd be great. How far in (M-Cn) 52 Bn s phi np n t hng ca
advance should I place the order? bn hai tun trc s kin. Bng cch
(M-Cn) 52 You'll have to submit your order two chng ti c th chc chn rng chng ti c
weeks before the event. That way we can be nhng bng hoa bn yu cu
sure that we have the flowers you request in

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following (W-Br) Daniel, ti bit bn thch nu n nhiu
conversation. nh th no . 53 Bn nghe rng cc u bp
(W-Br) Daniel, I know how much you love to t cc chng trnh Spontaneous trn truyn
cook. 53Did you hear that the chef from the hnh s ging dy mt lp hc ti cc hc vin
Spontaneous Gourmet show on TV will be m thc ma h ny?
teaching a class at the culinary institute this (M-Au) Thc s? 54Steven Okada? Ti l
summer? mt fan hm m ca chng trnh ca ng
(M-Au) Really? 54Steven Okada? I've been a trong nhiu nm qua! Ti hc c lm th
fan of his show for years! I learned how to no lm cho mt s mn n yu thch ca
make some of my favorite dishes from ti t khi xem anh y nu.
watching him cook. (W-Br) Vng, 55 nu bn quan tm n cc lp
(W-Br) Well, 55if you're interested in the class, hc, bn nn ng k ngay lp tc - ch c mt
you should sign up right away - there are only vi ch c sn cho mi ngi
a few spots available to the general public.
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following (M-Cn) Hi, 56 Ti n t cc b phn sa cha

conversation. my. Ti nhn c in thoi v mt vn
(M-Cn) Hi, 56 I'm from the machine-repair vi mt trong cc my may.
department. I got a call about a problem with (W-Br) C - my ti cc trm trn ngng
one of the sewing machines. lm vic bn p b hng.57 Bn c bit n
(W-Br) Yes - the machine at the station over s mt bao lu khc phc iu ?
there stopped working - the foot pedal broke.57 (M-Cn) 58 Hy ti kim tra cc vt t trong
Do you know how long it'll take to fix that? kho - nu chng ta c b phn ng, n s
(M-Cn) 58 Let me check the supplies in the khng mt nhiu thi gian. Nhng nu ti phi
storeroom - if we have the right part, it won't t hng , n c th l mt vi ngy.
take long. But if I have to order a part, it could
be a couple of days.

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following (M-Au) Khng phi l tin tc ng ngc nhin
conversation. v ngn sch? 59 Chng ti thc s c tin cn
(M-Au) Wasn't that surprising news about the li trong nm nay.
budget? 59 We actually have money left over (W-Am) C, nhng nu chng ta khng tiu
this year. tin, chng ta mt n. 60 l l do ti sao c
(W-Am) Yes, but if we don't spend the money, Hn yu cu tt c mi ngi a ra mt s
we lose it. 60 That's why Ms. Han has asked tng cho cc d n c bit - nhng th c
everyone to come up with some ideas for th c thc hin trc khi kt thc nm.
special projects - things that can be done before (M-Au) Nhng cc d n cn thi gian ln
the end of the year. k hoch v ch c mt thng na. 61 Nu
(M-Au) But projects take time to plan and chng ti ch cn mua thit b hi ngh quay
there's only a month left. 61 What if we just buy phimu mi thay th? N s thc s hu ch
new videoconferencing equipment instead? It cho tt c nhng cuc gi hi ngh vi cc
would be really useful for all those conference ng nghip trong vn phng chi nhnh.
calls with colleagues in branch offices.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following (M-Au) Cho bui ti, ti gi in thoi t vn
conversation. phng Mountain View Hi ng thnh ph. 62.
Ms Huong HLU .

(M-Au) Good evening, I'm calling from the Chng ti kho st c dn a phng ly
Mountain View City Council office. 62We're kin ca h v nhng ngh gn y m
surveying local residents to get their opinions rng quc l 1. Bn c sn sng tr li mt
about the recent proposal to expand highway 1. s cu hi?
Would you be willing to answer a few (W-Br) Ti xin li, ti va i ra ngoi.
questions? 63Nhng Ti c cc bi vit trong t bo -
(W-Br) I'm sorry, I'm just leaving to go out. nhng tin v tt c cc k hoch ci thin
But I've been reading the articles in the ng giao thng a phng ca chng ti, v
newspaper - the ones about all the plans to ti rt mun tr li bi kho st. bn c th
improve our local roads, and I'd very much like gi li vo lc khc?
to respond to the survey. Could you call back (M-Au) 64n s c thun tin hn nu bn
at another time? c th tham gia kho st trc tuyn. Tt c
(M-Au) 64If it would be more convenient, you nhng g bn phi lm l i n trang web ca
can take the survey online. All you have to do hi ng thnh ph v nhn vo nt ni rng
is go to the city council's Web site and click on "kho st ng b." N s ch a bn
the button that says "Roadway survey." It'll khong nm pht in vo cc mu n.
only take you about five minutes to fill out the

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following

conversation. (W-Br) Xin cho, y l Gina Masterson, gim
(W-Br) Hello, this is Gina Masterson, the c ca Nh ht Churchill. 65 Ti mun th
director of the Churchill Theater. 65I loved your ging ca bn v mun cung cp cho bn mt
audition and would like to offer you a role in vai trong v kch sp ti, Town and Country
our upcoming play, Town and Country. ca chng ti. Din tp bt u vo th T.
Rehearsals begin next Wednesday. (M-Cn) Tht tuyt, nhng ti khng nhn ra
(M-Cn) That's great, but I didn't realize bui din tp s c bt u t rt sm. 66
rehearsals would be starting so soon. 66I'm Ti thc hin trong mt sn xut sn khu,
already performing in another theater v vy ti s khng c cho n cui tun ti.
production, so I won't be available until the end (W-Br) Vng, chng ti c th lm vic m
of next week. khng c bn trong vi ngy u tin, nhng
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Br) Well, we can work without you for the ti khng cn s o ca bn ti c th cung
first few days, but I do need your cp cho h thit k trang phc ca chng
measurements so I can give them to our ti. iu ny thng xy ra vo ngy u tin
costume designer. That usually happens on the ca bui din tp.
first day of rehearsals. (M-Cn) khng phi l mt vn .67 ti c
(M-Cn) That's not a problem.67I can stop by th dng li bi trc trong ngy v gp g
earlier in the day and meet with the costume vi cc nh thit k trang phc sau .
designer then.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following (M-Cn) Tin s Adams, y l Justin McBride
conversation. t Qu nghin cu y t. Ti vui mng cho bn
(M-Cn) Dr. Adams, this is Justin McBride 68 bi vit ca bn v nhng li ch ca mt
from the Foundation for Health Research. I'm ch n ung t cht bo c chp nhn
pleased to tell you 68that your article about the cho tp ch ca chng ti.
benefits of a low-fat diet has been accepted for (W-Am) l mt tin tuyt vi. 69 Ti thc
our journal. s ch cn trnh by nghin cu ca mnh ti
(W-Am) That's wonderful news. 69
I actually mt hi ngh chuyn v n c n
just presented my research at a symposium and nhn. Khi bi bo s c cng b?
it was well received. When will the article be (M-Cn) Vng, 70 chng ti thc hin mt
published? s xut chnh sa, nn sa i s phi c
(M-Cn) Well, 70 we've made some editorial thc hin u tin. Mt khi bn lm iu ,
suggestions, so revisions will have to be made chng ta c th cho bn bit chnh xc ngy bi
first. Once you've done that, we can let you vit s xut hin trn tp ch.
know the exact date the article will appear in
the journal.
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following (W-Br) Xin cho, ti l Diana Gorman gi v
telephone message qung co m bn t trong bo Cliffdale cho
(W-Br) Hello, this is Diana Gorman calling mt chic xe p c. 71 Ti ang tm kim mt
about the advertisement that you placed in the chic xe p cho lc ny, v mt trong nhng
Cliffdale newspaper for a used bicycle. 71 I've bn m t trong qung co ca bn dng nh
Ms Huong HLU .

been looking for a bike for a while now, and hon ho. Ti c mt s cu hi v n, , 72 xin
the one you described in your ad seems perfect. vui lng gi cho ti tr li ti 555-0116. 73 Ti
I have some questions about it, though,72 so s i ngh vo th Su v s khng tr li trong
please call me back at 555-0116. 73 I'm going hai tun, v vy nu bn c th gi cho ti
on holiday on Friday and won't be back for two trc khi , ti thc s bit n. Cm n!
weeks, so if you could call me before then, I'd
really appreciate it. Thanks!

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following (M-Au) 74 Ch , tt c nhn vin trn cc dy

announcement. chuyn lp rp ng c. 75 Cc nhm bo tr
(M-Au) 74Attention, all employees on the tm thy du r r di mt bng ti, v vy
engine assembly line. 75The maintenance team chng ti s phi ng ca sn xut cho n
has found oil leaking under a conveyor belt, so khi ch r r c sa. Chng ti khng mong
we'll have to shut down production until the i vic sa cha mt nhiu thi gian, v vy ...
leak can be fixed. We don't expect the repairs k t khi ngh n tra ca bn bt u trong
to take long, so ... since your lunch break starts khong 15 pht, chng ti cho php thi gian
in about 15 minutes, we're just going to extend n tra ca ban bnh thng t na gi ko di
lunchtime today from the usual half hour to 45 ti 45 pht. 76 hng th thm thi gian , v
minutes. 76Enjoy the extra time, and we'll see chng ti s thy bn tr li ti cc my trm
you back at your workstations at one o'clock. ca bn lc 01:00.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following (W-Am) Hello.77 ti ang gi t cc phng
telephone message. khm y t Pine Hill v cuc hn vi bc s
(W-Am) Hello.77 I'm calling from the Pine Hill Smith vo ngy th t lc mi gi.78 Ti
Medical Clinic about your appointment with mun nhc nh bn rng vn phng chng ti
Dr. Smith on August fourth at ten A M.78I want di di. Chng ti hin trong ta nh chuyn
to remind you that our office has recently y khoa mi gc ca Cooper Avenue Street.79
relocated. We re now in the new medical Bn vui lng gi cho chng ti tr li 555-
professional building at the corner of Cooper 0145 xc nhn rng bn s gi cuc hn ca
Avenue and Main Street.79 Will you please call bn? Cm n bn.
us back at 555-0145 to confirm that you'll keep
Ms Huong HLU .

your appointment? Thank you.

Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following

advertisement. (M-Cn) 80 Tm kim mn n ti v sng to?
(M-Cn) 80Looking for fresh and inventive Hy n vi Adrian! Nm trn tng cao nht
cooking? ca ta nh Metford, 81 Adrian cung cp im
Come to Adrian's! Located on the top floor of ngon mc ca ton b thnh ph. Cng vi
the Metford Building,81 Adrian's offers tm nhn tuyt p, 80 chng ti tnh nng
breathtaking views of the entire city. Along nhiu mn n bn s khng tm thy bt c
with the stunning view,80 we feature many ni no khc. Hay nht trong tt c tt c,
authentic Italian dishes you won't find nhng mn khai v c chun b cn thn vi
anywhere else. Best of all, our carefully gi c v cung phi chng. Trong thc t, trong
prepared entrees are surprisingly affordable. In nm nm lin tip, 82chng ti c vo danh
fact, for five years in a row, 82we've been on sch ca The Daily Times "Nh hng Bargain
The Daily Times' list of "Best Bargain tt nht." V vy, n nay Adrian cho mt tri
Restaurants." So come to Adrian's today for an nghim m thc kh qun.
unforgettable dining experience.

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following Xin cho, Th ny l dnh cho George Woo ti
telephone message. Riverdale xut bn. y l Helen Sanders.83
(W-Br) Hello, this message is for George Woo Chng ti gp nhau hi thng trc ti Hi
at Riverdale Publishing. This is Helen ngh vn hc Ty Nam, v ti ni vi bn
Sanders.83 We met last month at the Southwest v mt cun sch ti vit - Travels ca t.
Literary Conference, and I told you about a Ti 84 va hon thnh d tho u tin, v
book I was writing Travels by Land. Ive 84 ti s i trc v e-mail cho bn mt bn sao,
just completed the first draft, and I'm going to nh bn ngh. 85 Ti rt vui mng v kh
go ahead and e-mail you a copy, as you nng lm vic vi cc bn k t khi bn
suggested. 85 I'm very excited about the chnh sa rt nhiu sch ca cc nh vn du
possibility of working with you since you've lch khc m ti ngng m. Ti hy vng bn
edited so many books by other travel writers tm thy nhng bn tho y ha hn, v ti
that I admire. I hope you find the manuscript mong mun c nghe t bn
Ms Huong HLU .

promising, and I look forward to hearing from


Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following (W-Am) Bn ang nghe KLX, trm m nhc
radio broadcast. dn gian yu thch ca bn. Tip theo, 86 bn
(W-Am) You're listening to KLX, your s nghe thy mt cuc phng vn c quyn
favorite folk music station. Next up, 86you'll vi nhc s v ca s Robert Vega. Ti c bit
hear an exclusive interview with songwriter hi lng khi c Robert trn chng trnh nh
and singer Robert Vega. I'm particularly 87 chng ti l bn b k t khi chng ti gp
pleased to have Robert on the show as 87we've nhau trong mt lp hc m nhc ti i hc
been friends ever since we met in a music class Coast. Robert s ni v album mi ca mnh,
at Coast University. Robert will be talking Tng Vega, c thu m trc tip ti Lin
about his new album, Total Vega, which was hoan willingboro ni ting. Khi chng ti tr
recorded live at the famous Willingboro li t gi ngh, 88 chng ti s cho bn bit
Festival. When we come back from the break, lm th no bn c th ginh chin thng mt
we'll let you know how you can win a pair of cp v cho bui ha nhc sp ti ca mnh ti
tickets to his upcoming concert at Midland Midland Arena - v vy, ch.
Arena so, stay tuned.

Questions 89 through 91 refer t< the following (M-Cn) 90 Ti mun nhc nh bn ni vi

excerpt from a meeting khch hng quen v mt dch v mi, chng
(M-Cn) 90 I want to remind you to tell patrons ti ang cung cp trn trang web ca th vin.
about a new service we're offering on the 89 khch hng quen by gi c th truy cp
library's Web site. 89Patrons can now access vo Danh mc ca th vin v cc ti khon
the library's catalog and their accounts online, trc tuyn ca h, v vy h c th t tiu
so they can put titles on hold, search other gi, tm cc th vin khc cho mt khon vay
libraries for an interlibrary loan, and review mn lin th vin, v Thanh ton xem xt -
checkouts all from their home computers. 91 tt c t my tnh gia nh ca h. 91 Chng
We've had magnets made that have our Web ti c nam chm thc hin m trang Web
site printed on them. Please offer them to ca chng ti in trn . Hy cung cp cho h
people as they check out at the circulation mi ngi khi h kim tra ti bn lu thng.
Ms Huong HLU .


Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following

announcement. (W-Br) Ch ,ngi mua sm Trends Thi
(W-Br) Attention, Pacific Trends shoppers. Bnh Dng. Chng ti mun mi bn n
We'd like to invite you to visit our newly thm mi khu vc tng 3 mi c trang
remodeled third floor display area.93 After hong .93 Sau nhiu thng i mi, chng ti
several months of renovations, we've chuyn ton b tng thnh, 92 khng gian
transformed the entire floor into a bright,92 m gii thiu b su tp ln v ni tht
open space to showcase our large selection of phng khch. Cc khng gian khc cho
living room furniture. The additional space has php chng ti trng by thm nhiu b tr
allowed us to display even more creative room phng sng to v tng thit k. By gi
layouts and design ideas. We also now offer chng ta cng cung cp cc dch v t vn thit
complimentary in-store design consultation k trong ca hng min ph. 94 Ni chuyn vi
services. 94Speak with a member of our mt thnh vin ca i ng nhn vin thit k
talented design staff today to find the perfect ti nng ca chng ti ngy hm nay tm ra
fabric for your sofa or choose the best lighting vi hon ho cho gh sofa ca bn hoc chn
and accessories to decorate your room. So be nh sng tt nht v cc ph kin trang tr
sure to come and take a look! phng ca bn. V vy, hy chc chn n
v hy xem xt!
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following Cu hi 95 thng qua 97 tham kho cc on
excerpt from a meeting. trch sau y t mt cuc hp.
(M-Au) It's time to start planning the fall travel (M-Au) y l thi gian bt u ln k
section that we publish every September. And, hoch cho chuyn mc ma thu du lch, chng
this year, we've decided to have the summer ti xut bn hng thng Chn. V, 95 nm nay,
interns write most of it. It's a good long-term chng ti quyt nh phi c cc thc tp
project for them, and it will solve our biggest vin ma h vit v n. l mt d n di
problem from last summer. That was the first hn tt cho h, v n s gii quyt vn ln
time that we'd used interns to work on news nht ca chng ti t ma h nm ngoi. l
articles for the weekday editions which ln u tin m chng ti mun s dng thc
seemed like a good idea, but I'm sure you all tp lm vic trn cc bi bo tin tc cho cc
Ms Huong HLU .

remember how time-consuming it was giving phin bn trong tun - l mt tng tt,
the interns daily feedback on their articles. nhng ti chc chn rng tt c cc bn nh l
And, unfortunately, 96some of us missed rt mt thi gian khi bnh lun v bi bo
important deadlines for our own pieces. So, ca h v khng may mn l mt s bn l
this summer, everyone will have mentoring hn np.. V vy, ma h ny, mi ngi s c
assignments just once a week, rather than c vn ch mt ln mt tun, ch khng phi l
daily. 97Please take a look at your calendars hng ngy. 97 Xin hy nhn vo lch ca bn
and then e-mail me the days when you're free v sau e-mail cho ti nhng ngy khi bn
to mentor someone. rnh c vn mt ngi no .
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the Cu hi 98 n 100 cp n cuc ni
following talk. chuyn sau.
(M-Cn) Welcome to Sunlight House. My name (M-Cn) Cho mng bn n Sunlight House.
is Stephen, and I'll be leading you on this Tn ti l Stephen, v ti s dn bn i tour
afternoon's tour. 98Despite its name, Sunlight ca chiu nay. 98 Mc d tn ca n, Sunlight
House was designed by Edgar Thompson not House c thit k bi Edgar Thompson
as a residential home but as the office for his khng phi l mt nh dn c nhng nh l
architectural business. It was here that he vn phng cho doanh nghip kin trc ca
worked on many of the industrial buildings that mnh. N y rng ng lm vic trn
he's so well-known for today. You'll see when rt nhiu cc ta nh cng nghip m anh y
you enter the building that it's simply one large rt ni ting cho ngy hm nay. Bn s thy
room with cleverly designed modular work khi bn vo cc ta nh m n ch n gin l
spaces for Thompson and each of his mt cn phng ln vi khng gian lm vic
associates. 99That type of floor plan is quite m-un c thit k kho lo cho Thompson
common today, but it was revolutionary for v mi cng s ca ng. 99 l loi sn kh
Thompson's time. As we walk around, feel free ph bin hin nay, nhng n c cch
to take photographs, but please 100 do not mng ha vo thi Thompson. Trong khi
handle or lean against anything, as many of the chng ta i xung quanh chp nh, nhng
items on display have become fragile with age. ng cm hoc ta vo bt c ci g, rt nhiu
y d v.
Ms Huong HLU .

Test 2
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following (W-Br) Cho bui ti. 41 Ti thy rng nh
conversation. hng ca bn kh bn rn by gi - bn c bt
(W-Br) Good evening. 41 I see that your k bn n c sn k?
restaurant's pretty busy right now - do you (M-Cn) Chng ti ang bn rn, nhng chng
have any available tables? ti c mt s bn trng, v vy bn s khng
(M-Cn) We are busy, but we do have some free phi ch i.
tables, so you won't have to wait. (W-Br) Tuyt. C mt iu - Ti ang vi . 42
(W-Br) Marvelous. There is one thing though - Ti c v xem mt v kch trong mt gi ti
I'm in nh ht bn cnh. Bn c ngh rng ti s kp
a bit of a hurry. 42I have tickets to see a play in thi gian?
an hour at the theater next door. Do you think (M-Cn) Chng ti cng ang phc v cc thc
that I'll be done in time? khch ngi s xem trnh din bn cnh. 43
(M-Cn) Our servers are used to having diners Ti s cho ngi bi bn bit rng bn ang rt
who are going to shows next door. 43 I'll let vi
your waiter know that you're in a rush.

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following Cu hi 44 n 46 tham kho cc cuc ni

conversation. chuyn sau.
(M-Au) Hi, I've been working in one of the (M-Au) Hi, ti c lm vic trong mt
library's study rooms this afternoon. I left to phng nghin cu ca th vin chiu nay. Ti
find a book, and when I came back, the door cn li tm thy mt cun sch, v khi ti
was locked. 44 My laptop is still inside, so tr li, cnh ca b kha. 44 my tnh xch
could you please unlock the room for me? tay ca ti vn cn bn trong, v vy bn c th
(W-Am) Oh, 45 the doors lock automatically xin m kha phng cho ti?
when you close them. What was the room
number? (W-Am) Oh, 45 ca kha t ng khi bn
(M-Au) I forget the number, but it's the room ng chng. s phng l g?
immediately to the left of the elevator. (M-Au) ti qun s, nhng l phng ngay
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Am) OK, that's room 315. We keep a set of bn tri ca thang my.
keys here at the desk. Let me find the one for (W-Am) OK, l phng 315. Chng ti gi
315. 46
I'll open that door for you, so you can mt b cha kha y ti bn lm vic. Hy
get your computer. ti tm thy mt cho 315. 46 Ti s m ca
cho bn, bn c th nhn c my tnh ca
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following Cu hi 47 n 49 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(M-Au) Excuse me, 47I have a ticket for the (M-Au) Xin li, 47 Ti c mt v cho chuyn
five o'clock train to Baltimore. But I just got tu 5:00 n Baltimore. Nhng ti va ra khi
out of work, and since it's only 3:30 I was cng vic, v v n ch 3:30 Ti hy vng ti
hoping I could get on an earlier train. Is that c th nhn c trn mt chuyn tu trc .
possible? iu c th khng?
(W-Br) Yes, 48there's an express train that (W-Br) C, 48 c mt chuyn tu nhanh m ri
leaves at four o'clock, but it costs $45 more. khi lc 04:00, nhng chi ph 45 $ hn. Bn c
Would you like to change your ticket? mun thay i v ca bn?
(M-Au) That's more than I wanted to pay (M-Au) l nhiu hn ti mun tr tin - 49
I'll just wait until five. I have some work I Ti s i cho n khi nm gi. Ti c mt s
can finish up in the meantime. cng vic ti c th kt thc trong khi ch i.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following Cu hi 50 n 52 tham kho cc cuc ni

conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Am) Peter, could you tell me what you (W-Am) Peter, bn c th cho ti bit nhng g
covered during this morning's staff meeting? bn ni trong sut cuc hp nhn vin sng
I'm sorry I couldn't make it - 50I had a meeting nay? Ti xin li ti khng th n 50 Ti
with a client at the same time. c mt cuc hp vi mt khch hng cng mt
(M-Au) No problem. 51 The most important lc.
item on the agenda was the new project- (M-Au) Khng c vn . 51 Cc hng mc
management software. I'm going to set up a quan trng nht trong chng trnh ngh s l
separate training session for each department. phn mm qun l d n mi. Ti s thit lp
(W-Am) Oh, really? When are you doing the mt bui tp ring cho tng b phn.
Ms Huong HLU .

training for the marketing staff? I want to make (W-Am) Oh, thc s? Khi bn ang lm vic
sure I'm there. o to cho cc nhn vin tip th? Ti mun
(M-Au) On Monday afternoon. But before that, chc chn rng ti c.
I'll be sending attendees a brochure that (M-Au) Vo chiu th hai. Nhng trc , 52
describes the new software. I'd like everyone to Ti s gi ngi tham d mt ti liu m t
take a few minutes to read the information cc phn mm mi. Ti mun tt c mi ngi
before the training session. c mt vi pht c cc thng tin trc khi
bui tp.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following Cu hi 53 - 55 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (M-Cn) Hi, 53 Ti thy trn truyn hnh
(M-Cn) Hi, 53I saw on a television commercial thng mi m ca hng ngh thut ca bn
that your art-supply store offers classes. What cung cp cc lp hc. Bn c nhng loi kha
kinds of courses do you have? hc no?
(W-Am) Right now we're offering a variety of (W-Am) Ngay by gi chng ti ang cung
classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture. cp mt lot cc lp trong bn v, hi ha v
Would any of those interest you? iu khc. C lp no lm bn quan tm khng
(M-Cn) |'d like to try sculpture. 54 But I've ?
never studied any type of art before, so I'd be (M-Cn) | 'mun th iu khc. 54 Nhng ti
looking for an introductory-level class. cha bao gi hc bt k loi hnh ngh thut
(W-Am) Well, our Sculpting for Beginners ny no trc y, v vy ti mun c tm
class is starting tomorrow evening at seven kim mt lp hc ban u
o'clock. If you'd like, (W-Am) Vng, lp iu khc Sculpting ca
I can tell you what supplies you'll need. 55 It's a chng ti cho ngi mi bt u c bt u
good idea to buy everything in advance so you t ti mai ti 07:00. Nu bn mun,
have it for the first class. Ti c th cho bn bit nhng g vt dng bn
s cn. 55 l mt tng tt mua tt c
mi th trc, bn s c n cho cc lp hc
u tin.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following Cu hi 56 - 58 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (M-Au) Bn c bit l do ti sao ngy hm nay
(M-Au) Do you know why it's so noisy today? n o vy k ? 56 Ti c gng chun b mt
Ms Huong HLU .

I've been trying to prepare a presentation for bi thuyt trnh cho cuc hp hi ng qun tr
this afternoon's board meeting, but I'm having chiu nay, nhng ti ang gp kh tp trung.
trouble concentrating. (W-Br) 57 C mt i xy dng lm i mi
(W-Br) 57 There's a construction crew doing trn tng hai. H ang kt hp hai vn phng
renovations on the second floor. They're trng to ra mt phng ngh ca nhn vin.
combining two empty offices to create an Tht khng may, vic xy dng c th s din
employee break room. Unfortunately, the ra trong mt thi gian.
hammering will probably be going on for a (M-Au) Vng, tht tt nu c mt phng ngh,
while. nhng ti hy vng ti c th nhn c trnh
(M-Au) Well, it'll be good to finally have a by ca ti c thc hin ng thi hn. Ti
break room, but I hope I can get my khng mun khng chun b bi ni trc ca
presentation done on time. I don't want to be ban gim c.
unprepared in front of the board of directors. (W-Br) 58 ti c th c mt cp tai nghe m
(W-Br) 58 If it'll help, I have a pair of bn c mun mn k . C l s loi b mt
headphones that you're welcome to borrow. s ting n.
Maybe that will eliminate some of the noise.

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following (W-Br) Xin cho, ti tn l Jane Woodruff v
conversation. ti l mt iu phi vin s kin cho C quan
(W-Br) Hello, my name is Jane Woodruff and ng Tour. 59 Ti quan tm n vic a mt
I'm an event coordinator for Eastern Tour nhm du lch khong 50 ngi n nng tri
Agency. 59 I'm interested in bringing a tour ca bn. bn s c phng cha mt
group of about 50 people to your farm. Would nhm nh vy k?
you be able to accommodate a group of that (M-Cn) Tt nhin. Trong thc t, cho nhm
size? trn 25 ngi, bn c th chn mt bui lm
(M-Cn) Of course. In fact, 60for groups of over vic bng tay cho nhm tham gia. Chng ti
25 people, you can choose a hands-on dy cch lm pho mt, nn ngm, hoc nhm
demonstration for your group to participate in. ca bn c th hc cch quay si. Ch cn
We offer cheese making, candle dipping, or cho chng ti bit trc m bn mun.
your group can learn how to spin yarn. Just let (W-Br) tuyt vi .61 ti s kim tra vi cc
us know in advance which you'd prefer. nhm tham gia cc tour du lch tm hiu ci
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Br) That sounds wonderful.61 I'll check m h mun lm.

with the group taking the tour to find out which
they'd like to do.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following Cu hi 62 n 64 tham kho nhng iu sau

conversation. y cuc hi thoi.
(W-Am) Mr. Logan, 62this is Clara Jackson (W-Am) ng Logan, 62 ti l Clara Jackson
calling from Moreland Insurance. We saw your gi t Bo him Moreland. Chng ti thy
resume on an employment Web site and h s ca bn trn mt trang web vic lm v
wanted to speak with you about a position mun ni chuyn vi bn v mt v tr ti
that's opened up at our company. We're cng ty chng ti. Chng ti ang tm kim
looking for someone with an insurance mt ai vi mt nn bo him ng u b
background to head our customer service phn dch v khch hng ca chng ti.
department. (M-Cn) c v th v, 63 nhng ti sp c mt
(M-Cn) That sounds interesting, 63 but I'm chuyn i kinh doanh. Ti c th gi li cho
about to leave on a business trip. Could I call bn mt ln khi ti n sn bay? Ti s c mt
you back once I get to the airport? I'll have s thi gian trc khi chuyn bay ca ti, v
some time before my flight, and I'd really like ti thc s mun tm hiu thm v v tr.
to learn more about the position. (W-Am) Ti s trong mt hi tho sau, vy
(W-Am) I'll be in a seminar later, so why don't ti sao bn khng gi cho ti khi bn tr v t
you call me when you return from your trip? In chuyn i ca bn? Trong khi , 64 ti s gi
the meantime, 64I'm going to e-mail you more email cho bn bit thm chi tit v cng vic.
details about the job. I think once you've had a Ti ngh rng mt khi bn c mt c hi
chance to review them, you'll find that this xem xt li, bn s thy rng v tr ny l mt
position is a great opportunity for someone c hi ln cho ngi c kinh nghim ca bn.
with your experience.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following Cu hi 65 - 67 cp n chuyn sau y.

conversation. (M-Cn) Sally, 65 Ti va hon thnh vic
(M-Cn) Sally, 65I just finished preparing the chun b phc v n cho Cng ty
catering order for the Kingsley Company. Kingsley. ng c th gip ti a thc n vo
Ms Huong HLU .

Could you help me load the food into the xe giao hng?
delivery van? (W-Br) Bn cha nghe ? 66 Mt trong nhng
(W-Br) You haven't heard? 66One of the vans xe hng sng nay, v Julia ly xe khc
broke down this morning, and Julia took the thc hin mt giao hng cho lin hoan phim
other one to make a delivery to the film festival Brighton. C ch cn li nm pht.
in Brighton. She just left five minutes ago. (M-Cn) khng phi l cch y rt lu. 67
(M-Cn) That's not very long ago. 67 I'm going Ti s gi cho c v hi c y tr li cho n
to call her and ask her to come back for this t hng ny. Cc thc phm phi c
order. The trong mt gi na , v tr ca Cng ty Kingsley
food has to be there in an hour, and the trn ng n Brighton
Kingsley Company's right on her way to

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following Cu hi 68 -70 cp n chuyn sau y.

conversation. (W-Am) Xin cho, 68 ti l Cindy Kato t
(W-Am) Hello, 68this is Cindy Kato from Bc Builders. 69 tp ch ca bn in mt bi vit
Northern Builders. 69Your magazine printed an v cng ty chng ti trong s ra thng Su, v
article about our company in the June issue, ti gi in thoi cho bn bit c mt sai lm
and I'm calling to let you know there's a trong n.
mistake in it. (M-Au) Ti xin li khi bit iu , b Kato.
(M-Au) I'm sorry to hear that, Ms. Kato. We Chng ti lm vic rt chm ch c c tt
work really hard to get all of our facts right, c cc s kin ca chng ti ngay, nhng i
but occasionally, mistakes do get through. khi, nhng sai lm khng c thng qua. B
Could you tell me exactly what the problem is? c th cho ti bit vn l chnh xc nhng
(W-Am) Yes. The article said that our firm g?
recently built the sports stadium in Greensville (W-Am) C. Bi bo cho bit rng cng ty ca
- which is correct - but it was accompanied by chng ti gn y xy dng sn vn ng
a photograph of a different stadium. th thao trong Greensville - l ng - nhng
(M-Au) I apologize - I'm sure there was a mix- n c km theo mt bc nh ca mt sn
up at layout.70 I'll find the right picture, so that vn ng khc nhau.
the magazine can publish a correction. (M-Au) Ti xin li - Ti chc chn c mt
Ms Huong HLU .

ln ln -up ti nh.70 ti s tm ng nh , v
vy m cc tp ch c th xut bn mt s iu
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following (W-Br) Xin cho, v 71 cm n bn gi
recorded message. Palko Incorporated, cc dch v chuyn pht
(W-Br) Hello, and 71 thank you for calling hng u trong nhng trn ma ln m nhn
Palko Incorporated, the leading delivery Franklin area.72 ti qua ma to gy ra
service in the Franklin area.72Last night's heavy ng x km, v vy cc vn phng ca
rains have caused poor road conditions, so our chng ti c ng ca sng nay. Chng ti
offices are closed this morning. We will not be s khng th vn chuyn bt k gi hng no
able to deliver any packages at this time and vo thi im ny v chng ti xin li v bt k
we apologize for any inconvenience this may s bt tin ny c th gy ra. Chng ti hy
cause. We expect to reopen at one this vng s m ca li vo mt bui chiu ny, v
afternoon, so please 73 call back then if you vy xin vui lng 73 gi tr li sau nu bn
need to reschedule a delivery or if you have cn phi sp xp li mt giao hoc nu bn c
any questions. bt k cu hi.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following Cu hi 74 n 76 tham kho tin nhn ghi li
recorded message. sau.
M-Au) 74 I'm Joseph Randall, owner of the M-Au) 74 Ti Joseph Randall, ch s hu ca
area's most popular bicycle shop.75 Randall's chic xe p ni ting nht ca khu vc
has always been famous for its wide selection shop.75 Randall lun ni ting vi nhng
of bicycles, offering models for riders of all la chn rng ln ca cc xe p, cung cp m
ages. With so many options, you're sure to find hnh cho nhng tay ua ca tt c cc la tui.
one youll like. And 76I'm pleased to announce Vi rt nhiu la chn, chc chn bn s tm
that now in addition to selling bikes, we also thy mt trong nhng bn s thch. V 76 Ti
rent them out. The same brands we have vui mng thng bo rng hin nay ngoi vic
available for purchase are also available as bn xe p, chng ti cng thu chng ra. Cc
rentals. So stop by Randall's to buy or rent thng hiu cng chng ti c sn mua
your bike today! hng cng c sn nh l cho thu. V vy,
dng li bi Randall mua hoc thu xe p
Ms Huong HLU .

ca bn ngy hm nay!
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following Cu hi 77 n 79 tham kho cc bo co tin
news report. tc sau y.
(W-Am)77 Last week, the highly anticipated (W-Am) 77 tun trc, d on Cabrillo Ty
Cabrillo West opened in Palmesa Square. With m ca vo Palmesa Square. Vi 200 phng
200 spacious guest rooms and an ideal location khch rng ri v mt v tr l tng trung
in the city center, the Cabrillo West is sure to tm thnh ph, cc Cabrillo Ty chc chn s
bring more visitors to the area.78 79 The city's mang li cho du khch nhiu hn ti khu vc
mayor, Anton Jensen, expects the hotel to be .78 79 th trng ca thnh ph, Anton Jensen,
quite popular since it's within walking distance hy vng khch sn l kh ph bin v n nhn
of many shops and restaurants. In fact. Mayor trong khong cch i b ca nhiu ca hng v
Jensen was the one who pushed the city nh hng. Trong thc t. Th trng Jensen l
council to approve the building project, in the ngi y cc hi ng thnh ph ph duyt
hope that local businesses would benefit from d n xy dng, vi hy vng rng cc doanh
the boost in tourism. nghip a phng s c hng li t s gia
tng v du lch.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to tfie following Cu hi 80 n 82 tham kho tfie sau thng
announcement. bo.
(M-Cn) Attention Central Museum patrons: it (M-Cn) Ch Bo tng Trung tm bo tr:
is now 4:45 and 80the museum will be closing by gi l 04:45 v 80 bo tng s c ng
in fifteen minutes. We hope you've enjoyed ca trong mi lm pht na Chng ti hy
your visit today and that youll be back soon.81 vng bn rt thch chuyn thm ca bn
Next month we're starting a new program ngy hm nay v bn s tr li sm.81 Thng
specifically for children. Our staff has created ti, chng ti ang bt u mt chng trnh
special activities using the museum's collection mi c bit cho tr em. nhn vin ca chng
that help children to explore their creative ti to ra cc hot ng c bit s dng b
abilities. Details about the program are su tp ca bo tng gip tr em khm ph kh
available at the information desk. Again, we'll nng sng to ca h. Thng tin chi tit v
be closing in fifteen minutes. As you exit, chng trnh c sn ti bn thng tin. Mt ln
please 82don't forget to pick up your coat and na, chng ti s ng ca trong mi lm
any personal items you may have checked in pht. Khi bn ra, xin vui lng 82 ng qun ly
Ms Huong HLU .

the coatroom. o ca bn v bt k vt dng c nhn bn c

th kim tra ti cc Phng treo .
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following (M-Au) Hi, y l Alex t phng bo tr. 83Ti
telephone message. c cuc gi ca bn v vic cng tc nh sng
(M-Au) Hi, this is Alex from maintenance. 83I trong vn phng ca bn b hng 84Ti li
got your call about the light switch in your mt thng bo yu cu cc th in n v
office that isn't working. 84l've left a message kim tra cc vn . Ti khng chc liu chng
asking the electrician to come out and check ta c th ch cn thay th cng tc, hoc nu
the problem. I'm not sure whether we can just vic lp rp in rng hn s l cn thit.
replace the switch, or if more extensive wiring 85Toi cung cp cho bn cp nht trng thi vo
work will be needed. 85I'll give you a status ngy mai sau khi ti ni chuyn vi cc th
update tomorrow after I've spoken with the in, nhng n c th mt mt vi ngy c
electrician, but it may take a couple of days to gii quyt mi vic
get the problem taken care of.

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following (W-Am) Bn ang nghe cc s kin lch i
radio broadcast. pht thanh 103 hng tun . 86 Th By,
(W-Am) You're listening to Radio 103's Historical Society Hunter Thnh ph s t
weekly events calendar. 86This Saturday, the chc tour du lch i b hng nm cc ngi nh
Hunter City Historical Society will hold its lch s.87 du lch nm nay s c su nh
annual walking tour of historic homes.87 This qun vn c thit k bi kin trc s ni
year's tour will feature six houses in the ting, William Robillard. Cc tour du lch c
Garden District designed by the famous hng dn s bt u lc mi v mt xp x
architect, William Robillard. The guided tour bn gi, v vy hy chc chn mang giy
will start at ten and take pproximately four thoi mi! s kin 88 s c theo sau bi mt
hours, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes! bi thuyt trnh min ph ti cc x hi lch s
The event will be followed by a free bi chu trai ca ng Robillard, ngi s tho
presentation at the historical society by Mr. lun v mt cun sch gn y rng ng vit
Robillard's grandson, who will be discussing a v mnh
recent book that he wrote about his
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following (W-ESR) Xin cho tt c mi ngi. Trc khi
conference announcement. chng ti i n tra, ti c mt bn cp nht v
(W-ESr) Hello everyone. Before we go to chng trnh bui chiu ny. 89, 01:00 90
lunch, I have an update about this afternoon's Ellen Miyagi s trnh by v an ninh Internet
agenda. 89, 90 Ellen Miyagi's one o'clock c di chuyn ph hp vi s lng ln
presentation on Internet security has been ngi tham d. Bui ni chuyn by gi s
moved to accommodate the large number of din ra ti Grand Ballroom. C c mt mc
attendees. The talk will now take place in the cao ca s quan tm trong vn an ninh
Grand Ballroom. There's been a high level of mng k t khi n l ch ca nhiu bo co
interest in network security issues since it's tin tc quc gia gn y. ni chuyn ca b
been the subject of many national news reports Miyagi l rt kp thi trong th trng kinh
recently. Ms. Miyagi's talk is very timely in doanh ngy nay, v chng ti hy vng bn s
today's business market, and we hope you'll tham d. Chng ti s ngh cho ba n tra by
attend. We'll break for lunch now. 91 Since gi 91 V chng ta ang trn mt lch trnh
we're on a tight schedule, please keep an eye cht ch, xin vui lng luu v thi gian, do
on the time so you're not late for your next bn khng b mun cho phn tip theo

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following (M-Cn) Hi, b Pinto, 92 Ti gi t TGM v

telephone message. hng bn t vo tun trc. Hng t ca bn
(M-Cn) Hi, Ms. Pinto, 92I'm calling from TGM bao gm mt chic o len sc mu xanh l cy,
Apparel regarding the order you placed last 92 nhng khng may, chng ti khng cn sn
week. Your order included a green striped phm . Ti hon tr tin gc cho o len
sweater, 92but unfortunately, we no longer li vo th tn dng ca bn, v 94 bi
carry that particular item. I've refunded the thng cho s bt tin ny, ti s gi cho bn
charge for the sweater back to your credit card, mt phiu gim gi cho 10 $ i vi mua hng
and 94 to compensate you for the tip theo ca bn. Chng ti hy vng bn s
inconvenience, I will mail you a coupon for vo xem li trang web ca chng ti - bn c
$10 toward your next purchase. We hope you'll th quan tm mt trong nhng o len khc,
take another look at our Web site - you might chng ti c sn
be interested in one of the other sweaters we
Ms Huong HLU .


Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following Cho bui sng v cho mng n bui hng
talk. (W-Am) Good morning and welcome to dn ny cho nhn vin mi. Marilyn Carter tn
this orientation session for new employees. My ca ti, v ti l ngi ng u ca nhm
name's Marilyn Carter, and I'm the head of the ngun nhn vin. 95ch u tin hm nay l
human resources group. 95Our first topic today qu trnh tnh lng ca cng ty - v ti chc
is the company's payroll process and I'm chn rng bn ang tt c ho hc mun bit
sure you're all eager to know how and when lm th no v khi no bn s c tin. Tin
you'll be paid. Paychecks are issued weekly, lng c ban hnh hng tun, v 96 ti s
and 96I'm going to be handing out forms with a ra cc hnh thc vi thng tin chng ti s
the information we'll need to get you set up in cn c c bn thit lp trong h thng
the payroll system. Make sure that you write tnh lng. Hy chc chn rng bn vit r
clearly and that all the information is accurate rng v rng tt c cc thng tin chnh xc
before you give them back to me. ,97One thing trc khi bn a chng tr li vi ti. , 971
you should be aware of is that it takes about a iu bn nn bit l n phi mt khong mt
week to process this paperwork, so that means tun x l giy t ny, do c ngha s c
there'll be a delay before you receive your first mt s chm tr trc khi bn nhn c
paycheck. lng u tin ca bn.

Questions 98 through 100 refer to the (M-Cn) Cho bui chiu. 98 Ti triu tp cuc
following excerpt from a meeting. hp ny cho ton b i ng k thut tho
(M-Cn) Good afternoon. 98I called this meeting lun v mt sn phm mi ca cng ty mun
for the entire engineering team to discuss a chng ta pht trin. Theo kho st th trng
new product the company wants us to develop. gn y, khch hng s mun thy mt my
According to recent market surveys, customers nh k thut s di nc trong dng sn
would like to see an underwater digital camera phm ca chng. V vy, cc cng ty mun sn
in our line of products. So, the company wants xut mt chic my nh c th c s dng
to produce a camera that can be used in water trong nc ln n mt trm feet su. Nh bn
up to a hundred feet deep. As you know, our bit, khch hng mc tiu ca chng ti l
target customer is your average amateur nhip nh gia nghip d trung bnh ca bn c
Ms Huong HLU .

photographer on a budget. 99The retail price ngn sch hn ch. gi bn l 99 cn phi

needs to be reasonable without compromising c hp l m khng nh hng cht
quality.100 I'd like for us all to break into small lng.100 Ti mun cho tt c chng ta ph
groups to start brainstorming designs. Later on, v thnh cc nhm nh bt u ng no
we'll reconvene as a team to go over our thit k. Sau , chng ti s triu tp li nh
various ideas. mt nhm i qua nhng tng khc nhau
ca chng ti.

Test 3
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following (W-Am) Hi, Carlos. Bn c bit ni ti c th
conversation. bt xe but m i n Sherwood Avenue? 41
(W-Am) Hi, Carlos. Do you know where I can Ti ang i gp mt ngi bn sng sau
catch the bus that goes to Sherwood Avenue? khi lm vic.
41 I'm meeting a friend who lives there after (M-Au) , chc chn. l xe but s mi
work. hai, v "bn c th bt n ngay trn t vn
(M-Au) Oh, sure. It's the number twelve bus, phng, ti gc ph Elm v Hudson. Nhng ti
and "you can catch it right across from the sao bn khng ly xe ca bn?
office, at the corner of Elm and Hudson. But (W-Am) Vng, l mt cu chuyn di,
why aren't you taking your car? nhng 43 iu ha xe hi
(W-Am) Well, it's a long story, but43 my car's ngng lm vic, v vy ti phi mang i sa.
air N s khng c sa xong cho n ngy mai.
conditioner stopped working, so I had to take it
in to be fixed. It won't be ready until tomorrow.

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following Cu hi 44 n 46 tham kho cc cuc ni

conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Br) 44 Hi. I'm looking for party invitations. (W-Br) 44 Hi. Ti ang tm giy mi ba tic .
Do you know where I can find them? Bn c bit ni ti c th tm thy chng?
(M-Cn) They're in aisle four, next to the printer (M-Cn) Chng li dy th t , bn cnh cc
paper. We have a large selection some of giy in. Chng ti c v s s la chn - mt
Ms Huong HLU .

them can even be printed on your computer. s trong s chng thm ch c th c in trn
(W-Br) Thanks. 45 I'm organizing an office my tnh ca bn.
party to celebrate a coworker's retirement. I (W-Br) Cm n. 45 Ti ang t chc mt ba
wanted to send out an announcement in the tic n mng vn phng hu tr ca ng
mail rather than just e-mailing everyone. nghip. Ti mun gi mt thng bo trong th
(M-Cn) You might be interested in our custom thay v ch e-mail mi ngi.
design service. 46 I can show you a couple of (M-Cn) Bn c th quan tm dch v thit k
things we've done. You wouldn't have to print ca chng ti. 46 Ti c th cho bn mt mu
them yourself, and you'd have a wider range of m chng ti lm. Bn s khng phi t in
choices. chng, v bn s c v s s la chn .

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following (M-Au) y l Richard Griffin t Lincoln

conversation. Press. 47 Ti mun kim tra thc n ti t vi
(M-Au) This is Richard Griffin from Lincoln nh hng ca bn cho mt ba n tra y
Press. 47 I'd vo th hai ti.
like to check the food order I placed with your Ti t loi bnh m sandwich c bit,
restaurant for a luncheon here next Monday. ung v bnh cookie cho mn trng ming.
I ordered assorted sandwiches, beverages, and (W-Br) C, ng Griffin, 48 ti c n t ca
cookies for dessert. bn ngay ti y trc mt ti. li xe nh hng
(W-Br) Yes, Mr. Griffin, 48 I have your order ca chng ti s cung cp ba n tra ca bn
right here in front of me. Our restaurant's ti tin snh ca tr s chnh Lincoln vo 11
driver will deliver your lunch to the lobby of :30 vo sng hm . V, nh bn bit,
Lincoln Press headquarters by eleven-thirty trong tng s 74 la s c tr ti thi im
that morning. And, as you know, the total of 74 giao hng.
dollars will be due at the time of delivery. (M-Au) Vng,ok. 49 Ti s li tin vi nhn
(M-Au) Yes, that's fine. 49 Ill leave the money vin tip tn quy l tn.
with the receptionist at the front desk.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following (W-Am) Xin li, ti mun tr li chic o len
conversation. ny. l mt mn qu, v ti khng thc s
(W-Am) Excuse me, I'd like to return this thch mu. l t ca hng ca bn, nhng
Ms Huong HLU .

sweater. It was a gift, and I don't really like the 50 ti b mt ha n qu tng. Liu ti c
color. It's from your store, but 50 I've lost the nhn c vic hon tr tin m khng c ha
gift receipt. Is it possible to get a cash refund n khng?
without one? (M-Au) Khng, ti e rng bn cn bin nhn
(M-Au) No, I'm afraid you need a receipt to get c c tin mt.51 Ti c th cung cp cho
cash back.51I can give you a store credit, bn mt tn dng lu tr, v vy bn c th
though, so you can buy something else in our mua mt ci g khc trong ca hng ca
store. chng ti.
(W-Am) Oh, that would be fine. I have some (W-Am) Oh, s l tt. Ti rnh ngay by
time right now, so 52 let me see if I can find gi, v vy 52 ti s xem liu ti c th tm
another sweater I like. thy mt chic o len ti thch.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following (M-Cn) Minjee, 53 my tnh ca ti c g b

conversation. hng - n khng kt ni vi Internet, v ti cn
(M-Cn) Minjee, 53 something's wrong with my phi gi mt s ti liu cho i ng php l
computer it won't connect to the Internet, ca chng ti Chicago.
and I need to send some documents to our legal (W-Am) bn th khi ng li n? i khi
team in Chicago. ch cn lm vy
(W-Am) Have you tried restarting it? (M-Cn) Oh, ti th lm nt, nhng ti vn
Sometimes that's all it takes. khng th c c trn Internet. Ti lo ngi v
(M-Cn) Oh, I tried that already, but I still can't 54 Ti ha gi e-mail nhng ti liu kp thi
get on the Internet. I'm concerned because 54
I gian cho cc cuc hp vi cc lut s ca
promised to e-mail these documents in time for chng ti ti 03:00.
the meeting with our lawyers at three o'clock. (W-Am) Vng, hy ti xem- nhng trong
(W-Am) Well, let me take a look - but in the khi ch i, 55 ti sao bn khng lu cc tp
meantime, 55 why don't you save the files onto tin vo mt a v e-mail cho h t mt my
a disk and e-mail them from a different tnh khc nhau?

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following (W-Br) Xin cho, ti tn l Melissa Stein. Ti
conversation. gi v ti ang lp k hoch bn ngi nh
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Br) Hello, my name is Melissa Stein. I'm ca ti. 56 Ti c bit ti bn bn nh mt

calling because I'm planning to sell my house. ng nghip. Bn gip c y bn ngi nh
56 I was referred to you by a coworker. You ca mnh trong mt thi gian trc y, v c
helped her sell her house a while ago, and she rt hi lng vi cng ty bn
was very pleased with your agency. (M-Au) Ti vui lng gip bn iu , b
(M-Au) I'd be happy to help you with that, Ms. Stein. Bn sn sng bn ngi nh trn th
Stein. Are you ready to put the house on the trng ngay lp tc?
market immediately? (W-Br) Vng, 57 trc khi ti bn cn nh, ti
(W-Br) Well, 57 before I sell the house, I'm ang xem xt vic lm mt s sa i c th
considering doing some remodeling that might lm tng gi tr ca n. bn c th t vn cho
increase its value. Could you advise me on ti v nhng g nn lm trang hong li tt
what would be the best improvements to nht
make? (M-Au) Chc chn. Ti sao chng ta khng c
(M-Au) Certainly. Why don't we set up a mt cuc hp ti nh ca bn? 58 Chng ta c
meeting at your property? 58 We can walk th i b qua nh, v ti c th a ra mt vi
through the house, and I can make a few gi .

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following Cu hi 59 n 61 cp n chuyn sau y .

conversation. (M-Cn) giao thng kh ng, ti nay. Hy gi
(M-Cn) This traffic is unusually heavy tonight. Juliana v ni vi 59 c, chng ta s mun mt
Let's call Juliana and tell her 59 we'll be a little cht n nh ht.(W-Br) Oh, chng ti s
late getting to the theater. khng th gi c c y. C y ni vi ti
(W-Br) Oh, we won't be able to reach her. She c y n ti vi mt s ng nghip ca c
told me she's having dinner with some of her trc khi c gp chng ti ti cc rp chiu
coworkers before she meets us at the theater. 60 phim. 60 C lun tt in thoi di ng ca c
She always turns her mobile phone off when y khi c i ra ngoi n.(M-Cn) iu
she goes out to eat. hp l. 59 Ti on chng ta s ch gp thy c
(M-Cn) That makes sense. 59
I guess we'll just y nh ht. 61 Ti vui v ti a cho c
see her at the theater. 61 I'm glad I gave her a mt v ngy hm qua. Ti s cm thy khng
ticket yesterday. I'd feel terrible if she missed t nu c y l mt phn u tin ca bui
Ms Huong HLU .

the beginning of the performance because we trnh din bi v chng ta n mun mt

arrived a little late. cht.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following W-Am) Cho bui sng. Bn ang nghe Mo
conversation. Nu b trn Radio 102. Hm nay chng ti rt
(W-Am) Good morning. You're listening to vui khi Chef Gustavo Moreno y trong
Cooking Tips on Radio 102. Today we're studio. 62 Anh y va vit xong mt cun sch
pleased to have Chef Gustavo Moreno here in nu n mi, Dinners n gin bi Chef
the studio. 62 He's just written a new cookbook, Moreno. ng Moreno, ni vi chng ti v
Simple Dinners by Chef Moreno. Mr. Moreno, cun sch mi ca bn.
tell us about your new book. (M-Cn) Cm n mi ti vo show din ca
(M-Cn) Thanks for having me on your show. I bn. Ti vit cun sch ny bi v ti mun
wrote this book because I want people to mi ngi hiu rng nu n ngon khng phi l
understand that good cooking doesn't have to phc tp. 63 cng thc nu n ca ti l c
be complicated. 63 My recipes are bit d dng thc hin.
exceptionally easy to make. (W-Am) By gi, ti hiu rt nhiu cc cng
(W-Am) Now, I understand many of the thc nu n trong cun sch n t nh hng
recipes in the book come from your restaurant, ca bn, m rt ni ting trong nhiu nm.
which has been popular for many years. (M-Cn) ng. 64 Ti s hu mt nh hng
(M-Cn) That's right. 64 I own a restaurant in Madrid, v trong cun sch ny, ti chia s cc
Madrid, and in this book I share the simple cng thc nu n n gin m gp phn vo
recipes that have contributed to its success. s thnh cng ca n.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following (M-Cn) 65 Chng ti rt vui v bn s c

conversation. tham gia i ng nh khoa hc nghin cu ca
(M-Cn) 65 We're so glad you'll be joining the vin, Tin s Spencer. phng th nghim ny
institute's staff of research scientists, Dr. bn phi s l ca bn - y l cha kha. l
Spencer. This laboratory on the right will be ngay bn cnh phng lu tr trang thit b.
yours - here's the key. It's right next to the (W-Am) Cm n bn. C cha kha m phng
equipment storage room. lu tr khng ?
(W-Am) Thank you. Does this key open the (M-Cn) Trn thc t, 66 ti s phi yu cu cc
Ms Huong HLU .

storage room, too? c quan an ninh lm mt cha kha phng

(M-Cn) Actually, 66 I'll have to ask the security lu tr cho bn, nhng ti s cn mt bn sao
office to have a storage room key made for th cng ty ca bn hin th chng. 67 Bn
you, but I'll need a copy of your company c th ca bn cha?
identification card to show them. 67 Do you (W-Am) Cha, nhng 67 Ti c hn chiu
have your card yet? nay c n .
(W-Am) No, but 67 I have an appointment this
afternoon to get one.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following (M-Au) B Garcia? y l ng Hewitt t cty

conversation. R & L. Chng ti rt n tng vi bi
(M-Au) Ms. Garcia? This is Mr. Hewitt from R phng vn ca tun trc, v 68 chng ti
&L mun cho bn mt v tr bn hng ca chng
Incorporated. We were very impressed by your ti.
interview last week, and 68 we'd like to offer (W-Br) Ti rt hnh din. Nhng, nu bn
you a sales position with us. khng ngi, 69 Ti mun c mt hoc hai ngy
(W-Br) I'm very flattered. But, if you don't trao i iu vi gia nh ti bi v cng
mind, 69 I'd like to take a day or two to talk it vic i hi tt c chng ti phi di di nh.
over with my family, since taking the job (M-Au) Tt nhin - ok. Ti bit l mt
would require us all to relocate. quyt nh ln, nhng ti ngh rng y l mt
(M-Au) Of course - that's fine. I know it's a big ni tuyt vi sng. Ngy mai 70 ti s gi
decision, but I think this is a great place to live. cho bn mt s thng tin thm v li ch ca
Tomorrow 70 I'll send you some additional cng ty chng ti, bao gm cc chnh sch v
information about our company benefits, vic gip ngi lao ng di chuyn. V xin
including the policies about helping employees vui lng gi cho ti nu bn c bt k cu hi.
move. And please feel free to call me if you
have any questions.

Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following (M-Au) 71 Bn gi n hp th thoi ca

recorded message. Tin s Robert Lewis.72 Ti hin ang tham d
(M-Au) 71 You have reached the voice mail of mt hi ngh y t v s khng quay tr li vn
Ms Huong HLU .

Dr. Robert Lewis.72 I am currently attending a phng ca ti cho n khi th hai , mng 5
medical conference and will not return to my thng 3.73 Cng s ca ti, Tin s Satomi
office until Monday, March fifteenth.73 My Mori, s sn sng xem bnh nhn trong khi ti
associate, Dr. Satomi Mori, is available to see ang i. ln lch mt cuc hn vi c y,
patients while I'm away. To schedule an xin vui lng gi 555-2021. Cm n bn.
appointment with her, please call 555-2021.
Thank you.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following (W-Am) Cho bui sng, ngi nghe Radio
introduction. 82. Trong chng trnh hm nay, chng ti s
(W-Am) Good morning, Radio 82 listeners. On c gp 74 Adam Brennan, ca s chnh ca
today's show we'll be joined by 74 Adam nhm nhc rock Thunderbear. Nhm ny, sng
Brennan, the lead singer from the rock music ti Toronto, ni ting ton th gii sau khi
group Thunderbear. This group, based right pht hnh album u tay ca h, Phng cho
here in Toronto, gained a worldwide following Hai, nm ngoi. V 75 thng tip theo nhm s
after the release of their debut album, Room bt u tour din chu u u tin ca h. ng
for Two, last year. And 75 next month the group Brennan s tham gia vi chng ti trong thi
will begin their first European tour. Mr. gian ngn ni v tour din sp ti. Cho n
Brennan will be joining us shortly to talk about lc , 76 chng ta hy lng nghe mt trong
the upcoming tour. Until then, 76 let's listen to nhng ca khc ni ting trong album ca
one of the hit songs from the group's album. nhm.

Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following (W-Br)Cuc hp ca chng ta hm nay l v

talk. vic cp nht hnh nh ca 77 cc thit b nh
(W-Br) Our meeting today is about updating bp Margate. Ngi tiu dng rt tin tng bp
the image of 77 Margate kitchen appliances. v t lnh ca chng ta, v chng ta thc
Consumers have a lot of confidence in our hin mt cng vic tuyt vi lm Margate
stoves and refrigerators, and we've done a great thnh mt ci tn quen thuc. Nhng by gi
job making Margate a familiar name. But now qun l cp cao yu cu chng ta pht
senior management has asked us to develop a trin mt chin dch tip th m nhn mnh n
marketing campaign that emphasizes the s hin i ca cc thit b mi nht ca chng
Ms Huong HLU .

modern look of our latest appliances.78 Next ta78Tun ti chng ta s cn phi trnh by k
week we'll need to present our plans for the hoch cho chin dch mi cho i ng iu
new campaign to the executive team, so today hnh, v vy hm nay 79 Ti mun tt c ca
I'd like all of us to begin coming up with chng ta bt u ngh ra nhng tng
ideas for promoting our contemporary-looking qung co cho dng san phm hin i
product line.

Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following Cu hi 80 thng qua 82 tham kho cc thng
announcement. bo sau.
(M-Au) May I have your attention, please? (M-Au) Ti c th c s ch ca bn khng?
There has been a room change for one of 80 this Hin c mt s thay i ch cho mt trong
afternoon's management training sessions. 81 80 kha o to qun l chiu nay. 81 Nhiu
More people registered for the workshop ngi ng k cho hi tho To Spreadsheets
Creating Spreadsheets than expected, so that hn d kin, v vy m bui tp c
training session has been moved to Conference chuyn n i Hi Room A, mt phng ln
Room A, which is a larger room. No other hn. Khng c thay i khc c d on vo
changes are anticipated at this time, but be sure thi im ny, nhng chc chn kim tra cc
to check for updates throughout the afternoon. bn cp nht trong sut bui chiu. 82 Chng
We'll post any schedule changes on the ti s ng bt k thay i lch trnh trn cc
boards outside of the meeting rooms. bng bn ngoi phng hp.

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following (M-Cn) Hi, b Patel, ti l Matthew Schwartz
telephone message. t Green Grounds. Ti ch mun 83 xc nhn
(M-Cn) Hi, Ms. Patel, it's Matthew Schwartz cc chi tit cnh quan cho khu vn phng bn
from Green Grounds. I just wanted 83
to qun l. Nh chng ta tho lun, 84 chng
confirm the landscaping details for the office ti s trng 70 cy mi v cy bi khp khu
park you manage. As we discussed, 84 we'll be nh. Chng ti cng s t trong mt khu vn
planting 70 new trees and bushes throughout hoa ln trong sn. Bn ni rng bn c th
the property. We'll also put in a large flower mun chng ti phi lm mt s cng vic
garden in the courtyard. You mentioned that thm khc gn ao. Nu bn c th gi cho ti
you might want us to do some additional work v gii thch nhng g bn mun lm ,
Ms Huong HLU .

near the pond. If you could call me and explain 85 ti c th chun b gi cui cng cho bn.
what you'd like to have done there, 85 I can Chng ti mong c lm vic vi bn v d
prepare a final price estimate for you. We look n ny.
forward to working with you on this project.

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following (W-Br) V cui cng ti nay, thay mt cho cc
introduction. t chc ca Nhc s phim, ti vui mng thng
(W-Br) And finally this evening, on behalf of bo ngi chin thng ca gii thng thnh
the Organization of Film Musicians, Im tu. Gii thng ny thuc v 86 Rebecca
delighted to announce the winner of the Langhorn, mt trong nhng nh son nhc c
lifetime achievement award. This award goes bit nht ca chng ta v m nhc cho phim.
to 86 Rebecca Langhorn, one of our most 97 Ti gp Rebecca v d n u tin ca
exceptional composers of music for films. 97 I c y, khi chng ti cng tc nhc nn cho b
met Rebecca on her very first project, when we phim A Year an Mch. K t , Rebecca
collaborated on the soundtrack for the movie A tip tc sng tc nhc cho hn 50 b phim
Year in Denmark. Since then, Rebecca has khc, v m nhc ca c tr nn quen thuc
gone on to compose music for more than 50 vi khn gi trn ton th gii. 88 Chng ta
other movies, and her music has become c mt on video ngn ca cc on phim cho
familiar to audiences worldwide. 88 We now bn, lm ni bt mt s phn ni ting nht ca
have a short video of movie clips for you, Rebecca.
highlighting some of Rebecca's best-known

Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following (W-Am) Xin cho, ngi nghe XPA. y l
radio announcement. Meg Williams, vi tin tc v cc s kin xung
(W-Am) Hello, XPA radio listeners. This is quanh khu vc a phng. Cui tun ny, 89
Meg Williams, with news of events around the phng khm y t Hartman t chc mt hi ch
local area. This weekend, 89 the Hartman y t v sc khe. S c hot ng cho c gia
Medical Clinic is hosting a health and wellness nh - bao gm c din nu n v cc tr chi
fair. There will be activities for the whole ca tr em - cng vi rt nhiu thng tin v ch
family including cooking demonstrations n ung v tp th dc. V bc s ca phng
Ms Huong HLU .

and children's games plus lots of khm s kim tra mt. 90 H lm gim chi
information about diet and exercise. And ph cho khm mt, v vy y l thi im tt
doctors from the clinic will be offering eye kim tra tm nhn ca bn. 91 Bn s cn
examinations. 90 They've reduced the cost for mt cuc hn. Nu bn quan tm, hy truy cp
the eye exams, so this is a good time to have vo trang Web Hartman, ti
your vision checked. 91
You'll need an, ng k.
appointment, though. If you're interested, be
sure to visit the Hartman Web site, at, to sign up.

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following Cu hi 92 thng qua 94 tham kho cc thng
announcement. bo sau.
(M-Au) Welcome aboard Parkwood Transit (M-Au) Cho mng cc bn ln tu Parkwood
Line B. This train runs from Parkwood to Transit Dng B. tu chy t Parkwood n
Wellington, with several stops in between. Wellington, vi nhiu im dng gia. Tht
Unfortunately, 92 because of repairs on the khng may, 92 bi v vic sa cha trn cu
Wellington bridge, trains are running more Wellington, xe la ang chy chm hn so vi
slowly than usual. We apologize for any bnh thng. Chng ti xin li v s bt tin
inconvenience this may cause. Be advised that ny. Lu rng 93 nu bn ang i v pha sn
if you are headed for the International bay quc t, bn s c xung tu ti
Airport, you should get off the train at Wellington v chuyn sang dng C, ni cc tu
Wellington and switch to Line C, where the Airport Express ch i. 94 Vo thi gian ny,
Airport Express train will be waiting. 94At this chng ti yu cu tt c cc hnh khch c v
time, we request that all passengers have their sn sng kim tra, ngi sot v s n
tickets ready for inspection, as the conductor ch trong mt vi pht.
will be coming through in just a few minutes.

Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following (W-Br) Trong cc tin tc kinh doanh khc, 95
news report. AgroDrive Incorporated, mt trong nhng nh
(W-Br) In other business news, 95 AgroDrive sn xut hng u v my mc thit b nng
Incorporated, one of the leading manufacturers nghip, cng b ngy hm nay rng 96 s pht
Ms Huong HLU .

of agricultural machinery, announced today hnh mt dng mi ca my ko tit kim

that 96 it will release a new line of fuel-efficient nhin liu vo u nm ti. ng c my ko
tractors early next year. The new tractors' mi 's tiu th t hn khong hai mi lm
engines will consume about twenty-five phn trm nhin liu hn so vi m hnh c.
percent less fuel than the older models. The Lnh o cng ty cho bit rng quyt nh ny
company's leadership says that this decision phn nh 97 trit l( yu t) cng ty ca h
reflects 97
their corporate philosophy of gim thiu tc ng mi trng v bo tn ti
minimizing environmental impact and nguyn thin nhin.
conserving natural resources.

Questions 98 through 100 refer to the (M-Cn) Trc khi chng ta kt thc cuc hp,
following excerpt from a meeting. 98 Ti c mt s tin tc lin quan n nhng
(M-Cn) Before we end the meeting, 98 I have thay i gn y trong chnh sch bo mt ca
some news involving the recent changes in the cng ty cho khch. Sau khi kim tra ti bn an
company's security policy for visitors. After ninh, du khch c yu cu phi ch i
they check in at the security desk, visitors are snh cho mt nhn vin a h ti bt c ni
now required to wait in the lobby for an no h cn phi i trong ta nh. Chng ta
employee to escort them wherever they need to mun khch ca chng ta c thoi mi d
go in the building. We want our visitors to be chu nht c th trong khi h ch i, v vy
as comfortable as possible while they wait, so chng ta quyt nh
we've decided m rng din tch ch ngi snh. 99 Mt i
to expand the seating area in the lobby. 99 A xy dng s bt u ci tin li trong tun
construction crew will begin renovations next ti.100 tip theo chng ta s khng th s dng
week.100 We won't be able to use the main li vo chnh trong giai on xy dng, v vy
entrance during the construction period, so hy s dng nhng cnh ca pha sau xy
please use the rear doors to the building. The dng. Cng vic ch cn mt mt vi ngy, v
work should only take a few days, and things mi th s tr li bnh thng mt cch nhanh
will be back to normal quickly. chng.

Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following (M-Au) Bn bit khng, 41 Mary s ngh hu
conversation. vo cui thng ny, v vy 42 chng ta s phi
(M-Au) You know, 41 Mary's retiring at the end thu mt tr l vn phng mi kh nhanh
of the month, so 42we're going to have to hire a chng. Cc bn c qung co v tr cha?
new office assistant fairly quickly. Have you (W-Br) Vng. Trong thc t, ti nhn c
advertised the position yet? rt nhiu n xin vic, v c mt vi ng vin
(W-Br) Yes. In fact, I've already received a lot iu kin.
of resumes, and there are quite a few qualified (M-Au) tuyt vi. 43 Nu chng ta c th c
applicants. c mt ngi no trc khi Mary v hu,
(M-Au) That's great. 43 If we can get someone c y c th o to tr l mi.
before Mary leaves, she can train the new

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following (W-Am) Xin cho. 44 Ti ang xem xt vic
conversation. mua mt my nh k thut s, v ti ang tm
(W-Am) Hello. 44 I'm considering buying a kim mt my nh tt i du lch vi. Ti t
digital camera, and I'm looking for a good hi nu ti c th tm thy mt chic nvay k ?
camera to travel with. I wonder if I could see (M-Au) Tt nhin. y l spham ca chng ti
this one? LV 200. khch hng ca chng ti kh hi
(M-Au) Of course. This is our model LV 200. lng vi n. V 45 n i km vi bo hnh ba
Our customers have been quite happy with it. nm ca chng ti, bao gm sa cha hoc
And 45it comes with our usual three-year thay th.
warranty, too, which covers repair or (W-Am) tt - nhng, 46 Nu Ti ang i du
replacement. lch nc ngoi v ti c mt vn , s bo
(W-Am) That sounds good but, 46if I'm hnh c ch?
traveling overseas and I have a problem, will (M-Au) Oh, khng c vn g c. Chng ti
the warranty be accepted? c cc ca hng ti hn hai mi quc gia, v
(M-Au) Oh, that shouldn't be a problem at all. h ang tt c cc y quyn thc hin cc
We have stores in over twenty countries, and iu khon bo hnh
they're all authorized to honor the terms of the
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following (M-Cn) 47 Ti va thy mt vi bin hiu ti

conversation. cc siu th v hi ch th trn hng nm. Ti
(M-Cn) 47I just saw some signs at the thy n s c t chc ti Cng vin
supermarket for the annual town fair. I see it's Thompson nm nay.
going to be held at Thompson Park this year. (W-Am) | on 48 hi ch rt ph bin n ni
(W-Am) | guess 48 the fair's grown so popular n c chuyn n mt v tr mi. Wykoff
that it had to be moved to a new location. Dng khng ln cha tt c nhng ai
Wykoff Field just isn't big enough to hold mun tham d.
everyone who wants to attend. (M-Cn) iu hp l. Nm ngoi, n qu
(M-Cn) That makes sense. Last year it was so ng c. khu vc u xe 49 qu ng khi ti
crowded. 49The parking area was completely n , v vy ti u xe ti mt im trn
full when I got there, so I had to park in a spot ng ph gn mt dm.
on the street almost a mile away
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following Cu hi 50 n 52 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Br) Donald, can you help me? We received (W-Br) Donald, bn c th gip ti? Chng ti
a shipment of keyboards today, and 50I have to nhn mt l hng ca bn phm ngy hm
install them on all of the office computers. nay, v 50 ti phi ci t chng trn tt c cc
(M-Cn) I'm sorry, Ms. Taylor, but I have my my tnh vn phng.
history class on Thursdays, so I'm about to (M-Cn) Ti xin li, b Taylor, nhng ti c lp
leave work. lch s vo ngy th Nm, v vy ti sp ri
(W-Br) Oh, that's right. And Sanjiv is cng vic.
conducting an employee training session all (W-Br) Oh, ng ri. V Sanjiv ang tin hnh
afternoon. mt bui o to nhn vin tt c cc bui
(M-Cn) 51 52 If you can wait until tomorrow, I chiu.
can help you first thing in the morning. I'll be (M-Cn) 51 52 Nu bn c th ch n ngy
in the office by seven-thirty. mai, ti c th gip bn u tin vo bui sng.
Ti s trong vn phng trc by gi ba
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following Cu hi 53 n 55 cp n chuyn sau y.
Ms Huong HLU .

conversation. (M-Au) Hi, y l Brandon Fletcher. 53 Ti

(M-Au) Hi, this is Brandon Fletcher. 53 I'm ang gi cho b Choi. Ti gi mt bn
calling for Ms. Choi. I submitted a marketing xut tip th ti b vo thng trc, v b y
proposal to her last month, and she asked me to yu cu ti gi b y lc mi gi ngy hm
call her at ten today to discuss it. nay tho lun v n.
(W-Am) I'm sorry, but 54 Ms. Choi left for a (W-Am) Ti xin li, nhng 54 B Choi ang
last-minute business trip this morning. But I c mt chuyn i kinh doanh sng nay. Nhng
can reschedule your phone conference for ti c th sp xp li cuc ni chuyn in
another time. Are you available next Thursday thoi ca bn cho mt thi im khc. Bn c
at eleven? rnh vo th Nm ti lc mi mt gi?
(M-Au) Yes, I'm free then. 55Should I call the (M-Au) Vng, ti rnh lc . Ti s gi cng
same extension to speak with Ms. Choi? s ny ni chuyn vi b Choi?
(W-Am) Actually, you can dial extension 343. (W-Am) thc t, bn c th quay s 343. S
That'll connect you directly to Ms. Choi. ny s kt ni bn trc tip n b Choi.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following (M-Cn) Sarah, mt s khch hng mi s n

conversation. vo th nm, v vy 56 ti mun a h ra
(M-Cn) Sarah, some new clients are visiting on ngoi n ti. Nhng bi v ti mi chuyn n
Thursday, so 56I'd like to take them out for y, ti khng thc s quen thuc vi cc nh
dinner. But since I've just moved here, I'm not hng a phng. bn c th gii thiu cho ti
really familiar with the local restaurants. Can k
you recommend one? (W-Br) Vng, 57 ti thng a khch hng
(W-Br) Well, 57I usually take my clients to ca ti n Sinclair trong trung tm thnh ph
Sinclair's in the Water Street Hotel downtown. Water Street Hotel. N mt cht xa vn
It's a little far from the office, but the food's phng, nhng cc thc n tuyt vi. Nu bn
wonderful. If you want something closer, mun mt ni gn gi hn, cng c mt nh
there's also a good Italian restaurant just a short hng tt ch t y mt qung ng ngn
walk from here on Broad Street. trn Broad Street
(M-Cn) Sinclair's sounds good, and I'm sure (M-Cn tt, v ti chc chn rng chng ti c
we can get a taxi there on Thursday. 58Let me th c c mt xe taxi c vo ngy th Nm.
call the restaurant now and see if I can get a 58 ti gi cc nh hng hin nay v xem
Ms Huong HLU .

reservation. If that doesn't work out, I'll try the nu ti c th nhn t bn. Nu khng c ,
Italian place. ti s th nh hng

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following Cu hi 59 thng qua 61 cp n chuyn

conversation. sau y.
(W-Am) Hello, Hiroshi, this is Carla from the (W-Am) Xin cho, Hiroshi, y l Carla t b
finance department. 59 I'm calling about the phn ti chnh. 59 Ti gi v vic thm qu ti
extra funding you requested for promotional chnh m bn yu cu cho hng ha khuyn
merchandise to hand out at the trade show. mi ti trin lm thng mi. Tht khng may,
Unfortunately, your request was denied. yu cu ca bn b t chi.
(M-Au) Oh, that's too bad. I thought it would (M-Au) Oh, t qu. Ti ngh rng n s l s
be good publicity to hand out gifts with the qung b tt nu pht qu vi tn cng ty trn
company name on them. Can you tell me why chng. bn c th cho ti bit l do ti sao cc
the request was turned down? yu cu c t chi
(W-Am) Well, as you may know, 60sales have (W-Am) Vng, nh bn bit, 60doanh s
been low, so the company just doesn't have the bn thp, v vy cng ty khng c cc
extra resources for promotional materials right ngun b sung cho sn phm qung co ngay
now. Hopefully, that'll change next year. by gi. Hy vng rng, iu s thay i
(M-Au) OK, 61 I'll have to think of a different trong nm ti.
way to promote our products and still stay (M-Au) OK, 61 ti s phi ngh ra mt cch
within the budget. khc qung b sn phm ca chng ta v
vn trong ngn sch gii hn.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following (W-Br) Hi, 62 Ti gi v vn phng cho thu
conversation. trn Garrison Street. Ti nhn thy mt qung
(W-Br) Hi, 62 I'm calling about the office space co ng bn ngoi ta nh. N vn cn phi k
for rent on Garrison Street. I saw an ?
advertisement posted outside the building. Is it (M-Cn) C, n vn cn . Nhng ngi thu
still available? trc l ba lut s, do , n hin ang thit
(M-Cn) Yes, it is. The previous tenants were lp l ba vn phng v mt khu vc ch ln
three lawyers, so it's currently set up as three vi bn nhn vin tip tn.
offices and a large waiting area with a (W-Br) Oh, 63 nghe c v khng gian nhiu
Ms Huong HLU .

receptionist's desk. hn ti cn. Ti thc s ch mun mt vn

(W-Br) Oh, 63that sounds like more space than phng cho bn thn mnh. Ti lm nh v
I need. I really only want one office for myself. ang iu hnh mt kinh doanh lp k hoch
I've been running an event-planning business s kin , nhng by gi ti c rt nhiu khch
from my home, but now I have so many clients hng nn ti cn mt cn phng
that I need a little more room. (M-Cn) Vng, bn s khng mun tr tin cho
(M-Cn) Well, you wouldn't want to pay for khng gian nhiu hn bn cn. 62 Ti cng
more space than you need. 62 I'm the agent for kinh doanh bt ng sn 64 Ti s gi cho bn
other properties as well. 64Why don't I send mt danh sch cc khng gian vn phng c
you a list of available office spaces along with sn cng vi gi ca h? Sau , bn c th gi
their prices? Then you can get back to me if li cho ti nu bn quan tm 1 trong bt k ci
you're interested in any of them. no .

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following (M-Au) Xin cho, 66 ti np mt ha n

conversation. gn y cho mt bi bo ti vit cho tp ch
(M-Au) Hello, 66 I submitted an invoice ca bn. 65 Ti gi bit khi no ti s nhn
recently for an article I wrote for your c thanh ton.
magazine. 65 I'm calling to find out when I'll (W-Br) Vng, n ph thuc vo khi no chng
receive payment. ti nhn c ha n. Ti c th xin vui lng
(W-Br) Well, it depends on when we received cho tn ca bn - v ti s kim tra trong my
the invoice. Could I please have your name tnh xem ni no ha n ca bn trong h
and I'll check in the computer to see where thng thanh ton.
your invoice is in the billing system. (M-Au) Tn ti l Tom Kennedy, v ti vit
(M-Au) My name's Tom Kennedy, and I wrote mt bi bo cho cc mc du lch ca tp ch.
an article for the travel section of the (W-Br) i tri i! 67 my tnh ca ti va
magazine. ngng lm vic. N c th mt mt vi pht
(W-Br) Oh dear! 67 My computer just stopped khi ng li n. 67 Hy ti gi li cho bn
working. It might take a few minutes to restart ngay sau khi ti c nhng thng tin v khi no
it. 67 Let me call you back as soon as I have the thanh ton ca bn s c x l.
information about when your payment will be
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following (W-Am) Xin li. Ti ang lp k hoch mua
conversation. mt s gch lt sn nh t ca hng ca bn.
(W-Am) Excuse me. I'm planning to purchase Nhng ti cn phi thu mt ai ci t
some floor tiles from your store. But I need to vn sn, v 68 Ti t hi nu ca hng ca bn
hire someone to install the flooring, and 68 I'm c mt danh sch cc nh thu bn mun gii
wondering if your store has a list of contractors thiu cho cc d n ci thin nh.
you'd recommend for home improvement (M-Cn) chng ti khng c mt danh sch nh
projects. th. Nhng 69 ti c th cung cp cho bn a
(M-Cn) I'm afraid we don't have a list like that. ch ca mt trang web vi thng tin v nh
But 69 I can give you the address of a Web site thu trong khu vc. Nm ngoi, ti thu mt
with information about contractors in the area. th in lm cho mt s sa cha nh ti,
Last year I hired an electrician to make some v ti s dng trang Web .
repairs in my home, and I used that Web site. (W-Am) C v l mt kin tt, nhng lm
(W-Am) That sounds like a good idea, but how th no bn bit nu ngi khng lm
do you know if the person does reliable work? vic ng tin cy?
(M-Cn) Well, 70 there's a place on the Web site (M-Cn) Vng, 70 c mt ch trn trang web
for previous customers to write reviews. I cho khch hng trc y vit nh gi. Ti
chose my electrician because other customers chn th in ca ti bi v cc khch hng
had recommended him, and I was very pleased khc ngh anh ta, v ti rt hi lng vi
with the work he did. cng vic m ng lm.

Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following Cu hi 71 thng qua 73 tham kho cc thng
recorded message. ip ghi li sau.
(M-Cn)71 Thank you for calling Metropolitan (M-Cn) 71 Cm n bn gi cho Cng ty
Gas and Electric Company. At this time we're in Metropolitan Gas v. Ti thi im ny
busy helping other customers. If you have chng ti ang bn rn gip cc khch hng
questions about a bill that you have received, 72 khc. Nu bn c thc mc v ha n m bn
you can call our 24-hour account center at 800- nhn c, 72 bn c th gi cho trung tm
555-0174. Be sure to have your account ti khon 24 gi ca chng ti ti 800-555-
number available. If there is a problem with 0174. Hy chc chn c s ti khon ca
Ms Huong HLU .

your gas or electric service, 73 please press 7 bn c sn. Nu c mt vn vi kh ca bn

now. You will be connected to a customer hoc dch v in, 73 xin vui lng nhn phm 7
service agent. by gi. Bn s c kt ni vi mt nhn vin
dch v khch hng.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following (W-Br) Cho bui ti, v cm n bn tham
announcement. d bui din c bit ny Chng ti hin ang
(W-Br) Good evening, and thank you for gp vn vi thit b m thanh, nhng 75
attending this special performance.74 We're chng ti hi vng bt u bui ha nhc trong
currently experiencing problems with our vng na gi tip theo. Trong lc , hy dng
sound equipment, but75 we expect to begin the li ch cc bng hng ha trong snh chnh.
concert within the next half hour. In the Bn c th mua a CD ca cc ngh s ti nay
meantime, please stop by the merchandise cng nh cc mt hng khc. V, 76 nu bn
table in the main lobby. You can purchase CDs kht nc, chng ti ang cung cp chai nc
by tonight's artists as well as other items. min ph cho tt c khn gi. Hy truy cp vo
And,76 if you're thirsty, we're offering gian hng thc phm nm gn li ra nhn n
complimentary bottles of water to all audience by gi. Cm n v s kin nhn ca bn.
members. Visit the food stands located near the Chng trnh s bt u ngay khi c th
exits to receive yours now. Thank you for your
patience. The show will begin as soon as

Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following (M-Au) Ch , 77 nhn vin sn xut. Nh bn

announcement. bit, chng ta ang m rng sn phm t
(M-Au) Attention,77 manufacturing staff. As knh trng by ph bin ca chng ta. 78 sn
you know, were expanding our popular line of phm mi nht ca chng ti s c kch thc
glass display cases. 78 Our newest model will ln hn bt k t hin ti no ca chng ta.
be larger in size than any of our existing cases. Nhng trc khi chng ta bt u thc hin n,
But before we start making it, well have to chng ta s phi sa i thit b x l cc
modify our equipment to handle the larger tm ln ca thy tinh. Trong khi cc k thut
panes of glass. While the technicians are doing vin ang lm iu ny vo sng th Hai, 79
this on Monday morning,79 you'll be helping to bn s c gip ly ht hng tn kho
Ms Huong HLU .

take inventory in the warehouse. This will trong cc kho. iu ny s cho php chng ti
allow us to get a head start on our annual c c mt s khi u v s lng hng
inventory count. hng nm ca chng ta
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following (W-Am) Xin cho, y l Natasha Klein. 80 ti
telephone message. n ti ti nh hng ca bn m qua, v ti
(W-Am) Hello, this is Natasha Klein.80 I had ngh ti qun in thoi di ng ca ti
dinner at your restaurant last night, and I think . Ti ang ngi trong mt gian hng pha
I left my mobile phone there. I was sitting in a sau ca phng n, v v ca ti c trn
booth at the back of the dining room, and my gh.81 Chic in thoi ny ri ra khi ti
purse was on the seat.81 The phone must have ly th tn dng ca ti phi tr tin cho ba n
fallen out when I took out my credit card to ti. 82 xin vui lng gi in v cho ti bit nu
pay for dinner. 82Could you please call and let in thoi c tm thy? Nu vy, ti c
me know if the phone's been found? If so, I th gh qua chiu nay ly n. Bn c th gi
could stop by this afternoon to pick it up. You cho ti ti s cng vic ca ti - 555-0196.
can reach me at my work number 555-0196. Cm n bn.
Thank you.

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following (W-Br) Ch , ngi mua sm. Hy n vi

announcement. qun c ph ca ca hng sch trong mi lm
(W-Br) Attention, shoppers. Come to the pht gp chuyn gia vn phng lm vic
bookstore's cafe in fifteen minutes to meet nng sut 83, Robert Bellman. ng Bellman s
office productivity expert, Robert Bellman. chia s li khuyn t cun sch mi ca mnh,
Mr. Bellman will share tips from his new book, T chc v c nng sut. 84 ng s trnh by
Organize and Be Productive. 84 He'll present cc chin lc cho trang hong bn ca bn,
strategies for uncluttering your desk, creating a sng to ra cch sp xp h s mt cch h
filing system, and making your workspace thng , v lm cho khng gian lm vic ca
more efficient. bn hiu qu hn.
Afterwards, he'll sign copies of his book, 85Sau , ng s k bn sao ca cun sch
which are available for purchase by the cash ca ng, trong c sn mua hng bng
registers. my tnh tin.
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following (M-Cn) By gi mt nhc nh quan trng cho
radio broadcast. thnh gi i WNB. 86 Khi cng vo ngy
(M-Cn) Now an important reminder for Radio mai sa cha ng cao tc thnh ph trong
WNB listeners. 86Work starts tomorrow to khu vc Smithton. ng cao tc s c
repair the City Expressway in the Smithton ng ca giao thng gia cc li ra ng H
area. The expressway will be closed to traffic v Park Avenue, 87 ngi i phi i tuyn
between the Lake Street and Park Avenue ng thay th lm vic. Bi v cng vic
exits, 87so commuters who usually travel that s tip tc vo cui tun ny, vic ng ng
way must take alternate routes to work. ny cng s nh hng n nhng ngi li xe
Because work will continue over the weekend, n cc chng trnh ngh thut ngoi tri
the closing will also affect those driving to the trong cng vin vo cui tun ny. cng vic
outdoor art show in the park this weekend. sa cha phi c hon thnh trong hai tun.
Repair work should be completed in two 88Bn c th kim tra s tin b ca cc d n
weeks. 88You can check the progress of the trn trang web ca b phn vn chuyn ti
project on the transportation department's Web V by gi, trin vng
site at And now, this thi tit trong tun ny.
week's weather outlook.

Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following (W-Br) Cho bui sng v cho mng n
talk. ngy u tin ca hi tho ti chnh c nhn
(W-Br) Good morning and welcome to the first ca chng ti. 89 Ti hn hnh gii thiu
day of our personal finance workshop. 89I'm Eugene Summers. 90 Eugene l mt nh k
honored to introduce Eugene Summers. 90 hoch ti chnh ti Ngn hng Metro Center, v
Eugene is a financial planner at Metro Center c mi tm nm kinh nghim trong vic gip
Bank, and has eighteen years of experience in nhng ngi nh bn mun tin ca h lm
helping people like you put their money to vic . Hm nay, anh s ni v cc sn phm
work. Today, he will talk about investment u t gip bn lp k hoch cho tng lai
products to help you plan for your future. But, ca bn. Nhng, trc khi bt u, c mt
before he begins, there's been a slight change cht thay i lch trnh ca chng ti: 91 ba
to our schedule: 91 lunch will be served in the n tra s c phc v trong khu Parker ti
Parker Building at twelve-thirty rather than at 1230 ch khng phi l 1:00. V by gi,
Ms Huong HLU .

one o'clock. And now, please join me in hy cng ti cho n Eugene Summers.
welcoming Eugene Summers.

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following (W-Am) 92 Bn c mun c cc sn phm

radio advertisement. thc phm tt cho sc khe tt nht trn th
(W-Am) 92 Do you want access to the best trng? Bn mun chn t s a dng ln nht
healthy food products on the market? Do you ca cc loi tri cy ti v rau qu? 92 Vng,
want to choose from the largest variety of fresh chng ta c th gip . Ti th trng Walton
fruits and vegetables? 92 Well, we can help. At Harvest, chng ti thc hin nhng la chn
the Walton Harvest Market, we carry the ln nht ca thc phm hu c trong khu vc.
biggest selection of organic foods in the area. V, 93 trong sut thng Ba, chng ti ang
And, 93during the month of March, we're cung cp 20 phn trm gim chi ph ca tt c
offering 20 percent off the cost of all dairy cc sn phm sa ti cc ca hng. ng b l
products in the store. Don't miss out on this khuyn mi c bit ny! Nu bn ang tm
special promotion! If you're looking for diet kim li khuyn ch n ung, ti sao bn
advice, why don't you schedule an appointment khng sp xp mt cuc hn vi nhn vin t
with our store's nutrition counselor, Maria vn dinh dng ca hng ca chng ti, Maria
Sanchez? Maria will help you develop a Sanchez? Maria s gip bn pht trin mt k
custom meal plan to suit your needs, and hoch ba n ty chnh cho ph hp vi nhu
provide you with recipes and cooking tips. cu ca bn, v cung cp cho bn cng thc
Call 555-0199 today to set up your individual nu n v mo nu n. 94Call 555-0199 ngy
consultation. hm nay c t vn c nhn ca bn.

Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following (M-Au) Ti bit 95 n l kh c tm c

talk. mt nhm ng vin p ng nhu cu cng mt
(M-Au) I know 95it's unusual to have such a lc. Nhng bi v chng ta ang cn thu mt
large group of job applicants meet at the same s ngi mi, nhng ngi c kh nng s lm
time. But since we're hiring several new people vic trn theo i , chng ti quyt nh s
who'll likely be working on the same team, dng mt qu trnh khc nhau la chn
we've decided to use a different process to nhn vin qung co trong tng lai ca chng
select our future advertising staff. Before 95we ta. Trc khi 95 phng vn bn, 96 chng ti
Ms Huong HLU .

interview you, 96 we'll be splitting you into s chia thnh cc nhm pht trin mt chin
groups to develop an advertising campaign for dch qung co cho mt sn phm chng ta
a product we assign to you. We know that you giao cho bn. Chng ti bit rng bn s khng
won't have a lot of time we really just want c nhiu thi gian - chng ti thc s ch mun
to see what you can produce, and how you xem nhng g bn c th lm vic v lm th
work with others. 97 Your group and product no bn lm vic vi nhng ngi khc. 97
assignments are in the folders that I'll distribute nhm v sn phm ca bn trong cc th mc
now. m ti s phn phi by gi.

Questions 98 through 100 refer to the M-Cn) Cm n cc bn n bui hp bo

following talk. chiu nay. Chng ti vui mng thng bo rng
(M-Cn) Thank you for coming to this bnh vin 98Meadowbrook hon thnh giai
afternoon's press conference. We're happy to on u tin ca d n m rng 50 triu -la.
announce that 98Meadowbrook Hospital has 99Chng ti tng gp i s lng cc phng
completed the first phase of a 50-million-dollar bnh nhn , c ngha l by gi chng ta ang
expansion project. trang b cung cp chm sc y t cho nhiu
We've doubled the number of our patient ngi dn hn. Nhng cng vic ca chng ti
rooms, which means that we're now equipped l ch hon thnh mt na. Xy dng ang
to provide medical care to significantly more c tin hnh trn mt c s o to y t nh
people. But our work is only half completed. nc, giai on hai ca d n m rng ca
Construction is already underway on a state-of- chng ti. 100 Khi c s m ra vo nm ti,
the-art medical training facility, the second chng ti s c th cung cp cc chng trnh
phase of our expansion project. 100 When that o to tin tin cho tt c cc loi chng
facility opens next year, we'll be able to offer trnh o to chuyn su vi cc chuyn gia y
cutting-edge training programs for all types of t.
medical professionals.

Test 5
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following (W-Am) 41 Hi, ti l Michelle Yamamoto t
conversation. Premier Auto. Ti gi cho John O'Malley.
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Am) 41 Hi, this is Michelle Yamamoto (M-Au) ng va bc ra khi vn phng trong

from Premier Auto. I'm calling for John mt vi pht. Bn c mun li tin nhn
O'Malley. khng?
(M-Au) He just stepped out of the office for a (W-Am) C. 41-42 Bn cho th cho ng y
few minutes. Would you like to leave a bit chng ti gn nh sa cha xong xe
message? ca ng y v n s hon thin vo 4:00?
(W-Am) Yes. 41-42 Could you let him know (M-Au) OK. Ti chc chn s thng bo cho
we've almost finished repairing his car and it'll ng y tin nhn ny. 43 Ti c th c s in
be ready by four o'clock? thoi ca bn trong trng hp ng mun gi
(M-Au) OK. I'll be sure to give him the li cho bn?
message. 43May I have your phone number in
case he wants to call you back?

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following (M-Au) 44 y l bin nhn, b Peters. Ti hy

conversation. vng bn rt thch th khi ngh ti cc
(M-Au) 44 Here's your receipt, Ms. Peters. I Redbum Hotel. C iu g khc chng ti c
hope you've enjoyed your stay at the Redbum th lm cho bn?
Hotel. Is there anything else we can do for (W-Br) Vng, 45 ti c mt chuyn bay sau
you? bui ti ny, nhng ti mun xem mt s im
(W-Br) Well,45I have a flight later this evening, tham quan ca thnh ph trc khi ti i. Ti
but I'd like to see some of the city's attractions c th li hnh l ca ti y ti khch
before I go. Could I leave my luggage here at sn?
the hotel? (M-Au) Tt nhin. 46 Ch cn ghi li s phng
(M-Au) Of course. 46 Just write down your v tn trn th nhn dng ny.
room number and name on this identification Chng ti s a n vo hnh l ca bn v vy
tag. chng ti s bit n l ca bn khi bn quay tr
We'll put it on your luggage so we'll know it's li cho n.
yours when you come back for it.

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following (W-Am) Hi, 47,48 ti l Laura Ivanov t cn
conversation. h 2B. Ti ch t hi liu c th c c
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Am) Hi, 47,48 this is Laura Ivanov from mt bn sao ca hp ng thu ca ti? Ti
apartment 2B. I was just wondering if it would t u , v ti mun xem qua cc tha
be possible to get a copy of my lease? I've thun v iu khon
misplaced mine, and I want to look over the (M-Cn) Chc chn, ti c th lm cho bn mt
heating agreement. bn sao. Vn phng chng ti m ca cho n
(M-Cn) Sure, I can make you another copy. nm gi nu bn mun n trong ngy hm
Our offices are open until five if you want to nay.
come in today. (W-Am) ti phi lm vic tr ti nay. But44
(W-Am) I have to work late tonight. But44 I'm Ti chc rng ti c th gh qua vo ngy mai
sure I can stop by tomorrow before five. trc 5 gi
(M-Cn) That sounds fine. I'll have a copy of (M-Cn) Tt. Ti s copy mt bn hp ng cv
your lease ready first thing in the morning. u tin vo bui sng.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following (M-Au) Cho bui sng , Stokes Furniture
conversation. Gallery.
(M-Au) 50Good morning, Stokes Furniture Lm th no ti c th gip bn?
Gallery. (W-Br) 51 Ti gi ni v t sch ti thy
How can I help you? qung co trn bo hm Ch Nht. C mt ci
(W-Br) 51I'm calling about the bookcases I saw c qung co c ba k; 51 Ti gi tm
advertised in last Sunday's newspaper. The one hiu xem t sch c bt k kch thc khc.
that was advertised has three shelves; 51 I'm (M-Au) Vng, c mt ci cao vi bn k,
calling to find out whether that bookcase nhng chng ti ch c mt ci trong kho by
comes in any other sizes. gi
(M-Au) Yes, in fact, there's also a taller one (W-Br) Oh, hon ho. 52 bn c th xin vui
with four shelves, but we only have one of lng t n gi li cho ti? Ti c th ca
those in stock right now. hng ca bn trong khong hai mi pht.
(W-Br) Oh, that's perfect. 52 Could you please
put it on hold for me? I can be at your store in
about twenty minutes.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following (M-Cn) Hi, Daniela. Ti hy vng bn c th

Ms Huong HLU .

conversation. cho ti mt li khuyn. 54 Ti nghe ni

(M-Cn) Hi, Daniela. I'm hoping you can give rng nm ngoi bn t chc nhng ba n ti
me some advice. 54I've heard that last year you cm n nhn vin trong b phn ca bn.
organized the employee-appreciation dinner for Vng, 53 Ti c yu cu ln k hoch
your department. Well, 53I've been asked to mt ba ti gii thng cho b phn ca chng
plan an awards dinner for our department this ti trong nm nay. bn c th gi ni no
year. Could you recommend a good place to t chc khng?
have it? (W-Am) chc chn ri . Chng ti t chc ba
(W-Am) Sure. We held our dinner at the n ti ca chng ti ti cc Tillman Inn. Mc
Tillman Inn. Their rates are very affordable for gi ca h l rt phi chng cho cc s kin
corporate events. 55They also have a special ca cng ty. 55 H cng c mt gim gi c
discount for groups with 25 people or more. I bit cho cc nhm c 25 ngi tr ln. Ti
would definitely recommend them. chc chn h kh n
(M-Cn) That sounds great. There are 40 people (M-Cn) C v tuyt vi. C 40 ngi trong b
in my department, so even if some people don't phn ca ti, v vy ngay c khi mt s ngi
come, we should be able to get that discount. khng n, chng ti s c th c gim gi
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following (W-Br) Mohan, 56 bn nhn c cc bn
conversation. nhc v vic xy dng mi vn phng k?
(W-Br) Mohan, 56did you receive the memo (M-Cn) Vng, s khng c p nu k c
about the office renovations? c mt s thm mi v sn li cc bc
(M-Cn) Yes, won't it be nice to get some new tng?
carpet and have the walls repainted? (W-Br) Bn c bit khi no h s lm sn ca
(W-Br) Do you know when they'll get to our chng ta k?
floor? 57 Khng c lch trnh lm vic gn lin vi
There was no work schedule attached to the cc bn nhc. Ti c cuc hp quan trng d
memo. I have important meetings scheduled kin trong hai ngy vo tun ti.
for two days next week. (M-Cn) 58 Nu ti | l bn, ti s dng mt
(M-Cn) 58If | were you, I'd reserve one of the trong nhng phng hi ngh trn tng khc ch
conference rooms on another floor just in case trong trng hp h ang lm vic trong khu
they're working in our area those days. vc ca chng ta nhng ngy .
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following (M-Au) Ti rt thch nh hng ny, nhng 59
conversation. tht kh ni chuyn y - n lun lun
(M-Au) I really like this restaurant, but 59 it's ng c v n o.
very hard to talk here it's always so crowded (W-Am) C, nhng 60 dch v b p iu ny
and noisy. - mt trong nhng ngi phc v ni vi ti
(W-Am) Yes, but60 the service makes up for it rng h u l cc sinh vin tt nghip ca
one of the waiters told me that they're all chng trnh o to chuyn nghip.
graduates of a professional training program. (M-Au) tht hay khi m nh hng li gn rp
(M-Au) And it is nice that the restaurant's only chiu phim .61 ni n iu ny, b phim bt
a block away from the movie theater.61 u trong 20 pht. Chng ta nn i v tr tin
Speaking of which, the movie starts in 20 by gi
minutes. We should go ahead and pay.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following (W-Br) Hi, Pablo. Ti thy bn s khng c
conversation. trong vn phng vo tun ti; bn ang chun
(W-Br) Hi, Pablo. I see you won't be in the b i ngh mt?
office next week; are you going on holiday? (M-Au) C, 62 Ti i vo th hai dnh mt
(M-Au) Yes, 62 I'm leaving on Monday to tun Buenos Aires vi cha m ti. Ti
spend a week in Buenos Aires with my parents. khng nhn thy chng trong mt thi gian di,
I haven't seen them in a long time, so I'm really v vy ti thc s mong mun nhng chuyn
looking forward to the trip. i.
(W-Br) Will you have enough time to prepare (W-Br), bn s c thi gian chun b bi
the opening speech for the shareholders' pht biu khai mc cuc hp c ng ch?
meeting? 63Remember, the meeting is two days 63Nh l , cuc hp l hai ngy sau khi bn tr
after you get back. If you're too busy, I can ask li. Nu bn qu bn rn, ti c th yu cu
Tom to do it. Tom lm iu .
(M-Au) Don't worry I'll be ready. 64I plan to (M-Au) ng lo lng - ti s sn sng. 64 Ti
finish writing it before I leave work tomorrow. hon thnh vn bn trc khi ti ri vn
phng ngy mai.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following (M-Cn) Hi, 65 Ti tm mt cuc trin lm m
Ms Huong HLU .

conversation. ti c trong mt bi bo - nhng bc tranh

(M-Cn) Hi, 65 I'm looking for an exhibit that I Marie Morris?
read about in a newspaper article the Marie (W-Br) b su tp l duy nht y ba
Morris paintings? tun, v vy trong khu vc trin lm c bit
(W-Br) That collection is only here for three trn tng hai, ch cn qua ca hng qu tng.
weeks, so it's in the special exhibits area on the Bn s cn mua mt v
second floor, just past the gift shop. You'll (M-Cn) Oh, 66 ti mua trc tuyn mt tun
need a ticket for it. trc. N ni rng ti nn n trong khong
(M-Cn) Oh, 66 I bought one online last week. It 02:00-03:00.
says I should enter between two and three (W-Br) C, 67 bn c th vo trin lm ti thi
o'clock. gian hin th trn v ca bn. l mt trong
(W-Br) Yes,67 you can only enter the exhibit at bn mi lm ngay by gi, do bn s ch
the time shown on your ticket. It's one forty- phi i thm mi lm pht.
five right now, so you'll just have to wait
fifteen more minutes.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following (W-Am) Ti ch nghe ni c s l mt s chm

conversation. tr vi cc my tnh chng ta ang ngh tu
(W-Am) I just heard there's going to be a delay ra vo hm th T. Vn l g?
with the computers we're supposed to ship out (M-Au) Vng, 68 1 ca bng ti b hng v s
on Wednesday. What's the problem? mt 1 ngy sa. Nhng, 69 Ti s hn mt
(M-Au) Well, 68one of the conveyor belts s ngi lm vic ngoi gi. Ti ngh rng
broke down and it's taken us almost a day to chng ta s c th c c vn chuyn hng
get it fixed. But, 69I'm going to go ahead and t vo th nm thay th.
schedule some people to work overtime. I (W-Am) OK, nu bn lm iu - v nu
think we ll be able to get the order shipped on chng ta s dng mt phng php vn chuyn
Thursday instead. nhanh hn - n s khng thnh vn vi
(W-Am) OK, if you do that and if we use a khch hng nu chng ta gi n vo ngy th
faster shipping method it won't matter to the Nm. H vn s nhn c n vo th hai ti
customer that 70
we're sending it out on nh ha.
Thursday. They'll still get it next Monday as
Ms Huong HLU .


Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following (M-Cn) Hi, y l Paul Tanaka, 71 ti gi v

telephone message. ti va mi nhn c bn sao k th tn dng
(M-Cn) Hi, this is Paul Tanaka,71 I'm calling ca ti, v ti nhn thy mt khon ph t ca
because I've just received my credit card hng ca bn cho 95 dollars.72 ti mua mt
statement, and I noticed a charge from your i giy mu en ti ca hng ca bn khi ti
store for 95 dollars.72 I bought a pair of black th trn thng cui cng trn mt chuyn i
dress shoes at your store when I was in town kinh doanh, 71 nhng n ch c gi 65 la.
last month on a business trip,71 but they only Nu cn thit, 73 ti c th gi cho bn mt
cost 65 dollars. If necessary,73I can mail you a bn sao bin lai cho nhng i giy bn c
copy of the receipt for the shoes so that you th sa ph trn ti khon ca ti. Hy gi cho
can correct the charge on my account. Please ti ti 555-0194 cho ti bit ti nn lm g.
call me at 555-0194 to let me know what I
should do.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following (M-Au) y l Jeff Johnson ti Radio

radio broadcast. 2SY,knh Sydney m nhc v thng tin s
(M-Au) This is Jeff Johnson at Radio 2SY, 1.74 V by gi, nhng tin tc mi nht v
Sydney's number-one music and information thi tit. N s tip tc l rt nng v m hm
station.74 And now, the latest news on the nay v m t . cht lng khng kh vn cn
weather. It will continue to be extremely hot t. Do nhng tnh trng k tt cho sc khe, 75
and humid today and air quality remains poor. chuyn gia y t khuyn tt c mi ngi bn
Because of these unhealthy conditions,75 trong nh cng nhiu cng tt cho n khi nhit
medical professionals recommend that ny con sng trn. Ti s c mt cp nht thi
everyone stay inside as much as possible until tit trong mt gi 76 Tip theo l Marc
this heat wave breaks. I'll have another weather Hernandez, ngi s c bnh lun nhng b
update in an hour.76 Next up is Marc phim chiu cui tun ny.
Hernandez, who will be reviewing the movies
opening this weekend.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following (W-Am) 77 Lu khch hng: 78 Ca hng
Ms Huong HLU .

announcement. tp ha Mart Benny s ng ca trong mi

(W-Am)77 Attention customers: 78 Benny's lm pht. Hy hon thnh mua sm thc phm
Grocery Mart will be closing in fifteen v thanh ton ti mt trong cc thanh ghi nm
minutes. Please finish your food shopping and mt trc ca store.78 Mt ln na, chng
pay at one of the registers located at the front ti s ng ca trong mi lm pht. Benny s
of the store.78 Again, we'll be closing in fifteen m li vo sng ngy mai ti by thun tin
minutes. Benny's will reopen tomorrow mua sm ca bn. V, 79 ch nht tun ny,
morning at seven for your shopping dng li bi v gic ca chng ta v s kin
convenience. And, 79 this Sunday, stop by our ma xun c ti tr bi i din Hanover
Taste of Spring event sponsored by Hanover Coffee Company.79 Hanover s c trong ca
Coffee Company.79 Hanover representatives hng cho i mu min ph ca hng v c ph
will be in the store giving away free samples of mi nht ca h. Chng ti hy vng xem
their newest coffee flavors. We hope to see you bn c!

Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following (M-Au) Hi, y l Keith. Chng ta nh gp

telephone message. nhau ti vn phng ca bn vo th nm lc
(M-Au) Hi, this is Keith. We're supposed to 2:00 tho lun v d n Grandison. Nhng
meet at your office on Thursday at two o'clock ti nhn ra rng ti c mt cuc hp vi cc
to discuss the Grandison project. But I just nh thu chnh cho d n cng lc. 80 Chng
realized that I have a meeting with the lead ti ang hp ti cng trng xy dng c ngha
contractor for that project at one. 80 We're l ti s khng th tr li vn phng ca bn
meeting at the construction site which means trc 2 gi
that I won't be able to get back to your office bn c th n cng trng xy dng k? Bng
by two. cch , 82 chng ta vn c th gp nhau lc 2
Could you come to the construction site gi, v ti c th ch cho bn cch d n din
instead? That way, 82we can still meet at two, ra nh th no
and I can show you how the project is coming

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following (W-Am) 83 Hm nay chng ta s n thm th

Ms Huong HLU .

talk. trn Cedarton. 84 Chng ta s bt u phn

(W-Am) 83Today we're going to visit the town c nht ca thnh ph. Khu vc ny tng ,
of Cedarton. 84We'll be starting in the oldest nhng by gi n l khu thng mi ca thnh
part of town. The area was once residential, but ph. Bn s c nhng bui sng nhn vo
now it's the town's commercial district. You'll cc ta nh lch s v trung tm mua sm. Sau
have the morning to look at the historic , 85 sau khi n tra, chng ta s i qua i
buildings and do some shopping. Then, 85after hc Cedarton. Khi bn ang i do quanh
lunch, we'll head over to Cedarton University. khun vin trng, ng ngc nhin nu bn
As you're strolling around the campus, don't be cm thy nh bn tng y trc y. Bi
surprised if you feel like you've been there v n qu p, khun vin ny c s dng
before. Because it's so beautiful, this campus nh phim trng cho mt s phim ni ting
has been used as the setting for a number of
famous movies.

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following (W-Br) Ti mun cm n tt c mi ngi

introduction. tham d hi tho ny ngy hm nay. Tn ti l
(W-Br) I'd like to thank everyone for attending Valerie Fairchild, v trong bui hi tho ny
this workshop today. My name's Valerie 86 chng ta s ni v lm th no tr thnh
Fairchild, and in this session 86 we'll be talking mt din gi gii. Ch trong mt vi pht, ti
about how to become an effective public s ch cho bn mt lot cc hot ng c
speaker. In just a few minutes I'll be leading thit k xy dng s t tin ca bn trc
you through a series of activities designed to ng ngi. Tuy nhin, ti thy rng chng ta
build your confidence in front of large dng nh thiu gh. Hy tm mt ch ngi
groups.87 But, I see that we seem to be short on nhanh chng nh vy chng ta cn c thm
chairs. Please find a seat quickly so we see bao nhiu gh - sau 88 ti s lin h vi cc
how many more chairs we need then 88 I'll ch tr v vic mang nhiu gh hn vo phng
contact the head of maintenance about having
more brought into the room.
(M-Au) Good morning, everyone. I have an (M-Au) Cho bui sng, tt c mi ngi. Ti
announcement before you begin your shift. c mt thng bo trc khi bn bt u ca lam
First, I want to thank all of you for your hard vic ca bn . Trc tin, ti mun cm n tt
Ms Huong HLU .

work filling that last-minute order for the c cc bn cho cng vic kh khn ca bn
Winslow Company. 89The quality and hon thnh bn t hng pht cui cng cho
efficiency of our work have been rewarded Cng ty Winslow. 89 cht lng v hiu qu
with a new, larger contract from Winslow. In cng vic ca chng ta c n p bng
order to meet the production demands of the mt hp ng ln t Winslow. p ng nhu
new contract, 90we'll be installing a second cu sn xut ca cc hp ng mi, 9 chng ta
production line this week. The new equipment lp t mt dy chuyn sn xut th hai tun
should also improve our overall efficiency. ny. Cc thit b mi cng cn nng cao hiu
And,91 starting next Monday, we'll be qu tng th ca chng ti. V, 91 bt u vo
providing training on the new equipment. I'll th hai ti, chng ta s c o to v cc
give you more information once I finalize the thit b mi. Ti s cung cp cho bn thm
scheduling. thng tin khi ti hon thnh vic lp k hoch.

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following (M-Cn) Nhm sc khe l m mt trung tm

news report. nghin cu mi trong Hazel Thnh ph trong
(M-Cn) 92The Health Tone Group is opening a thng Su. Ti c s mi Tone Y t s c
new research center in Hazel City in June. At tin hnh nghin cu khoa hc tp trung vo
the new facility Health Tone will be nhng li ch ca hot ng th cht. 93D n
conducting scientific studies that focus on the nghin cu u tin s kim tra cc kt ni
benefits of physical activity. 93
Their first gia tp th dc v b nh - v h ang tm
research project will examine the connection kim tnh nguyn vin .93 94 Nu bn mun
between exercise and memory and they're tham gia vo cuc nghin cu, bn c th truy
looking for volunteers.93 94 If you're interested cp vo trang web ca h ti
in participating in the study, you can visit their phi in ng
Web site at to fill dng.
out an application.

Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following (W-Br) Xin cho tt c mi ngi, v cho
speech. mng. Thay mt Industries Trap, ti mun ni
(W-Br) Hello everyone, and welcome. On chng ta vui mng v chng ta c mt y
behalf of Trap Industries, I'd like to say how ti hi ngh k thut 95 nm nay. l ln u
Ms Huong HLU .

delighted we are to be here at this year's 95civil tin chng ti tham d, v chng ti ang
engineering conference. It's our first time mong 95 ch cho bn bn mt trong nhng
attending, and we're looking forward to ng dng chng ti c pht trin c bit
showing you one of the applications we've cho cc k s xy dng. Ti s chng minh
been developing specifically for civil phn mm mi nht ca chng ti thit k.
engineers. I'll be demonstrating our newest Khi ti trnh by, 96 bn c th thc hnh s
software for designing bridges. As I go through dng cc tnh nng ca chng trnh trn cc
the presentation, 96you'll be able to practice my tnh trc mt bn. Nhng trc tin, 97
using the program's features on the computers mi ngi s phi nhp mt khu truy cp
in front of you. But first, 97everyone will have vo h thng. Tt c bn cn lm l g vo t
to enter a password to access the system. All "Trap" - vi mt T vit hoa - trong hp mt
you need to do is type in the word "Trap" khu. Hy cho ti bit nu bn c bt k vn
with a capital T in the password box. Let ng nhp, v ti s i xung quanh gip
me know if you have any problems logging in, bn.
and I'll come around to help you.

Questions 98 through 100 refer to the (W-Am) Trong cc tin tc a phng, chnh
following news report. quyn thnh ph ph chun 1 xut s kt
(W-Am) In local news, the city government ni Crescentville n th bng tu. Hm th
has approved a proposal that will connect T, 98 Crescentville th trng Chang Lee ni
Crescentville to the capital by train. On rng cc dch v tu mi gia hai thnh ph s
Wednesday,98 Crescentville mayor Chang Lee c gi phi chng hn. 99 tu d kin s cung
stated that the new train service should make cp mt thay th ng k t tn km so vi li
travel between the two cities more affordable. xe. Khi c hi khi no d n s bt u, 100
The train is expected to provide a Th trng Lee ni rng ng tr hon n tm
significantly less expensive alternative to thi trong khi ng nh gi cc nghin cu tc
driving. Asked when the project will get ng mi trng - ng mun chc chn rng
started,100 Mayor Lee said that he has delayed ng ray tu mi s khng lm phin bt k
it temporarily while he reviews the ng vt hoang d ang b e da trong khu
environmental impact study he wants to be vc.
certain that the new railroad tracks will not
Ms Huong HLU .

disturb any endangered wildlife in the area.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following Cu 41-43 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(M-Cn) You must be Jocelyn, the new (M-Cn) 41 Chc hn b l Jocelyn, k ton mi.
accountant. I'm Andrew Wong my office is Ti tn l Andrew Wong - vn phng ca ti
right next to yours. Let me know if I can help ngay bn cnh vn phng ca b. Hy cho ti
you with anything. bit liu ti c th gip g cho b.
(W-Am) Thanks. I appreciate that. 42
I was (W-Am) Cm n ng. Ti trn trng iu .
wondering where people go for lunch. Is there 42
Ti ang t hi mi ngi i n tra u
a cafeteria here? ri. C mt qun c ph no y khng?
(M-Cn) Unfortunately, there isn't one in our (M-Cn) Tht khng may, khng c qun caf
building, but 43there's a cafe next door. A lot of no trong ta nh ca chng ta, nhng 43
us go over there around noon. Why don't you mt qun c ph ngay bn cnh. Nhiu ngi
join us today? trong chng ti hay n n vo gi tra. Ti
(W-Am) That sounds great. I have a training sao hm nay b khng i cng vi chng ti?
session this morning, so I'll meet you there as (W-Am) Nghe c v hay y. Ti c mt bui
soon as it's finished. tp hun sng nay, v vy ti s gp mi ngi
ngay khi ti tp hun xong.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following Cu 44-46 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(W-Br) Excuse me, I bought this jacket here (W-Br) Xin li, ti mua chic o khoc ny
last week, but when I got home, I realized that y vo tun trc, nhng khi ti v nh, ti
one of the buttons was missing. 44
I'd like to nhn thy vi ci nt o b mt. 44 Ti mun
exchange it for another one. i ci khc.
(M-Au) I'm sorry about that. 46This jacket has (M-Au) Ti rt tic v iu . 46
o khoc
been very popular this season and, ny hin ang rt c chung trong ma ny
unfortunately, we're sold out of them right v, tht khng may, by gi chng ti bn
now. Can I show you some other jackets? ht ri. Ti c th cho c xem mt vi kiu o
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Br) Actually, I really like this jacket. Do khoc khc khng?

you know if you'll be getting more of them in (W-Br) Thc s, ti rt thch ci o khoc ny.
the store soon? Anh c bit liu khi no anh c th ly thm
(M-Au) Yes, but 44
let me check the computer mt vi ci bn trong ca hng sm khng?
to see when they're arriving. I'd be happy to put (M-Au) c ch, nhng 44 ti kim tra li
one aside for you once they come in. trn my tnh xem khi no mu o khoc ny
c ca hng. Ti rt vui dnh sn cho C mt
ci khi chng c hng tr li.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following Cu 47-49 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(M-Cn) Divya, I have a question about the (M-Cn): C Divya, ti c mt cu hi lin
client quan n vic t chc bui tic tri n khch
appreciation banquet.47 Do you know how hng. 47
C c bit nm nay chng ta c th
many people we can invite this year? mi bao nhiu khch khng?
(W-Br) 48 I'm still waiting to get a confirmation (W-Br) 48
Ti vn ang ch xc nhn t pha
from the South York Hotel that we can use khch sn South York v vic chng ta c th
their ballroom. If it's available, we can host as s dng phng khiu v ca h khng. Nu
many clients as we like. phng ny c sn, chng ta c th mi c
(M-Cn) Oh, OK. Please let me know as soon as nhiu khch hng nh chng ta mun.
possible. 49
I'd like to send out the invitations (M-Cn) , c ri. Hy cho ti bit cng sm
well in advance. cng tt nh. 49
Ti mun gi th mi cng

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following Cu 50- 52 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(W-Am) Good morning, I'm Susan Cho. I'm (W-Am) Cho bui sng, tn ti l Susan Cho.
here to perform the safety inspection of your 50
Ti n y thc hin vic kim tra an
assembly plant. ton cho nh my lp rp ca C.
(M-Au) It's nice to meet you. I'm Richard (M-Au) Rt vui c gp C. Ti tn l
Tillman, the factory floor manager. I Richard Tillman, ngi qun l nh my.
announced your visit at yesterday's general Trong cuc hp hm qua, ti thng bo vi
Ms Huong HLU .

meeting, so everyone should be ready for you. mi ngi v vic C s n kim tra, v vy
(W-Am) Good.51I brought a checklist of all the hm nay mi ngi u chun b sn sng
areas that I need to look at. It includes some n tip C.
questions for the assembly line supervisors. (W-Am) Tt lm. 51Ti c mang theo mt danh
(M-Au) That's fine. Let me take you around sch mt s khu vc m ti cn phi kim tra.
and introduce you to them. N cng c mt s cu hi dnh cho cc gim
st dy chuyn lp rp y.
(M-Au) Tt y. 52 ti a C tham quan 1
vng v gii thiu C vi h.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following Cu 53- 55 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(W-Am) Carlos, 53
we ordered more test tube (W-Am) Anh Carlo nys, 53
chng ta t
labels for our lab, didn't we? Have they come thm mt s nhn ng nghim cho phng th
in yet? nghim ca chng ta, phi khng? Chng
(M-Cn) I placed an order last Tuesday, but it c giao n cha?
hasn't been delivered yet. The supplier has (M-Cn) Ti t hng vo th ba tun trc,
promised to deliver them by the end of the nhng n vn cha c giao. Bn nh cung
week. 53 Do you have enough labels for today? cp ha s giao chng vo cui tun. 53 Vy
(W-Am) I don't think so. 54
I have to prepare a anh c nhn dng cho hm nay khng?
lot of samples for testing. (W-Am) Ti khng ngh l . 54 Ti hin ang
(M-Cn) Hmmm, that's a problem. 55
Why don't phi chun b rt nhiu mu lm th nghim.
we try asking one of our coworkers? I'll call (M-Cn) Hmmm, l mt vn . 55
Ti sao
Maryanne in the second-floor lab and see if she chng ta khng th hi mt trong nhng ng
can lend us some. nghip ca chng ta xem? Ti s gi cho C
Maryanne phng th nghim trn tng hai v
xem liu c y c th cho chng ti mn mt
t khng.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following Cu 56- 58 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(W-Br) 56 Dr. Lee wants us to enter the medical (W-Br) 56
Bc s Lee mun chng ta nhp h
records of our patients into the new database. s bnh n ca cc bnh nhn vo d liu mi.
Ms Huong HLU .

Do you think we can start today? Anh c ngh rng chng ta c th bt u hm

(M-Cn) That's a lot of files so 57
why don't nay khng?
we take turns entering the data? That way one (M-Cn) C rt nhiu h s - v vy 57
ti sao
of us will always be at the front desk to greet chng ta khng thay phin nhau nhp d
patients when they get here. liu nh? Bng cch mi ngi trong chng
(W-Br) That's a good idea. I can't wait until the ta s lun c mt quy l tn n bnh
records are in the new system. 58
It'll be so nhn khi h c n y.
much easier for us to look up information (W-Br) kin hay. Ti ang rt nng lng
about our patients when they call for an nhp cc h s trong h thng d liu mi y.
appointment. H thng ny s gip chng ta tm kim
thng tin v bnh nhn d dng hn khi h
t lch hn.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following Cu 59 61 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(M-Au) Ms. Weiss? I'm really enjoying this (M-Au) C Weiss phi khng? 59 Ti thc s
exhibit of your paintings. I especially like the rt thch th bui trin lm tranh ca C hm
large landscape of the desert. nay. Ti c bit thch bc tranh phong cnh
(W-Am) Thank you. I've recently returned rng ln ca sa mc.
from a trip to North Africa. Most of my (W-Am) Cm n ng. Gn y ti va tr v
paintings in this gallery were influenced by my t mt chuyn i n Bc Phi. Hu ht cc bc
visit there. tranh ca ti trong b su tp ny u b nh
(M-Au) How interesting. 60 Is it possible to buy hng t chuyn tham quan ca ti .
your artwork? I'd love to purchase the (M-Au) Th v tht. Ti c th mua tc
landscape for my office. phm ngh thut ca C khng? Ti rt mun
(W-Am) I'm sorry but I've already promised mua 1 bc tranh phong cnh treo trong vn
this painting to another customer. But I have a phng ca ti.
similar one at my studio. 61
I can e-mail you a (W-Am) Ti xin li nhng ti ha bn bc
picture to see if you'd be interested in that one tranh ny cho khch hng khc. Nhng ti c
instead. mt bc tranh tng t ti phng tranh ca ti.
Ti s gi hnh nh bc tranh ny qua email
cho ng xem liu ng c thch khng.
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following Cu 62-64 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(M-Au) 62 I'm calling from technical support to (M-Au) 62 Ti ang gi t phng h tr k
let you know we'll be replacing your computer thut bo cho B bit rng chng ti s n
next Thursday. The installation will take about thay my tnh ca B vo th Nm tun ti.
two hours. Will there be a time when you won't Vic lp t s mt khong hai gi. Xin cho ti
be using your computer that we could come bit c lc no b khng s dng my tnh
by? chng ti c th n lp khng?
(W-Br) Well, actually, I won't be working next (W-Br) Vng, thc s, th Nm ti ti khng
Thursday, so any time would be fine. I have lm vic trn my tnh, v vy bt c lc no
one question though will you transfer all of Anh n cng c. 63
Sn y ti mun hi -
my files to the new computer, or should I make Anh s chuyn tt c cc tp tin ca ti vo
backup copies before you come? my tnh mi ch, hay ti s t sao lu trc
(M-Au) We'll copy all of your files and put khi Anh n?
them on the new computer for you. But when (M-Au) Chng ti s sao chp tt c cc tp tin
you first log on, you'll need to choose a new vo my tnh mi cho B. Nhng ln ng
password. 64
I'll leave instructions for how to nhp u tin, B s cn phi chn mt mt
do that on your desk. khu mi. 64Ti s li hng dn cch chn
mt khu trn bn cho B.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following Cu 65-67 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(W-Am) Hello, Mr. Whitman? This is Susan (W-Am) Xin cho, Anh Whitman phi khng?
Wright, the editor of Mountain Ridge Ti l Susan Wright, bin tp vin ca Tp ch
Magazine. 65 I'm calling because I'd like you to Mountain Ridge. 65
Ti ang gi cho Anh bi
write an article for our publication. We've seen v ti mun mi Anh vit mt bi cho n
previous articles you've written on rock phm sp ti ca chng ti. Chng ti xem
climbing, and we're impressed with your work. cc bi bo trc y m Anh vit v leo
(M-Au) I'm glad to hear that. I've been reading ni, v chng ti rt n tng vi cng vic
your magazine for many years, so I'm excited ca Anh.
about the opportunity to write for you. 66 Could (M-Au) Ti rt vui khi nghe iu . Ti
you give me more details about the subject you c tp ch ca B trong nhiu nm, v vy ti
Ms Huong HLU .

want me to write about? rt vui mng khi c c hi vit bi cho B.

(W-Am) We'd like you to review some rock- B c th cho ti bit thm chi tit v cc
climbing equipment that's just come on the ch m B mun ti vit khng?
market. (W-Am) Chng ti mun Anh vit bi nh
We'll send you the equipment you'll be gi v mt s thit b leo ni va mi xut hin
reviewing. If possible, I'd like to have the trn th trng.
review by the end of the month so we can 67
Chng ti s gi cho Anh cc thit b Anh
include it in our August issue. xem. Nu c th, ti mun nhn bi ng gi
ca Anh vo cui thng v vy chng ti c th
pht hnh n trong tp ch thng Tm ca
chng ti.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following Cu 68-70 lin quan n on hi thoi sau
conversation. y:
(M-Cn) Sarita, this is Robert Pierson from the (M-Cn) C Sarita, y l Robert Pierson t b
marketing department. I sent you my phn tip th. Ti gi cho C bng xut
department's budget proposal for next year. ngn qu cho phng ban ca ti trong nm ti.
Unfortunately, I made an error in my Tht khng may, ti mc li trong qu trnh
calculations. 68 I was wondering if the proposal tnh ton. 68
Ti ang t hi liu xut
has been reviewed yet or if there's still time for c xem xt cha hoc nu c vn cn kp
me to make a correction. cho ti sa li ?
(W-Am) Well, the budget meeting isn't until (W-Am) Vng, cuc hp v ngn qu s khng
this afternoon, so you still have time to make bt u cho n chiu nay, v vy Anh vn c
changes. thi gian thay i.
69 69
(M-Cn) Oh, excellent. I almost forgot that (M-Cn) Oh, tuyt vi. Ti sut qun rng k
my department's planning to hire an additional hoch ca b phn ti l cn phi thu thm
project manager, so I want to increase our mt ngi qun l d n, v vy ti mun tng
budget request by five percent. ngn sch yu cu ca chng ti ln nm phn
(W-Am) No problem.70 Why don't you give me trm.
the details and I'll revise the document before I (W-Am) Khng thnh vn . Ti sao Anh
make copies for the meeting. khng cung cp cho ti bng k hoch chi tit
v ti s r sot li c ti liu trc khi ti lm
Ms Huong HLU .

bn sao cho cuc hp chiu nay.

Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following Cu 71-73 lin quan n li nhn sau y:
telephone message. (M-Au) Xin cho anh Robin, ti l John y.
(M-Au) Hi, Robin, it's John. I'm calling to let Ti gi cho Anh bit rng hm nay ti s
you know that I'll be a little late getting to the n vn phng mun 1 cht. My nc nng
office today. My water heater suddenly ca ti t nhin ngng hot ng, v vy ti
stopped working, so I called a repairperson to gi th n sa n. 71
Ti ang ch anh ta
come and fix it.71 I'm waiting for him to get n nh sa. Tht khng may 72
iu ny c
here. Unfortunately 72
this means I won't be ngha l ti s khng th tham d cc cuc hp
able to attend the sales meeting at nine thirty. 73 bn hng lc chn gi ri. 73 Ti cc bn
There are copies of the meeting agenda on my sao ca chng trnh hp trn bn ca mnh -
deskcould you hand them out at the Anh c th gip ti phn pht cho mi ngi
meeting? Thanks so much. ti cuc hp? Cm n Anh rt nhiu.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following Cu 74-76 lin quan n chng trnh pht
radio advertisement. thanh sau y:
(W-Br) 74
Don't miss your chance to enter (W-Br) 74
ng b l c hi ca bn tham
Radio KJNT's local music competition, gia cuc thi m nhc a phng trn i pht
sponsored by the Tempo Shop! The contest is thanh KJNT, do Tempo Shop ti tr! Cuc thi
open to all local musical artists and groups. 75
dnh cho tt c cc ngh s m nhc v cc
Just send your music sample to the radio nhm nhc trong vng. Ch cn gi mu bi
station by October first. All submissions ht d thi ca bn n i pht thanh trc
should be recorded on a CD and accompanied thng 10. Tt c cc bi ht d thi phi c
by an entry form. Our judges will choose ten ghi trn a CD v gi cng vi n xin d thi.
finalists to compete, and cash prizes will be Cc gim kho ca chng ti s chn mi
awarded to the top three performers. 76
For ngi vo vng chung kt tranh ti, v gii
more details, please visit us at thng tin mt s c trao cho ba ca s ng u. 76 bit thm chi tit, xin vui lng xem
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following Cu 77-79 lin quan n thng bo sau y:
announcement. (M-Cn) Tt c nhn vin ch , 77
y l mt
Ms Huong HLU .

(M-Cn) Attention, employees. This is a li nhc nh rng cng vic tri thm nha s
reminder that repaving work will be taking bt u sut tun ti ti khu vc bi u xe
place all next week in the west parking area. pha ty. Do vic gim bt s lng ch u xe
Because of the reduced number of available c sn, 78 cc nhn vin c khuyn khch nn
parking spaces, 78 employees are encouraged to i chung xe trong thi gian d n din ra. 79

share rides for the duration of the repaving Mt t giy ng k i chung xe c t

project.79 A sign-up sheet for carpooling has trong qun c ph. Nu bn mun sp xp i
been posted in the cafeteria. If you'd like to chung xe, hydng li n tra ti qun caf ny
arrange to share a ride, stop by at lunch and v sau vit tn vi s in thoi ca bn
add your name and phone number to the list. vo danh sch.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following Cu 80-82 lin quan n li nhn thoi sau
recorded message. y:
(W-Am) Thank you for calling the offices of (W-Am) Cm n bn gi n vn phng
Clifton Associates. 80
Our lawyers are ca Clifton Associates. 80
Cc lut s ca
committed to providing you with the best legal chng ti cam kt s cung cp cho bn cc dch
81 81
services in the Belmont area. Currently, we v php l tt nht trong khu vc Belmont.
are closed as we relocate to our new offices at Hin ti, chng ti ang tm ng ca bi v
46 Spencer Street. If your call is urgent, please chng ti s chuyn n vn phng mi ti s
leave a message after the toneour associate. 46 ng Spencer. Nu cuc gi ca bn l
Catherine Walsh is checking our voice-mail khn cp, xin vui lng li li nhn cho
system regularly and will be able to relay your chng ti. Anh Catherine Walsh thng
message. For all other matters, we look xuyn kim tra h thng hp th thoi v c
forward to speaking with you personally when th tr li ngay li nhn ca bn. i vi tt c
our office reopens on Tuesday. Thank you. cc vn khc, chng ti rt mong c ni
chuyn trc tip vi bn khi vn phng chng
ti m ca li vo th ba. Cm n bn.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following Cu 83-85 lin quan n mu qung co sau
advertisement. y:
(M-Br) Are you planning a special event? 83
(M-Br) C phn bn ang lm k hoch t
The Gatestown Event Hall is the best place in chc mt s kin c bit? 83
Trung tm t
town to celebrate weddings, birthdaysany chc s kin Gatestown l ni tt nht trong
Ms Huong HLU .

special occasion. Our facility features spacious th trn t chc tic ci, sinh nht, bt k
dining rooms and 84
party halls that can be dp c bit no. Tin ch ca chng ti l
easily arranged for gatherings of all sizes. We phng n rng ri v 84 cc snh tic c th d
have reception rooms that are just right for dng sp xp cho cc nhm vi nhiu kch c
small groups, while our largest hall will khc nhau. Chng ti c cc phng tip khch
accommodate up to 300 people. Catering is dnh cho cc nhm nh, trong khi hi trng
available on-site, and 85
for a limited time, ln nht ca chng ti s phc v n 300
we're offering discounts off all catering orders. ngi. Dch v n ung c sn, v 85 trong mt
So make your reservation now! Call 555-0100 thi gian gii hn no , chng ti s cung
today. cp mc gi gim cho tt c cc n t hng
phc v. V vy, hy gi cho chng ti 555-
0100 ngay hm nay t ch!
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following Cu 86-88 lin quan n on trch sau trong
excerpt from a meeting. mt cuc hp:
(M-Cn) Thank you all for coming to our (M-Cn) Cm n tt c cc bn n tham d
quarterly sales and marketing meeting. To start cuc hp bn hng v tip th c t chc
off, 86
I'm happy to report that our new hng qu ca chng ti. bt u, 86 Ti vui
children's footwear line has been an amazing mng bo co rng dng giy dp tr em mi
success! In only a few short months, it's ca chng ta t c thnh cng ng kinh
become our best-selling line of shoes. In fact, ngc! Ch trong vi thng ngn ngi, n tr
87 87
they've become so popular that we've thnh dng giy dp bn chy nht. Thc t,
decided to start selling them abroad next year. chng tr nn qu ph bin n ni chng
We've hired an international marketing ti quyt nh s bt u bn chng ra nc
consultant based in Singapore to give us expert ngoi trong nm ti. 88
Chng ti thu mt
advice on marketing our shoes overseas. 88
Her nh t vn th trng quc t c tr s ti
name is Maggie Tan, and we've arranged for Singapore t vn cho chng ti v th
her to join us today to talk about some of the trng giy nc ngoi. 88
C y tn l
challenges of breaking into a new market. Maggie Tan, v hm nay chng ti sp xp
cho C tham gia vo cuc hp ny ni v
mt s thch thc khi xm nhp vo th trng
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following Cu 89-91 lin quan n on thng bo sau
announcement. y:
89 89
(W-Am) Good evening, everyone. Welcome (W-Am) Cho bui ti. Cho mng cc bn
to this special celebration in honor of Dr. n vi l k nim c bit vinh danh Tin s
Anthony Heller, who is retiring after 35 years Anthony Heller, ngi sp ngh hu sau 35
with the Society for Environmental Sciences. nm lm vic cng Hi Cc nh Khoa hc Mi
90 90
Now, there's no doubt that Dr. Heller is best trng. Hin ti, khng c g nghi ng rng
known for his distinguished work as the Tin s Heller c bit n nhiu nht cho
director of the research center. But, as some of cng vic xut sc ca mnh vi t cch l
you will remember, Dr. Heller began his gim c ca trung tm nghin cu. Tuy nhin,
professional career as a field biologist. 91
Now nh mt vi bn bit, trc y Tin s Heller
that he's retiring, he plans to write a nature bt u s nghip s nghip ca mnh nh
column for the Hartland Daily newspaper. His l mt nh sinh vt hc. 91 By gi ng y sp
first column on common fish found in the v hu, ng d nh vit bi bo v thin nhin
Hartland River, will appear next month. cho t bo Hartland. Bi u tin ca ng ni
v loi c thng c tm thy sng
Hartland, s xut hin vo thng ti.

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following Cu 92-94 lin quan n on trch sau y t
excerpt from a meeting. mt cuc hp.
(M-Cn) So, now I'd like to talk a bit more (M-Cn) V vy, by gi ti mun ni thm mt
about the upcoming NatTech Technology cht v cc Hi ngh Cng ngh NatTech sp
Conference in Vancouver. This year, 92
we're ti ti Vancouver. Nm nay, 92
chng ti ang
planning to send three reporters to the lp k hoch mi ba phng vin n hi
conference. Keep in mind that this is one of the ngh. Hy nh rng y l mt trong nhng s
biggest industry events of the year, and as a kin cng nghip ln nht ca nm, v v l
leading technology Web site, we need to mt trang web cng ngh hng u, chng ta
provide our readers with comprehensive news cn phi cung cp cho c gi vi cc bn tin
coverage. 92, 93
If you think you might be ton din. 92, 93
Nu bn ngh rng bn c th
interested in reporting on this event, please let quan tm n vic bo co v s kin ny, vui
me know by the end of the day. If you're lng cho ti bit vo cui ngy. Nu bn ang
Ms Huong HLU .

94 94
selected, I'll e-mail you more details about cn nhc, ti s gi email cho bn bit thm
plane tickets and lodging arrangements later in chi tit v v my bay v sp xp ch vo cui
the week. tun ny.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following Cu 95-97 lin quan n bi gii thiu sau y:
introduction. (W-Am) Cho mng qu khch n cng vin
(W-Am) Welcome to Westwood City Park. My Thnh ph Westwood. Tn ti l Ingrid, v ti
name is Ingrid, and I'll be your tour guide s l hng dn du lch ca bn ngy hm nay.
today. As some of you may know, in 1920, the Nh mt vi qu khch bit, trong nm
town of Westwood installed a number of 1920, th trn ca Westwood trng by mt
sculptures in this public park for residents to s tc phm iu khc trong cng vin cng
enjoy. Since then, 95
this town has become cng ny cho mi ngi thng thc. K t
known for its sculpture garden, which now , 95
th trn ny tr nn ni ting vi khu
contains over 50 impressive installations. In vn iu khc ca n, khu vn ny hin c
fact, 96
just last year, renowned director hn 50 cng trnh iu khc y n tng.
Santiago Torres was so inspired by his visit Thc vy, 96
ch nm ngoi, o din ni ting
here that he filmed a full-length documentary Santiago Torres qu n tng cng vic ny
about the park. After we've toured these trong chuyn tham quan ca ng n ni ng
beautiful grounds, 97
we'll stop at the gift shop, sn xut ra mt b phim ti liu di ni v
where you can buy some great souvenirs. Let's n. Sau khi chng tai tham quan cc cnh p
get started! y, 97
chng ta s gh ca hng qu tng,
ni y bn c th mua mt s qu lu nim
tuyt p. Bt u no!
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the Cu 98-100 lin quan n bi pht thanh sau
following radio broadcast. y:
(M-Au) This is Rick MacEvoy, host of Auto (M-Au) Ti l Rick MacEvoy, ngi pht
Update, 98
your source for all the latest in ngn ca chng trnh AutoUpdate, 98
automotive news. Yesterday, industry leader cung cp cc thng tin mi nht v th trng
Inaba Company released their newest line of t ca bn. Hm qua, lnh o ca Cng ty
high-performance tires. According to a Inaba tung ra dng lp xe hiu sut cao mi
company representative, 99
the new model was nht ca h. Theo ngi i din ca cng ty,
engineered to last longer than any other tire 99
m hnh mi ny c thit k s c bn
Ms Huong HLU .

currently available on the marketand a cao hn so vi bt k lp xe no khc hin c

number of product tests have confirmed that trn th trng v cc th nghim sn phm
the tires really do seem to be incredibly cng khng nh rng cc lp xe thc s c
durable. If you check the Inaba Web site, bn cao. 100 Nu bn xem trn trang web Inaba,
you'll find a detailed comparison of the new bn s thy mt bng so snh chi tit cc lp xe
tires with comparable models from its mi vi cc m hnh t i th cnh tranh ca
competitors. n.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following Cu hi 41 - 43 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:
41 41
(W-Am) Jacob, are you sure the art gallery's (W-Am) Anh Jacob ny, Anh c chc bui
ready for the opening tonight? I was just in trin lm ngh thut sn sng khai mc ti
there, and 42
it looked like a few of the nay ch? Ti va mi v, v 42
trng c
paintings weren't very well lit. v nh mt vi vi bc tranh khng c
(M-Cn) I hadn't noticed that, but we can adjust sng cho lm
the spotlights to make sure they're focused on (M-Cn) Ti khng bit iu , nhng
the artwork. chng ta c th iu chnh n m bo cc
(W-Am) OK, 43 I'll get a ladder from the supply nh sng tp trung vo tc phm ngh thut.
closet and we can do that right now. (W-Am) Vng, ti s ly ci thang t phng
thit b v chng ta c th lm ngay by gi.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following Cu hi 41 - 43 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:
(W-Am) Good evening. I'm Kira, and I'll be (W-Am) Cho bui ti. Ti tn l Kira, v ti
your server. 44
Tonight we have a special that's s l ngi phc v Anh ti nay. 44
Chng ti
not listed on the menu. It's roast chicken, and c 1 mn n c bit khng c lit k trn
it's served with mashed potatoes and sauteed menu. l mn tht g nng, v n c n
wild mushrooms. km vi khoai ty nghin v nm rng xo.
(M-Au) That sounds delicious. But 45
is it (M-Au) Nghe ngon y. Nhng 45
c th cho
possible to have it with rice instead of ti cm thay v khoai ty khng?
Ms Huong HLU .

potatoes? (W-Am) Oh, ti khng chc chn nu chng

(W-Am) Oh, I'm not sure if we can serve it that ti c th phc v ng mn khng. Nhng
way. But 46
give me a moment to ask the chef, 46
i ti hi u bp mt cht, v ti s cho
and Ill let you know. Anh bit.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following Cu hi 47 - 49 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:
(M-Au) Roxanne, are you having any problems (M-Au) C Roxanne ny, C c gp vn g
with your computer? Mine hasn't been working vi my tnh ca C khng? Ci my tnh ca
right since 47
they upgraded everyone's ti khng hot ng c ngay t lc 47
computer yesterday. nng cp my tnh cho mi ngi ngy hm
(W-Br) Actually, all of my programs have been qua.
running much faster. I'm really impressed with (W-Br) Trn thc t, tt c cc chng trnh
the new software. What's the problem with ca ti u chy nhanh hn nhiu. Ti thc s
yours? n tng vi cc phn mm mi. C vn
(M-Au) I can't play any audio files. The vi my tnh ca Anh vy?
speakers are on, and the volume is turned up as (M-Au) 48Ti khng th nghe bt k tp tin m
high as it can go, but I still can't hear anything. thanh no. Ti m loa, v vn m lng ln
(W-Br) 49
Did you check the speaker cables? ht mc, nhng ti vn khng th nghe g.
Maybe one of the cables is loose, and it's not (W-Br) 49 Anh kim tra dy loa cha? C l
connecting the computer and the speakers mt trong nhng si dy loa b lng, v do vy
correctly. n khng c ni vi my tnh v loa chnh
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following Cu hi 50 - 52 lin quan n cuc i thoi

conversation. sau:
(M-Cn) Hi, this is Jim Tanaka calling from (M-Cn) Xin cho, ti l Jim Tanaka gi t
room 323. phng 323.
I just got my bill, and there seems to be a 50
Ti va nhn ha n ca mnh, v c v
mistake. It looks like I'm being charged for nh n c s nhm ln. Dng nh ti ang b
staying three nights, when I only stayed two. tnh ph cho ba m, trong khi ti ch li
(W-Br) Let me pull up your bill, Mr. Tanaka. c hai m.
My computer shows that you arrived on (W-Br) ti m ha n ca ng xem, ng
Thursday and are checking out this morning. Is Tanaka. My tnh ca ti cho thy rng ng
that incorrect? nhn phng vo ngy th nm v tr phng
(M-Cn) I flew in on Friday, not on Thursday. If sng nay. khng chnh xc phi khng ?
you'd like, 51I can come down to the front desk (M-Cn) Ti bay n y ngy th Su, khng
and show you my plane ticket before I leave for phi th Nm. Nu C mun, 51
Ti c th i
the airport. xung quy l tn cho C xem v my bay ca
(W-Br) That won't be necessary. I'll go ahead ti trc khi ti ri khi sn bay.
and fix the error. Is there anything else I can (W-Br) Khng cn u . Ti s sa li li
help you with? 52Perhaps call a taxi to take you ngay. Ti cn c th gip ng iu g khc
to the airport? khng? 52
C l ti s gi mt chic taxi
a ng n sn bay?
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following Cu hi 53 - 55 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:
(W-Am) Hi, Marcus. 53 I heard the engineering (W-Am) Xin cho, anh Marcus. 53
Ti nghe
team ni i k thut t vn phng Seoul s n
from our Seoul office is visiting next week to thm vn phng ca chng ta vo tun ti
discuss the plans for the new wind turbine. tho lun v k hoch cho sn phm tua bin
Do you know who's coordinating their visit? chy bng sc gi mi.
(M-Au) I am, actually. 54
The schedule's pretty Anh c bit ai s tip n h trong chuyn
full you didn't want to add anything, did thm ny khng?
you? (M-Au) Thc s, ti bit. 54
Lch lm vic
(W-Am) 55
I was hoping that some of our nu y - B khng mun thm bt c iu
Ms Huong HLU .

interns could meet with them for an hour I g, phi khng?

think the interns would really find it (W-Am) 55Ti hy vng rng mt s tp s vin
interesting. ca chng ta c th gp vi h trong mt gi -
(M-Au) 55
Why don't you bring them to lunch Ti ngh rng cc tp s vin s nhn thy
on Tuesday? I was planning something casual cuc gp g ny th v.
anyway. (M-Au) 55
Vy sao B khng mi h cng i
n tra vo th ba? Du sao i na ti cng
ln k hoch nh thng l.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following Cu hi 56 - 58 lin quan n cuc i thoi

conversation. sau:
56 56
(M-Au) I just found out that the shipment of (M-Au) Ti va pht hin ra rng cc l
those designer dresses from Bruni's fall hng ca nhng trang phc c thit k t b
collection has been delayed in Paris now we su tp ma thu ca Bruni b tr hon
won't get them until Tuesday. Paris v vy by gi chng ta s khng nhn
(W-Br) Oh no. 57
We were supposed to c chng cho n th ba.
photograph those dresses on Monday for the (W-Br) khng. 57
Chng ta c giao vic
October issue of the magazine. I thought the phi chp nhng trang phc vo th hai
designer said she'd send them express delivery. ng trn tp ch thng Mi. Ti ngh nh
(M-Au) Well, she didn't, so it looks like we're thit k nn ni rng c y s gi chuyn pht
going to have to reschedule. 58
I'll call the nhanh cc bn thit k .
photographer right away and see if he's (M-Au) Vng, c y khng ni nh vy, c v
available later in the week. nh chng ta phi sp lch chp li. 58
Ti s
gi cc cho nhip nh gia ngay xem liu anh
ta c rnh vo cui tun ny.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following Cu hi 59 - 61 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:
(M-Cn) Excuse me 59
I'm interested in (M-Cn) Xin li 59
Ti ang quan tm n
becoming a member of this fitness center, but I vic tr thnh mt thnh vin ca trung tm th
have a question: What does the membership dc ny, nhng ti c mt cu hi: Ph hi vin
Ms Huong HLU .

fee include? s bao gm nhng g?

(W-Am) Well, we have a pool, a running track, (W-Am) Vng, chng ti c mt h bi, mt
and many different kinds of exercise ng chy b, v nhiu loi thit b tp th
equipment. If you have time now, 60I can show dc khc. Nu by gi Anh c thi gian, ti c
you around the facility. th dn Anh tham quan 1 vng quanh phng
(M-Cn) Thanks, but I'm on my lunch break, tp.
and I have to get back to the office but (M-Cn) Cm n, nhng by gi ti ang n
could I have a tour tomorrow morning, before tra, v ti phi tr v vn phng lm vic -
work? nhng ti c th hn tham quan vo sng mai,
(W-Am) Of course but if you'd like to talk trc khi ti i lm c khng?
to some current members about the services we (W-Am) Tt nhin - nhng nu Anh mun ni
offer, 61
I'd recommend that you come back chuyn vi mt s thnh vin hin ang tri
after work today, since evenings are the busiest nghim cc dch v chng ti cung cp, Ti
time around here. khuyn Anh nn tr li sau gi lm vic hm
nay, t sau bui ti l thi gian nhn nhp nht
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following Cu hi 62 - 64 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:
(W-Br) Carl, 62could you send me last quarter's (W-Br) Carl ny, 62 Anh c th gi cho ti tng
production totals for the new microchip? I have doanh s sn xut qu trc ca cc vi mch
a meeting with the board of directors tomorrow mi khng? Ti s c mt cuc hp vi ban
they'll want to know if we've increased gim c vo ngy mai - h mun bit liu
output enough to meet demand. chng ta c th tng doanh s p ng nhu
(M-Cn) Of course. I'll e-mail you the numbers cu ca h khng.
as soon as I get back to my desk. But I can tell (M-Cn) c ch. Ti s gi email cho B
you now that even though production's up, nhng s liu ny ngay sau khi ti quay li bn
orders are coming in faster than we can fill lm vic ca mnh. Nhng ti mun ni vi B
them. 63
We just can't find enough people to by gi d chng ta c y mnh sn xut,
hire who have the skills we need. chng ta vn khng th p ng cc n
(W-Br) Maybe 64
it's time we start our own hng. 63 Chng ta khng th thu cc nhn
training program. It would be a big financial cng c nng lc nh chng ta cn.
Ms Huong HLU .

investment in our workforce, but that's better (W-Br) C th 64

y l lc chng ta nn bt
than losing business. u chng trnh o to nhn cng. Chc
chn s mt nhiu tin u t vo lc lng
lao ng ca chng ta, nhng cn hn l lm
n thua l.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following Cu hi 65 67 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:
(W-Br) I see from your resume that 65you have (W-Br) Ti xem qua h s xin vic ca Anh
an extensive background in marketing and ni rng 65
Anh c kin thc tng qut v tip
thus you're working as a manager at the Lee th - v hin Anh ang lm gim c ti C
Harrington Agency. Can you tell me a bit more quan Harrington Lee. Anh c th cho ti bit
about the projects you've worked on there? thm mt cht v cc d n m Anh lm
(M-Au) Well, 66
I've worked with a diverse vic khng?
group of clients on a wide range of marketing (M-Au) Vng, 66
Ti lm vic vi rt nhiu
projects M Most recently I led the team that nhm khch hng khc nhau v mt lot cc
developed a television commercial for Trail d n tip th. Gn y nht, ti dn dt i
Run Snacks. nhm ca mnh nghin cu pht trin mt
(W-Br) Lee Harrington is a highly respected chng trnh qung co trn truyn hnh cho
firm what made you decide to apply for a cng ty Trail Run Snacks.
position here at the Milfort Company? (W-Br) Lee Harrington l mt cng ty c uy
(M-Au) Oh, I enjoy my job there, but the tn cao trn th trng vy iu g khin
company only has offices here in Boston. 67I'm anh quyt nh xin vic yti Cng ty
very interested in the fact that the Milfort Milfort ca chng ti?
Company has offices all over the world (M-Au) , ti thch cng vic ca ti ,
someday I'd like to have the opportunity to nhng cng ty ch c vn phng Boston.
work internationally. 67
Ti rt quan tm n vic cng ty Milfort
hin c cc vn phng trn ton th gii - mt
ngy no ti mun c c hi lm vic ti
cc vn phng trn khp th gii.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following Cu hi 68-70 lin quan n cuc i thoi
conversation. sau:.
Ms Huong HLU .

(M-Cn) Hi, Mingmei? It's Sasha. I'm just (M-Cn) Xin cho, Mingmei phi khng? Ti l
calling to see if the installer has been to the Sasha y. 68
Ti gi hi C xem nhn vin
warehouse to put in the new deep freezer. lp t n nh kho lp t ng mi
(W-Am) I was just about to call you. It seems cha.
we have a bit of a problem. 69
The electrical (W-Am) Ti va nh gi cho bn. C v nh
supply isn't sufficient for such a large unit. ang c mt cht rc ri. 69
in khng cung
(M-Cn) We really need that deep freezer cp cho mt nh kho ln nh vy.
installed. We have a large shipment of frozen (M-Cn) Chng ta thc s cn lp mt t ng.
shrimp arriving in three days. 70
Could you Chng ti c mt l hng tm ng lnh ln s
please get in touch with the utility company n trong ba ngy na. 70 C vui lng lin lc
and see if someone can come out right away? gip ti vi cc cng ty tin ch v hi xem
liu h c th c nhn vin no n y
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following Cu hi 71-73 lin quan n bn tin thi tit
weather report. sau:
(M-Cn) Good afternoon, this is Casey Davis (M-Cn) Cho bui chiu, ti l Casey Davis t
from CRPX, with your local weather report. CRPX, ngi dn chng trnh d bo thi tit
This week's hot weather will end this a phng ca bn. 71
Thi tit nng tun ny
afternoon, when we'll finally get some rain. s kt thc chiu nay, tri s c ma. D an
You can expect some light showers starting tri s ma nh lc 1 gi. 72
Tri ma khng
around one o'clock. 72
The rain shouldn't affect nh hng g n vic thu hoch ma v cui
this weekend's harvest parade; but, if you're tun ny; nhng, nu bn ang nh i diu
going to the parade, 73you may want to take an hnh, 73
bn nn cm chic d phng h. Vo
umbrella just in case. By Monday, we'll have th hai, tri s nng tr li, v nhit s tr
sunshine again, and temperatures will return to v khong mi by .
around seventeen degrees.
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following Cu hi 74 -76 lin quan n tin nhn in
telephone message. thoi di y:
74 74
(W-Am) Hi, Mr. Reed, this is Margo from (W-Am) Xin cho, ng Reed, Ti l Margo
Tweed Menswear. 75
I'm calling to let you t cng ty Tweed Menswear. 75Ti ang gi
know that we're finished with the alterations on cho ng bit rng chng ti sa xong chic
the trousers you purchased. 76
The shop will be qun bn mua. 76Ca hng s ng ca vo
closed next week, so if you're unable to pick tun ti, v vy nu ng khng th gh qua
them up by Friday, you'll have to wait until we ly n vo th Su, ng s phi ch i cho
reopen on September first. Thank you again for n khi chng ti m ca tr li vo ngy 1/9.
your business, and we hope to see you soon. Cm n ng v mua hng ca chng ti, v
hy vng sm c gp ng.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following Cu hi 77 - 79 lin quan n thng bo sau.
announcement. (W-Br) Cho bui ti, 77
cc c gi quen ca
(W-Br) Good evening, 77
library patrons. We'll th vin. Chng ti s ng ca trong 30 pht
be closing in 30 minutes. If you're working on na. Nu cc bn ang lm vic trn mt my
a public computer, we ask that you shut it tnh cng cng, chng ti yu cu bn tt my
down before you leave. 78
If you would like to trc khi ri khi th vin. 78
Nu cc bn
check out any books, please proceed to the mun tr sch, xin vui lng n quy phc v
service desk near the front entrance. Also, we'd gn li vo pha trc. Ngoi ra, chng ti
like to remind you that 79we will be showing a mun nhc bn rng 79chng ti s t chc mt
free movie tomorrow evening at six o'clock bui chiu phim min ph vo lc 6h ngy mai.
called Life in Tuscany. Please join us for this B phim c tn l Cuc sng Tuscany. Hy
wonderful film. tham gia cng chng ti vi b phim tuyt vi
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following Cu hi 80-82 lin quan n chng trnh pht
radio broadcast. thanh sau.
(M-Cn) Welcome to What's Going On, where (M-Cn) Cho mng bn n vi chng trnh
we give you the latest news about books, films, Chuyn g ang din ra, ni m chng ti s
and more. I'm Jim Harlow, your host. To start cung cp cho bn nhng tin tc mi nht v
our show, 80I'd like to recommend Ann Nolan's cc cun sch, phim nh, v nhiu hn na.
new novel called Where the Wind Settles Ti l Jim Harlow, ngi s dn chng trnh
Ms Huong HLU .

Down. It's an intriguing story about a small ny. bt u chng trnh, 80Ti mun gii
town in New Mexico in the 1930s. Of course, thiu vi cc bn cun tiu thuyt mi ca Ann
we're exceptionally proud of 81
Ann Nolan, Nolan c tn gi l Ni u gi lng xung.
since she's lived in our town for many years. y l mt cu chuyn hp dn v mt th trn
I'm sure the book's going to be a best seller, nh nm New Mexico trong thp nin 1930.
and I encourage you to pick up a copy. Up Tt nhin, chng ti rt t ho v 81Ann Nolan,
next, I'll have a review of the latest album bi v B y sng th trn ca chng ti trong
release from the band Tribal Journey. nhiu nm qua. Ti chc rng y s l cun
sch bn chy nht, v ti khuyn khch bn
nn mua bn sao. 82
Tip theo, ti s nh gi
album pht hnh mi nht ca nhm nhc
Tribal Journey.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following Cu hi 83-85 lin quan n on trch sau y
excerpt from a meeting. t mt cuc hp.
(W-Am) Next, 83,84we'd like to congratulate the (W-Am) Tip theo, 83,84
Chng ti mun chc
employee with the highest customer service mng mt nhn vin c xp hng cao
ratings at the car dealership this quarter nht v dch v chm sc khch hng ti cc
Jessica Brenner. Many customers have said i l xe hi trong qu ny - C Jessica
that Jessica's the most helpful car salesperson Brenner. Nhiu khch hng ni rng Jessica
they've ever encountered. And not only does l nhn vin bn xe hu ch nht m h tng
Jessica keep the customers happy, but her gp. V khng ch lm Jessica lm khch hng
positive attitude makes her a wonderful hi lng, m thi tch cc ca c cn gip
colleague as well. As a token of our c y tr thnh mt ng nghip tuyt vi.
appreciation, 85
we're giving Jessica a 200- Nh s nh gi cao ca chng ti, 85chng ti
dollar gift certificate to Pierre's Bistro. Let's dnh tng cho C Jessica mt phiu qu tng
give a round of applause for Jessica. tr gi 200 n Bistro Pierre. Hy dnh cho
C Jessica mt trng pho tay ln.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following Cu hi 86-88 lin quan n thng bo sau.
announcement. (M-Au) Ti rt vui khi 86
cho n tt c cc
(M-Au) I'm pleased to 86
welcome everyone to bn n tham d cuc hp bo hm nay.
the Journalism Today conference. We're happy Chng ti vui mng khi thy cc phng vin t
Ms Huong HLU .

to have reporters joining us from a variety of nhiu lnh vc khc nhau cng n y tham
different fields. But before I introduce the gia vi chng ti. Nhng trc khi ti gii
keynote speaker, 87I have a note about a change thiu din gi chnh, 87ti xin lu v mt thay
to one of today's programs. The Medical i nh trong chng trnh ngy hm nay.
Journalism panel has been rescheduled to start Cuc hp cc bo ch ngnh y t s bt u tr
later in the day. It will be held at 3 P.M. and hn 1 cht trong ngy hm nay. N s c t
will still be in the Parkview Room. More chc lc 3 gi v s vn t chc trong phng
information about today's programs is available Parkview. 88
thng tin chi tit v cc chng
at the registration desk. trnh hm nay u c sn ti bn ng k.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following Cu hi 89-91 lin quan n qung co sau.
advertisement. (W-Br) C phi bn ang lm ch mt doanh
(W-Br) Do you own a small business? Are you nghip nh? Bn qu bn rn khi dn dp vn
too busy to clean your office or store every phng ca bn mi m? 89Nu bn mun bo
night? 89
If you want to make sure your m cng ty ca bn lun c sch s, hy
business is kept immaculately clean, call gi n cng ty Hartford Cleaners. 90
iu lm
Hartford Cleaners. What sets us apart from chng ti khc vi cc dch v lau dn khc l
other cleaning services is our commitment to s cam kt vi mi trng ca chng ti.
the environment. We use only safe, non-toxic, Chng ti ch s dng cc sn phm lm sch
and biodegradable cleaning products. Call us at sinh hc, an ton, v khng c hi. Hy gi
555-0115 to make an appointment. And 91 visit cho chng ti ti s in thoi 555-0115 t
our Web site,, to print out lch hn. V truy cp vo trang web ca
a discount coupon to use for your first chng ti,, in ra mt
cleaning. phiu gim gi s dng cho dch v dn dp
u tin cho vn phng ca bn.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following Cu hi 89-91 lin quan n thng bo sau.
announcement. (M-Cn) Ti rt vui khi ni rng tun trc
(M-Cn) I'm happy to say that last week our cng ty chng ta k mt tha thun c
company signed an exclusive deal with quyn vi cc nh phn phi Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi Distributors in Tokyo. 92
This is Tokyo. 92
y l 1 tin rt tuyt - Nht Bn l
great news Japan's a whole new market for mt th trng hon ton mi i vi chng ta.
us. The people at Yamaguchi were very Nhng ngi dn Yamaguchi rt n tng
Ms Huong HLU .

impressed with our new line of folding vi dng sn phm mi xe p ca chng ta.
commuter bicycles. There's one thing though Tuy vy c mt iu - 93
mi ngi
while 93
everyone at Yamaguchi loved the Yamaguchi thch thit k ca chic xe p ny,
design, they did suggest that we expand our h ngh chng ta thm mt s mu sc
color selection. So, 94
before we start na. V vy, 94
trc khi chng ta bt u sn
production, we're going to conduct a survey in xut, chng ta phi tin hnh mt cuc kho
several Japanese cities to see which colors st mt s thnh ph ca Nht Bn xem mu
people like best. sc no h thch nht.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following Cu hi 95-97 lin quan n cuc ni chuyn
talk. sau.
(M-Au) 95
Thank you for inviting me to your (M-Au) 95
Cm n ng v mi ti n cuc
directors' meeting. Mr. Shin has asked me to hp gim c ca ng. ng Shin yu cu
report on the construction project I'm ti bo co v cc d n xy dng m ti ang
supervising in the West Tower building. At my gim st ta nh West Tower. Ti cuc hp
last review session with this board, 96you asked vi ban gim c ln trc, 96
ng c hi rng
that we include an employee cafeteria in the chng ta c nn xy thm qun n cho nhn
plans, and you can see here in the blueprints vin trong bn k hoch, v ng c th thy
that we've done that. The cafeteria will be on y trong bn thit k ny chng ti lm
the first floor, along with the two conference iu . Cc qun n s nm trn tng mt,
rooms and auditorium. However, with that cng vi hai phng hi ngh v thnh phng.
change, the construction firm we're using says Tuy nhin, 97
vi s thay i , cc cng ty
the project will take a month longer than xy dng, chng ti ang lm vic cng cho
originally expected. bit d n s ko di thm mt thng so vi d
kin ban u.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the Cu hi 98 -100 lin quan n on trch sau
following excerpt from a meeting. y t mt cuc hp.
(W-Br) 98
Now, I've been asked to go over the (W-Br) 98
By gi, ti c yu cu gii thch
process for getting budgets approved for our v quy trnh mt ngn sch v s kin x
corporate social events. Here's the new form hi ca cng ty c ph duyt. y l mt
you'll need to fill out with your contact mu n mi, cc bn cn phi in vo y
information, the date of the party, and how thng tin lin lc ca bn, ngy ca ng, v
Ms Huong HLU .

many people will be attending. You'll also bao nhiu ngi s tham gia. Bn cng s cn
need to provide the details of your expenses, phi cung cp cc chi tit v chi ph ca bn,
such as food or decorations. 99
Please be as chng hn nh chi ph thc phm hoc
thorough as possible when filling out these trang tr. 99Vui lng c k trc khi in vo
forms. All requests will be reviewed by 100
the cc mu n ny. Tt c cc yu cu s c
budget committee, which meets every Monday xem xt bi 100 Ban ngn sch. H s gp nhau
at two-thirty. v tho lun lc 2h30 mi th Hai .

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following Cu hi 41 - 43 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Am) Ny, Tom, tht vui khi thy bn tr
(W-Am) Hey, Tom, good to see you back in li trong vn phng. Ti hy vng bn c
the office. I hope you had a great vacation. mt k ngh tuyt vi.
(M-Au) It was wonderful.41I didn't know that (M-Au) tuyt vi. Ti khng bit rng nh c
staying at home could be so relaxing. Now I th l th gin n th. By gi ti ch cn tr
just have to get back into a work routine. By li thi quen lm vic. Tin th ti c th nhn
the way, 42
I can see from the blinking light on thy t nh sng nhp nhy trn in thoi ca
my phone that people left me voice-mail ti m mi ngi li cho ti tin nhn thoi-
messages last week, but I can't seem to pick mail tun trc, nhng ti khng th c n
them up. (W-Am) l bi v cc h thng in thoi
(W-Am) That's because the new phone system mi i vo hot ng trong khi bn i vng. 43
went into operation while you were away. 43I'll ti cung cp cho bn mt bn sao ca hng
give you a copy of the manual there's a dn - c mt phn ton b v cch s dng hp
whole section on how to use voice mail. th thoi.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following Cu hi 44 n 46 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(M-Cn) Good morning. I'd like to set up a (M-Cn) Cho bui sng. 44I'd mun thit lp
savings account with your bank. mt ti khon tit kim ti ngn hng ca bn.
(W-Am) Of course. We can open the account (W-Am) Tt nhin. Chng ti c th m ti
today, if you'd like. You'll just have to fill out khon ngy hm nay, nu bn mun. Bn s
Ms Huong HLU .

this form, and then 45

I'll need to see some ch phi in vo mu n ny, v sau 45I'll
photo identification. cn phi nhn thy mt s nhn dng hnh nh.
(M-Cn) Im afraid I don t have my driver s (M-Cn) Ti s em khng c giy php li xe
license witl me. Why don't I take this form ca ti witl ti. Ti sao ti khng cn dng nh
home, fill it oi there, and 46
come back later ny, in vo n i , v 46 tr v sau bui
this afternoon with my I.D.? chiu ny vi M S ca ti khng?
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following Cu hi 47 n 49 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Br) Good morning, 47I was picked up at the (W-Br) Cho bui sng, ti va c n ti
Atwood Concert Hall last night by one of your Concert Hall Atwood m cui cng ca mt
taxis. 48
I'm worried that I left a folder full of xe taxi ca bn. 48ti lo lng rng ti li
sheet music on the back seat. Has anyone mt th mc y cc bn nhc trn gh sau.
found a red folder? C ai tm thy mt th mc mu ?
(M-Cn) Yes, actually, someone did find a (M-Cn) Vng, thc s, mt ngi no
folder with music in it. One of the drivers on tm thy mt th mc vi m nhc trong .
call last night turned it in this morning. Mt trong nhng ngi li xe m qua gi n
(W-Br) Oh, that's a relief. I have a concert trong sng nay.
tonight, so I'd like to come and pick it up as (W-Br) Oh, tht nh nhm Ti c mt bui
soon as possible. 49
Can you give me the ha nhc ti nay, v vy ti mun n v lu n
address for your office? ln cng sm cng tt. 49 Bn c th cho ti
a ch cho vn phng ca bn?
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following Cu hi 50 n 52 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(M-Au) Hi. 50I'm here to check on my order for (M-Au) Hi. 5 ti y kim tra n hng ca
business cards. They were supposed to be ti v danh thip. Ti c ni l c th ly n
ready sometime this week. trong tun ny
(W-Br) I was just about to call you 51there's (W-Br) Ti va gi cho bn c mt vn
a problem with your order. It seems that we're vi n t hng. Chng ti ht cc mu
out of card stock in the color you wanted. We sc m bn mun. Chng ta s nhn mu trong
should be getting more in next week, though. tun ti.
(M-Au) Oh, I was hoping to have those cards (M-Au) Oh, ti hy vng c nhng th cho
Ms Huong HLU .

for a conference this weekend. Is there any mt cuc hp vo cui tun ny. C cch no
way I can get them before Friday? ti c th nhn c chng trc th Su?
(W-Br) Well, if you choose a different color (W-Br) Vng, 52 nu bn chn mt mu khc
for the cards, I can get them printed up and cho cc loi th, ti c th in chng v giao
delivered to you by the end of the week. cho bn vo cui tun.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following Cu hi 53 - 55 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Am) 53 Bn n qun c ph mi trn
(W-Am) Have you been to the new coffee Arch Street? N mi m
shop on Arch Street? It opened just a few days (M-Cn) Khng, nhng ti nghe ni rng c
ago. ph rt ngon. C l ti s kim tra xem n ra
(M-Cn) No, but Ive heard that the coffee there trong gi ngh tra.
is really good. Maybe Ill check it out during (W-Am) Nu bn i, 54 bn nn yu cu mt
my lunch break. trong nhng phiu gim gi h a ra cho cc
(W-Am) If you go, 54you should ask for one of l hi nhc jazz vo cui tun ny. Ch mt 50
the discount coupons they're giving out for the phn trm gi v.
jazz festival this weekend. It takes 50 percent (M-Cn) Vng, sau ti chc chn s n
off the ticket price. n ba tra. L hi c mt i hnh tuyt vi
(M-Cn) Well, then I'm definitely going there ca ca s nhc jazz ln k hoch - thm ch 55
for lunch. The festival has a great lineup of Audrey Kane s biu din
jazz singers scheduled even 55 Audrey Kane
will be performing
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following Cu hi 56 - 58 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (M-Cn) Emily, y l Daniel Cho t Art
(M-Cn) Emily, this is Daniel Cho from the Cho Gallery Cho. 56I'm gi cho bn bit rng
Art Gallery. 56
I'm calling to let you know that chng ti mun trin lm mt s bc tranh
we'd like to exhibit some of your paintings in ca bn trong chng trnh ma xun vo
next month's spring show for new artists. thng ti cho cc ngh s mi.
(W-Am) Thanks so much, Mr. Cho. 57
Your (W-Am) Cm n rt nhiu, ng Cho. gallery
gallery is one of the best-known in the area; 57phn trin lm ca bn l mt trong nhng
I'm really excited to have my work displayed ni ting nht trong khu vc; Ti thc s rt
there. vui mng c tc phm c trng by
Ms Huong HLU .

(M-Cn) We were very impressed with the (M-Cn) Chng ti rt n tng vi cc tc

pieces you submitted. 58
In fact, would it be phm bn gi. bn c th cung cp mt bc
possible for you to provide another painting by tranh khc vo cui thng? c khng gian
the end of the month? There should be enough trng by cho thm mt tranh na
display space for one more piece.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following Cu hi 59 - 61 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Am) Xin cho. 59 ti gi v ti quan tm
(W-Am) Hello. 59
I'm calling because I'm n vic c mt s cnh quan thc hin bn
interested in having some landscaping done ngoi nh ca ti, 19 Sycamore Street. Cng
outside my home, at 19 Sycamore Street. Your ty bn lm rt nhiu cng vic trang hong
company did a lot of work around my nh hng xm ca ti thi gian gn y, v ti
neighbor's house recently, and I'm very rt n tng vi v p v cch trang hong
impressed with how beautiful everything looks. (M-Au) Vng, ti nh khu nh - l nh
(M-Au) Yes, I remember that job that's the Watson. Ti s trong khu ph ca bn vo
Watson residence. I'll be in your neighborhood th hai - bn mun ti gh qua bn c th
on Monday would you like me to stop by so ch cho ti nh bn khng ?
you can show me the property? (W-Am) Th Hai ok. Nhng 60ti nn cp
(W-Am) Monday would be fine. But 60I should n cng vic y s t hn nhiu so vi
mention that the job here would be much ngi hng xm ca ti. Ti ch mun c mt
smaller than the one at my neighbor's. I just s vn hoa pha trc ca ngi nh.
want some flower beds in front of the house. (M-Au) OK. Chng ti vui lng lm cc
(M-Au) That's OK. We're happy to do small cng vic nh l tt. 61Sau khi ti nhn thy
jobs as well. 61
After I've seen the front yard, I sn trc, ti c th rt ra mt s ty chn thit
can draw up some design options for the flower k cho nhng lung hoa v gi chng cho bn.
beds and send them to you.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following Cu hi 62 n 64 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(M-Au) Ms. Delgado, 62now that it's spring and (M-Au) B Delgado, by gi l ma xun v
the weather's getting nicer, more of us are thi tit p hn, nhiu ngi trong chng ti
riding our bikes to work. But the one rack we ang i xe p ca chng ti ti ni lm
have outside isn't big enough now for vic. Nhng ci ch xe chng ti c bn
Ms Huong HLU .

everyone's bikes. Could we get a second bike ngoi l khng . chng ti c th c c

rack? mt ch xe th hai khc k?
(W-Br) That's certainly a reasonable request. 63 (W-Br) chc chn l mt yu cu hp l.
I've noticed that the area outside the front of 63 Ti nhn thy rng cc khu vc bn
our building is looking rather untidy with bikes ngoi pha trc ta nh chng ti ang tm
parked everywherewhy don't we put the kim kh ln xn vi xe p u khp mi
second rack by the side entrance? ni, ti sao chng ta khng c ch xe th
(M-Au) The side door's actually closer to the hai bng li ph ?
bike path that a lot of us use to get here, so that (M-Au) ca bn thc s gn hn vi cc
would be very convenient. ng i xe p rt nhiu ngi trong chng ta
(W-Br) Then 64
let me call Jason in the s dng c c y, do s rt thun
maintenance department. I'll ask him to order tin.
the additional rack and find a good spot for it (W-Br) ti gi Jason trong b phn bo tr.
by that entrance. Ti s yu cu ng tm mt ch gi xe tt
bng li .
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following Cu hi 65 thng qua 67 cp n chuyn
conversation. sau y.
(M-Au) Ajay, did you see the television show (M-Au) Ajay, bn c thy chng trnh truyn
last night about how medical devices are hnh ti qua v cch thit b y t c to ra v
created and tested? th nghim ntn k ?
(M-Cn) I did it was fascinating! And 65
one (M-Cn) Ti lm tht hp dn! V 651
of the inventors they profiled 66
Helen trong nhng nh pht minh - 66 Helen Jaspers
Jaspers is speaking at the science museum - pht biu ti bo tng khoa hc ti nay. C y
tonight. She'll be talking about how advances s ni v s ci tin ca robot nh hng
in robotics have influenced her inventions. 66
n pht minh ca c y . 66 Bn c mun i
Would you like to go? k?
(M-Au) 66Absolutely! When does it start? (M-Au) c . Khi nao thi bt u?
(M-Cn) It's right after work, so 67 why don't we (M-Cn) l ngay sau gi lm vic, v vy 67
drive over to the museum together? You know l do ti sao chng ta khng li xe trn n bo
how limited parking is in that area it'll be tng vi nhau? Bn bit lm th no hn ch
easier to park just one car. xe trong khu vc - n s c d dng
Ms Huong HLU .

x hn khi ch c mt chic xe hi.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following Cu hi 68 - 70 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Br) Scott, 68 vi bi bo u tin ca bn
(W-Br) Scott, your first few articles for the cho phn chnh tr ca t bo ca chng ti
politics section of our newspaper have been xut sc. Mc d bn kh mi y, ti mun
excellent. Even though you're relatively new bn thuyt trnh trong cuc hp bo ca th
here, I'd like you to cover the mayor's press trng vo th nm.
conference on Thursday. (M-Au) l mt trong nhng v ci cch
(M-Au) That's the one about education reform gio dc trong cc trng hc a phng ca
in our local schools, right? 69
I heard the chng ti, phi khng? 69 ti nghe th trng
mayor's going to make an important s lm cho mt thng bo quan trng. Khi no
announcement. When's the deadline for the thi hn cui cng cho bi vit?
article? (W-Br) thc hin cc n bn ch nht, 70
(W-Br) In order to make the Sunday edition, bn phi a cho ti bn tho cui cng vo
you'll have to give me your final draft on chiu th Su. Oh, v ti s gi mt trong
Friday afternoon. Oh, and I'm going to send nhng nhip nh chp mt s hnh nh
one of our staff photographers to take some
pictures to go with your piece.
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following Cu hi 71 thng qua 73 tham kho cc thng
telephone message. ip in thoi di y.
(W-Am) This message is for Charlotte (W-Am) Thng bo ny l dnh cho Charlotte
Mahoney. I'm calling from the Seneca Mahoney. 71 ti gi t Trung tm Y t Seneca
Medical Center to remind you about your nhc nh bn v cuc hn ca bn vo th
appointment on Friday, March eighteenth at Su, ngy th mi tm 04:00 vi Tin s
four o'clock with Dr. Steinberg. Don't forget Steinberg. 72ng qun mang theo th bo
to bring your insurance card with you at the him ca bn vi bn ti thi im hn ca
time of your appointment. And if you have bn. V 73 nu bn phi hy b hoc sp xp
to cancel or reschedule, please remember that li, hy nh rng bn phi thng bo cho chng
you must notify us 24 hours in advance. Thank ti trc 24 gi cm n.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following Cu hi 74 - 76 tham kho cc bo co tin tc
Ms Huong HLU .

news report. sau y.

(M-Cn) In local news, 74
Sunnydale's annual (M-Cn) Trong cc tin tc a phng, show
community talent show will take place this din ti nng cng ng hng nm
Saturday in Evergreen Park. Singers, dancers, 74Sunnydale s din ra vo th By ny ti
and jugglers from around the Sunnydale area Evergreen Park. Ca s, v cng v jugglers t
have been invited to perform. 75
Audience xung quanh khu vc Sunnydale c mi
members will be able to vote for their n biu din. Cc khn gi s c th b phiu
favorites, and the performer with the most cho ngi yu thch, v nh biu din vi s
votes will receive a cash prize. Since large phiu cao nht s nhn c gii thng tin
crowds are expected at Saturday's event, mt. Bi v d kin s rt ng ngi c ti s
visitors are encouraged to arrive at Evergreen kin hm th By, 76khch mi c khuyn
Park at least an hour before the show in order khch n Evergreen Park t nht mt gi trc
to be close to the stage. khi chng trnhbd c gn vi sn khu.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following Cu hi 77 n 79 tham kho cc thng ip
telephone message. in thoi di y.
(M-Au) Hi, my name is Min Ho Chun. I (M-Au) Xin cho, tn ti l Min Ho Chun. 77
recently ordered a watch from your store Web tiva t mt chic ng h t trang web ca
site. Unfortunately, when I received the ca hng ca bn. Tht khng may, khi ti
delivery, 78
the package contained two watches nhn giao hng, 78 gi hng cha hai ng h
instead of one. And the receipt shows that 78my thay v mt. V cc t bin lai th hin rng 78
credit card was charged for the extra item, even th tn dng ca ti c tnh ph cho ng
though I didn't order it. Please call me back h th hai, mc d ti khng t n. 79Lm

and let me know how I can get a refund. n gi li cho ti v cho ti bit lm th no ti
c th c hon tin
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following Cu hi 80 - 82 tham kho cc thng bo sau.
announcement. (W-Br) Ch , khch hng Morris sch. 82
(W-Br) Attention, Morris Bookstore chng ti mun nhc nh bn rng tc gi
customers. 82
We want to remind you that Grace Bradley s c c cun sch mi ca
author Grace Bradley will be reading from her c yWide open Road, lc 19:00 ti nay. C
new book, Wide Open Roads, at 7 P.M. Bradley c gi l mt trong nhng nh
tonight. Ms. Bradley has been called one of the vn du lch tr ha hn nht ca t nc, v
Ms Huong HLU .

country's most promising young travel writers, The Times Quinten chn sch ny nh cun
and The Quinten Times selected Wide Open sch hay ca thng. 83 cu chuyn trong cun
Roads as this month's must-read. 83
The stories sch m t chuyn i gn y ca c Bradley
in the book describe Ms. Bradley's recent quanh Canada v Hoa K. 84sau khi c, bn
travels around Canada and the United States. c mi n tham gia c Bradley ung c ph
After the reading, you are invited to join Ms. min ph v mn trng ming. Chng ti hy
Bradley for complimentary coffee and dessert. vng bn n
We hope to see you there!
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following Cu hi 83 - 85 tham kho cc thng ip in
telephone message. thoi di y.
(M-Cn) This is Peter Keller. I'm responding to (M-Cn) y l Peter Keller. Ti ang tr li
an advertisement in this morning's newspaper mt qung co trong t bo sng nay m ni
that said 85you were selling a used guitar. 86I'm rng bn ang bn mt cy n guitar c s
rather surprised that your price is so low in dng. 86 ti kh ngc nhin khi gi ca bn l
comparison to other instruments like this, so I rt thp so vi cc cng c khc nh th ny,
was wondering about the condition of the v vy ti t hi v tnh trng ca cy n
guitar. 87
I'd really like to come over to take a guitar. 87 ti thc s mun gh qua xem n.
look at it. Please call me back at 555-0193. Hy gi ti li 555-0193. Cho ti bit.
Thank you.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following Cu hi 86 - 88 tham kho cc thng bo sau.
announcement. (W-Am) Ti bit bn ch rt lu tm ra ai
(W-Am) I know you've all been waiting to find l ngi tng gim c chn nhn gii
out who our board of directors selected to thng Thnh tu Graystone. 86Gii thng
receive the Graystone Achievement Award. cng nhn mt nhn vin thc s ng gp rt
This award recognizes an employee who's nhiu cho cng vic ca chng ti y ti LC
really contributed a lot to our work here at LC Sportswear. Nm nay chng ti t ho trao gii
Sportswear. This year we're proud to present thng cho 87Juan Mendez t cc b phn
the award to 87
Juan Mendez from the graphic thit k ha. 88 Anh y lm mt cng
design department. 88He did an outstanding job vic xut sc to ra logo ca cng ty chng ta
creating our new company logo. This image is Hnh nh ny l nhng g ngi tiu dng nhn
what consumers see on every one of our thy trn mi sn phm th thao ca chng ta,
Ms Huong HLU .

athletic products, and Juan's striking design is v thit k n tng ca Juan chc chn s thu
sure to attract more attention. ht s ch nhiu hn.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following Cu hi 89 - 91 tham kho cc thng ip ghi
recorded message. li sau.
(M-Au) Hello. Thank you for calling the (M-Au) Xin cho. Cm n bn gi Bo tng
Museum of Folk Arts. This month's featured dn gian Ngh thut. trin lm c trng ca
exhibition is a diverse collection of carpets and thng ny l mt b su tp a dng ca thm
rugs from around the world. We offer two v thm t khp ni trn th gii. Chng ti
guided tours of this exhibit daily. 89
Visitors cung cp hai hng dn du lch ca cuc trin
will learn about the history of carpet making lm ny hng ngy. 89Khch n thm s tm
and the importance of this art form through the hiu v lch s ca thm v tm quan trng ca
years. 90
We recommend that large groups of hnh thc ngh thut ny trong nhng nm qua.
more than ten people call in advance to make 90 Chng ti khuyn nhm ln hn mi
reservations for a group tour. 91
For more ngi nn gi trc t ch cho mt nhm
information please go to our Web site at du lch. bit thm thng tin xin vui lng vo, where you can see a detailed trang web ca chng ti ti,
schedule of all our upcoming events. Thank ni bn c th nhn thy mt lch trnh chi tit
you. ca tt c cc s kin sp ti ca chng ti.
Cm n
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following Cu hi 92 - 94 tham kho cc thng bo sau.
announcement. (W-Am) Ch , tt c nhn vin. Nh hu ht
(W-Am) Attention, all employees. As most of cc bn bit, ma bn rn nht ca Vento
you know, Vento Toy Company's busiest Toy Cng ty l n. Bt u t thng ti, nh
season is coming up. Starting next month, 92the my 92 s c thm mt s thay i ca lm
factory will be adding a Saturday shift to the vic th By tin nhm p ng nhu cu
schedule in order to meet holiday demand for cho chi ca chng ta 93 Nu bn mun
our toys. If you'd like to earn some extra kim thm mt s tin bng cch lm vic
money by working more hours, please talk nhiu gi hn, hy ni chuyn vi ngi gim
with your supervisor. 94
The new schedule will st ca bn. 94 lch trnh mi s bt u vo
start next month, so please let us know if thng ti, v vy xin vui lng cho chng ti
youre interested by the end of the week. bit nu bn quan tm vo cui tun.
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following Cu hi 95 - 97 tham kho cc qung co sau.

advertisement. (M-Cn) Bn c gp kh khn khi tm cng vic
(M-Cn) Are you having trouble finding your trong m ca bn? 95 n vi hi tho ngh
dream job? 95Then come to Rosedale Technical nghip t vn hc k thut Rosedale ca vo
School's career-counseling workshop on ngy April th t. Trong hi tho, cc chuyn
Saturday, April fourth. During the workshop, gia giu kinh nghim s dy bn lm th no
experienced professionals will teach you how tm mt ngh nghip ph hp vi li ch v
to find a career that matches your interests and kh nng ca bn. Bn s hc c mi li
abilities. You'll learn ten tips for successful khuyn cho phng vn thnh cng, v sau
interviewing, and then 96you'll have the chance 96 bn s c c hi hon thnh mt cuc
to complete a practice interview. Our panel of phng vn thc hnh. Cc chuyn gia ca
experts will provide you with suggestions for chng ti s cung cp cho bn vi cc xut
improvement based on your interview. 97
Each ci thin da trn cuc phng vn ca bn.
attendee will receive a comprehensive resource 97Mi ngi tham d s nhn c mt cun
book with everything from the best places to sch ngun lc ton din vi tt c mi th t
look for job postings to sample resumes. So nhng ni tt nht tm kim thng tin vic
don't miss out! lm ly mu n xin vic. V vy, ng b
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the Cu hi 98 n 100 tham kho cc bo co
following business report. kinh doanh sau.
(W-Br) In business news, Speedy (W-Br) Trong cc tin tc kinh doanh, 98
Communications has just announced that their Truyn thng Speedy va cng b rng in
newest mobile phone, the Shadowspeak, will thoi di ng mi nht ca h, cc
go on the market next month. The Shadowspeak, s c trn th trng vo thng
Shadowspeak will have all the latest features, ti. Cc Shadowspeak s c tt c cc tnh
but 99
what sets it apart is the battery, which nng mi nht, nhng 99 b ri ca n l pin,
lasts twice as long as the industry standard. ko di gp i thi gian so vi tiu chun
The company hopes to generate interest in cng nghip. Cng ty hy vng 100 to ra li
the Shadowspeak with a special promotional ch trong Shadowspeak vi qung co s kin
eventthe first 100 customers in line at the c bit khuyn mi cho 100 khch hng u
flagship store will receive a free phone. tin xp hng ti cc ca hng flagship s nhn
Ms Huong HLU .

c mt in thoi min ph.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following Cu hi 41 - 43 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Br) Hi, y l Margaret Morelli. Ti ang
(W-Br) Hi, this is Margaret Morelli. I'm ln k hoch p ng vi ng Peterson lc
scheduled to meet with Mr. Peterson at 8:30 8:30 sng nay. 41I ni vi mt chic xe s
this morning. 41I was told a car would pick me n ti khch sn ca ti v a ti n vn
up at my hotel and bring me to your office, but phng ca bn, nhng n c 8:15 v
it's already 8:15 and no one has arrived. khng ai n.
(M-Au) Hello, Ms. Morelli. We are expecting (M-Au) Xin cho, b Morelli. Chng ti hy
you this morning, but not until nine. I asked the vng bn sng nay, nhng khng phi cho n
car service to pick you up at 8:30. khi chn. Ti hi nhng dch v xe a n
(W-Br) Oh, 42I apologize. I must have read my qu khch lc 8:30.
schedule incorrectly. (W-Br) Oh, 42I xin li. Ti phi c lch
(M-Au) No problem, and 43don't forget to bring trnh ca ti khng chnh xc.
some form of identification with a photo. The (M-Au) Khng c vn , v 43don't qun
security desk at the front of the building will mang theo mt s giy t ty thn c nh. Cc
ask for it when you arrive. bn an ninh pha trc ca ta nh s yu cu
n khi bn n.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following Cu hi 44 n 46 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Am) John, 44
we have a problem with (W-Am) John, 44 chng ti c mt vn vi
theater 4. 45
People have been complaining sn khu 4. 45 Mi ngi phn nn v m
about the sound - they can't hear what the thanh - h khng th nghe nhng g cc din
actors are saying. 45
Can you figure out what's vin ang ni. bn 45Bn c th tm ra nhng
wrong with the audio equipment? g sai vi cc thit b m thanh?
(M-Au) Sure, but it might take some time. (M-Au) Chc chn, nhng n c th mt mt
Do you want me to stop the movie now, or thi gian. 44Do bn mun ti dng li b phim
wait until it's over? by gi, hoc ch cho n khi n kt thc?
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Am) So many people have complained I (W-Am) nhiu ngi phn nn Ti ngh
think we should just stop the screening. I'll chng ta nn dng li kim tra. 46 ti hon tin
offer everyone in the audience a refund. Maybe cho tt c mi khn gi C l mt s trong s
some of them will use it to stay and see another h s s dng n li v xem mt b phim
film. khc.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following Cu hi 47 n 49 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(M-Cn) 47
I think everything's almost ready for (M-Cn) 47 ti ngh rng tt c mi th gn nh
our presentation to the board of directors on sn sng cho bi thuyt trnh ca chng ti
Friday. Have the color charts been printed yet? ban gim c vo ngy th Su. C cc
(W-Am) Yes, 48
the printer sent me a sample bng mu c in cha?
copy and it looks great - I told him to go ahead (W-Am) C, my in 48 gi cho ti mt bn sao
and print them right away. We should have mu v n s rt tt - Ti ni vi anh ta i
them by tomorrow. trc v in chng ngay lp tc. Chng ta nn
(M-Cn) Great. Once they get here we can c chng vo ngy mai.
work on putting everything together in those (M-Cn) Great. Mt khi bng mu hon tt,
nice black folders with the company logo. I chng ta c th t tt c mi th li vi nhau
think that'll look very polished and trong cc th mc mu en p vi logo ca
professional. cng ty. Ti ngh rng n s trng rt bng by
v chuyn nghip.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following Cu hi 50 n 52 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Br) Hi, Carl, I'm Helen Klein, the (W-Br) Hi, Carl, ti l Helen Klein,
laboratory ngi gim st phng th nghim . ti s cung
supervisor. 50
I'll give you a brief tour of our cp cho bn mt tour ngn gn ca cc c s
research facilities and then we'll start your nghin cu ca chng ti v sau chng ti
training. s bt u o to ca bn.
(M-Au) It's nice to meet you, Helen. 50,51Before (M-Au) Rt vui c gp cc bn, Helen.
I came over to the lab, I filled out some 50,51trc khi ti n phng th nghim,
paperwork at human resources. They told me ti in vo mt s giy t ti phng t chcc.
to give the documents to my supervisor. H ni vi ti cung cp cc ti liu cho
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Br) Thanks, I'll take that paperwork. ngi gim st ca ti.

While we tour the lab, you'll have to wear a (W-Br) Cm n, ti s a giy t . 52Trong

lab coat and some safety glasses. Let's get them khi chng tatham quan cc phng th nghim,
from the supply closet now, and then we'll be bn s phi mc mt chic o khoc phng th
on our way. nghim v mt s knh an ton. Hy ly chng
t t knh, v sau chng ta s i xem
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following Cu hi 53 - 55 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Am) Cho bui sng. 53 ti t chc mt
(W-Am) Good morning. 53
I'm organizing a ba tic tra cho mt nhn vin cho nhng
luncheon for an employee who's retiring from ngi ngh hu t cng ty ca ti, v mt trong
my company, and one of my coworkers nhng ng nghip ca ti ngh nh hng
recommended your restaurant. There'll be ca bn. S c khong 35 ngi. Bn c th c
about 35 people. Can you accommodate that ch k ?
many? (M-Cn) Chng ti c mt phng n ln cho
(M-Cn) We do have a dining room large mt nhm nh vy 54Nu bn cho ti bit
enough for a group that size. 54
If you tell me ngy v, ti s xem liu c bn khng
what date you have in mind, I'll see if it's (W-Am) Vng, chng ti mun gia tra trong
available then. tun cui cng ca thng Tm. Mt th nm
(W-Am) Well, we'd like to hold the luncheon hoc th su s l tt nht.
during the last week of August. A Thursday or (M-Cn) Phng n vn cn c sn cho Th nm,
Friday would be best. 28. Ti c th t bn cho bn ngay by gi,
(M-Cn) The room is still available for nu bn mun. Sau 55 bn c th tm trn
Thursday, the twenty-eighth. I can reserve that trang web ca chng ti bit chi tit v cc
for you right now, if you'd like. Then 55you can ty chn thc n v gi li cho chng ti vi
look on our Web site for details about the cc la chn ca bn.
menu options and get back to us with your

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following Cu hi 56 - 58 cp n chuyn sau y.

conversation. (M-Cn) Hi, ti ln k hoch ci thin nh bp
(M-Cn) Hi, I'm planning to completely trong nh ti. Ti hiu rng ti s cn mt giy
Ms Huong HLU .

renovate the kitchen in my house. I understand php xy dng t thnh ph trc khi ti c
that57 I'll need a building permit from the city th bt u xy dng.
before I can begin construction. (W-Br) C, bn cn mt giy php . Bn phi
(W-Br) Yes, you do need one. 57
You're np xy dng bn k hoch trc thi hn,
required to submit the building plans ahead of in vo cc mu n ny, v phi tr mt
time, fill out these forms, and pay a fee with khon ph
your application. (M-Cn) OK. Ti s n v ly n in.
(M-Cn) OK. I'll go ahead and take these forms Ti s tr li vo ngy mai vi cc th tc giy
home to fill out. I'll be back tomorrow with the t v nhng bn thit k.
paperwork and the blueprints. (W-Br) Tt nhng mt 2 tun x l giy t.
(W-Br) Great. Just to let you know, it takes
us two weeks to process all of the paperwork.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following Cu hi 59 - 61 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (M-Au) Cho bui chiu, v cm n bn gi
(M-Au) Good afternoon, and thank you for ni tht Sunnydale ni bn s tm thy hng
calling Sunnydale Furniture, where you'll find gim gi ln nht ca khu vc trn tt c ni
the area's biggest discounts on all home and tht nh v vn phng. Lm th no ti c th
office furniture. How can I help you? gip bn?
(W-Am) I was looking through your catalog, (W-Am) Ti nhn qua ca hng ca bn, v
and there's a desk I'm interested in. 59
I was c mt bn ti ang quan tm. 59 ti t hi
wondering if you have it on display in your n c c trng by trong ca hng ca bn.
store. It's the Putnam model. l mu Putnam.
(M-Au) I'm sorry, 60
that particular model was (M-Au) Ti xin li, sn phm mu d
recently discontinued. But it's been replaced ngng sn xut. Nhng n c thay th bng
with a very similar style, called the Shipley, mt phong cch tng t gi l Shipley, v
and we do have one of those here in the store. chng ti c mt trong nhng mu y
(W-Am) OK, great! I'll be in town later today, trong ca hng.
so 61I'll stop by to take a look. (W-Am) OK, tuyt vi! Ti s trong th trn
sau ngy hm nay, v vy ti s gh qua
xem .
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following Cu hi 62 n 64 tham kho cc cuc ni
Ms Huong HLU .

conversation. chuyn sau.

(M-Cn) Hello, Carolyn, this is James Martin (M-Cn) Xin cho, Carolyn, ti l James Martin
from Oak Leaf Financial Services calling about t Oak Leaf Dch v ti chnh gi v v tr iu
the account executive position you applied for. hnh ti khon m bn xin vo Chng ti
We've narrowed the field to the top three tm c ba ng c vin tt nht, v 62ti hy
candidates, and we're hoping that you vng rng bn s tr li Vancouver vo tun
wouldn't mind coming back to Vancouver next ti trong mt cuc phng vn chnh thc.
week for a final interview. (W-Br) tuyt vi, ng Martin, nhng chng ta
(W-Br) That sounds wonderful, Mr. Martin, c th phng vn tun ny k ? v C mt cn
but 63could we possibly have the interview this bo tuyt d on cho cui tun ny, v ti s
week instead? There's a snowstorm predicted n c th lm vic i li mt cht kh khn.
for this weekend, and I'm afraid it might make Ok k tha ng?
travel a bit difficult. Would that work for you? (M-Cn) n thi. Ti s sp xp li cc cuc
(M-Cn) We should be able to do that. I'll go phng vn trong tun ny. 64ti s t v tu
ahead and reschedule the interview for this cho bn v t khch sn cho bn,
week. Once I reserve your train tickets and
book your hotel,
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following Cu hi 65 - 67 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (M-Cn) Lucy, 65 bn ngh c bt k
(M-Cn) Lucy, 65
have you come up with any tng cho cc chin dch in cho dng sn phm
ideas for the print campaign for The Sawgrass mi ca The Sawgrass Cng ty qun o ma
Company's new line of spring clothing? xun cha?
(W-Br) Well, from the samples the client (W-Br) Vng, 66 t cc mu khch hng gi
sent us, I think what really stands out is the chng ti, ti ngh rng nhng g thc s ni
fabric. The material is so lightweight. Plus, it's bt s l vi fabric. Vt liu ny l rt nh.
washable and wrinkle-resistant. Thm vo , n c th git v khng nhn
(M-Cn) Then why don't we market it as travel (M-Cn) Sau , ti sao chng ta khng qung
clothing? When we do the photo shoot we can co n nh qun o i du lch? Khi chng ti
really showcase how the fabric would make the lm bui chp nh, chng ti thc s c th
clothing perfect to pack and wear on your next trnh by nh th no vi s lm cho qun o
trip. hon ho gi v mc trong chuyn i tip
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Br) Good idea - we can come up with a theo ca bn.

travel-related scenario for each ad. 67 I couldn't (W-Br) kin hay - chng ti c th ngh ra
book the space for the photo session until the kch bn lin quan n du lch cho mi qung
end of the month, so we still have time to co. 67 Ti vn cha th t khng gian cho
figure out ail the details. vic chp nh cho n cui thng, v vy chng
ta vn c thi gian tm ra cc chi tit khc
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following u hi 68-70 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Am) Xin li, ti n trung tm th dc
(W-Am) Excuse me, I've been coming to this ny trong mt thi gian, nhng 68 ti s
fitness center for a while now, but 68
I'll be chuyn n vn phng ca cng ty ca ti
transferring to my company's office in London London lm vic trong vi thng, v vy ti s
for several months, so I'm going to have to phi hy th thnh vin ca ti .
cancel my membership. (M-Au) Bn c th hy th thnh vin ca bn
(M-Au) Did you know 69 you can suspend your cho n su thng? Nu bn lm vy
membership for up to six months? If you do bn s khng phi tr bt k khon ph kch
that, you won't have to pay any new member hot thnh vin mi khi bn quay tr li.
activation fees when you return. (W-Am) Oh, tuyt vi - ti rt thch nh cc
(W-Am) Oh, that's fabulous - I do like the lp tp th dc y, v ti ln k hoch
exercise classes here, and I was planning to g k mt ln na khi ti tr li t London.
enroll again when I get back from London. (M-Au) 70 Tt c chng ta cn l mt l th t
(M-Au) 70
All we'll need is a letter from your cng ty ca bn nu bn i xa bao lu. Chng
company stating how long you'll be away on ti s gi l th trong tp tin ca bn, v khi
assignment. We'll keep the letter in your file, tr v, ch cn gi cho chng ti kch hot
and when you return, just call us to reactivate li ti khon ca bn.
your account.
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following Cu hi 71 - 73 tham kho cc thng ip ghi
recorded message. li sau.
(W-Am) You have reached the Kingston (W-Am) Bn n vn phng thc hnh Y
Medical Practice. The office is now closed. 71
khoa ca Kingston. Cc vn phng hin ang
If you are calling for Dr. Lopez, please be ng ca. 71 Nu bn ang gi cho bc s
advised that she has moved to the Danville Lopez, bn cn bit rng c y chuyn n
Ms Huong HLU .

Medical Center and can now be reached at Trung tm Y t Danville v ch c th gi s

555-0190. 72
To schedule an appointment with 555-0190. 72 sp xp mt cuc hn vi bt
any of our other doctors, leave a message at the k ca cc bc s khc ca chng ti, li mt
tone, and our receptionist will return your call tin nhn cc giai iu, v tip tn ca chng
during normal office hours. Please note that ti s gi li cho bn trong gi lm vic bnh
in observance of the national holiday, the thng. Xin lu rng 73 trong cc ngy l
office will be closed on Monday. quc gia, vn phng s c ng ca vo th
Cu hi 74 - 76 tham kho cc qung co sau.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following (M-Cn) Mt kt ni Internet ng tin cy l
advertisement. iu cn thit cho bt k doanh nghip c li
(M-Cn) A dependable Internet connection is nhun. l l do ti sao rt nhiu khch hng
essential for any profitable business. That's ang chuyn sang Hamilton Online. 74, 75 Ti
why so many customers are switching to Hamilton, chng ti m bo rng dch v
Hamilton Online. 74, 75
At Hamilton, we Internet ca chng ti l ng tin cy hn mi
guarantee that our Internet service is ten times ln so vi bt k i th cnh tranh ca chng
more reliable than any of our competitors'. But ti '. Nhng khng ch l li ni ca chng ti.
don't just take our word for it. Go onto our 76 Hy vo trang web ca chng ti ti
Web site at to read what our c nhng g khch
customers have written about our service. We hng ca chng ti vit v dch v ca
hope you'll be our next satisfied customer! chng ti. Chng ti hy vng bn s hi lng
ca khch hng tip theo ca chng ti!
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following Cu hi 77 n 79 tham kho cc thng ip
telephone message. in thoi di y.
(M-Au) Hi, this message is for Jim Brenner. (M-Au) Hi, bi ny l dnh cho Jim Brenner.
This is Anthony from Anthony's Dry Cleaners. 77 y l Anthony t Dry Cleaners Anthony.
I'm calling to let you know 78
I found a credit Ti gi cho bn bit 78 ti tm thy mt
card in the pocket of the brown suit jacket you th tn dng trong ti ca ph hp vi o khoc
brought in yesterday. Your clothes won't be mu nu bn mang trong ngy hm qua. qun
ready until next week, but I thought you might o ca bn s khng c sn sng cho n
want to get your card back sooner than that. 79
tun ti, nhng ti ngh bn c th mun c
Ms Huong HLU .

When you come in, please have your suit claim c th ca bn tr li sm hn. 79 Khi bn
check with you so that we know we're giving i vo, xin vui lng a ha n thanh ton
the card to the right person. Thanks. ca bn chng ti bit chng ti a th cho
ng ngi . Cm n.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following Cu hi 80 - 82 tham kho cc thng bo sau.
announcement. (W-Br) hnh khch ch ti cng 12, ti c
(W-Br) Attention passengers at Gate 12, I have thng tin cho nhng ngi bn i du lch n
an update for those of you traveling to Thng Hi. iu kin thi tit tt, v phi
Shanghai. The weather conditions look good, hnh on ca chng ti l y, 80 nhng
and our crew is here, 80
but we're still waiting chng ti vn ang ch i my bay ca chng
for our aircraft, which will be landing in about ti, s c h cnh trong khong ba mi
thirty minutes. We apologize for this delay. pht. Chng ti xin li v s chm tr ny. 81
Once our aircraft has arrived, we're going to Khi my bay ca chng ti n, chng ti s
clean and refuel it, and we should be departing lm sch v tip nhin liu n, v chng ta phi
in three hours. In the meantime, to thank you khi hnh trong ba gi na . Trong khi , cm
for your patience, 82 we're offering everyone n s kin nhn ca bn, 82 chng tis cung
a complimentary voucher for a free meal at one cp tt c mi ngi mt phiu min ph cho
of several airport restaurants. Please pick yours mt ba n min ph ti mt trong nhng nh
up now from the service desk at the front of the hng sn bay. Hy chn ca bn ngay by gi
waiting area. t quy phc v pha trc ca khu vc ch.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following Cu hi 83 - 85 cp n vic gii thiu sau
introduction. y.
(W-Am) Good afternoon. 83
This is Andrea (W-Am) Cho bui chiu. 83 y l Andrea
Jones with another edition of American Jones vi mt chng trnh M Byways -
Byways Radio KBH's country music chng trnh nhc nc i KBH ca. Chng
program. We're thrilled to have the award- ti vui mng khi c nhng ca s tng ot gii
winning singer and songwriter, Maybelle thng v nhc s, Maybelle Cander, l khch
Cander, as our special guest. On today's mi c bit ca chng ti. Chng trnh hm
program, she'll talk about the making of her nay, c y s ni v vic lm ca album mi
latest album, which was released just last nht ca c, c pht hnh vo tun trc. 84
week. 84 She'll also tell us about her nationwide C cng s ni cho chng ti v chuyn lu
Ms Huong HLU .

concert tour, which is planned for this summer. din ton quc ca c, m l k hoch cho ma
KBH will be a sponsor of her local appearance. h ny. KBH s l mt nh ti tr xut hin ti
Before we talk with our guest today, 85
I'm a phng mnh. Trc khi chng ti ni
going to play the top hit from her latest chuyn vi khch mi ca chng ti ngy hm
recording. nay, 85 ti s bt cc hit u t ghi m mi
nht ca c.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following Cu hi 86 - 88 tham kho cc thng bo sau.
announcement. (M-Cn) Xin cho v cho mng n ma trin
(M-Cn) Hello and welcome to the tenth annual lm th mi hng nm Video Game Expo.
Video Game Expo. My name is Jay Patel, and Tn ti l Jay Patel, v ti l ch tch ca Cc
I'm the president of Ludlow Enterprises, one of doanh nghip Ludlow, mt trong nhng nh ti
the official sponsors of this year's trade show. tr chnh thc ca trin lm nm nay. Ti
I'm here to tell you about an exciting y ni vi bn v mt c hi th v. 86
opportunity. 86
Our company is developing a Cng ty chng ti ang pht trin mt tr chi
new video game, and we want your story video mi, v 87 chng ta mun nhng
ideas! Send us an e-mail describing your vision tng ca bn! Gi cho chng ti mt e-mail
for the plot of the next Ludlow adventure m t ct truyn ca tr chi cuc phiu lu
game. 88
If your idea is selected as the winner, Ludlow tip theo . 88 Nu tng ca bn
we'll arrange for you to travel to Tokyo, with c chn l ngi chin thng, chng ti s
all expenses paid, for next year's Video Game sp xp cho bn i du lch n Tokyo, vi tt
Expo. c cc chi ph thanh ton, cho tr chi video
Expo nm ti.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following Cu hi 89 thng qua 91 tham kho cc bo
radio announcement. i pht thanh sau.
(W-Br) And in local news if you're headed (W-Br) V trong tin tc a phng - nu bn
to the south side of Halver City this weekend, ang i n pha nam ca HALVER ph vo
keep in mind that 89
several streets will be cui tun ny, hy nh rng 89 mt vi ng
closed for the neighborhood's annual arts ph s ng ca trong l hi ngh thut hng
festival. 90
Drivers will be asked to use detours nm ca khu ph. 90 Ngi li xe s c yu
around the south side from Friday morning to cu s dng ng vng quanh pha nam t
Sunday afternoon. To help city residents get to sng th su n chiu ch nht. gip
Ms Huong HLU .

the event easily, 91

the transit office will be ngi dn thnh ph n s kin ny mt cch
providing complimentary shuttle buses d dng, 91 vn phng qu cnh s c cung
between the festival and the City Hall parking cp xe but a n min ph gia cc l hi
area. v khu vc u xe City Hall.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following Cu hi 92 - 94 tham kho cc bi pht biu
speech. sau y.
(M-Cn) I'm so glad you could all join me this (M-Cn) Ti rt vui v tt c cc bn c th
evening in honoring Ms. Aviva Rozen. After tham gia cng ti ti nay tn vinh b Aviva
Rozen. Sau
twenty-five years of working with us at Crown hai mi lm nm lm vic vi chng ti ti
Software, 92
Aviva is retiring from her position Crown phn mm, 92 Aviva c ngh hu t
as chief software developer. As you know, v tr ca mnh l nh pht trin phn mm.
our healthcare applications group was Nh bn bit, 93 nhm cc ng dng y t
established by Aviva. Under her strong ca chng ti c thnh lp bi Aviva. Di
leadership, that division has become one of our s lnh o mnh m ca c, b phn tr
most profitable areas. We're sorry to lose her, thnh mt trong nhng lnh vc c li nhun
but we know she'll enjoy the years ahead. In nht ca chng ti. Chng ti rt tic khng
fact, 94
she says she'll be found in her home c c y lm vic na, nhng chng ti bit c
studio, where she'll finally have the time she y s tn hng nhng nm ngh hu ti .
wants to devote to her watercolor painting. Trong thc t, 94 c ni c s sng trong
studio gia nh ca c, ni c c thi gian cng
hin cho bc tranh mu nc ca mnh.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following Cu hi 95 - 97 tham kho cc bo co tin tc
news report. sau y.
(M-Au) Today, 95
tourists and residents alike (M-Au) Hm nay, 95 khch du lch v ngi
gathered at the Keller Center to view the latest dn cng nh tp trung ti Trung tm Keller
exhibit that opened this morning. The exhibit, xem cc trin lm mi nht m ca sng nay.
called Island Garden, features a wide variety of Cuc trin lm, c gi l o Garden, c
tropical plants and will run through the end of nhiu loi cy trng nhit i v s c n cui
the month. As many of you know, the Keller thng. Nh cc bn bit, Trung tm Keller
Center is renowned for its commitment to the ni ting vi cam kt ca mnh i vi mi
Ms Huong HLU .

environment. They recently hired architect trng. H gn y thu kin trc s Sean
Sean Briggs to design 96
a new visitors' center Briggs thit k trung tm 96 mt trung tm
with the requirement that the new building run du khch mi "vi yu cu rng vic xy dng
primarily on energy from solar panels. 97
The mi chy ch yu vo nng lng t cc tm
center's board of directors was impressed with pin nng lng mt tri. Ban gim c ca
the portfolio that Mr. Briggs presented to them, trung tm ca o din rt n tng vi cc
and said that his designs were the strongest danh mc u t m ng Briggs trnh by cho
they had seen. h, v ni rng thit k ca ng l mnh nht
m h tng thy.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the Cu hi 98 n 100 cp n vic gii thiu
following introduction. sau y.
(W-Br) Welcome to the Holton Library. 98, 99
(W-Br) Cho mng n vi Th vin Holton.
We're delighted to have such a talented group 98, 99 Chng ti rt vui mng v c mt nhm
of students volunteering their time to help us ti nng ca sinh vin tnh nguyn thi gian
organize our specialized collection of historical ca h gip chng ti t chc cc b su
letters. As you know, our library is renowned tp c bit v cc ch ci lch s. Nh bn
for this large selection of correspondence and bit, th vin ca chng ti ni ting vi v s
personal memoirs from important historical loi th tn v hi k c nhn ca nhn vt lch
figures. We've recently received a generous s quan trng. Chng ti va nhn c ng
donation of materials from a private collector, gp ho phng ca cc ti liu t mt nh su
and we need your help to catalog them. 100
In tp t nhn, v chng ti cn s gip ca
handling the documents, you'll need to learn to bn phn loi chng. 100 Trong x l cc
use special techniques to protect them from vn bn, bn s cn phi hc cch s dng cc
damage. We're fortunate to have an expert in k thut c bit bo v chng khi b h
the field, Dr. Samuel Kim, to provide this hi. Chng ti may mn c c mt chuyn
training. Dr. Kim will join us in a few minutes gia trong lnh vc, Tin s Samuel Kim, o
to begin the session. to vd ny. Tin s Kim s tham gia trong mt
vi pht bt u bui hi tho
Ms Huong HLU .

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following Cu hi 41 - 43 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (M-Cn) Molly, 41 bn t phng hp chnh
(M-Cn) Molly, 41
did you reserve the main chng ti c th luyn tp thuyt trnh cho
conference room so that we can rehearse our cc cuc hp hi ng qun tr ngy mai?
presentation for tomorrow's board meeting? (W-Am) Ti ngh 42 ti lm nhng theo t
(W-Am) I thought 42
I did but the room t phng th cuc hp ca Stan vi mt
assignment sheet says that Stan's meeting with khch hng s , v vy chng ta s phi tm
a client in there, so we'll have to find mt ni no khc i.
somewhere else to go. (M-Cn) Vng, 43 ti sao chng ta khng thc
(M-Cn) Well, why don't we practice in the hnh ti phng hp tng hai thay v ?
second floor meeting room instead?

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following Cu hi 44 n 46 tham kho cc cuc ni

conversation. chuyn sau.
(M-Au) Hello, this is Ian Kowalski from the (M-Au) Xin cho, y l Ian Kowalski t cc
personnel department. I just got into work, and b phn nhn s. Ti va bt u cng vic, v
when I tried to log on to my computer, my 44 khi ti c gng ng nhp vo my
password was rejected. tnh ca ti, mt khu ca ti b t chi.
(W-Br) Im sorry about that, Mr. Kowalski. (W-Br) Ti xin li v iu , ng Kowalski.
The company updated its security protocols last Cng ty ny c cp nht giao thc bo mt
night, and since then we've received a lot of ca n m qua, v k t chng ti nhn
calls about password problems. 45 At this point, c rt nhiu cuc gi v vn mt khu.
every member of the IT support team is 45 Ti thi im ny, mi thnh vin ca
working on one of those other requests so it nhm h tr CNTT ang lm vic trn mt
may be several hours before one of them can trong nhng yu cu khc n c th mt vi
call you back. gi trc khi mt trong s h c th gi li cho
(M-Au) That's OK. I'm leading a recruiting bn.
workshop at ten and it goes until noon 46 so I (M-Au) OK. Ti sp iu hnh mt cuc hi
won't be back at my desk until twelve-thirty. tho tuyn dng lc mi gi v n i n tra
Ms Huong HLU .

Please call me then as I have another - 46 v vy ti s khng tr li ti bn ca ti

appointment at one o'clock. cho n nm 1230. Xin vui lng gi cho ti
vo lc 01:00.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following Cu hi 47 n 49 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Br) Hi, 47 I'm here to register for the charity (W-Br) Hi, 47 Ti y ng k cho cuc
bicycle race the one that takes place next ua xe p t thin - mt trong din ra vo
Saturday. Is there a registration fee? The flyer I th By ti. C mt ph ng k? Cc t qung
saw didn't say. co ti thy khng ni n
(M-Cn) Registration is twenty-five dollars. (M-Cn) ng k l hai mi lm la. Xin
Please fill out this registration form and then vui lng in vo mu n ng k ny v sau
read and sign the safety rules and you're all set. c v k cc quy tc an ton v tt c cc
(W-Br) Oh dear, the rules say that my bike th khc.
has to have a reflector on both the front and (W-Br) Oh dear, 48 cc quy tc ni rng chic
rear wheels. I only have one in back but I'll get xe p ca ti phi c mt .... trn c bnh
the other one installed before Saturday. trc v sau. Ti ch c th lp t mt ci
(M-Cn) And one other thing 49
you should nhng ti s ci t ci cn li trc th By.
plan to come early that day. You'll have to pick (M-Cn) V mt iu na - 49 bn nn c k
up a tag with your entry number on it to wear hoch i sm ngy hm . Bn s phi
during the race. Good luck! nhn mt th vi s ln nhp cnh ca bn vo
n mc trong cuc ua. Chc may mn!
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following Cu hi 50 n 52 tham kho cc cuc ni
conversation. chuyn sau.
(W-Am) Hello, I saw your advertisement in the (W-Am) Xin cho, ti nhn thy qung co
newspaper for moving services. I own a small ca bn trong bo cho cc dch v di chuyn.
shop and I'm opening a second location in Ti s hu mt ca hng nh v ti m mt v
Middleton. I need to move some of my tr th hai trong Middleton. 50 Ti cn phi di
inventory there for the grand opening. chuyn mt s hng tn kho ca ti cho vic
(M-Cn) When are you looking to move? We're khai trng.
pretty busy, but I have some time next (M-Cn) Khi no bn cn di chuyn chng.
Monday. Chng ti kh bn rn, nhng ti c rnh th
Ms Huong HLU .

(W-Am) Monday's fine. The store's hai ti.
scheduled to open the following Saturday, so (W-Am) hm th hai th ok . 51 ca hng ca
that should give me plenty of time to set up. 52
d kin m ca ngy th by sau, do cn
I'm just worried about things breaking during cung cp cho ti nhiu thi gian sp xp. 52
the move it's all handmade pottery, so it's Ti ch lo lng v nhng mi th b v trong
quite delicate. qu trnh di chuyn - l tt c gm th
(M-Cn) Don't worry, we have plenty of cng, v vy n kh d v
experience moving fragile items. We've moved (M-Cn) ng lo lng, chng ti c nhiu kinh
pottery and other breakables in the past and nghim di chuyn cc sn phm d ve. Chng
weve never had a problem. ti chuyn gm v d v khc trc y
v chng ti cha bao gi c mt vn .
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following Cu hi 53 - 55 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (M-Cn) Hi, Lisa. Bi v bn ln k hoch i d
(M-Cn) Hi, Lisa. Since you planned the ngoi ca cng ty nm ngoi, ti t hi nu
company picnic last year, I was wondering if bn c th gip ti vi d ngoi nm nay. 53
you could help me with this year's picnic. 53
Hn cht cho cc d n Greenlaw b y ln
The deadline for the Greenlaw project's been v vy ti khng c nhiu thi gian ln k
moved up so I don't have as much time to plan hoch
it as I thought I would. (W-Br) Tt nhin, ti c th gip bn. Chng
(W-Br) Of course, I can help you. We were ti rt hi lng vi nhng ngi phc v chng
very happy with the caterer we used last year ti s dng nm ngoi nn 54 ti sao ti khng
so 54
why don't I contact them and take care of lin h vi h v quan tm n t hng thc
ordering the food? 55
Let me know what the n? 55 Hy cho ti bit ngn sch ca bn cho
budget is and I'll make sure we don't go over it. vic ny l bao nhiu v ti s chc chn rng
(M-Cn) I'll e-mail that to you right away. If chng ti xem xt k cho bn
you'll contact the caterer, then I can focus on (M-Cn) ti s gi e-mail cho bn ngay lp tc.
reserving a location before all the good places Nu bn lin h c vi nhng ngi phc v ,
are booked. Thanks! ti c th tp trung vo vic t mt v tr
trc khi tt c cc a im tt c t. Cm
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following Cu hi 56 - 58 cp n chuyn sau y.
Ms Huong HLU .

conversation. (W-Br) Xin li - 56, gn y mt ngi bn

(W-Br) Excuse me 56
a friend of mine ca ti t k ngh ca mnh y v gii
booked her vacation here recently and thiu vn phng bn . Ti ang suy ngh v
recommended your agency. I'm thinking about vic i n Bahamas vo thng Su v c th
going to the Bahamas in June and could use c mt s gip k hoch chuyn i ca ti.
some help planning my trip. (M-Au) The Bahamas l mt ni tuyt vi
(M-Au) The Bahamas are a great place to ngh ngi, nhng bn c th xem l im n
vacation, but have you considered other khc? 57 C mt s khuyn mi tuyt vi trn
destinations? 57
There are some excellent deals v my bay n Florida ngay by gi, v
on airfares to Florida right now, and the nhng bi bin l tuyt p. Bn c th tit
beaches are gorgeous. You could save a lot of kim rt nhiu tin bng cch i du lch
money by traveling there instead. (W-Br) Hm, hay - Ti ngh ti tt hn ht
(W-Br) Hm, that's a good tip I think I'd bn vi gia nh ca ti trc khi ti t bt c
better talk it over with my family before I book iu g.
anything. (M-Au) vng 58 Ti sao bn khng i xem cc
(M-Au) That's fine. Why don't you take a ti liu qung co v cc la chn khu ngh
look at these brochures about Florida resort mt Florida?
options? Mt s trong nhng im c hot ng c
Some of these spots have special activities for bit cho gia nh, v vy ti ngh rng bn s
families, so I think you'll be able to find c th tm thy mt ci g m bn thch.
something you like.

Cu hi 59 - 61 cp n chuyn sau y.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following (M-Au) Hi. 59 Ti gi bi v ti t mua
conversation. mt cun sch t trang web ca nh sch bn
(M-Au) Hi. 59
I'm calling because I ordered a vo tun trc, nhng ti khng nhn c
book from your bookstore's Web site last week, n. S xc nhn l 3467.
but I haven't received it. My confirmation (W-Br) OK, hy ti kim tra n hng ca
number is 3467. chng ti. 60 C v nh t hng ca bn
(W-Br) OK, let me check our records. 60
It cho n bn ba mm - nhng n bn s
looks like your order was for the paperback khng c pht hnh trong mt vi tun. Nu
Ms Huong HLU .

edition but that won't be released for a bn mun cc cun sch by gi, ti c th gi
couple of weeks. If you want the book now, I cho bn bn ba cng, nhng n t thm 15
can send you the hardcover, but it costs 15
dollars more. (M-Au) , ti ngh sch c sn ri. C iu
(M-Au) Oh, I thought the paperback was l, ti cho cun sch nh mt mn qu, v vy
already available. The thing is, I'm giving the ti thc s cn n vo cui tun. bn c th gi
book as a gift, so I really need it by the end of cho ti sch ba cng k?
the week. Could you send me the hardcover (W-Br) Chc chn. V, chc chn bn s c
instead? c n vo thi gian, 61 Ti vui lng nng
(W-Br) Certainly. And, to make sure you get it cp n ca bn ln vn chuyn nhanh ,
on time, I'd be happy to upgrade your order khng ph ph thm.
to express shipping, at no extra charge.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following Cu hi 62 -64 tham kho cc cuc ni chuyn
conversation. sau.
(M-Cn) This is Sanjiv Roy calling from (M-Cn) y l Sanjiv Roy gi t Riverbend
Riverbend Sporting Goods. I wanted to talk Hng th thao. Ti mun ni v cc chin dch
about the advertising campaign for our qung co cho ba l Pathbreaker ca chng ti.
Pathbreaker backpack. (W-Am) Hi, ng Roy. 62 Chng ti thc
(W-Am) Hi, Mr. Roy. We've made a lot of hin rt nhiu tin b trn cc qung co in, v
progress on the print advertisements, and h chc chn s sn sng trong thi gian cho
they'll certainly be ready in time for the launch ngy ra mt vo ngy u tin.
date on April first. (M-Cn) Trn thc t, l nhng g ti gi v.
(M-Cn) Actually, that's what I'm calling about. 63 Chng ti thy rng mt trong nhng i
We've just learned that one of our th cnh tranh ca chng ta s pht hnh mt
competitors is releasing a similar product in sn phm tng t trong thng t, v vy
April, so we want to start shipping the chng ti mun bt u vn chuyn ba l cho
backpacks to stores sooner than that. 62
Can cc ca hng sm hn. 62 Bn c th c cc
you have the ads ready by March first instead? qung co sn sng vo thng u tin thay
(W-Am) I'll have to check with my project th?
manager before I can confirm that. 64
I'll speak (W-Am) ti s phi kim tra vi ngi qun l
Ms Huong HLU .

with him after our call and see if he thinks that d n ca ti trc khi ti c th khng nh
timeline is feasible. rng. 64 Ti s ni chuyn vi anh ta sau khi
cuc gi ca chng ti v xem liu anh ta ngh
rng thi gian l kh thi.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following Cu hi 65 - 67 cp n chuyn sau y.
conversation. (W-Am) Jin, ti ch c1 tin nhn t Ellen. C
(W-Am) Jin, I just got 65 a message from Ellen. y c mt s rc ri v xe v c s khng th
She's having some car trouble and she won't be n lm vic sau vo sng nay
able to make it to work until later this morning. (M-Au) Oh, 66 nhng c c giao dnh bui
(M-Au) Oh, 66
but she was supposed to spend sng ny o to cc nhn vin l tn mi. H
this morning training the new front-desk staff. y, ch i snh. 66 bn c th m
They're already here, waiting in the lobby. 66
nhn cng vic cho Ellen? Ti bit c y c
Could you take over for Ellen? I know she was k hoch ch cho h thy lm th no c
planning to show them how to program wake- dch v bo thc cho cc phng
up calls for the guest rooms. (W-Am) Vng, v ti khng thng lm vic
(W-Am) Well, since I don't usually work at the quy l tn, ti khng thc s bit lm th no
front desk, I don't actually know how to do lm iu . Nhng 67 Ti vui lng chi
that. But 67
I'd be happy to show them around cho h thy xung quanh khch sn cho n khi
the hotel until she gets here; we can see the c c y; chng ta c th thy, cc trung
business center, the gym, the dining rooms ... tm thng mi, phng tp th dc phng n ...
that'll take a couple of hours. v s mt mt vi gi.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following Cu hi 68 - 70 cp n chuyn sau y.

conversation. (W-Br) Rodney, 68 cui cng ti hon
(W-Br) Rodney, 68
I finally finished the thnh cc khu trung by cho b su tp ni
window display for our spring furniture tht ma xun ca chng ti. Bn thy th no
collection. How do you think it looks? ?
(M-Cn) Hmm. Well, it's great that you were (M-Cn) Hmm. Vng, tuyt vi m bn c th
able to incorporate so many of the new living kt hp rt nhiu cc khu phng khch mi, 69
room pieces, 69 but it seems awfully crowded. nhng c v nhu hi nhiu qu
(W-Br) What if we push that oak bookcase all (W-Br) Nu chng ta y m t sch g si
Ms Huong HLU .

the way back against the wall, instead of vo tng, thay v c n ng cnh gh sofa?
having it standing next to the sofa? That way, Bng cch , n vn s th hin c nn,
it'll still be visible in the background but it nhng n s khng chim qu nhiu khng
won't take up so much space. gian.
(M-Cn) That could work. 70 But you should ask (M-Cn) c y . 70 Nhng bn nn hi Jeff.
Jeff. He's done a lot of window displays for us. Anh ta thc hin rt nhiu khu trng by cho
chng ti.
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following Cu hi 71 - 73 tham kho cc chng trnh
radio broadcast. pht thanh sau.
(M-Cn) Good morning WKOP listeners. (M-Cn) Cho bui sng thnh gi WKOP. 71
This is Mike Davis with your 7 A.M. traffic y l Mike Davis vi 7:00 ca bn Bo co
report. Traffic is slow coming into the city on giao thng. Giao thng ang i rt chm vo
Highway 1 this morning. 72
Last night's storm thnh ph trn Quc l 1 sng nay. 72 m
brought down a few trees along the road, qua bo lm mt vi cy dc ng,
closing travel lanes in several places. 73
Until ng ca ng nhiu ni. 73 Cho n khi
the trees can be removed, we recommend that cy c th c dn sch, chng ti khuyn
you go a different way - right now the Northern bn nn i mt ng khc - ngay by gi
Expressway and Biltmore Avenue are better ng cao tc Bc v Biltmore Avenue l 1
options. la chn tt hn.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following Cu hi 74 - 76 tham kho cc thng ip ghi

recorded message. li sau.
(M-Au) You have reached the Monroeville (M-Au) Bn n Bo tng Cu c
Fishing Museum. 74
We are located on the Monroeville. 74 Chng ti ang nm trn b
riverfront in a restored nineteenth-century ship. sng trong mt con tu th k XIX c
Our hours of operation are 10 to 6, Tuesday sa li. gi hot ng l 10-6, Th Ba n Ch
through Sunday. 75 If you would like to explore nht. 75 Nu bn mun khm ph nhng bo
the museum with one of our expert tour guides, tng vi mt hng dn vin du lch chuyn
you can sign up for tours in our gift shop. gia ca chng ti, bn c th ng k cc tour
Tours are free and begin every half hour. du lch trong ca hng qu tng ca chng ti.
Unfortunately, part of the museum will be Tours u min ph v bt u na gi mt ln
Ms Huong HLU .

closed this week, as a new interactive exhibit is . 76 Tht khng may, mt phn ca bo tng s
being installed. We apologize for any ng ca tun ny, sp xp mt cuc trin
inconvenience, and hope to see you here soon. lm. Chng ti xin li v s bt tin, v hy
vng s gp bn y sm.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following Cu hi 77 n 79 tham kho cc on trch
excerpt from a meeting. sau y t mt cuc hp.
(W-Am) And before we leave, I just wanted to (W-Am) V trc khi chng ti ra v, ti ch
talk a bit 77
about our department's monthly mun ni mt cht v 77 ba n tra hng
luncheon. 78
As you all know, we had to thng cab phn ca chng ti. 78 Nh bn
postpone last month's gathering because of that bit, chng ti phi hon hp hi thng
big client project. Thankfully, we were able to trc v d n khch hng ln. Rt may, chng
pull together and meet the deadline. To reward ti c th tp hp vi nhau v p ng thi
us for our hard work, the company has agreed hn. thng cho chng ta v cng vic kh
to pay for this month's luncheon. But before I khn, cng ty ng tr cho ba n tra
call the restaurant, 79
we have to decide ca thng ny. Nhng trc khi ti gi l nh
whether we want to do this on Thursday, the hng, 79 chng ta phi quyt nh xem chng
21st, or Friday, the 22nd. I'd like everyone to ta mun n vo hm th Nm, ngy 21, hoc
check their calendars and let me know which th su, ngy 22. Ti mun tt c mi ngi
day works best. kim tra lch v cho ti bit ngy no th t
chc c
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following Cu hi 80 thng qua 82 tham kho cc qung
advertisement. co sau.
(M-Cn) Do you wish you could fix your (M-Cn) 80 Bn mun sa cha mi nh dt
leaky roof or repaint your living room, but hoc sn li phng khch ca bn, nhng bn
don't know where to start? Garcia's Home khng bit bt u t u? Trang ch Trung
Center can help. Every Saturday morning, we tm Garcia c th gip . Mi bui sng th
offer free instruction on everything from by, chng ti cung cp hng dn min ph
building a shed to tiling your bathroom. 81 This tt c mi th t vic xy dng mt nh kho
Saturday's workshop will focus on laying n p lt phng tm ca bn. 81 hi tho th
carpet in your home. Come and learn about By ny s tp trung vo t thm trong nh
buying the right carpeting and using the best ca bn. Hy n v tm hiu v vic mua li
Ms Huong HLU .

tools. 82 Anyone who attends the workshop will thm ng v s dng nhng cng c tt nht.
also receive a comprehensive folder full of 82 Bt c ai tham d hi tho cng s nhn
information - our step-by-step guides are sure c mt ti liu ton din y cc thng
to make your project a success. So stop by the tin - hng dn tng bc ca chng ti chc
store to register today! chn s lm cho d n ca bn thnh cng. V
vy, dng li bi cc ca hng ng k
ngay hm nay!
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following Cu hi 83 - 85 tham kho cc thng ip in
telephone message. thoi di y.
(W-Br) Hi, 83
this is Mary Fuller, manager of (W-Br) Hi, 83 ti l Mary Fuller, gim c ca
the Wakeson Hotel. 84
There's a problem with Wakeson Hotel. 84 C mt vn vi mt s
some of the lighting you installed in the hotel's nh sng bn ci t trong khu vn ca khch
garden last Friday. The lights around the flower sn th su tun trc. Cc n chiu sng
beds are fine but the spotlights that are xung quanh lung hoa l ok, nhng cc n
supposed to illuminate the fountain aren't thp sng i phun nc b hng. Chng ti
working. We replaced the bulbs but that didn't thay th cc bng n nhng cng k c , v
help, so could you come to the hotel tomorrow vy bn c th n khch sn vo ngy mai
to check the wiring? Normally, we wouldn't be kim tra h thng dy in? Thng thng,
in such a rush, but 85 we're hosting a wedding in chng ti s khng vi vng nh vy, nhng
the garden this weekend it's in the evening 85 chng ti ang t chc mt m ci trong
and we'd like to have the fountain visible in the vn vo cui tun ny - l vo bui ti v
wedding photos. Please give me a call as soon chng ti mun c i phun nc c th nhn
as you can. Thanks. thy trong cc bc nh ci. Xin vui lng gi
ngay khi bn c th. Cm n.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following Cu hi 86 - 88 cp n vic gii thiu sau
introduction. y.
(W-Am) Good evening everyone. 86
I'm (W-Am) Xin cho tt c mi ngi. 86 Ti
Rebecca Olson, owner of Olson's Health Rebecca Olson, ch s hu ca Y t Thc
Foods. As the area's largest provider of organic phm Olson. L nh cung cp ln nht ca lnh
foods and nutritional products, we're honored vc thc phm hu c v cc sn phm dinh
to introduce tonight's speaker, Stacy Weston. 87 dng, chng ti hn hnh gii thiu loa ti
Ms Huong HLU .

Many of you know Stacy from her cookbooks, nay, Stacy Weston. 87 Nhiu ngi trong s
which feature creative ways to make your bn bit Stacy t sch dy nu n ca mnh, c
family's meals more nutritious. Tonight, Stacy tnh nng cch sng to lm cho ba n ca
will be talking to us about her newest book, gia nh bn nhiu cht dinh dng. Ti nay,
Quick but Healthy. Before we begin, 88
I want Stacy s c ni chuyn vi chng ti v
to remind you that tomorrow morning Stacy cun sch mi nht ca c, nhanh nhng khe
will be back here to show us how to make mnh. Trc khi chng ta bt u, 88 Ti
some of the recipes from her book. mun nhc nh bn rng sng mai Stacy s tr
li y cho chng ta thy lm th no
lm cho mt s cng thc nu n t cun sch
ca mnh.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following Cu hi 89 - 91 tham kho cc bo co tin tc
news report. sau y.
(W-Br) At a press conference today, the (W-Br) Ti mt cuc hp bo ngy hm nay,
governor announced that a new hospital will be 89 thng c tuyn b rng mt bnh vin mi
built in Starks County. 90
The governor s c xy dng trong Starks County. 90
emphasized that the hospital will create over Thng c nhn mnh rng bnh vin s to ra
300 jobs - helping to boost the local hn 300 vic lm - gip lm tng t l vic lm
employment rate. 91
After the break, I'll talk ca a phng. 91 Sau gi ngh, ti s ni
with some local citizens of Starks County. chuyn vi mt s ngi dn a phng ca
They've raised concerns that the proposed site Starks County. H dy ln lo ngi rng cc
for the project will have a negative impact on trang web xut cho d n s c tc ng
wildlife in the area. tiu cc i vi ng vt hoang d trong khu
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following Cu hi 95 - 97 tham kho cc thng ip in
telephone message. thoi di y.
(M-Cn) Bettina, this is Philip from human (M-Cn) Bettina, ti l Philip t phng t chc
resources at XT Research. Congratulations on ti Vin nghin cu XT. Chc mng bn vi
your new job here as a research analyst - 96 we cng vic mi -mt nh phn tch nghin cu -
look forward to welcoming you on Monday. 96 chng ti mong c cho n cc bn vo
Since you're starting so soon, there wasn't time th hai. Bi v bn s bt u sm, khng c
Ms Huong HLU .

to mail you our standard employment contract, thi gian gi th bn hp ng lao ng

so I'll have that ready for you to sign as soon ca chng ti, 96 v vy ti s c n sn sng
as you get here. Once it's signed, I'll send a cho bn ng k ngay sau khi bn nhn
copy to payroll. Also, there's been a change to c y. Sau khi k kt, ti s gi mt
the orientation session you'll be attending that bn sao phng ti chnh. Ngoi ra, c mt
morning. 97
Usually, Keiko Mori conducts s thay i cc bui hng dn bn s c
those sessions but she'll be away on business so tham d cc bui sng hm . 97 Thng
Dan Bates will run the session instead. See you thng, Keiko Mori iu hnh bui hng dn
on Monday. nhng c y s i vo kinh doanh nn Dan
Bates s iu hnh thay th. Hn gp li bn
vo ngy th hai.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the Cu hi 98 n 100 tham kho cc bi pht
following speech. biu sau y.
(W-Br) Thank you for the opportunity to speak (W-Br) Cm n bn n ni chuyn ti
at this month's meeting of the Penndale Civic cuc hp ca Hip hi Civic Penndale ca
Association. On behalf of my company, thng ny. 98 Thay mt cng ty ti, Marino
Marino Builders, I'm happy to announce that Builders, ti rt vui mng thng bo rng
we've broken ground on a new 10-story chng ti ang xy dng mt ta nh 10 tng
building in the city center. It will be known as mi ti trung tm thnh ph. N c bit n
Highpoint Tower, and construction will be nh Highpoint Tower, v hon thnh vic xy
complete before the end of next year. 99
We dng trc khi kt thc nm tip theo. 99
know that the civic association has dedicated Chng ta bit rng cc t chc y cng
itself to revitalizing Penndale's business hin lm sng li khu vc kinh doanh
district, and we believe our project will help to Penndale, v chng ti tin rng d n ca
attract new businesses and customers to the chng ti s gip thu ht cc doanh nghip
area. To show how it will do that, 100 I'd like to mi v khch hng n khu vc. lm iu
present a short video that will take you on a , 100 Ti mun trnh by mt on video
virtual tour of some of the building's most ngn v mt bn chiu v mt s c im
notable features. ca ta nh
Ms Huong HLU .
Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

1 (A) The man is unlocking a door. (A) Ngi n ng m mt ca.
(B) The man is holding some packages. (B) Ngi n ng ang cm mt s gi hng
(C) The man is loading a cart. (C) Ngi n ng ang ti mt xe y
(D) The man is standing near some boxes. *(D) Ngi n ng ang ng gn mt s hp.
(A) One woman is picking up a bag. (A) Mt ngi ph n ang nhc mt chic ti.
2 (B) One woman is putting on a hat. (B) Mt ngi ph n ang i mt chic m.
(C) The women are wearing coatr. *(C) Cc ph n ang mc o.
(D) The women are waiting outdoors. (D) Nhng ngi ph n ang ch i ngoi
3 (A) A mans walking down an escalator. (A) Mt ngi n ng i b xung cu thang
(B) A mans wrapping some merchandise. cun.
(C) Some people are cleaning the floor. (B) Mt ngi n ng ang gi mt s hng ha.
(D) Some people are seated next to an escalator. (C) Mt s ngi ang lu sn nh
*(D) Mt s ngi ang ngi bn cnh mt thang
4 (A) A woman is opening an umbrella. (A) Mt ngi ph n ang m mt chic .
(B) Customers are shopping in an open-air market. *(B) Cc khch hng ang mua sm ti mt ch
(C) A vendor is reaching into a display case. ngoi tri
(D) Some people are bicycling through a market. (C) Mt ngi bn hng ang vi ti t trng by
(D) Mt s ngi ang i xe p qua mt ci ch
5 (A) She's jotting down notes on a notepad. *(A) C y ghi nhanh xung ghi ch trn mt
(B) She's arranging some flowers in a vase. notepad.
(C) She's attaching items to a bulletin board. (B) C y sp xp mt s hoa trong mt chic
(D) She's moving her computer monitor. bnh.
(C) C ang gn t ghi ch vo mt bng thng
(D) C y di chuyn mn hnh my tnh ca mnh.
6 (A) Some people are climbing the stairs. (A) Mt s ngi ang leo cu thang.
(B) Some people are leaning against a railing. (B) Mt s ngi ang ta ngi vo lan can.
(C) A woman is reading on a bench. *(C) Mt ngi ph n ang c trn bng gh
(D) A man is working in a garden. d b.
(D) Mt ngi n ng ang lm vic trong mt
khu vn.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

7 (A) A framed picture is hanging above a doorway. (A) Mt bc tranh treo trn mt ca.
(B) A sofa has been positioned across from a (BE) Mt b sofa i din vi ca s.
window. (C) Mt tivi c thit lp trn mt k sch.
(C) A television has been set on a bookshelf. *(D) Mt s sch c xp chng ln nhau
(D) Some books have been stacked on a table. trn bn
8 (A) The vehicles are all traveling in the same *(A) Cc xe u i theo cng mt hng.
direction. (B) Mt tn hiu giao thng b b i trn mt ng
(B) A traffic signal is suspended above an t.
intersection. (C) ng k dng tch ln giao thng.
(C) Painted lines separate the lanes of traffic. (D) Mt ta nh cao tng ang c dng ln
(D) A high-rise building is being erected near a gn mt con ng ng c
busy roadway.
9 (A) An instrument has been left on a piano. (A) Mt dng c trn mt cy n piano.
(B) The floor is partially covered by a rug. *(B) Cc tng c mt phn bao ph bi mt
(C) A music stand is being adjusted. tm thm.
(D) A stage is being prepared for a concert. (C) Sn m nhc ang c iu chnh.
(D) Sn khu ang c chun b cho mt bui
ha nhc.
10 (A) Some boards have been piled on a deck. (A) Mt vi bng cht ng trn mt boong.
(B) Workers are fastening their helmets. (B) Ngi lao ng tht cht i m bo him
(C) A ladder has been placed next to a vertical ca h.
beam. *(C) Mt chic thang c t bn cnh mt
(D) Pipes are being carried up some steps. chm thng ng.
(D) ng ang c tin hnh mt s bc.
11 What flight is he arriving on? ng y p chuyn bay no ?
(A) Flight 48. *(A) Chuyn bay 48.
(B) Only an hour. (B) Ch mt gi.
(C) At the airport. (C) Ti sn bay.
12 When did you join the company? Khi no bn tham gia vo cng ty?
(A) Yes, Im enjoying it here. (A) C, ti ang thng thc n y.
(B) Three years ago. *(B)Ba nm trc.
(C) The Strauss Company. (C) Cng ty Strauss.
13 Where are you staying in town? Bn u trong th trn?
(A) Yes, often. (A) C, thng xuyn.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(B) At the Lakeside Hotel. *(B) Ti Lakeside Hotel.

(C) For a conference. (C) i vi mt hi ngh.
14 Who's meeting with Ms. Clark right now? Ai gp b Clark ngay by gi?
(A) The accountant. *(A) Cc k ton vin.
(B) The meeting was rather short. (B) cuc hp kh ngn.
(C) Yes, you're quite right. (C) C, bn hon ton ng.
15 How many clients will be visiting? C bao nhiu khch hng s n ?
(A) Yes, they are. (A) C, h ang c.
(B) At two o'clock. (B) Lc 02:00.
(C) About a dozen. *(C) Khong mt t
16 What are these sweaters made of? Nhng o len c lm t g
(A) In Mexico, I think. (A) Ti Mexico, ti ngh.
(B) I like the blue ones. (B) Ti thch nhng mu xanh.
(C) They're cotton. *(C) Chng bng cotton
17 Where can I get a copy of the weekly Ti c th nhn c mt bn sao ca t bo hng
newsletter? tun u ?
(A) Every other week. (A) Hai tun mt ln
(B) I read that, too. (B) Ti cng c n
(C) On our Web site. *(C) Trn trang web ca chng ti.
18 Would you like me to call a taxi for you? Bn c mun ti gi taxi cho bn?
(A) Its not very likely. (A) khng c kh nng
(B) No, thanks. I'd prefer to walk. *(B) Khng, cm n. Ti thch i b.
(C) I'll return his call then. (C) Ti s gi li cho anh ta
19 When do you expect the merger to be Khi no bn mong i vic st nhp c
approved? tn thnh?
(A) By the end of the month. *(A) n cui thng.
(B) I expect so. (B) Ti ngh l c.
(C) Yes, sales ought to improve. (C) C, bn hng phi c ci thin.
20 Should we stay late tonight or work on this job Chng ta c nn li mun ti nay hoc lm vic
tomorrow? trn cng vic ny vo ngy mai?
(A) I'm not free tomorrow. * (A) Ti khng rnh vo ngy mai.
(B) We walked through the lobby. (B) Chng ti i ngang qua snh.
(C) Let's make him an offer. (C) Hy lm cho anh ta mt li ngh.
21 Why did Yumi leave the seminar early? Ti sao Yami ri bui hi tho u?

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(A) Seven o'clock this morning. (A) By gi sng nay.

(B) Some are in Room 26. (B) Mt s trong Phng 26.
(C) She had a doctors appointment. *(C) C c hn vi bc s.
22 Where can I attend an evening course? Ti c th tham d mt kha hc bui ti u?
(A) It's a four-course meal. (A) l mt ba n bn khu phn.
(B) Yes, attendance is required. *(B) C, tham d c yu cu.
(C) The university has some night classes. (C) Cc trng i hc c mt s lp hc ban
23 Who will replace Mr. Fernandez when he retires? Ai s thay th ng Fernandez khi ng ngh hu?
(A) I've never been there. (A) Ti cha bao gi c.
(B) I heard that Maria Ortega will. (B) Ti nghe ni rng Maria Ortega s.
(C) No, I'm not tired. *(C) Khng, ti khng mt mi.
24 When will we begin marketing the new alarm Khi no chng ti s bt u tip th cc h thng
system? chung bo ng
*(A) After more tests are completed. *(A) Sau khi hon thnh kim tra nhiu ln
(B) It's an efficient system. (B) y l mt h thng hiu qu.
(C) In Europe and North America. (C) Ti chu u v Bc M.
25 Why are our supplies so low? Ti sao phng cung cp lu vy?
(A) I'm surprised to see you! (A) Ti ngc nhin khi gp bn
(B) The bottom shelf. (B) y gi sch
*(C) The delivery's been delayed. *(C) Vic vn chuyn b tr hon
26 Why don't we go out for some fresh air? Ti sao chng ta khng i ra ngoi cho khng kh
(A) It's out of stock. trong lnh?
*(B) Yes, I'd like to take a break. (A) Ht hng
(C) The chairs go over there. *(B) C, ti mun ngh mt lt
(C) Cc gh i qua .
27 Who shipped the product samples yesterday? Ai vn chuyn cc mu sn phm ngy hm qua?
(A) In the afternoon shipment. (A) Trong cc l hng bui chiu.
*(B) Ms. Kang sent them. *(B) B Kang gi chng.
(C) I've already tried them. (C) Ti th chng
28 Those French lessons were very useful, Nhng bi hc ting Php l rt hu ch,phi
weren't they? khng?
(A) At the training center. (A) Ti trung tm o to.
(B) It's held Monday and Wednesday. (B) N c t chc hm th Hai v th T.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

*(C) Yes, I really learned a lot. *(C) C, ti thc s hc c rt nhiu.

29 Aren't you supposed to be on holiday this week? Bn khng nh i ngh trong tun ny?
*(A) No, I had a scheduling conflict. *(A) Khng, ti c mt vic khc
(B) I go there with my family. (B) Ti i n vi gia nh ti.
(C) They used to be. (C) H s dng c.
30 You've gone through customs, haven't you? Bn lm th tc hi quan ri phi khng?
(A) Is she one of our customers? (A) phi b l mt khch hng ca chng ti?
(B) Yes, it was faster than usual *(B) ng vy, n nhanh hn so vi bnh thng
(C) I haven't received one yet. (C) ti khng nhn c mt no.
31 I thought the discussion was helpful. Ti ngh rng cc cuc tho lun l hu ch.
(A) Sure, help yourself. (A) Chc chn, t mh phc v nh
(B) The quarterly reports. (B) Cc bo co theo qu
*(C) Yes, our goals seem clearer now. *(C) C, mc tiu ca chng ti dng nh r
rng hn by gi.
32 Do I have to complete this application now? Ti phi hon thnh ng dng ny ngay by gi?
(A) We're competing for market share. (A) Chng ti ang cnh tranh ginh th phn c
(B) Yes, I confirmed my reservation. phiu
(C) You can fill it out at home if you'd like. (B) C, ti xc nhn t phng ca mnh.
*(C) Bn c th in n ti nh nu bn mun.
33 I think the vice president should select the Ti ngh rng ph ch tch nn chn v tr.
location. *(A) Nhng c y yu cu chng ti.
(A) But she asked us to. (B) Mt s a dng
(B) A wide variety. (C) Chng ti khng th tm thy chng.
(C) We couldn't find them.
34 Your new assignment looks quite complicated. nhim v mi ca bn trng kh phc tp.
(A) It's nicer than the old sign. (A) N p hn du c.
(B) I'll distribute them tomorrow. (B) ti s phn phi chng vo ngy mai.
(C) It's actually easier than it looks. *(C) N thc s d dng hn bn tng.
35 How about a game of tennis this weekend? Chng ta chi tennis vo cui tun ny nh?
(A) No, I'm afraid I didnt. (A) Khng, ti s ti khng.
(B) Well, I do need the exercise. *(B) Vng, ti cn phi tp th dc.
(C) I bought ten of them. (C) Ti mua mi trong s h.
36 Have the emergency exits been inspected? Li ra khn cp c kim tra ri phi khng?
(A) Only in an emergency. (A) Ch trong trng hp khn cp.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(B) Through the main entrance. (B) Thng qua cc li vo chnh.

(C) Yes, everything's fine. *(C) ng vy, mi th u tt
37 Do you have to phone your office now, or can you Bn phi gi in cho vn phng ca bn by gi,
wait until later? hay bn c th ch i?
(A) I'd bettor do it before I forget. *(A) ti mun lm iu trc khi ti qun.
(B) A waiter will be with you in a moment. (B) Mt ngi bi bn s tr li bn lc na
(C) Our new offices will be bigger. (C) Vn phng mi ca chng ti s ln hn.
38 Hasn't Mr. Chu finished compiling the data? ng Chu vn cha son tho xong d liu ?
(A) Of course, you can borrow my calculator. (A) Tt nhin, bn c th mn my tnh ca ti.
(B) He hasn't received all the figures yet. *(B) ng khng nhn c tt c cc s liu
(C) Sure, he can come by anytime. c nu ra.
(C) Chc chn, anh y c th n bt c lc no.
39 How can we identify the best solution? Lm th no chng ta c th tm ra gii php tt
(A) We may want to consult some experts. nht?
(B) Everyone must show identification. *(A) Chng ta c th tham kho kin mt s
(C) In the laboratory. chuyn gia.
(B) Mi ngi u phi trnh th
(C) Trong phng th nghim.
40 Why don't we take a few minutes to go over the Ti sao chng ta khng dnh mt vi pht xem
proposal? li xut ny?
(A) It lasted a few hours. (A) N ko di mt vi gi.
(B) Should we ask Sarah to join us? *(B) Chng ta c nn yu cu Sarah tham gia vi
(C) I didn't select the speaker. chng ta?
(C) Ti khng chn loa.
1 (A) He's filing some folders. (A) ng in/ nhp mt s th mc.
*(B) He's holding a cardboard box *(B) Anh y cm mt hp cc tng
(C) He's stacking some magazines. (C) ng xp mt s tp ch.
(D) He's turning on a television. (D) ng xut hin trn truyn hnh.
2 (A) A horse is resting by a tree. (A) Mt con nga c ngh ngi bi mt ci
(B) A horse is entering a barn. cy.
(C) There's a car in the driveway. (B) Mt con nga ang bc vo mt chung.
*(D) There's a fence near a building. (C) C mt chic xe trong ng li xe.
*(D) C mt hng ro gn mt ta nh.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

3 (A) They're reading some newspapers. A) H c mt s t bo.

(B) They're moving some furniture. (B) H ang di chuyn mt s ni tht.
*(C) They're facing each other. *(C) H ang phi i mt vi nhau.
(D) They're opening their briefcases. (D) H ang m cp ca h.
4 *(A) Some men are looking at menus. *(A) Mt s n ng ang nhn vo thc n.
(B) Some men are preparing a meal. (B) Mt s n ng ang chun b mt ba n.
(C) A waiter is writing down an order. (C) Mt ngi bi bn ang vit n t hng
(D) A waiter is carrying some glasses. (D) Mt ngi bi bn mang mt s knh.
5 (A) A woman is pushing a shopping cart. (A) Mt ngi ph n ang y mt gi mua
(B) Customers are approaching a cash register. hng.
(C) A man is paying for a purchase. (B) Cc khch hng c tip cn mt my tnh
*(D) A man is selecting an item from a display. tnh tin
(C) Mt ngi n ng c tr tin mua.
*(D) Mt ngi n ng c la chn mt mc
t mt mn hnh hin th.
6 (A) An audience has filled a movie theater. (A) Mt khn gi lp y mt rp chiu phim.
*(B) Spectators are attending a sporting event. *(B) Khn gi ang tham d mt s kin th thao.
(C) Vendors are climbing some stairs. (C) nhng ngi bn hng ang leo cu thang.
(D) The players are leaving the field. (D) Cc cu th ang ri khi trng.
7 (A) An instrument case is lying on the floor. (A) Mt hp dng c ang nm trn sn.
(B) A bookcase is between two benches. (B) Mt t sch l gia hai bng gh.
(C) Some shoes are being placed into boxes. (C) Mt s i giy ang c t gia hai gh
*(D) A rug is laid out in front of a window. *(D) Mt tm thm c t ra pha trc ca
mt ca s.
8 (A) People have gathered by a fountain. (A) Mi ngi tp hp bi mt i phun nc.
*(B) People are strolling through an outdoor *(B) Mi ngi ang i do qua ch ngoi tri.
market. (C) Mt s bao ti ang c d xung t mt
(C) Some sacks are being unloaded from a truck. chic xe ti.
(D) Workers are hanging out laundry to dry. (D) Ngi lao ng treo qun o cho kh
9 (A) A shelving unit is being installed. (A) Mt ci gi ang c ci t.
(B) A woman is bending down to read a label. (B) Mt ngi ph n ang ci xung c mt
*(C) A stack of cups is covered in plastic nhn hng
packaging. *(C) Mt ng chn c bao ph trong bao b
(D) A woman is serving beverages in cups. nha.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(D) Mt ngi ph n ang phc v ung

trong cc.
10 *(A) Gin gio c dng ln bn cnh mt
*(A) Scaffolding has been erected next to an bc tng bn ngoi.
exterior wall. (B) Mt cng nhn b vi lp ng ng trong
(B) A worker is burying pipes in the ground. lng t.
(C) Steps have been constructed from stone (C) Cc bc thang c xy dng t cc khi
blocks. .
(D) Cement is being poured at a construction site. (D) Xi mng ang c ti mt cng trng
xy dng.
11 What time is it? My gi ri?
(A) Just a few minutes. (A) Ch cn mt vi pht.
*(B) Almost five o'clock. *(B) Gn 5h.
(C) Yes, it is. (C) C, n c.
12 How was your stay at the hotel? Bn ngh ti khch sn nh th no?
(A) I'm sorry, I can't. (A) Ti xin li, ti khng th.
(B) Near Fourth Avenue. (B) Gn Fourth Avenue.
*(C) I enjoyed it. *(C) Ti rt thch n.
13 Do you want me to schedule the press conference Bn mun ti sp xp cc cuc hp bo vo th
for Thursday, or for Friday? nm, hay vo ngy th Su?
(A) A television reporter. (A) Mt phng vin truyn hnh.
(B) I'd prefer Thursday. *(B) Ti mun th Nm.
(C) The latest press release. (C) Thng co bo ch mi nht.
14 When should I have this paperwork ready? Khi no giy t sn sng cho ti y?
(A) As soon as possible. *(A) Ngay khi c th
(B) At the print shop. (B) Ti cc ca hng in.
(C) A billing form. (C) Mt hnh thc thanh ton.
15 Where was Mr. Wagner yesterday? ng Wagner l u ngy hm qua?
(A) The whole department. (A) Ton b b phn.
(B) No, thats tomorrow. (B) Khng, l ngy mai.
(C) With a client. *(C) Vi mt khch hng
16 Michael, is this your coat? Michael, y l chic o khoc ca bn ?
(A) Because it's cold outside. (A) Bi v tri lnh bn ngoi.
(B) No, mine's brown. *(B) Khng, ca ti mu nu

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(C) A different postal code. (C) M bu chnh khc nhau.

17 Who can l ask to revise our orientation Ti c th nh ai r sot li ti liu ngh nghip
materials? ca chng ti ?
(A) l just realized that. (A) Ti ch nhn ra rng.
(B) An earlier version. (B) Mt phin bn trc.
(C) Yoko has the time. *(C) Yoko c thi gian.
18 You manage this apartment complex, dont you? Bn qun l khu chung c ny, phi khng?
(A) Yes, I have for twelve years. *(A) Vng, ti c mi hai nm qun l ri
(B) It's apartment 16. (B) l cn h 16.
(C) It wasn't that complicated. (C) Khng phi l phc tp.
19 Why did you get a new mobile phone? Ti sao bn c in thoi di ng mi?
(A) In my briefcase. (A) Trong vali ca ti.
(B) I lost my old one. *(B) Ti mt ci in thoi c ri
(C) Next September. (C) Thng 9 ti
20 Does Samir work in accounting or customer Samir C lm vic trong dch v k ton hoc
service? khch hng khng?
(A) That's the right account number. (A) l s ti khon ng
(B) How can I help you? (B) Ti c th gip bn th no?
(C) He's a supervisor in customer service. *(C) Anh y l mt ngi gim st trong dch v
khch hng.
21 Would you like to share a taxi to the train Bn c mun i chung taxi n ga tu khng?
station? *(A) Thc s, ti nh li xe i.
(A) Actually, I was planning to drive. (B) Ti c o to.
(B) I've already been trained. (C) Mi hai mi pht.
(C) Every twenty minutes.
22 What color should I paint the living room Ti nn sn tng phng khch mu g?
walls? (A) C, bn nn.
(A) Yes, you should. (B) Anh y gn nh hon thnh.
(B) He's nearly finished. *(C) Vng s p
(C) Yellow would look nice.
23 When is the Morrison Bridge going to be Khi no c cu Morrison s c sa cha?
repaired? (A) Mt cp trong s h.
(A) A pair of them. (B) ng b mc kt trong giao thng.
(B) He was stuck in traffic. *(C) Lc no ma xun ti .

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(C) Sometime next spring.

24 Why's the shopping center so busy? Ti sao trung tm mua sm nhn nhp nh vy?
(A) I have to buy food for dinner. (A) Ti phi mua thc phm cho ba n ti.
(B) A new store opened there last week. *(B) Mt ca hng mi m tun trc.
(C) A business proposal. (C) Mt xut kinh doanh.
25 My flight to Chicago's been delayed for six Chuyn bay ca ti n Chicago b tr hon trong
hours. 6 ting?
(A) Have you tried to get a different flight? *(A) Cc bn c gng c c mt chuyn
(B) Unless he's waiting at the airport. bay khc?
(C) Sure, I'll put it on display. (B) Tr khi anh ta ang ch i ti sn bay.
(C) Chc chn, ti s t n trn mn hnh.
26 Shouldn't we distribute these brochures? Chng ta khng nn giao cc ti liu qung co?
(A) Black and white's fine. (A) en v trng u p .
(B) Not until more people get here. *(B) Khng c giao cho n khi nhiu ngi
(C) Martin designed them n y.
(C) Martin thit k chng
27 Who's going to do the presentation with you? Ai s lm bi trnh ny vi bn?
(A) I'm doing it by myself. *(A) Ti t lm n
(B) It was a good presentation. (B) l mt bi thuyt trnh tt.
(C) Baolin also received one. (C) Baolin cng nhn c mt.
28 Why don't you call Ms. Garcia this morning? Ti sao bn khng gi b Garcia sng nay?
(A) I don't think I have her number. *(A) Ti khng ngh rng ti c s ca b y.
(B) Because she asked for one. (B) Bi v c y yu cu mt.
(C) I can answer the phone. (C) Ti c th tr li in thoi.
29 Let's order a bigger sign for the front door. Hy t mt bin hiu ln cho ca trc.
(A) What size should we get? *(0A) Kch c bin hiu?
(B) No, in the bottom drawer. (B) Khng, trong ngn ko pha di.
(C) You can sign it later. (C) Bn c th ng n sau ny.
30 The cafe's out of sandwiches. Qun cafe ht sandwich ri
(A) An extra slice of cheese. (A) Mt lt pho mt thm
(B) They open at nine. (B) H m lc chn gi.
(C) Try the soup instead. *(C) Hy th mn canh thay th.
31 Whos in charge of stocking the supply Ai l ngi chu trch nhim v vic cung cp
closet? qun o?

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(A) Oh, we take turns. *(A) Oh, chng ti thay phin nhau.
(B) Don't forget to close it. (B) ng qun ng n.
(C) Some office supplies. (C) Mt s vn phng.
32 Are they putting an addition on the library? H tuyn thm nhn vin cho th vin ?
(A) She's the head librarian. (A)C y l ch ca th vin
(B) No. but they are remodeling. *(B) Khng. H ang lm mu thi
(C) Seven more years. (C) Hn 7 nm

33 What's on the agenda for the staff meeting? Ci g s xut hin trn lch trnh cho cuc hp
(A) Next to the lobby. nhn vin?
(B) Attendance was good. (A) Gn snh
(C) It hasn't been finalized. (B) S tham gia l tt
*(C) N vn cha c cng b
34 Hasn't Marcus found a location for the photo Marcus tm thy mt v tr chp nh cha?
shoot? (A) l cho mt qung co.
(A) It's for an advertisement. (B) Treo chng ln .
(B) Hang them up there. *(C) Anh y vn ang tm.
(C) He's still looking.
35 The new copier's been delivered. Cc my photocopy mi c giao.
(A) I'll order it this morning. (A) Ti s t n sng nay.
(B) Is it ready to use? *(B) N sn sng s dng cha?
(C) I'd like some, too. (C) Ti cng mun mt vi ci
36 There's only one entrance to this building, right? Ch c mt li vo ta nh ny, phi khng?
(A) He's standing right over there. (A) Anh ang ng .
(B) No, there's a side door too. *(B) Khng, cng c mt cnh ca bn
(C) By showing your identification badge. (C) Bng cch hin th th cn cc ca mnh.
37 Where will the training session be held? Bui tp hun c t chc u?
(A) I'll check the e-mail Erika sent us. *(A) Ti s kim tra e-mail Erika gi cho chng
(B) Safety procedures. ti.
(C) Because of a schedule change. (B) Cc th tc an ton.
(C) Do s thay i lch trnh.
38 The contract negotiations took longer than I Cc cuc m phn hp ng mt nhiu thi gian
expected. hn ti mong i.
(A) Yes. I was surprised by that. *(A) ng. Ti rt ngc nhin bi iu .

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(B) It's a little more than ten kilometers. (B) l nhiu hn mt cht so vi mi cy s.
(C) Are you expecting him? (C) Bn ang mong i anh ta?
39 How do I renew my membership? Lm th no i mi th thnh vin ca ti?
(A) A teachers association. (A) T chc gio vin
(B) There's a form online. *(B) C mt vn bn trn mng bn in vo
(C) No, it's not new. (C) Khng, n khng phi l mi.
40 Could you give me feedback on my research Bn c th cho ti thng tin phn hi v xut
proposal? nghin cu ca ti?
(A) Improvements in medical technology. (A) Ci tin trong cng ngh y t.
(B) I didn't think it was. (B) Ti khng ngh rng n c.
(C) If you don't need it immediately, I can. *(C) Nu bn khng cn n ngay lp tc, ti c
Test 3.
1 (A) They're lifting a desk. (A) H ang nng mt bn.
(B) They're opening a package. (B) H ang m mt gi.
(C) They're carrying a box. *(C) H ang mang theo mt hp.
(D) They're walking outside. (D) H ang i b bn ngoi.
2 (A) Some planes are on the ground. *(A) Mt s my bay trn mt t.
(B) A plane is taking off from a runway. (B) Mt chic my bay c ct cnh t mt
(C) Some trucks are at an intersection. ng bng.
(D) A truck is coming out of a garage. (C) Mt s xe ti ang mt ng t.
(D) Mt chic xe ti ang ra khi nh xe.
3 (A) The man is standing next to a bench. *(A) Ngi n ng ang ng bn cnh mt
(B) Flowers are being arranged in pots. chic gh di.
(C) Some people are walking through a doorway. (B) Hoa ang c sp xp trong chu.
(D) The man is handing the woman a camera. (C) Mt s ngi ang i b qua mt ca.
(D) Ngi n ng a ngi ph n mt my
4 (A) Mt ngi ph n ang bt tay vi mt ngi
(A) A woman is shaking hands with a man. n ng.
(B) A woman is holding some sheets of paper. *(B) Mt ngi ph n ang nm gi mt s t
(C) A woman is taking notes on a board. giy.
(D) A woman is passing a briefcase to a man. (C) Mt ph n c ghi ch trn mt bng.
(D) Mt ngi ph n ang a chic cp mt

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

ngi n ng.
5 (A) Hes putting away some tools. (A) Anh y b i mt s cng c.
(B) He's trying on a pair of shoes. (B) Anh ta th mt i giy.
(C) He's adjusting his eyeglasses. (C) Anh ta iu chnh knh mt ca mnh.
(D) He's repairing a shoe. *(D) Anh y sa cha mt chic giy.
6 (A) Some people are riding bikes on a brick road. (A) Mt s ngi ang ixe p trn mt con
(B) Some bikes are leaning against a wall. ng gch.
(C) Some bikes are parked in a long row. (B) Mt s xe p ang da vo tng.
(D) Some people are looking at bikes in a shop. *(C) Mt s xe ang u trong mt hng di.
(D) Mt s ngi ang nhn vo xe p trong mt
ca hng.
7 (A) A table has been set with dishes. (A) Mt bng c thit lp vi cc mn n.
(B) The shelves of a bookcase are empty. (B) Cc k ca t sch l rng.
(C) Some pictures have been placed on the floor. (C) Mt s hnh nh c t trn sn.
(D) A couch has been pushed to one side of the *(D) Mt chic gh c y ln mt bn ca
room. cn phng.
8 (A) Some people are entering an auditorium. (A) Mt s ngi ang bc vo mt khn phng.
(B) Some people are seated in a circle. (B) Mt s ngi ang ngi trong mt vng trn.
(C) A man is distributing some books. (C) Mt ngi n ng ang phn phi mt s
(D) A man is addressing a small group of people. sch.
*(D) Mt ngi n ng ang gii quyt mt
nhm nh ca ngi dn.
9 (A) Streetlamps are being installed in a parking (A) n ng ang c lp t trong mt khu
area. vc u xe.
(B) Cars are being driven across a bridge. *(B) t ang b y qua mt cy cu.
(C) People have gathered near a building. (C) Ngi dn t tp gn mt ta nh.
(D) A bridge has been closed for construction (D) Mt cy cu c ng ca cho cng trnh
work. xy dng.
10 (A) Recording equipment is being moved onto a (A) Thit b ghi m ang c di chuyn ln trn
stage. mt sn khu.
(B) Some women are practicing their instruments. *(B) Mt s ph n ang thc hnh cc cng c
(C) Chairs are being arranged in a classroom. ca h.
(D) One of the musicians is turning a page. (C) Gh c sp xp trong mt lp hc.
(D) Mt trong nhng nhc s c chuyn trang.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

11 When do you start work in the morning? Khi no bn bt u lm vic vo bui sng?
(A) Yes, I do. (A) C, ti lm.
(B) At eight o'clock. *(B) Lc 08:00.
(C) She just started. (C) C ch mi bt u.
12 Who is Mr. Park meeting at the airport? ng Park s gp ai ti sn bay?
(A) Inside the terminal. (A) Bn trong thit b u cui.
(B) They called a taxi. (B) H gi mt chic taxi.
(C) A new client. *(C) Mt khch hng mi.
13 How much do the theater tickets cost? Nhng v xem ht gi bao nhiu tin ?
(A) Only sixteen dollars. *(A) Ch c mi su la.
(B) I'm sure they're not lost. (B) Ti chc rng h khng b mt.
(C) There's a concert at the theater. (C) C mt bui ha nhc ti nh ht.
14 Which of these notebooks is yours? Nhng quyn v no l ca bn ?
(A) At the library. (A) Ti th vin.
(B) The black one's mine. *(B) Mu en l ca ti
(C) Thanks, it is. (C) Cm n, n c.
15 Why has the train been delayed? Ti sao tu b tr hon?
(A) For about two hours. (A) khong hai gi.
(B) Lay it over there. (B) t n .
(C) They're repairing the tracks. *(C) H ang sa cha ng ray.
16 Where's the nearest supermarket? Trng hp ca cc siu th gn nht?
(A) He asked about marketing. (A) ng hi v marketing.
(B) Just down the street. *(B) Ch cn xung ng ph.
(C) No, there isn't. (C) Khng, khng c.
17 Do you have this shirt in a different size? Bn c chic o ny vi kch thc khc nhau?
(A) Yes, we also have it in medium. *(A) C, chng ti cng c mt ci o s mi kch
(B) Sure, she can go. c va.
(C) No, for an exercise class. (B) Chc chn, c y c th i.
(C) Khng, v mt lp tp th dc.
18 Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is? Xin li, bn c th cho ti bit by gi l my
(A) Its a digital clock. gi?
(B) Do one at a time. (A) l mt ng h k thut s.
(C) A little past noon. (B) Thc hin mt ti mt thi im.
*(C) Qu tra mt cht.

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

19 I'm looking for the personnel files. Ti ang tm kim cc tp tin c nhn.
(A) They're in the top drawer. *(A) H ang trong ngn ko trn cng.
(B) I saw him arrive earlier. (B) Ti thy anh ta n sm hn.
(C) I don't think so, personally. (C) C nhn ti khng ngh nh vy.
20 When will the furniture for the lobby be Khi no th cc ni tht cho cc snh c
delivered? giao hng?
(A) At the service desk. (A) Ti quy phc v.
(B) Some blue chairs. (B) Mt s gh mu xanh.
(C) Probably tomorrow. *(C) C l ngy mai.
21 Does Ken work in the accounting or sales Ken lm vic trong b phn k ton hay b phn
department? bn hng?
(A) My e-mail account still works. (A) Ti khon e-mail ca ti vn hot ng.
(B) I think he's in sales. *(B) Ti ngh rng anh y lm vic b phn bn
(C) He preferred the first apartment. hng.
(C) Anh y thch cn h u tin.
22 You've operated this equipment before, Bn hot ng thit b ny trc y cha ?
haven't you? *(A) C, nhiu ln ri
(A) Yes, many times. (B) Trong t hng dn o to
(B) In the training manual. (C) Khng, nh my
(C) No, the factory.
23 Who's been selected to lead the design Ai c chn dn dt i thit k?
team? (A) K tn y, xin vui lng.
(A) Sign here, please. (B) Anh y s c n?
(B) Will he read it? *(C) B Lee c la chn.
(C) Ms. Lee was chosen.
24 Can I get you anything from the supply room? Ti c th ly cho bn ci g t phng cung cp
(A) They've been our supplier for a while. khng ?
(B) Some pencils would be nice. (A)H l nhng nh cung cp trong mt thi gian
(C) She hasn't changed rooms. ri
*(B) Vi ci bt ch nh
(C) C y cha i phng
25 Where will you be working for the rest of the day? Bn lm vic u vo cui ngy th?
(A) After I go home. A. Sau khi ti i lm
(B) At the district office. *B. vn phng qun

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(C) It's a tight deadline. C. N n ng hn

26 Can we review the budget now, or should we wait Chng ti c th xem xt ngn sch hin nay,
till later? hoc chng ta nn ch i cho n sau ny?
(A) Let's find out when Sally can join us. *(A) Hy tm hiu khi Sally c th tham gia.
(B) Yes, that's all they've got. (B) C, l tt c nhng g h c.
(C) It weighs about ten kilos. (C) N nng khong mi kilo
27 When will the tour begin? Khi s tour du lch bt u?
(A) A history museum. (A) Mt bo tng lch s.
(B) He's a tour guide. (B) Anh y l mt hng dn vin.
(C) In about fifteen minutes. *(C) Trong khong mi lm pht.
28 How did you find out about that movie? Lm sao bn tm hiu v b phim ?
(A) To the cinema. *A. Ti cc rp chiu phim.
(B) We have a good view. (B) Chng ti c mt ci nhn tt.
(C) Marco mentioned it. (C) Marco cp n n.
29 Do you need help setting up the dining room for Bn c cn gip thit lp cc phng n cho ba
the banquet? tic?
(A) She went to the bank. (A) C y i n ngn hng.
(B) Everything's ready, thanks. *(B) Tt c mi th sn sng, cm n.
(C) It's sitting on the table. (C) trn bn
30 The workshop's been canceled, hasn't it? Hi tho c hy b, ng khng ?
(A) It's about managing your time. (A) l v qun l thi gian ca bn.
(B) No, it's just been postponed. *(B) Khng, n ch c hon li.
(C) It was a very nice shop. (C) l mt ca hng rt tt p.
31 How did you find out about that movie? Lm sao bn bit v b phim ?
(A) To the cinema. (A) cc rp chiu phim.
(B) We have a good view. (B) Chng ti c mt ci nhn tt.
(C) Marco mentioned it. *(C) Marco cp n n.
32 Would you please fill out an application? Bn vui lng in vo mt ng dng?
(A) Actually, I already have. * (A) Trn thc t, ti lm
(B) A job opening in the city. (B) Mt vic cn ngi lm trong thnh ph.
(C) No, mine's still full. (C) Khng, ti vn cn y .
33 Do you think there'll be a company picnic this Bn c ngh rng s c mt ba n ngoi tri ca
year? cng ty trong nm nay?
(A) Maybe they'll be there. (A) C th h s .

Ms Huong TOEIC FB: HuongNguyen (Helen)

(B) For the last ten years. (B) Trong mi nm qua.

(C) Yes, theyve asked me to organize it. *(C) C, h hi ti t chc n.
34 Why does Mr. Tang look so worried? Ti sao ng Tang lo lng vy ?
(A) Yes, so he told me. (A) C, v vy ng ni vi ti.
(B) OK, I'll look it up. (B) OK, ti s xem xt n
(C) He left his briefcase on the plane. *(C) ng li chic cp ca mnh trn my bay.
35 You have a call from Ms. Kazmi on line two. Bn c mt cuc gi t c Kazmi ng trc
(A) Oh good, I've been trying to reach her. tuyn th hai.
(B) Have you checked our Web site? *(A) Oh tt, ti ang c gng ni chuyn vi c
(C) At least we don't have to wait to get in. y.
(B) Bn kim tra trang web ca chng ti?
(C) t nht chng ta khng cn phi ch i
36 What else is required to complete the loan iu g khc l cn thit hon thnh hp ng
agreement? vay n?
(A) I was just about to. (A) Ti va nh.
(B) Why'd he go alone? (B) Ti sao anh i mt mnh?
(C) We don't need anything else. *(C) Chng ta khng cn bt c iu g khc.
37 Are you going to write up the research results, or Bn s vit ln cc kt qu nghin cu, hoc bn
would you like me to do it? mun ti lm iu ?
(A) No, I'm not wrong. (A) Khng, ti khng sai.
(B) I don't mind doing it. *(B) Ti khng nh lm vic .
(C) I'd like to reserve one. (C) Ti mun ng k mt.
38 Hasn't George commented on our proposal George cha nhn xt v ngh ca chng ta
yet? sao?
(A) He said he'd look at it today. *(A) ng y ni ng s xem n hm nay.
(B) Not at this intersection. (B) Khng phi ng t ny.
(C) What a nice compliment! (C) Tht l mt li khen tt p!
39 How well do you know the new head Lm th no bn bit ngi qun l ng u
manager? mi?
(A) He's ahead of schedule. (A) Anh y thng lm trc lch lm vic
(B) Yes, the main branch. (B) C, chi nhnh chnh.
(C) We've worked together for years. *(C) Chng ti lm vic cng nhau trong nhiu

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

1 (A) The men are putting on headphones. (A) Nhng ngi n ng ang eo tai nghe.
(B) The men are getting up from their chairs. (B) Nhng ngi n ng ang ng dy khi
(C) The men are looking at a computer screen. gh ca h.
(D) The men are moving some furniture. *(C) Nhng ngi n ng ang nhn vo mn
hnh my tnh.
(D) Nhng ngi n ng ang di chuyn mt s
ni tht.
2 (A) A woman is typing on a keyboard. (A) Mt ngi ph n ang g trn bn phm.
(B) A woman is pointing to a document. *(B) Mt ngi ph n ang ch vo mt ti liu.
(C) A woman is closing a binder. (C) Mt ngi ph n ang ng mt cht kt
(D) A woman is drawing in a notebook. dnh.
(D) Mt ph n ang v trong mt my tnh xch
3 (A) People are shopping in a grocery store. (A) Mi ngi ang mua sm ti mt ca hng
(B) People are seated at tables. tp ha.
(C) People are watching a performance. (B) Mi ngi ang ngi bn.
(D) People are walking on a crowded street. (C) Mi ngi ang xem biu din.
*(D) Mi ngi ang i b trn con ph ng
4 (A) She's stacking chairs near the door. (A) C y ang xp gh gn ca ra vo.
(B) She's operating a machine. *(B) C y ang hat ng ci my.
(C) She's entering an office. (C) C y ang bc vo vn phng.
(D) She's placing files in a cabinet. (D) C y ang b h s vo t.
5 (A) Some men are packing their suitcases. A) Mt vi ngi n ng ang ng gi hnh l
(B) Some men are touring a factory. (B) Mt vi ngi n ng ang tham quan nh
(C) Some men are waiting near a vehicle. my.
(D) Some men are storing luggage above their *(C) Mt vi ngi n ng ang ch i gn mt
seats. chic xe.
(D) Mt vi ngi n ng ang ct gi hnh l
pha trn ch ngi ca mnh.
6 (A) Shelves have been stocked with books. *(A) Nhng ci k c cht y sch.
(B) Boxes are being set on the floor. (B) Nhng ci thng ang c t trn sn.
(C) A woman is stepping onto a ladder. (C) Mt ngi ph n ang bc ln mt ci

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(D) A woman is posting a sign. thang.

(D) Mt ngi ph n ang dn mt ci bng
7 (A) A train is going through a tunnel. (A) Mt on tu ang i qua mt ng hm.
(B) A train station is being renovated. (B) Mt on tu ang c tn trang li.
(C) There is a railing beside the train track. *(C) C mt ci lan can bn cnh ng xe la.
(D) The doors of the train are closing. (D) Cc cnh ca ra vo ca tu ang ng li.
8 (A) A man is paying at the cash register. (A) Mt ngi n ng ang tr tin ti quy tnh
(B) Drinks are lined up in a display case. tin.
(C) Dishes are being cleared from the counter. *(B) ung c xp trong mt quy trng by
(D) Diners are ordering food at a restaurant. (C) Cc mn n c dn khi quy.
(D) Thc khch ang t thc n ti nh hng.
9 (A) A worker is unloading supplies from a truck. (A) Mt cng nhn ang cht hng cung cp khi
(B) A worker is driving past a warehouse xe ti.
entrance. (B) Mt cng nhn ang li xe qua mt li vo
(C) Some tires have been piled onto a platform. nh kho.
(D) Some materials are being transported on a (C) Mt s lp xe c xp chng ln sn
forklilt *(D) Mt s nguyn vt liu ang c chuyn
trn mt chic xe nng
10 (A) Theyre spreading out a net. *(A) H ang ni rng ci li ra.
(B) They're tying a boat to the dock. (B) H ang buc thuyn vo bn.
(C) They're fishing from the side of a boat. (C) H ang nh bt c t bn kia ca chic
(D) They're folding up a tent. thuyn.
(D) H ang gp ci lu li.
11 When's your appointment? Khi no bn c cuc hn?
(A) Room 310. (A) Phng 310.
(B) On Friday. *(B) Vo th Su.
(C) That's a good point. (C) l mt im tt.
12 Where should I put the paper for the computer? Ti nn b giy cho my vi tnh u?
(A) Four boxes. (A) Bn hp.
(B) Next to the printer. *(B) K my in.
(C) Yesterday's newspaper. (C) Hm qua ca t b

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

13 Are you going to Italy for your vacation? Bn s i cho k ngh ca bn?
(A) Yes, she's on holiday. (A) ng vy, c l vo k ngh.
(B) For a telephone call. (B) i vi mt cuc gi in thoi.
(C) No, I'm going to Spain this year. *(C) Khng, nm nay ti s i Ty Ban Nha
14 Who's retiring next month? Ai s v hu vo thng ti?
(A) No, we're not tired. (A) Khng, chng ti khng mt.
(B) I believe Caroline is. *(B) Ti cho rng l Caroline.
(C) It's due in four weeks. (C) N c hn trong bn tun.
15 Can you take notes at tomorrow's meeting? Bn c th ghi chp ti cuc hp ngy mai?
(A) How did you meet him? (A) Lm th no m bn gp anh y?
(B) I didn't notice. (B) Ti khng .
(C) I'll be happy to. *(C) ti s rt vui khi lm iu .
16 Don't you want to take your raincoat with you? Bn khng mang o ma theo cng sao?
(A) Of course I'll be there. (A) Tt nhin ti s .
(B) She'll want to take a picture. (B) C y s mun chp hnh.
(C) No. I shouldn't need it. *(C) Khng, ti khng cn n.
17 Which paint color did you choose for the waiting Bn chn mu sn no cho phng ch?
room? (A) Anh y khng nhn thy bn ghi ch
(A) He didn't see the memo. *(B) Mt mu xanh l cy nht.
(B) A shade of pale green. (C) Ti khng ngi ch i.
(C) I don't mind waiting.
18 Why is Felipe sitting in the lobby? Ti sao Felipe ang ngi snh?
(A) He's meeting me there. *(A) Anh y c hn gp ti .
(B) I'd rather stand. (B) Ti thch ng.
(C) At ten o'clock. (C) Lc 10:00.
19 I sent the catering order to you on Tuesday. Ti gi n hng phc v cho bn vo th ba.
(A) I don't think we've received it. *(A) Ti khng ngh chng ti nhn c n.
(B) They're not in order. (B) H khng theo th t.
(C) Around the corner. (C) Quanh gc ng.
20 Can you find your seat, or would you like me to Bn c th t tm ch ngi ca bn, hay bn mun
show you where it is? ti ch cho bn ngi u?
(A) Thanks, but I can find my way. * (A) Cm n, nhng ti c th tm thy ch ca
(B) Those are only for display. ti
(C) On the front page. (B) Nhng ci ch trng by.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(C) Trn trang trc.

21 Why dont we lower the prices on our sweaters? Ti sao chng ta khng gim gi o len?
(A) That discount store in town. (A) Ca hng gim gi trong th trn.
(B) How many would you like? (B) Bn mun bao nhiu?
(C) That should help our sales. *(C) iu s gip bn hng ca chng ta.
22 Can you attend the employee orientation at three? Bn c tham d bui nh hng nhn vin lc ba
(A) Thats the train station. gi khng?
(B) Yes, but Ill be a little late. (A) l trm xe la.
(C) It appears on the third page. *(B) C, nhng ti s n mun mt cht.
(C) N xut hin trn trang th ba.
23 Where are you holding the staff meeting? Bn s t chc cuc hp nhn vin u?
(A) Because our deadline's changed. (A) V thi hn ca chng ta thay i.
(B) Yes, I've seen it. (B) C, ti nhn thy n.
(C) In the conference room. *(C) Trong phng hi ngh.
24 When does the promotional offer begin? Khi no chng trnh khuyn mi bt u?
(A) For large orders. (A) Cho cc n t hng ln.
(B) It starts next week. *(B) N bt u vo tun ti.
(C) Shes the assistant editor. (C) C y l tr l bin tp.
25 Youll be paid at the end of each assignment. Bn s c thanh ton tin vo cui mi bi.
(A) I did enjoy the play. (A) Ti thng thc v kch
(B) Hes assigned to this office. (B) ng y c giao vic n vn phng ny.
(C) Thats good to know. *(C) Rt vui khi bit tin ny
26 Should I get a ladder so we can hang up these Ti c nn tro ln ci thang chng ta c th
signs? treo nhng bng hiu ny khng?
(A) Sure, there's one in the stockroom. *(A) c ch, c 1 ci thang trong nh kho .
(B) Please sign here. (B) Vui lng k y.
(C) She'll call us later. (C) C y s gi cho chng ti sau.
27 Why doesn't the bus to the city park ever arrive on Ti sao tuyn xe but n cng vin thnh ph
time? khng bao gi chy n ng gi?
(A) Until the next one. (A) Cho n chuyn k tip.
(B) No, you can't park here. (B) Khng, bn khng th u y.
(C) It's frustrating, isn't it? *(C) Tht bc bi, phi khng?
28 How much does this briefcase cost? Ci cp ny gi bao nhiu?
(A) Let me check for you. *(A) ti kim tra cho bn.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) No, it's actually fairly long. (B) Khng, n thc s kh di.
(C) It's about two hours to the coast. (C) N mt khong hai gi i dc b bin.
29 What was the article about? Bi bo vit v ci g ?
(A) I didn't read it. *(A) Ti khng c n.
(B) No, not recently. (B) Khng, khng phi gn y.
(C) That's about it. (C) l v n.
30 Jeff was reimbursed for his trip, wasn't he? Jeff c hon tr tin cho chuyn i ca
(A) Yes, I had a lovely trip. mnh, phi khng?
(B) I processed his forms this morning. (A) ng, ti c mt chuyn i ng yu.
(C) He's always well prepared. *(B) Ti x l n ca anh y sng nay.
(C) Anh y lun chun b tt.
31 Could you drive Mr. Kim to the airport? Bn c th li xe ch ng Kim n sn bay?
(A) Joe can give him the report. (A) Joe c th a cho ng y bo co.
(B) What time does he have to leave? *(B) ng y phi i lc my gi?
(C) A different route. (C) Mt tuyn ng khc.
32 Didn't you want to write the project summary? Bn khng mun vit bi tm tt cho d n sao?
(A) No, you should turn left. (A) Khng, bn nn r tri.
(B) I remember that writer. (B) Ti nh nh vn .
(C) I did, but I could use your help. (C) Ti lm, nhng ti c th cn bn gip
33 Are you leaving for lunch now, or do you have By gi bn s i n tra, hay bn cn thi gian
time to look over some paperwork? xem qua mt s giy t?
(A) I'll look for it over here. (A) Ti s tm n y.
(B) I'm free until one-thirty. *(B) Ti rnh n 1h30.
(C) Yes, he's at lunch. (C) ng, anh y ang n tra.
34 Who's the new supervisor at the factory? Ai l ngi gim st mi ti nh my?
(A) Oh, have they hired someone? *(A) Oh, h c thu ngi h?
(B) That's an interesting fact. (B) l mt vic th v.
(C) You're a wonderful adviser. (C) Bn l mt c vn tuyt vi.
35 Did that new book get a good review? Quyn sch mi nhn c nh gi tt?
(A) No, I haven't booked my flight. (A) Khng, ti cha t chuyn bay ca ti.
(B) Yes, a few of us. (B) ng, mt vi ngi trong chng ta.
(C) The one I saw was pretty favorable. *(C) Quyn sch ti xem th rt ph bin.
36 I'll need the complete inventory by five today. Ti s cn 1 bng kim k han tt vo lc 5 gi
(A) No, I only have two. hm nay

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) That shouldn't be a problem. (A) Khng, ti ch c hai.

(C) I've finished reading that story. *(B) khng thnh vn .
(C) Ti va c xong cu chuyn .
37 Why did one of the engineers resign from the Ti sao mt trong nhng k s t chc t d n
McMaster project? McMaster?
(A) Is the engine running? (A) C phi ng c ang chy?
(B) They wanted him to relocate. *(B) H mun anh ta chuyn ni lm vic.
(C) It's an impressive design. (C) y l mt thit k n tng.
38 How did the committee select the finalists for the Bng cch no hi ng chn c cc th sinh
prize? vo chung kt trao gii thng?
(A) We evaluated their research. *(A) Chng ti nh gi bi nghin cu ca
(B) By the end of the week. h.
(C) Yes, that's the price. (B) n cui tun.
(C) ng vy, l gi c.
39 You wanted these charts copied, didn't you? Bn mun biu ny c sao chp, phi
(A) And then they should be rcfiled. khng?
(B) I'll pour the coffee. *(A) V sau chng nn c trnh ln.
(C) At the top of the chart. (B) Ti s c ph vo.
(C) pha trn bng xp hng.
40 Didn't anyone remember to water the plants in the Khng ai nh ti cy trong phng lm vic?
office? (A) Ti l mt thnh vin.
(A) I'm already a member. (B) Khng, ti khng kht.
(B) No, I'm not thirsty. *(C) N khng c v nh vy.
(C) It doesn't appear so.
1 (A) The man's holding a wallet. (A) Ngi n ng ang cm mt chic v.
(B) The man's painting a picture. *(B) Ngi n ng ang v mt bc tranh.
(C) The man's brushing his hair. (C) Ngi n ng ang chi tc ca mnh.
(D) The man's sweeping with a broom. (D) Ngi n ng ang qut bng cy chi.
2 (A) The woman's picking up a bag. (A) Ngi ph n ang nht mt ci ti.
(B) The woman's carrying some flowers. (B) Ngi ph n ang mang mt s bng hoa.
(C) The woman's throwing something away. *(C) Ngi ph n ang nm i ci g .
(D) The woman's sitting outdoors. (D) Ngi ph n ang ngi ngoi tri.
3 (A) The men are passing a plate of food. *(A) Nhng ngi n ng ang chuyn tay mt
(B) The men are washing some dishes. a thc n.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(C) The men are exchanging money. (B) Nhng ngi n ng ang ra nhng ci da
(D) The men are cooking dinner. (C) Nhng ngi n ng ang trao i tin.
(D) Nhng ngi n ng ang nu ba ti.
4 (A) Artwork is being taken off the wall. (A) Tc phm ngh thut ang c tho ra khi
(B) A plant has fallen over on the floor. bc tng.
(C) A rug is lying in front of the door. (B) Mt chu cy ri xung sn nh.
(D) A package has been set in the hallway. *(C) Mt tm thm ang nm trc ca.
(D) Mt gi c t trong hnh lang
5 (A) They're entering separate offices. (A) H ang bc vo vn phng ring.
(B) They're examining papers on a table. *(B) H ang kim tra giy t trn bn.
(C) The woman's hung her jacket on a chair. (C) Ngi ph n ang treo o khoc ca mnh
(D) The man's watching a presentation on a ln gh.
screen. (D) Ngi n ng ang xem mt bi thuyt trnh
trn mn hnh.
6 (A) Some hikers are climbing a hill. (A) Mt s ngi i b ang leo i.
(B) A railing is being installed. (B) Mt ro chn ang c lp t.
(C) Some people are purchasing shirts. (C) Mt s ngi ang mua o s mi.
(D) Vendors are displaying their merchandise. *(D) Nhng ngi bn hng ang trng by hng
ha ca h.
7 (A) Some tents are being assembled. (A) Mt vi ci lu ang c rp.
(B) The chairs are shaded by umbrellas. *(B) Nhng ci gh c che bng rm bi cy
(C) Tourists are relaxing on the beach. d.
(D) Towels have been spread out on the sand. (C) Khch du lch ang th gin trn bi bin.
(D) Khn c tri ra trn bi ct.
8 (A) Some performers are on a stage. (A) Mt s ngi biu din ang trn mt sn
(B) An audience is seated in rows. khu.
(C) Tickets are being collected. *(B) Mt khn gi ang ngi trong hng.
(D) People are exiting a theater. (C) V ang c thu thp.
(D) Mi ngi ang ri khi mt nh ht.
9 (A) The man is removing his coat. (A) Ngi n ng ang b o khoc.
(B) The man is pushing a gate open. (B) Ngi n ng ang ko cnh cng m ra.
(C) A suitcase has been left on the floor. (C) Mt chic vali b b trn sn.
(D) A cart has been loaded with luggage. *(D) Mt chic xe y c cht y hnh l.

10 (A) Spectators have gathered along the street. *(A) Cc khn gi t tp theo con ng.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) A sporting event is taking place in a stadium. (B) Mt s kin th thao ang din ra ti sn vn
(C) The road has been blocked by some tires. ng.
(D) Riders are getting on their bicycles. (C) Con ng b chn bi mt s lp xe.
(D) Nhng ngi chy xe p ang ngi ln xe
ca h
11 How will you get to the hotel from here? T y bn n khch sn bng phng tin g?
(A) I'll take a taxi. *(A) Ti s i taxi.
(B) In the lobby. (B) Trong snh.
(C) She left yesterday. (C) C ri ngy hm qua.
12 Could you fax me the application form? Bn c th gi fax cho ti n xin vic khng?
(A) He can be there. (A) Anh ta c th c.
(B) Sure, I'll do it now. *(B) c, ti s lm ngay.
(C) In fact, that's true. (C) Trong thc t, l s tht.
13 Who was in your office this morning? Ai trong phng ca bn sng nay?
(A) In the other building. (A) Trong ta nh khc.
(B) I have time tomorrow. (B) Ti c thi gian vo ngy mai.
(C) My manager, Mr. Lao. *(C) Gim c ca ti, ng Lao.
14 Where can I buy a train ticket? Ti c th mua v tu u?
(A) Over at that window. *(A) ca s ng kia.
(B) It's going to Prague. (B) N s n Prague.
(C) About 23 euros. (C) Khong 23 euro.
15 Why did she call the library? Ti sao c y gi cho th vin?
(A) Next to the magazines. (A) K bn cc tp ch.
(B) No, I didn't. (B) Khng, ti khng.
(C) To reserve a book. *(C) t mt cun sch.
16 That's a clothing store, isn't it? l mt ca hng qun o, phi khng?
(A) Yes, it opened last month. *(A) ng vy, n m ca vo thng trc.
(B) Look in the storage closet. (B) Nhn vo t lu tr.
(C) I've worn it before. (C) Ti mc n trc y.
17 How long have you worked at the university? Bn lm vic ti trng i hc ny bao lu?
(A) It doesn't take that long. (A) N khng mt thi gian.
(B) Since last spring. *(B) K t ma xun nm ngoi.
(C) It's a ten-minute walk. (C) l mt mi pht i b.
18 Who's leading the orientation? Ai s dn dt nhm nh hng?

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(A) He read it recently. (A) ng y c n gn y.

(B) The human resources team. *(B) Nhm nhn s
(C) Some training manuals. (C) Mt s hng dn o to.
19 When will construction be finished? Khi no xy dng xong?
(A) Because of delays. (A) Do s chm tr.
(B) Yes, the room's furnished. (B) C, ca ni tht phng.
(C) Sometime in July. *(C) C l trong thng by.
20 Are you free to join me for breakfast? Bn c rnh i n sng vi ti khng?
(A) I joined it last year. (A) Ti tham gia vo nm ngoi.
(B) No, it's not free. (B) Khng, n khng min ph.
(C) Sorry, but Im late for work. *(C) Xin li, nhng hm nay ti lm v tr
21 How many computers will your laboratory Phng th nghim s cn bao nhiu my tnh ?
need? *(A) C l khong nm mi.
(A) Probably around fifty. (B) Mi tun khc.
(B) Every other week. (C) Bao gm cc bn phm.
(C) The keyboards were included.
22 Would you like to see the assembly line? Bn c mun xem dy chuyn lp rp?
(A) About twenty feet. (A) Khong hai mi bc chn.
(B) Mostly electronics. (B) Ch yu l thit b in t.
(C) That would be interesting. *(C) s l th v.
23 The lights will be replaced, wont they? Nhng ci n ny s c thay th, phi khng?
(A) A lighter workload. (A) Mt khi lng cng vic nh hn.
(B) The supply cabinet. (B) T ng vn phng phm.
(C) Yes, I'll take care of it. *(C) ng vy, ti s m trch vic
24 When will the financial consultants arrive in Khi no cc chuyn gia t vn ti chnh s n
Tokyo? Tokyo?
(A) Five of them, I think. (A) Nm trong s h, ti ngh vy.
(B) At the end of the month. *(B) Vo cui thng.
(C) By express train. (C) Bng tu cao tc.
25 Whats the new vice-president going to talk Ph ch tch mi s ni v g?
about? * (A) Cc mc tiu cho b phn ca chng ta.
(A) The goals for our department. (B) C phi l mt d n mi?
(B) Is that a new project? (C) Xin vui lng xem xt n.
(C) Please consider it.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

26 Don't you have a doctor's appointment? Chng phi bn c hn vi bc s sao?

(A) I understand the main points. A) Ti hiu nhng im chnh.
(B) Sara has the document. (B) Sara c ti liu.
(C) Not until this afternoon. *(C) Khng n bui chiu nay.
27 Did you attend the research presentation? Bn c tham gia bui thuyt trnh v nghin cu
(A) No, I've been out of town. khng?
(B) I didn't bring a gift. * (A) Khng, ti ang ngoi th trn.
(C) Can I have your attention, please? (B) Ti khng mang mn qu.
(C) Bn c th ch cht khng ?
28 Does this factory produce a variety of car types or Nh my ny sn xut ra cc loi xe khc nhau
just one? hay ch mt lai?
(A) I drove my own car. (A) Ti li chic xe ca ring ti.
(B) We make a lot of different models here. *(B) Chng ti lm rt nhiu m hnh khc nhau
(C) Seven factories worldwide. y.
(C) By nh my trn ton th gii.
29 We have to order four projectors. Chng ta phi t bn my chiu.
(A) We should buy them online. *(A) Chng ta nn mua chng trc tuyn.
(B) No, at three o'clock. (B) Khng, lc 03:00.
(C) Yes, I sold her one. (C) ng, ti bn cho c y 1 ci.
30 Do you want to try one of our desserts? Bn c mun dng th mn trng ming ca
(A) I'll try to make it. chng ti?
(B) No, but I'd like some tea. (A) Ti s c gng lm n.
(C) A party of two. *(B) Khng, nhng ti mun ung tr.
(C) Mt bui tic cho hai ngi.
31 I have six copies of the report. Ti c su bn sao ca bo co.
(A) Not that many. (A) Khng nhiu.
(B) In today's mail. (B) Trong th ngy hm nay ca.
(C) Could you file them? *(C) Bn c th np chng khng?
32 Why's the showroom floor being rearranged? Ti sao sn ca bui trin lm c sp xp li?
(A) I'll arrange transportation. (A) Ti s sp xp vn chuyn.
(B) To display the new merchandise. *(B) trng by hng ha mi.
(C) It's on the sixth floor. (C) N trn tng th su.
33 You're going to Miami on Friday, aren't you? Bn s i n Miami vo th Su, phi khng?
(A) On several occasions. (A) Trong nhiu dp.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) A bus ticket. (B) Mt v xe but.

(C) It's not confirmed yet. *(C) Vn cha c xc nhn.
34 Oakville Manufacturing is building a facility in Cng ty sn xut Oakville ang xy dng mt nh
Brazil. my ti Brazil.
(A) She's on a business trip. (A) C y ang trn ng i cng tc
(B) I just heard about that. *(B) Ti mi nghe ni v iu .
(C) The grand opening celebration. (C) T chc l khnh thnh.
35 Have you been to the new fitness center? Bn n trung tm th dc thm m mi cha?
(A) Not immediately. (A) Khng ngay lp tc.
(B) Well, that one doesn't fit. (B) Vng, ci khng ph hp.
(C) I didnt know it was open *(C) Ti khng bit n c m
36 Where can I get some shipping labels? Ti c th ly mt s nhn hng u?
(A) I saw some in the mail room. *(A) Ti thy mt s nhn trong phng th.
(B) Yes, an overnight delivery. (B) ng, mt chuyn giao hng qua m.
(C) He doesn't live there. (C) Anh ta khng sng .
37 What do you suggest I do with the contract? Bn ngh g vi hp ng ny?
(A) That conference is in Shanghai. (A) Hi ngh l Thng Hi.
(B) Has the client signed it? *(B) Khch hng k n cha?
(C) From the printing company. (C) T cng ty in n.
38 Should we go straight to the trade show or stop at Chng ta nn i thng n trin lm thng mi
the hotel first? hay dng khch sn trc?
(A) Right at the second light. (A) Quo phi ngay ct n th hai.
(B) I can show them to you. (B) Ti c th cho bn xem chng.
(C) Whatever you prefer. *(C) Ty bn.
39 Haven't we chosen a firm to design our Web site? Chng ta cha chn mt cng ty thit k trang
(A) We're still reviewing proposals. web sao?
(B) No, I picked it up. *(A) Chng ta vn ang xem xt xut.
(C) At (B) Khng, ti nht n ln.
(C) Ti
40 The board is about to announce a new chair. Hi ng qun tr sp thng bo mt chic gh
(A) No, they haven't yet. mi.
(B) Do you know who it will be? (A) Khng, h vn cha.
(C) No, not boring at all. *(B) Bn c bit ngi s l ai khng?
(C) Khng, khng chn g c.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

1 (A) The woman is holding a handbag (A) Ngi ph n ang cm mt ti xch

(B) The man is watering a plant (B) Ngi n ng ang ti nc cho cy
(C) The people are moving furniture (C) Mi ngi ang di chuyn c
(D) The people are talking on telephones. *(D) Mi ngi ang ni chuyn in thoi.
2 (A) He's looking into a microscope. *(A) ng y ang nhn vo knh hin vi.
(B) He's putting on his glasses. (B) ng y ang eo mt knh ca mnh.
(C) He's closing a cabinet. (C) ng y ang ng mt ci t.
(D) He's washing some bottles. (D) ng y ang ra mt s chai
3 (A) One woman is hanging a picture. (A) Mt ngi ph n ang treo mt bc tranh.
(B) Books are on the shelves. *(B) Sch ang trn k.
(C) Some file drawers are open. (C) Mt vi ngn ko cha h s m ra.
(D) The women are seated at a desk. (D) Nhng ngi ph n ang ngi ti bn lm
4 (A) Airplanes are flying overhead. (A) My bay ang bay trn u.
(B) A suitcase is being pulled down a hallway. (B) Mt chic vali c ko xung hnh lang.
(C) A man is passing by some windows. *(C) Mt ngi n ng i ngang qua cc ca s.
(D) A man is loading a cart. (D) Mt ngi n ng ang cht hng ln xe
5 (A) The women are unpacking monitors. (A) Nhng ngi ph n ang tho mn hnh.
(B) Some people are lining up chairs. (B) Mt s ngi ang xp gh.
(C) A man is waiting at a counter. *(C) Mt ngi n ng ang ch ti quy
(D) A customer is reaching for some merchandise. (D) Mt khch hng ang tip cn i vi mt s
hng ha.
6 (A) A sculpture is on display outside. *(A) Mt tc phm iu khc c trng by bn
(B) A man is running up a ramp. ngoi.
(C) A wall has been covered in advertisements. (B) Mt ngi n ng ang chy ln mt on
(D) A lamppost is being installed. ng.
(C) Mt bc tng c bao ph trong cc bi
qung co.
(D) Mt ct n ang c ci t.
7 (A) Workers are entering a factory. (A) Cng nhn ang bc vo mt nh my.
(B) Vehicles are parked side by side. *(B) Xe c ang u cnh nhau
(C) A machine is pouring cement. (C) Mt ci my ang xi mng.
(D) A truck is being towed. (D) Mt chic xe ti ang c ko i.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

8 (A) A band is filing off a stage. (A) Mt ban nhc ang ri khi sn khu
(B) People are performing under a tent. (B) Mi ngi ang hot ng di mt ci lu.
(C) An audience is clapping for some musicians. (C) Mt khn gi ang v tay cho mt s nhc s.
(D) Women are singing next to a piano. *(D) Ph n ang ht bn cnh mt cy n
9 (A) Equipment is being fastened to the roof of a (A) Thit b c gn cht vo trn ca mt chic
car. xe.
(B) The men are racing on an outdoor course. (B) Nhng ngi n ng ang chy ua trong
(C) Tires have been stacked on the ground. mt kha hc ngoi tri.
(D) A bicyclist is wearing a helmet. (C) Lpxe c xp chng ln nhau trn t.
*(D) Mt vn ng vin xe p ang i m bo
10 (A) Fields are being plowed alongside a road. (A) Cc cnh ng ang c cy dc theo con
(B) Bouquets of flowers have been placed by a ng.
statue. (B) B hoa c t cnh mt bc tng.
(C) A public monument overlooks a walkway. *(C) Mt i tng nim cng nhn ra mt li i.
(D) A busy street winds through a garden. (D) Mt bn rn gi ng ph thng qua mt
khu vn.
11 John, how do you get to work? John, anh i lm bng phng tin g?
(A) An assistant manager. (A) Mt tr l gim c.
(B) In the waiting room. (B) Trong phng i.
(C) I take the bus. *(C) Ti i xe but.
12 Who designed the floor plan? Ai thit k bn k hoch sn nh?
(A) They're affordable. (A) Chng th hp l
(B) Only three floors. (B) Ch c ba tng.
(C) Mr. Bryson did. *(C) ng Bryson lm.
13 Where's the registration sheet? T ng k u?
(A) The printer was fixed. (A) My in c sa ri
(B) It's on the front desk. *(B) N trn quy l tn.
(C) She's new here. (C) C y mi y.
14 Would you like to go to the seminar? Bn c mun i n bui hi tho?
(A) On the bulletin board. (A) Trn bng thng bo.
(B) Two years ago. (B) Hai nm trc y.
(C) Yes, I would. *(C) C ch, ti s i.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

15 Have you seen my green jacket? Bn c nhn thy chic o khoc mu xanh l cy
(A) I have some. ca ti?
(B) Check the closet. (A) Ti c mt s.
(C) No, they aren't. *(B) Kim tra t qun o xem.
(C) Khng, chng khng phi
16 Wasn't Mr. Han in the news this morning? Chng phi ng Han xut hin trong bn tin tc
(A) I believe he was. sng nay?
(B) He left it behind. *(A) Ti cho rng chnh l ng ta.
(C) I bought it used. (B) ng y li n ng sau
(C) Ti mua n s dng.
17 What should I bring to the trade show? Ti nn mang g n trin lm thng mi?
(A) Your business cards. *(A) Th kinh doanh ca bn.
(B) At the conference center. (B) Ti trung tm hi ngh.
(C) Sorry, I have it. (C) Xin li, ti c n.
18 Why is the road blocked? Ti sao ng b chn?
(A) For two days. (A) Trong hai ngy.
(B) Its under construction. *(B) N ang c xy dng.
(C) I rode my bicycle. (C) Ti ci xe p ca ti.
19 Who put the ladder in the hallway? Ai t ci thang hnh lang?
(A) The letter was mailed. (A) Th c gi qua bu in.
(B) It was probably the painters. *(B) C l l nhng th sn
(C) On the way down. (C) Trn ng xung.
20 When will the client arrive? Khi no khch hng s n?
(A) A cleaning service. (A) Mt dch v lm sch.
(B) Not until this afternoon. *(B) Khng n bui chiu nay.
(C) Ms. Kim will. (C) B Kim s.
21 Could I borrow your stapler? Ti c th mn kim bm ca bn?
(A) No, she didn't. (A) Khng, c y khng phi.
(B) I've heard that. (B) Ti nghe iu .
(C) It's on the top shelf. *(C) N trn cc k hng u.
22 How much is this umbrella? Cy d ny gi bao nhiu?
(A) It's going to rain. (A)Tri sp ma.
(B) Fifteen euros. *(B) Mi lm euro.
(C) It won't take long. (C) N s khng mt nhiu thi gian.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

23 Did you know that they're building a fitness Bn c bit rng h ang xy dng mt trung tm
center? th dc thm m?
(A) Yes, it opens soon. *(A) Bit ch, n s khai trng sm.
(B) It doesn't fit. (B) N khng va.
(C) No, on weekends. (C) Khng, vo cui tun.
24 What kind of company does Mr. Perez manage? ng Perez qun l loi cng ty no?
(A) For twenty years. (A) Trong hai mi nm.
(B) I can manage that. (B) Ti c th qun l .
(C) An advertising agency. *(C) Mt cng ty qung co.
25 Did Carla Silverman write the play, or direct it? Carla Silverman vit v kch ny, hay hng
(A) The wrong direction. dn n?
(B) Write your name here, please. (A) Sai hng.
(C) She did both. (B) Xin vui lng vit tn ca bn y.
*(C) C y lm c hai.
26 Where did Gabriella buy that clock? Gabriella mua ng h u?
(A) Here's the key. (A) y l cha kha.
(B) At a gift shop. *(B) Ti mt ca hng qu tng.
(C) It's time to leave. (C) l thi gian i
27 The train stops here frequently, doesn't it? Tu dng li y thng xuyn, phi khng?
(A) West Street Station. (A) trm West Street
(B) Every half hour. *(B) Mi na gi.
(C) Is that too quick? (C) C phi l qu nhanh?
28 Can I offer you something to drink? Ti c th a cho bn ci g ung?
(A) I turned it on. (A) Ti bt n ln
(B) The offer was too low. (B) Cc ngh l qu thp.
(C) Thanks, I'll have some tea. *(C) Cm n, cho ti mt t tr.
29 Why has the copy machine been removed? Ti sao my copy b b i?
(A) It's being replaced. *(A) N ang c thay th.
(B) Ten copies, please. (B) Vui lng cho mi bn.
(C) To the factory. (C) n nh my.
30 His plane was delayed because of a storm. Chuyn bay ca ng y b hon v mt cn
(A) How late will he be? bo.
(B) At the ticket counter. *(A) ng y s i mun th no?
(C) Try the other store. (B) Ti quy v.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(C) Hy th cc ca hng khc.

31 Can I give you a tour of our museum, or are you Ti c th cho bn 1 chuyn tham quan bo tng
familiar with it? ca chng ti, hay l bn t tm hiu n?
(A) I've met him before. (A) Ti gp anh y trc.
(B) A tour would be nice. *(B) Mt tour du lch s tt hn
(C) Near the amusement park. (C) Gn cng vin gii tr.
32 When will I find out if I got the assignment? Khi no ti s c c thng tin nu ti nhn
(A) No later than Friday. cng vic ny
(B) The accounting department. *(A) Khng mun hn ngy th Su.
(C) Didn't you find it? (B) B phn k ton.
(C) Khng phi anh tm thy n?
33 The movers will be here this evening. Cc ng c s c mt y ti nay.
(A) Good, the boxes are ready. *(A) Tt, cc hp sn sng.
(B) To Tokyo, I think. (B) n Tokyo, ti ngh.
(C) Maybe next month. (C) C l thng sau
34 Weren't you using the scissors earlier? Chng phi bn s dng ci ko trc ?
(A) Yes, but I put them back. * (A) ng, nhng ti t chng tr li.
(B) Later in the program. (B) Sau trong chng trnh ny.
(C) Why don't you cut it in half? (C) Ti sao bn khng ct n ra?
35 Ms. Jones was promoted three times in just two B Jones c thng chc ba ln ch trong hai
years. nm.
(A) Just the promotional materials. (A) Ch cn cc ti liu qung co.
(B) She deserves the recognition. *(B) B y xng ng c cng nhn.
(C) I'd like four of them. (C) Ti mun bn ngi.
36 Why don't we go ahead and start? Ti sao chng ta khng i trc v bt u?
(A) A different schedule. (A) Mt lch trnh khc.
(B) About sixteen meters. (B) Khong mi su mt.
(C) Let's wait for Mark. *(C) Chng ta hy ch Mark
37 Should I submit my first draft, or only the final Ti c nn gi bn tho u tin ca ti, hay ch
version? cn gi bn cui cng?
(A) Send what you have now. *(A) Gi nhng g bn c by gi.
(B) An e-mail address. (B) Mt a ch e-mail.
(C) We've submitted the final payment. (C) Chng ti np cc khon tin cui cng.
38 The electrician is coming today, isn't he? Th in s n ngy hm nay, ng khng?

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(A) Yes, to fix the lights. *(A) ng, sa cha n.

(B) No, the election's in November. (B) Khng, cuc bu c l trong thng Mi Mt.
(C) The power cord. (C) Cc dy ngun.
39 How do I enter this information into the data Lm th no ti nhp thng tin ny vo c s
base? d liu?
(A) The entrance is around the corner. (A) Li vo th gc ng.
(B) Keep me informed. (B) ti thng bo.
(C) Here are the instructions. *(C) y l hng dn.
40 Our advertisement is being recorded in Studio B. Qung co ca chng ta s c ghi li Studio
(A) The study is being reviewed. B.
(B) Oh, I thought they had finished. (A) Nghin cu ny ang c xem xt.
(C) A new sales record. *(B) , ti ngh rng h hon thnh.
(C) Mt k lc bn hng mi.
1 (A) He's carrying a shopping basket. (A) Anh y ang xch mt gi mua sm.
(B) He's eating some vegetables. *(B) Anh y ang n rau ci.
(C) He's wearing a T-shirt. (C) Anh y ang mc mt ci o thun.
(D) He's picking up some flowers. (D) Anh y ang nht mt vi bng hoa.
2 (A) She's jumping over a net. (A) C y ang nhy qua mt ci vng.
(B) She's holding a racket. (B) C y ang cm mt cy vt.
(C) She's putting on her shoes. *(C) C y ang mang giy ca mnh.
(D) She's kicking a ball. (D) C y ang mt qu bng.
3 (A) A woman is reaching for a pen. *(A) Mt ngi ph n ang vi ly mt cy bt.
(B) A woman is wiping off a counter. (B) Mt ngi ph n ang lau quy
(C) Some people are standing in line. (C) Mt s ngi ng xp hng.
(D) Some documents are being printed out. (D) Mt s ti liu c in ra.
4 (A) A man is diving off a boat. (A) Mt ngi n ng ln xung chic thuyn.
(B) Some boats are sailing on the water. *(B) Mt s tu thuyn ang cho trn mt nc.
(C) Some people are fishing from a dock. (C) Mt s ngi ang nh bt c t bn tu.
(D) People are watching a race from the shore. (D) Mi ngi ang xem mt cuc ua t b.
5 (A) He's inspecting some tires. (A) Anh y ang kim tra mt s lp xe.
(B) He's opening a car door. (B) Anh y ang m ca xe.
(C) He's parking in a garage. (C) Anh y ang u xe trong bi u xe.
(D) He's working on a vehicle. *(D) Anh y ang lm vic trn mt chic xe.
6 (A) Plants are sitting on a ledge. (A) Cy ang trng trn mt mm .

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) The women are looking out a window. (B) Nhng ph n ang nhn ra ngoi ca s.
(C) One of the women is removing her glasses. (C) Mt trong nhng ph n ang g cp mt
(D) Some pictures have been placed against a knh ra.
wall. *(D) Mt s hnh nh c t ln tng.
7 (A) A crowd has gathered for a performance. (A) Mt m ng t tp xem biu din
(B) Some pedestrians are crossing the street. (B) Mt s ngi i b ang bng qua ng.
(C) A man's sweeping the pavement. *(C) Mt ngi n ng ang qut va h.
(D) A woman's entering a clothing store. (D) Mt ngi ph n ang bc vo mt ca
hng qun o.
8 (A) A machine is lifting bags onto a shelf. (A) Mt ci my ang nng cc ti xch ln k.
(B) Small trees have been planted in individual *(B) Cy nh c trng trong chu ring.
pots. (C) t ang c vo ti nha.
(C) Soil is being poured into plastic bags. (D) Cy c trng quanh mt cnh ng
(D) A field is surrounded by trees.
9 (A) Safety goggles are hanging around a woman's *(A) Thit b an ton c eo quanh c ca
neck. ngi ph n.
(B) Notes have been written on a chalkboard. (B) Ghi ch c vit trn mt tm bng.
(C) A woman is stirring the contents of a (C) Mt ngi ph n ang khuy cc thng cha
container. ca mt container.
(D) A woman is inspecting some laboratory (D) Mt ngi ph n ang kim tra mt s thit
equipment. b th nghim.
10 (A) A vendor is rearranging a collection of (A) Mt ngi bn hng ang sp xp li mt b
glasses. su tp knh.
(B) A merchant is setting up a row of tables. (B) Mt ngi bn hng ang b tr nhng ci bn
(C) Customers are examining some merchandise *(C) Khch hng ang kim tra mt s hng ha
on display. ang by bn.
(D) Some people are purchasing umbrellas in a (D) Mt s ngi ang mua nhng chic trn th
market. trng.
11 How much do these shirts cost? Nhng chic o s mi ny gi bao nhiu?
(A) They're twenty euros each. *(A) Mi ci gi 20 .
(B) The show is at three. (B) Chng trnh chiu lc 3 gi.
(C) Not much more. (C) Khng nhiu hn.
12 Who was offered the marketing position? Ai c lm v tr tip th?
(A) Janet Grey was. *(A) Janet Grey

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) I moved it. (B) Ti chuyn n.

(C) To increase our sales. (C) tng doanh thu.
13 When are the building designs due? Bn thit k xy dng khi no n hn np?
(A) In the lobby. (A) Trong snh.
(B) On the fifteenth. *(B) Vo ngy mi lm.
(C) No, he hasn't done it. (C) Khng, anh y khng thc hin n.
14 Where did Tran leave the contract? Trn b hp ng u?
(A) It's on your desk. *(A) N trn bn lm vic ca bn.
(B) By the end of the day. (B) n cui ngy.
(C) I'll have one, thanks. (C) Ti s c mt hp ng, cm n.
15 Would you rather present first or second at the Bn mun l ngi trnh by u tin hay th hai
workshop? ti hi tho?
(A) For a few seconds. (A) Trong mt vi giy.
(B) First will be fine. *(B) L ngi u tin th tt.
(C) It's an interesting idea. (C) y l mt tng th v.
16 Do you have the time? Bn c bit my gi ri khng?
(A) Watch your step. (A) Xem bc i ca bn.
(B) It's eleven-thirty. *(B) By gi l 11 :30
(C) Yes, that's mine. (C) C, l ca ti.
17 Is there anything planned to celebrate Gary's c k hoch g chia tay ng Gary v hu
retirement? khng?
(A) Since the branch opened. (A) K t khi chi nhnh m.
(B) That's a good plan. (B) l mt k hoch tt.
(C) Theres a party next Friday. *(C) C mt ba tic vo th su ti.
18 How often does Sun-Hee travel to Europe? Sun-Hee i du lch n chu u thng xuyn
(A) At least twice a year. khng?
(B) The Palace Hotel. *(A) t nht hai ln mt nm.
(C) To lead a seminar. (B) Khch sn Palace.
(C) dn u mt hi tho.
19 Why isn't the printer working? Ti sao my in li khng lm vic?
(A) It's out of ink. *(A) N ht mc ri.
(B) Print your name here. (B) In tn ca bn y.
(C) A lot of work. (C) Rt nhiu cng vic.
20 Can you help me save these files to my computer? Bn c th gip ti lu cc tp tin ny vo my

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(A) The file's in the box. tnh ca ti?

(B) A support technician. (A) H s nm trong hp.
(C) I'll come by as soon as I can. (B) Mt k thut vin h tr.
*(C) Ti s gh ngay khi ti c th.
21 When is the kitchen tile supposed to arrive? Gch nh bp s giao n khi no?
(A) That order's shipping on Tuesday. *(A) n hng s c vn chuyn vo th Ba.
(B) The product trial was successful. (B) Cc sn phm th nghim thnh cng.
(C) The floor and the counter. (C) Sn nh v quy.
22 Have you heard about the merger? Bn c nghe ni v vic sp nhp 2 cng ty
(A) I just read the e-mail. khng?
(B) It's not too loud. *(A) Ti va c e-mail.
(C) No, in separate documents. (B) N khng qu n o.
(C) Khng, trong cc vn bn ring.
23 You haven't seen a copy of the instruction manual, Bn khng nhn thy bn sao ca sch hng dn,
have you? ?
(A) An experienced instructor. (A) Mt ging vin c kinh nghim.
(B) Try the bottom cabinet. *(B) Hy th tm di y t h s xem.
(C) Yes, I've been there before (C) C, ti tng c trc y
24 How soon can we announce the staff promotions? Chng ta c th thng bo cc chng trnh
(A) There's enough room. khuyn mi cho nhn vin sm khi no?
(B) Oh, that's wonderful news. (A) C phng.
(C) At the next meeting. (B) Oh, l tin tc tuyt vi.
*(C) Ti cuc hp tip theo.
25 What are we ordering for lunch? Chng ti s gi mn g cho ba tra?
(A) How about Italian food? *(A) Mn n nh?
(B) Only three of us. (B) Ch c ba ngi trong chng ti.
(C) Near the cafe on Main Street. (C) Gn qun c ph trn ng Main Street.
26 When do we have to register for the seminar? Khi no chng ta phi ng k tham gia hi tho?
(A) To attend a special event. (A) tham d mt s kin c bit.
(B) In the reception area. (B) Trong khu vc tip tn.
(C) Registration starts in March. *(C) Vic ng k bt u vo thng Ba.
27 Mr. Ramirez called while you were out. ng Ramirez gi cho bn khi bn ra ngoi.
(A) Yes, that's his number. (A) Vng, l s ca mnh.
(B) Did he say what he wanted? *(B) ng y ni g?

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(C) I'll pick some out. (C) Ti s chn ra mt s.

28 Who developed the advertising campaign? Ai pht trin cc chin dch qung co?
(A) I've never been camping. (A) Ti khng bao gi c cm tri.
(B) For staff development. (B) Cho s pht trin nhn vin.
(C) I'll have to look up his name. *(C) Ti s phi tm tn ca anh y
29 Where can I get a bus to Kingston? Ti c th n mt chic xe but n Kingston
(A) A reduced fare. u?
(B) I'll find a transit map. (A) Mt chic v c gim gi.
(C) Every ten minutes. *(B) Ti s tm bn cho bn.
(C) Mi mi pht.
30 What will be discussed on the conference call? iu g s c tho lun trong hi ngh?
(A) Only with customer service agents. (A) Ch vi cc i l dch v khch hng.
(B) Results from a recent survey. *(B) Kt qu t mt cuc kho st gn y.
(C) The discussion ended early. (C) Cc cuc tho lun kt thc sm.
31 Would you like me to move these boxes to the Bn c mun ti di chuyn cc hp ny n nh
stockroom? kho?
(A) We chose a larger size. (A) Chng ti chn mt kch thc ln hn.
(B) If you're not too busy. *(B) Nu bn khng bn lm.
(C) No, it's not in stock right now. (C) Khng, n khng c trong kho by gi.
32 Why don't you join Mary and me for a walk? Ti sao bn khng cng Mary v ti i do?
(A) Some fresh air would be lovely. *(A) Khng kh trong lnh s rt d chu
(B) It's a great organization. (B) N l mt t chc tuyt vi.
(C) That's Mary's group. (C) l nhm ca Mary
33 Can't you take a later flight? Bn khng th i chuyn bay tr hn ?
(A) No thanks, it's pretty light. (A) Khng, cm n, n l nh sng p.
(B) I'd miss a meeting if I did. *(B) Ti s b l mt cuc hp nu ti i chuyn
(C) It's not that long. .
(C) N khng phi l di.
34 Would you prefer a table outdoors or indoors? Bn mun 1 ci bn ngoi tri hay trong nh?
(A) The first door on your left. (A) Cc cnh ca u tin bn tri ca bn.
(B) It's too hot outside. *(B) Bn ngoi tri nng qu.
(C) I'd like it gift-wrapped, please. (C) Ti mun gi qu li, xin vui lng.
35 I have a job interview with the local newspaper. Ti c mt cuc bui phng vn cng vic vi t
(A) It was very well written. bo a phng.

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(B) I didn't know they were hiring. (A) N c vit rt tt.

(C) Yes, I'm from the area. *(B) Ti khng bit h ang tun dng.
(C) C, ti n t khu vc ny.
36 The committee is making a decision about next y ban s a ra quyt nh v ngn sch vo qu
quarter's budget. ti.
(A) I hope they approve it. *(A) Ti hy vng h chp nhn n.
(B) He's decided to move. (B) Anh y quyt nh chuyn i.
(C) It's nearly full. (C) l gn nh y .
37 Why are you adding more training sessions? Ti sao bn li t chc thm bui o to?
(A) Ivan's passing around a sign-up sheet. (A) Ivan ang chuyn mt t ng k.
(B) The proposal can't be changed now. (B) Cc ngh khng th thay i ngay by gi.
(C) We didn't realize so many people wanted to *(C) Chng ti khng nhn ra rng c qu
attend. nhiu ngi mun tham d.
38 Didn't you work with Sergio on the finance Khng phi anh lm vic vi Sergio v bo co
report? ti chnh?
(A) It calculates your hours worked. (A) N tnh ton gi bn lm vic.
(B) I forgot to watch it. (B) Ti qun xem n.
(C) Actually, that was Betsy. *(C) Trn thc t, l Betsy.
39 Ms. Patel updated the holiday catalog, didn't she? C Patel cp nht catalogue k ngh, phi
(A) It's being celebrated on the weekend this khng?
year. (A) N s c t chc vo cui tun ny trong
(B) No, I didn't change my travel arrangements. nm nay.
(C) She's waiting for Tom to OK it. (B) Khng, ti khng thay i sp xp chuyn i
ca ti.
*(C) C y ang i Tom duyt n.
40 You should put on a protective helmet while Bn nn i m bo h trong khi bn cng
you're on the construction site. trng xy dng.
(A) Of course I can deliver it. (A) Tt nhin ti c th cung cp n.
(B) The view is beautiful up there. (B) Cnh quan p qu.
(C) I'll have to borrow one. *(C) Ti s phi mn mt ci.
1 (A) The man's looking at a notebook. *(A) Ngi n ng ang nhn vo mt quyn s.
(B) The man's moving a table. (B) Ngi n ng ang di chuyn mt ci bn.
(C) The man's picking up a newspaper. (C) Ngi n ng ang nht mt t bo.
(D) The man's buying a pen. (D) Ngi n ng ang mua mt cy bt.

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2 (A) They're fixing a tire. (A) H ang sa lp xe.

(B) They're planting some bushes. (B) H ang trng mt s bi cy.
(C) They're strolling down a path. (C) H ang i do trn mt li i.
(D) Theyre riding a bicycle. *(D) H ang ci xe p
3 (A) She's cooking at the stove. (A) C y ang nu n ti bp.
(B) She's arranging utensils in a drawer. (B) C y ang sp xp dng trong ngn ko.
(C) She's opening the oven. (C) C y ang m l nng.
(D) She's holding some containers. *(D) C y ang cm 1 vi ci vt cha.
4 (A) People are climbing up a hill. (A) Mi ngi ang leo ln i.
(B) Passengers are boarding a bus. *(B) Hnh khch ang ln xe but.
(C) The steps are blocked by luggage. (C) Li i b chn li bi hnh l.
(D) A bus is departing from a station. (D) Mt chic xe but ang ri khi trm.
5 (A) A meeting is taking place outdoors. (A) Mt cuc hp ang din ra ngoi tri.
(B) Some documents are being filed. (B) Mt s ti liu c trnh.
(C) They're seated across from each other. *(C) H ang ngi i din nhau.
(D) They're reviewing some drawings. (D) Chng ti ang xem xt mt s bn v.
6 (A) Dresses are being sewn. (A) Nhng ci o m ang c khu.
(B) Garments are being displayed. *(B) Hng ha ang c trng by.
(C) Customers are being helped. (C) Khch hng ang c gip .
(D) Clothing is being folded. (D) Qun o ang c gp li.
7 (A) He's removing items from a carton. (A) ng y ang b khi thng carton.
(B) He's stocking the shelves with beverages. (B) ng y ang sp ung ln k.
(C) He's putting merchandise into a basket. *(C) ng y ang b hng ha vo gi.
(D) He's placing price tags on some products. (D) ng y ang dn th gi ln mt s sn phm.
8 (A) Diners are feeding some seagulls. (A) Thc khch ang n mt vi con hi u.
(B) They're pulling their chairs up to the table. (B) H ang ko gh ca h ln bn.
(C) Some people are eating near the water. *(C) Mt s ngi ang n gn b nc.
(D) Some food is being brought to the diners. (D) Mt s thc n ang c mang n cho thc
9 (A) One truck is transporting a load of bricks. *(A) Mt chic xe ti ang vn chuyn nhiu
(B) A brick wall surrounds a work area. gch
(C) Lines are being painted on a road. (B) Mt bc tng xy quanh mt khu lm vic.
(D) Construction vehicles are parked in a storage (C) Cc ln ng ang c sn trn ng.
facility. (D) Xe xy dng ang u ti mt bi u.

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10 (A) A band member is adjusting a microphone. (A) Mt thnh vin mt ban nhc ang chnh mt
(B) Musicians have packed up their horns. ci tay nghe
(C) The men are polishing their instruments. (B) Nhc s gi dng c nh n ca h
(D) Performers have assembled under a canopy. (C) Nhng ngi n ng ang nh bng dng
*(D) Nhng ngi biu din tp hp di mt
tn cy.
11 Where's our next interview? Bui phng vn tip theo ca chng ta u?
(A) In room 102. *(A) phng 102.
(B) It's nice to meet you. (B) Hn hnh c gp bn.
(C) We all went. (C) Tt c chng ta u i.
12 When should I request vacation time? Ti nn xin ngh php khi no?
(A) Yes, you should. (A) C, bn nn.
(B) At least a month in advance. *(B) t nht trc mt thng .
(C) Have a great trip. (C) Chc bn mt chuyn i tuyt vi.
13 Did you read the movie review in yesterday's Bn c bi nh gi v b phim trong t bo
paper? ngy hm qua?
(A) That place had a great view. (A) Ni c mt ci nhn tuyt vi.
(B) Only until tomorrow night. (B) Ch cho n ti mai.
(C) No, I haven't had a chance yet. *(C) Khng, ti cha c dp xem
14 Why wasnt the mail delivered? Ti sao th vn cha c giao?
(A) Because it's a holiday. *(A) Bi v n l ngy ngh.
(B) Twenty stamps, please. (B) Hai mi con tem, xin vui lng.
(C) At any time. (C) Bt c lc no.
15 Where should I put my wet umbrella? Ti nn t t ca ti u?
(A) It might rain soon. (A) Tri c th ma sm.
(B) They left already. (B) H li i.
(C) In the hallway. *(C) hnh lang.
16 Do I have to fill out these forms now? Ti c phi in vo cc mu n ny by gi?
(A) No thanks, I'm already full. (A) Khng, cm n, ti no ri.
(B) They've been informed. (B) H c thng bo.
(C) Yes, we need them for your interview. *(C) C ch, chng ti cn chng cho bui phng
vn ca bn.

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17 What color should we paint the front door? Mu g chng ta nn sn ca trc?

(A) I like that painting. (A) Ti thch bc tranh .
(B) Blue would look nice. *(B) Mu xanh s p hn.
(C) There's space in the back. (C) C 1 khng gian pha sau.

18 Would you like to have dinner before or after the Bn c mun n ti trc khi hay sau bi ging?
lecture? (A) Ti mun mi loi 1 ci.
(A) I'd like one of each. (B) Mt phng cho hai ngi.
(B) A reservation for two. *(C) Chng ta hy ch sau nh.
(C) Let's wait until after.
19 The play opens next week, doesn't it? V kch s chiu vo tun ti, phi khng?
(A) It starts on Thursday. *(A) N bt u vo ngy th Nm.
(B) In the back row. (B) Trong hng tr li.
(C) Why don't you leave it open? (C) Ti sao bn khng n m?
20 Do you know if there's a shoe store nearby? Bn c bit liu c mt ca hng giy gn y?
(A) That'd be my recommendation. (A) l ngh ca ti.
(B) I think there's one in the shopping center. *(B) Ti ngh rng c mt ca hng trong trung
(C) They don't fit well. tm mua sm.
(C) Chng khng va.
21 Were going to run out of paper soon. Chng ta sp ht giy ri.
(A) I just ordered more. *(A) Ti va t giy thm
(B) I'm going with you. (B) Ti ang i vi bn.
(C) A box of office supplies. (C) Mt hp vn phng phm
22 Why was the computer class canceled? Ti sao cc tt hc my tnh b hy b?
(A) Yes, it's for sale. (A) C ch, n bn.
(B) There weren't enough students. *(B) Khng c sinh vin.
(C) You can register online. (C) Bn c th ng k trc tuyn.
23 Where should I file the marketing budget? Ti phi np ngn sch tip th u?
(A) In the cabinet by Marta's office. *(A) Trong t h s cnh vn phng ca Marta.
(B) No, I couldn't find it. (B) Khng, ti khng th tm thy n.
(C) Only for the fourth quarter. (C) Ch trong qu IV.
24 Can't Mr. Lee meet with us before noon? Anh Lee khng th gp chng ta trc bui tra
(A) I made the introductions. ?
(B) No, he's busy all morning. (A) Ti gii thiu.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(C) The upstairs meeting area. *(B) Khng, cu y bn rn c bui sng.

(C) Khu vc hp trn lu.
25 Your three o'clock appointment is here. Cuc hn lc ba gi ca bn n ri.
(A) Thanks, I'll be right there. *(A) Cm n, ti s n ngay.
(B) On the calendar. (B) Trn lch.
(C) A three-point increase. (C) Mt s gia tng ba im.
26 How often do you give factory tours? Bn c thng i tham quan nh my?
(A) It covers the entire factory. (A) N bao gm ton b nh my.
(B) Usually just on Saturdays. *(B) Thng thng ch vo ngy th By.
(C) I gave it to Victoria. (C) Ti a n cho Victoria.
27 Would you like me to make copies of the agenda? Bn c mun ti lm bn sao cho chng trnh
(A) Dao-Ming made the announcement. ngh s?
(B) It was last week. (A) Dao-Ming thng bo.
(C) That's OK. I'll do it later. (B) y l tun cui cng.
*(C) c ri. lt na ti s copy.
28 The weather has been colder than usual, hasn't it? Thi tit lnh hn so vi bnh thng, ng
(A) It certainly seems like it. khng?
(B) I'm feeling much better, thank you. *(A) C v nh n.
(C) Usually we do. (B) Ti cm thy tt hn nhiu, cm n bn.
(C) Thng thng chng ta lm.
29 What street do I take to get to the museum? Ti i ng no n c bo tng?
(A) Around a half hour. (A) Khong na gi.
(B) Check the map over there. *(B) Li xem bn ng kia.
(C) It was a popular exhibit. (C) N l mt cuc trin lm ph bin.
30 Who can help plan the upcoming orientation Ai c th gip lp k hoch cho bui nh hng
session? sp ti?
(A) That was helpful. (A) N rt hu ch.
(B) A dozen invitations. (B) Mt chc li mi.
(C) You should ask David. *(C) Bn nn hi David.
31 When will the press conference begin? Khi no bui hp bo s bt u?
(A) She was very impressed. (A) C y rt n tng.
(B) In the banquet room. (B) Trong phng tic.
(C) As soon as the microphone arrives. *(C) Ngay sau khi c micro
32 Could you repair the broken shelving unit in the Bn c th sa cha nhng ci k b h trong

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warehouse? kho?
(A) Yes, they're on the top shelf. (A) C, chng ang trn u k.
(B) I'll look at it this afternoon. *(B) Chiu nay ti s sa n.
(C) How would you like that prepared? (C) Bn mun chun b th no?
33 Do you want to book a direct flight or one that Bn mun t mt chuyn bay thng hay qu
stops in London? cnh London?
(A) I've lived there for five years. (A) Ti sng trong nm nm.
(B) It depends on the price. *(B) N cn ty thuc vo gi na
(C) We stopped by yesterday. (C) Chng ti gh qua ngy hm qua.
34 Who left these documents on my desk? Ai li nhng ti liu ny trn bn lm vic ca
(A) There isn't any left. ti?
(B) Your supervisor brought them. (A) Khng c ci no bn tri.
(C) I put it on a disc. *(B) Qun l ca bn cm chng
(C) Ti t n trn mt ci a.
35 Several of us are trying to organize a book club. Mt vi ngi trong chng ti ang c gng t
(A) Can anyone join it? chc mt cu lc b sch.
(B) A well-known organization. *(A) C ai c th tham gia khng?
(C) We read that book last month. (B) Mt t chc ni ting.
(C) Chng ti c cun sch thng trc.
36 How many people are scheduled to attend the C bao nhiu ngi d kin s tham d ba tic?
party? (A) l mt bui ti tuyt vi.
(A) It was a wonderful evening. (B) V ch tch ca ngh hu.
(B) Because the president's retiring. *(C) Patti c danh sch khch mi ri.
(C) Patti has the guest list.
37 Do you think we should take extra product Bn c ngh rng chng ta nn mang mu sn
samples to the convention? phm b sung n hi ngh?
(A) I worked with her before. (A) Ti lm vic vi c y trc y
(B) That's probably a good idea. *(B) c l l mt kin hay
(C) It took me all day. (C) Ti mt c ngy.
38 You've been having trouble with your e-mail Gn y bn gp rc ri vi e-mail ca bn,
recently, haven't you? phi khng?
(A) I sent it earlier. (A) Ti gi n trc ri.
(B) It's been fixed. *(B) N c sa ri
(C) We can do that. (C) Chng ta c th lm iu .

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39 Haven't we received the flyer designs yet? Chng ta vn cha nhn c thit k t ri ?
(A) A group of experienced designers. (A) Mt nhm cc nh thit k c kinh nghim.
(B) Make sure you keep your receipt. (B) Hy chc chn rng bn gi bin lai.
(C) The art department's sending them over soon. *(C) Phng ngh thut s gi cho chng ta sm
40 Could you check the projector to make sure it Bn c th kim tra my chiu m bo n
works? ang hot ng?
(A) I turned it on this morning. *(A) Ti m n vo sng nay.
(B) I saw it in the catalog. (B) Ti thy n trong danh mc.
(C) Our updated sales projections. (C) D bo doanh s bn hng c cp nht.
1 (A) They're cleaning a desk. (A) H ang lau dn bn.
(B) They're shaking hands. *(B) H ang bt tay.
(C) They're looking at a book. (C) H ang nhn mt cun sch.
(D) They're moving a chair. (D) H ang di chuyn mt chic gh.
2 (A) A truck is parked near an airplane. *(A) Mt chic xe ti ang u gn mt chic
(B) A worker is changing a tire. my bay.
(C) A truck is piled with luggage. (B) Mt cng nhn ang thay i lp xe.
(D) An airplane is taking off. (C) Mt chic xe ti ang cht ng hnh l.
(D) Mt chic my bay ang ct cnh.
3 (A) Some people are riding bicycles. (A) Mt s ngi ang ci xe p.
(B) Some people are standing in a group. (B) Mt s ngi ang ng trong nhm.
(C) Some people are seated on a lawn. *(C) Mt s ngi ang ngi trn mt bi c.
(D) Some people are gathered near a table. (D) Mt s ngi ang t tp gn mt ci bn
4 (A) A woman is drinking from a cup. (A) Mt ngi ph n ang ung bng ly.
(B) A woman is opening a window. (B) Mt ngi ph n ang m ca s.
(C) The women are hanging a picture. (C) Nhng ngi ph n ang treo mt bc tranh.
(D) The women are facing each other. *(D) Nhng ngi ph n ang i mt nhau.
5 (A) The men are filling bottles at a sink. (A) Nhng ngi n ng ang ch nc y chai
(B) Some people are approaching a door. ti mt bn ra.
(C) A woman is reaching into a drawer. (B) Mt s ngi ang tin gn n ca.
(D) A man is buttoning up his lab coat. *(C) Mt ph n c t vo mt ngn ko.
(D) Mt ngi n ng ang ci nt o khoc th
nghim ca ng.
6 (A) The sail of a boat is being adjusted. *(A) Cc bum ca mt chic thuyn ang c

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(B) A man is laying down a towel on the sand. iu chnh.

(C) A car is being towed up a hill. (B) Mt ngi n ng ang t mt chic khn
(D) The men are fishing from a sailboat. xung ct.
(C) Mt chic xe ang c ko ln i.
(D) Nhng ngi n ng ang nh bt c t
thuyn bum.
7 (A) The woman's assembling some shelving (A) Ngi ph n ang lp rp k.
units. *(B) Cnh tay ca ngi ph n ang dang rng
(B) The woman's arms are outstretched. ra.
(C) The woman's folding up a stepladder. (C) Ngi ph n ang xp ci thang li.
(D) The woman's walking through a storage area. (D) Ngi ph n ang i b qua khu vc nh
8 (A) Some pedestrians are shaded by an umbrella. *(A) Mt s ngi i b ang che d
(B) A mail carrier is emptying a mailbox. (B) Mt ngi a th ang ly th.
(C) A courtyard is filled with tourists. (C) Mt ci sn y khch du lch.
(D) Some people are paving a walkway with (D) Mt s ngi ang lt gch li i.
9 (A) Potted plants have been arranged on multiple *(A) Chu cy c sp xp trn nhiu bc.
levels. (B) Nng dn ang hi rau trn ng.
(B) Farmers are picking vegetables in a field. (C) Mt dng c ri trn mt t.
(C) A stool has fallen over on the ground. (D) Mt ngi ph n ang chuyn mt ci thng
(D) A woman is passing a crate over a railing. qua mt lan can.
10 (A) Containers are stacked in a warehouse. (A) Cc thng cha c xp chng ln nhau
(B) A row of lampposts lines the street. trong nh kho.
(C) Decorations are being removed from the (B) Mt hng dng ct n trn ng.
balconies. (C) Trang tr c g b khi ban cng.
(D) Flags are displayed along the exterior of a *(D) C c treo dc theo bn ngoi ca ta
building. nh.
11 When does the next bus leave the station? Khi no chuyn xe but tip theo s ri khi nh
(A) The Westmont station ga?
(B) Hes here till Tuesday (A) Trm Westmont
(C) It leaves at seven (B) Anh y s y n th ba
*(C) N s ri lc 7 gi
12 Who's bringing the clients to the restaurant? Ai s a khch hng n nh hng?

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(A) Just water for me, please. (A) Xin vui lng cho ti nc ung
(B) Debbie said she would. *(B) Debbie ni c s a khch
(C) They're from Singapore. (C) Chng n t Singapore.
13 Where can I pick up my order? Ti c th ly n hng ca ti u?
(A) No, it was too heavy to lift. (A) Khng, n qu nng nng.
(B) I put the files in order. (B) Ti t cc tp tin theo th t.
(C) At the customer service desk. *(C) Ti quy phc v khch hng.
14 Which road should I take to get to city hall? Ti nn i ng no n hi trng thnh
(A) You'll get it in the mail ph?
(B) The seminar's in room 309. (A) Bn s nhn c n trong th
(C) I would take Broad Street. (B) Hi tho ti phng 309.
*(C) Ti s i ng Broad Street.
15 When will you start interviewing job candidates? Khi no bn s bt u phng vn ng vin?
(A) In the newspaper. (A) Trong bo.
(B) Sometime next month. *(B) C l thng ti.
(C) It was a thorough review. (C) N l 1 s xem xt k lng.
16 Can we postpone the deadline for the article? Chng ta c th hon thi hn bi vit ny?
(A) There's a long line. (A) C mt hng di.
(B) Yes, for a day or two. *(B) c ch, khong mt hoc hai ngy.
(C) What's the phone number? (C) S in thoi l g?
17 Why is the legal department having a party? Ti sao b phn php l sp t chc mt ba tic?
(A) To welcome some new employees. *(A) cho n mt s nhn vin mi.
(B) Yes, I finished that part. (B) C, ti hon thnh phn .
(C) I'm sorry, but I can't make it. (C) Ti xin li, nhng ti khng th lm n.
18 You made a dinner reservation at the River Cafe, Bn t trc ba ti ti sng Cafe, phi
right? khng?
(A) No, it's on the left side. (A) Khng, n pha bn tri.
(B) I did for eight people. *(B) Ti lm ri - cho tm ngi.
(C) Renovations haven't started yet. (C) Ci to cha bt u.
19 What was yesterday's workshop about? Hi tho ngy hm qua ni v iu g?
(A) Forty-five minutes. (A) Bn mi lm pht.
(B) The new graphics software. *(B) Cc phn mm ha mi.
(C) It was busier than usual. (C) l bn rn hn thng l.
20 Hasn't the poster design been approved yet? Bn thit k poster c ph duyt cha?

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(A) No, it has to be revised again. *(A) Cha, n phi c sa mt ln na.

(B) From the post office. (B) T bu in.
(C) That's an improvement. (C) l mt s ci tin.
21 I didn't realize the museum was closed today. Ti khng nhn ra bo tng ng ca ngy
(A) Yes, it's nearby. hm nay.
(B) Admission is ten dollars. (A) C, n gn bn.
(C) We can go another time. (B) Ph vo ca l mi la.
*(C) Chng ta c th i mt thi im khc.
22 Have you finished creating the slides for your Bn lm xong vic to cc slide cho bi thuyt
presentation? trnh ca bn ri phi khng?
(A) No, but I only have one left to do. *(A) Khng, nhng ti ch cn mt ci lm.
(B) I haven't opened the crate. (B) Ti khng m cc thng.
(C) I'll need a ride, though. (C) Mc d vy, ti s cn mt chuyn i.
23 Would you mind updating the meeting Phin C cp nht ghi ch cuc hp?
notes? (A) Ti ngh rng giy ghi ch mu xanh l ca
(A) I think the blue one is mine. ti.
(B) We've already picked one out. (B) Chng ti chn ra 1 ci.
(C) Sure, how soon do you need them? *(C) Chc chn, bao lu sau th Anh cn chng?
24 Why were all the chairs in the staff room Ti sao tt c cc gh trong phng nhn vin b b
removed? ht?
(A) They're being replaced. *(A) Chng ang c thay mi.
(B) We can share it. (B) Chng ti c th chia s n.
(C) Let's pack them up. (C) Hy gi chng li.
25 We won't be late for our appointment, will we? Chng ta s khng tr hn, phi khng?
(A) No, not if we hurry. *(A) Khng, nu chng ta i nhanh ln.
(B) What date works best for you? (B) Ngy no lm vic tt nht cho bn?
(C) John's been appointed. (C) John c ch nh.
26 Could you lend me the training video? Anh c th cho ti mn video o to?
(A) Only new hires do. (A) Ch c nhn vin mi.
(B) I put it on your desk earlier. *(B) Ti t n trn bn ca bn trc .
(C) The train hasn't arrived. (C) Tu la khng n.
27 Will you purchase tickets in advance, or buy them Bn s mua v trc, hay mua ti bui ha nhc
at the concert? lun?
(A) I'll buy them at the show. *(A) Ti s mua chng vo m din

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) No, there was no advance notice. (B) Khng, khng c thng bo trc.
(C) They're holding it outside. (C) H ang cm n bn ngoi.
28 Has the carpet been installed in apartment 6B? Thm c t trong cn h 6B?
(A) Yes, the work crew's almost done. *(A) C, cc cng nhn v sinh lm gn xong.
(B) The compartment's full. (B) Khoang tu th y
(C) A two-bedroom unit. (C) Mt cn h phng ng
29 Mr. Yamada already prepared the press release. ng Yamada chun b sn cc thng co bo
(A) It'll be repaired shortly. ch.
(B) One of our biggest clients. *(A) N s c chnh li cho ngn gn
(C) May I have a copy? (B) Mt trong nhng khch hng ln nht ca
chng ti.
(C) Ti c th c mt bn sao?
30 How much has our travel budget increased this Ngn sch du lch tng ln bao nhiu trong nm
year? nay?
(A) Actually, he was there last year. (A) Trn thc t, ng c nm ngoi.
(B) It's almost doubled. *(B) N gn nh tng gp i.
(C) To Sydney and Melbourne. (C) n Sydney v Melbourne.
31 Where will the company manufacture the new Cng ty s sn xut cc dng c nh bp mi
cookware? u?
(A) We're considering a couple of locations. *(A) Chng ti ang xem xt mt vi a im.
(B) It's selling well so far. (B) N bn chy cho n nay.
(C) Check aisle number five. (C) Kim tra li i s nm.
32 Why was the festival date changed? Ti sao ngy l hi thay i?
(A) They're predicting rain. *(A) H an c ma.
(B) You can keep the change. (B) Bn c th gi tin thi
(C) OK, I'll revise the calendar. (C) OK, ti s xem xt li lch.
33 Who can I contact about the accounting position? Ti c th lin h vi ai v v tr k ton?
(A) A minimum of four years of experience. (A) C t nht bn nm kinh nghim.
(B) To create an online banking account. (B) to mt ti khon ngn hng trc tuyn.
(C) You should e-mail the recruiting manager. *(C) Bn nn e-mail cho ngi qun l tuyn
34 Should we continue reading these manuscripts, or Chng ta c nn tip tc c nhng bn tho, hay
take a break? ngh ngi?
(A) I can help you fix it. (A) Ti c th gip bn khc phc n.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(B) Just submit a writing sample. (B) Ch cn np mt mu vn bn.

(C) Let's try to review a few more. *(C) Chng ta hy c gng xem thm 1 cht na
35 Would you like me to show Dr. Andrews around Bn c mun ti dn bc s Andrews i xung
the hospital? quanh bnh vin?
(A) A visiting scientist. (A) Mt nh khoa hc ang tham quan
(B) Thanks, but he's been given a tour. *(B) Cm n, nhng anh y c i theo mt
(C) I remember seeing him. tour du lch.
(C) Ti nh gp anh ta.
36 I still haven't managed to reach Ms. Chung about Ti vn cha lin lc c vi C Chung v ci
resetting her password. t li mt khu ca c y.
(A) Both letters and numbers. (A) C hai ch ci v con s.
(B) She's still out of town. *(B) C y cn ang ngoi th trn.
(C) The managing director, I believe. (C) Ti tin l gim c iu hnh,
37 How do you plan to market the new line of tennis Bn c k hoch th no a nhng dng sn
rackets? phm vt tennis mi ra th trng?
(A) Ill be sure to mark it on my list. (A) Ti s chc chn nh du n ln danh sch
(B) No, in a tennis magazine. ca ti.
(C) My team's still developing a strategy. (B) Khng, trong mt tp ch tennis.
(C) Nhm ca ti vn ang pht trin chin lc
38 What are the dimensions of the apartment on Kch thc ca cn h trn ng Maple l
Maple Road? nhiu?
(A) It's rather far from the city center. (A) N kh xa trung tm thnh ph.
(B) I don't remember the exact measurements. (B) Ti khng nh kch thc chnh xc.
(C) The real estate agent showed it to us. (C) i l bt ng sn cho chng ti xem n.
39 Weren't the supplies delivered to the construction Cc ngun cung cp khng c giao cho cng
site? trng xy dng sao?
(A) The exterior walls and the driveway. (A) Cc bc tng bn ngoi v ng li xe.
(B) Use the largest boxes you can find. (B) S dng cc hp ln nht bn c th tm thy.
(C) We decided to store them in the warehouse *(C) Chng ti quyt nh lu tr chng
instead. vo nh kho.
40 Why don't you wait to see the survey results Ti sao bn khng i xem kt qu cuc kho
before making a decision? st trc khi a ra quyt nh?
(A) Oh, we've already taken them into account. (A) Oh, chng ti a chng vo ti khon.
(B) I don't see the waiter anywhere. (B) Ti khng thy ngi phc v u c.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(C) A select group of customers. (C) Mt nhm khch hng la chn.

1 (A) They're sitting outdoors. *(A) H ang ngi ngoi tri.
(B) They're watering a garden. (B) H ang ti vn.
(C) They're cutting the grass. (C) H ang ct c.
(D) They're moving some furniture. (D) H ang di chuyn c.
2 (A) The man's holding an open folder *(A) Ngi n ng ang m mt th mc
(B) The woman's writing notes in a binder. (B) Ngi ph n ang vit ghi ch trong mt
(C) The woman's adding paper to the printer. cht kt dnh.
(D) The man's taking off his hat. (C) Ngi ph n ang thm giy vo my in.
(D) Ngi n ng ang b m ra.
3 (A) They're driving along the shoreline. (A) H ang li xe dc theo b bin.
(B) They're standing near a railing. *(B) H ang ng gn mt lan can.
(C) They're handing out menus. (C) H ang a ra menu.
(D) They're dining at a restaurant. (D) H ang n ti ti mt nh hng.
4 (A) A meeting room is full of employees. (A) Mt phng hp c y nhn vin.
(B) Some flowers have been left on the table. (B) Mt s hoa c trng trn bn.
(C) Some chairs have been folded up. (C) Mt s gh c gp li.
(D) A large plant is in the corner of the room. *(D) Mt ci cy ln nm gc ca cn phng.
5 (A) Metal bins are being emptied. (A) Thng kim loi ang c i.
(B) A vehicle is being cleaned. (B) Mt chic xe ang c lm sch.
(C) A man is directing traffic. (C) Mt ngi n ng ang ch o giao thng.
(D) A worker is sweeping the roadway. *(D) Mt cng nhn ang qut ng.
6 (A) Researchers have entered a library. (A) Cc nh nghin cu bc vo mt th vin
(B) Laboratory coats are hanging in a cabinet. (B) o khoc phng th nghim c treo trong
(C) Technicians are gathered around a screen. t.
(D) Scientific equipment has been set on a (C) Cc k thut vin ang t tp xung quanh
counter. mt mn hnh.
*(D) Thit b khoa hc c t trn quy
7 (A) He has stepped onto a balcony. (A) Anh y bc ln ban cng.
(B) He has climbed partway up a ladder. *(B) Anh y leo ln mt ci thang.
(C) He's securing a lantern to a pole. (C) Anh y bo mt chic n lng mt cc.
(D) He's passing under an archway. (D) Anh y i qua mt cng vm
8 (A) Drinking glasses have been placed on a rack. (A) Ly ung c xp ln gi .
(B) Boxes are being stacked on top of each other. (B) Cc thng ang c xp chng ln nhau.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

(C) Bottles have been arranged on shelves. *(C) Nhng ci chai c sp xp trn k.
(D) Containers are being filled from a machine. (D) Nhng ci thng cha ang c ly khi ci
9 (A) Theyre on opposite sides of a transparent *(A) H hai bn ca mt vng trong sut.
partition. (B) H ang kim tra mt l khung ca s.
(B) They're inspecting a hole in the window pane. (C) Ngi ph n ang dn poster trn tng.
(C) The woman's taping a poster to the wall. (D) Ngi n ng cho ngi ph n xem mt
(D) The man's showing the woman a laptop my tnh xch tay.

10 (A) Pedestrians are strolling beside a riverbank. (A) Ngi i b ang i do bn b sng.
(B) Vendors are putting away their displays. (B) Cc nh cung cp ang dn hng trng by
(C) A domed building overlooks an open-air *(C) Mt mi vm ta nh c tm nhn ra mt th
market. trng m
(D) A statue is shaded by some umbrellas. (D) Mt bc tng c che nng bi mt s cy
11 Whos that man waiting in the lobby? ngi n ng ang ch snh l ai?
(A) On the first floor. (A) Trn tng u tin.
(B) I believe he is. (B) Ti tin rng ng y l.
(C) That's Ms. Zhao's assistant. *(C) l tr l ca b Zhao.
12 Have you seen the play at the Continental Bn xem v kch ti Rp Continental ri phi
Theater? khng?
(A) You can pay with a credit card. (A) Bn c th tr bng th tn dng.
(B) You're right about that. (B) Bn ni ng v iu .
(C) Yes, I went on Saturday night. *(C) ng, ti i vo ti th by.
13 How long does it take to fly to New York? S mt bao lu bay n New York?
(A) About once a month. (A) Khong mt thng mt ln.
(B) Two and a half hours. *(B) Hai gi ri.
(C) A great place to visit. (C) Mt ni tuyt vi n thm.
14 Isnt there a post office nearby? Khng phi l c mt bu in gn sao?
(A) Yes, its a few blocks away. *(A) Vng, n ch cch vi cn nh.
(B) To buy postage stamps. (B) mua tem bu chnh.
(C) No, he cant go. (C) Khng, anh y khng th i.
15 What would be a good place to take a client for a Ci g s l mt ni tt mt khch hng s n

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

meal? n?
(A) Try the- Italian restaurant down the street. (A) Hy xung th nh hng di ng
(B) I haven't placed my order yet. (B) Ti vn cha t n hng.
(C) Usually for lunch. (C) Thng thng l ba n tra.
16 Whos in charge of ordering office supplies? Ai l ngi ph trch t vn phng phm?
(A) Some paper and pens. (A) Mt s giy v bt.
(B) Maria will know *(B) Maria s bit
(C) Theres free shipping. (C) C min ph vn chuyn.
17 Would you like a sandwich or a salad? Bn mun mt chic bnh sandwich hay salad?
(A) For now we can. (A) i vi doanh nghip, chng ti c th.
(B) Either is fine. *(B) Ci no cng c
(C) In the cafeteria. (C) Trong qun n.
18 How much will it cost to landscape this area? Chi ph thu cnh khu vc ny gi bao nhiu?
(A) It took less than a week. (A) Phi mt t hn mt tun.
(B) I hired Johnson's Landscaping. (B) ti thu sn ca Johnson.
(C) About eight thousand dollars. *(C) Khong tm ngn la.
19 When are the invoices sent out? Khi no xut ha n?
(A) The corporate account. (A) Cc ti khon cng ty
(B) Center City bank. (B) Trung tm Thnh ph.
(C) Every other Monday *(C) Mi th hai
20 When will you be giving the presentation at the Khi no bn s thuyt trnh ti hi ngh?
conference? *(A) Ti cha bit chc chn.
( A) Im not sure yet. (B) Tht l mt ngc nhin th v.
(B) What a pleasant surprise. (C) N London.
(C) It's in London.
21 The sun's finally come out. Mt tri cui cng l dng
(A) The weather report. (A) D bo thi tit.
(B) Sunday at six o'clock. (B) Ch nht lc 6 gi
(C) Then lets go for a walk. *(C) Vy th chng ta hy i do i
22 Are you in charge of writing the company Bn c trch nhim vit bn tin cng ty?
newsletter? (A) Khng, khng tnh ph.
(A) No, there's no charge. (B) c, ti th mi y.
(B) Yes, I am new here. *(C) Ti tng lm.
(C) I used to be.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

23 Mr. Park's still on vacation, isn't he? ng Park vn cn i ngh mt, phi khng?
(A) Yes, but hell be back on Friday. *(A) ng, nhng ng y s v vo th Su.
(B) I haven't been there recently. (B) Ti khng n gn y.
(C) A few times a year. (C) Mt vi ln mt nm.
24 Where do you get your hair cut? Bn ct tc u?
(A) At a place on High Street. *(A) Ti mt ni trn ng High Street.
(B) Around forty dollars. (B) Khong bn mi la.
(C) Here, it's for you. (C) y, n cho bn.
25 Why don't I hang up these flyers for you? Ti sao khng ti treo nhng t qung co ny
(A) I'd appreciate that. cho bn?
(B) The publicity department. *(A) Ti rt bit n iu .
(C) Peter designed them. (B) Cc b phn cng khai.
(C) Peter thit k cho h.
26 When's the security equipment going to be Thit b an ninh s c lp t khi no?
installed? (A) Cc nhn vin bo v cho bit nh vy.
(A) The security guard said so. *(B) Chm nht n cui tun.
(B) By the end of the week at the latest. (B) Mt lat cc cnh ca ra vo.
(B) A set of revolving doors.
27 Do you mind turning down that music? Phin bn bt nhc nh m thanh nh?
(A) I like that musician, too. (A) Ti cng thch nhc s.
(B) Sorry I didnt realize it was so loud *(B) Xin li ti khng nhn ra l n ht qu
(C) Make a turn here. ln
(C) Thc hin mt lt y.
28 This printer seems to run out of ink faster than the My in ny dng nh mau ht mc hn my c
old one. (A) y nht hai mi bn.
(A) At least twenty copies. (B) Ti s mang n n vi bn.
(B) Ill bring it to you. *(C) ng vy, ti ang t hi ti sao nh vy.
(C) Yes, I wonder why.
29 Ron, you've written research proposals before, Ron, trc y bn vit cng nghin cu,
haven't you? phi khng?
(A) No, I haven't found it. *(A) Khng, ti vn cha tm thy n.
(B) Ive written a few of them. (B) Ti vit mt vi ci trong s chng.
(C) I don't think we've met before. (C) Ti khng ngh chng ta gp trc .
30 Aren't the new computers being delivered this Chng phi l cc my tnh mi s c giao

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afternoon? chiu nay sao?

(A) Because they're not working. (A) Bi v h khng lm vic.
(B) They should be here soon. *(B) Chng nn giao n y sm.
(C) It's a new computer program. (C) l mt chng trnh my tnh mi.
31 How do I reserve a meeting space? Lm th no ti c th t 1 ch cho cuc hp?
(A) All the full-time staff. (A) Tt c cc nhn vin ton thi gian.
(B) It was too crowded. (B) N qu ng c.
(C) You can do it online. *(C) Bn c th lm iu trc tuyn.
32 Do you think the logo looks better in red or in Bn ngh logo mu hay mu xanh dng s tt
blue? hn?
(A) I read that one, too. (A) Ti cng c ci
(B) I think it was the advertising team. (B) Ti ngh rng n l i qung co.
(C) The blue one's more appealing. *(C) Logo mu xanh trng hp dn hn.
33 Which region reported the highest number of car Khu vc no bo co s lng doanh s bn xe
sales this quarter? cao nht trong qu ny?
(A) Many more than we expected. (A) Nhiu hn chng ti mong i.
(B) We just hired a new executive. (B) Chng ti ch thu mt gim c iu hnh
(C) The northwest sales team sold the most. mi.
*(C) Cc i ng bn hng pha ty bc bn nhiu
34 Why was the management meeting Ti sao cuc hp qun l b hon?
postponed? (A) Ti ang ln k hoch i.
(A) I'm planning to go. *(B) C s trng lch
(B) There was a scheduling conflict (C) Cc nh qun l cp cao.
(C) The senior managers.
35 Ling, do you have time to review this document Ling, bn c thi gian xem xt ti liu ny vi
with me? ti?
(A) Could we go over it tomorrow? *(A) Chng ta c th xem n vo ngy mai?
(B) About ten pages long. (B) Di khong mi trang.
(C) Quite a few revisions. (C) Mt vi sa i.
36 We should buy some more chairs for the lobby. Chng ta cn mua thm mt s gh cho cc snh.
(A) Do we have enough money in the budget? *(A) Chng ta c tin trong ngn sch ch?
(B) There's a long line for a table. (B) C mt hng gh di cho mi bn.
(C) I'll go ahead and cancel it. (C) Ti s i trc v hy b n.

Ms. Thanh Toeic FB: Thanh Kim Huynh Toeic Learning Group

37 Where's the library branch going to be built? Chi nhnh th vin s c xy u?

(A) It hasn't been decided yet. *(A) Vn cha c quyt nh.
(B) The bill's been sent. (B) Ha n c gi.
(C) Much larger than the old one. (C) Ln hn nhiu so vi ci c.
38 Why isn't our company's address posted on the Ti sao a ch cng ty chng ta khng c ng
Web site? trn trang Web?
(A) The employee phone directory. (A) Danh b s in thoi nhn vin.
(B) You're right, it's supposed to be there. *(B) Bn ni ng, n phi c ng .
(C) Next door to the Anderson building. (C) K bn ta nh Anderson.
39 Paula, what do the customer reviews say about our Paula, khch hng nh gi g v in thoi di
mobile phone? ng ca chng ta?
(A) Dial zero to speak with a representative. (A) Nhn s 0 ni chuyn vi ngi i din.
(B) Most people like the new features. *(B) Hu ht mi ngi thch tnh nng mi.
(C) No, it was very positive. (C) Khng, n th rt tch cc.
40 This filing system isn't very efficient. H thng h s ny khng hiu qu lm.
(A) It's in the folder on my desk. (A) N trong th mc trn bn lm vic ca ti.
(B) Yes, it's an official request. (B) ng, n l mt yu cu chnh thc.
(C) Do you have any ideas to improve it? *(C) Bn c bt k tng no ci thin n?