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BBS : The Fortean Research Center

Date : 11-18-93 (05:35)

To : ALL
Subj : Brainwashing by the Feds

I've been observing, interviewing, etc. and have discovered some of

the brainwasing/crowd manipulation techniques used by the feds (it's
actually taught in a school, watch for these, you'll see them for

Hand gestures (observed frequently in use by: Bob Ricks (FBI at Waco);
Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, the Army
spokesman lying his butt off in Panama Deception, Jeff Jamar

(1) They keep the right hand down and out of view. Gestures ar made
with the left hand. This attracts your view to your upper right
side (as you watch them), thus it is being received and processed
by the left hemisphere of your brain, subconsciously.

(2) The gestures, made with the left hand, are all VERY unnatural and
practiced but ALL of them use them:

(A) The "I'm LYING, watch this hand" gesture:

The hand is shaped into a tight, tiny fist, but the thumb is
straight up on the side of the fist, tightly clamped against the
fingers on the side, with the edge of the thumb running parallel
to the TOP of the back of the hand, so that the tip of the thumb
sticks straight out above the fist and is used like a pointer or
pencil. The speaker makes this gesture and points the thumb at
you, which also has the effect of shaking his fist at you, while
not appearing to really be shaking his fist. It is merely a
difference in the positioning of the thumb, but it has the same
effect, subconsciously, of registering a high level of attention
with your brain.

(B) The "Trust me, I'm SHARING this valuable information with you"

The fingers are straight and close together, with the palm cupped
and the thumb held tightly to the side of the fingers. The
speaker places his hand, in this position, close to his body, just
below the breast, then moves the hand up and outward, keeping the
palm facing his body, as if pushing somethi g forward, out and up,
with the back of the hand, then pulling the hand back toward the
body, by going down and in, repeateding this overall movement in a
somewhat circular motion, usually about three times, somewhat

(c) The "REALLY trust me, I'm handing you a handful of shit" gesture.

(I am not making this up).

This is the hardest one to describe, in my opinion, it is very

unnatural to do. The fingers are spread so that the first two fingers
are close to each other but not touching (a "V" between them, but a
bigger "V" between fingers 1&2 and Fingers 3&4); the secon two fingers
are close to each other but not touching. The first two fingers are
curled slightly inward, the bottom two fingers are curled in a lot.
The thumb is sticking out and up, but slightly bent. If you put your
left hand on your butt, as if to give it a REALLY good scratch, and
then keep it in that position and move it in front of you, you have
the basic position. Now, with the hand in this extremely stupid
looking, unnatural position, thrust the hand forward abruptly,
stopping with the hand away from you in a position that looks like you
have just grabbed a GREAT handful of something. That's it. Do this
three times.

Bob Ricks perfected this hand gesture during Waco and should get an
Emmy for it or something.

Just watch Clinton, Reno, Hillary, and the military speakers talk
awhile, you will see these gestures enough you will be able to
immediately spot them.

(I am not making this up).

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