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Observer: Dr. Alain Gholam

Grade: Grade 3
Class: Science
Curriculum: STEM SCOPE
School: Next Generation School
Time: 1:15
Date: February 23, 2017

1. The lessons objective is understood and achieved.
2. Evidence of differentiation of instruction is present.
3. Student work and collaborate in pairs or groups.
4. When asked, students can tell the purpose of what they
are doing.
5. Teacher uses hands-on materials or manipulatives.
6. Evidence of higher questioning is present.

7. All students are actively involved in the lesson.

8. Students work is displayed, current and linked to the
9. Students are not typically completing worksheets.
10. Evidence of assessment /feedback is present.
11. Classroom is organized for instruction and is free of
12. Over all, the classroom climate is positive.

A. Observed Model(s) of Teaching:

B. Observed Strengths:

Good anecdotal records.

C. Perceived Weaknesses:
Make sure the routines are always consistent (AT ALL TIMES).
Clear desks at all times.
While presenting, make sure the students dont block the view and they are
facing the audience.
Time management during presentation. Each group should be presenting for five
to seven minutes. Make sure each member is involved in the presentation.
Make sure you monitor all students during the presentation (Remember, Yehya?).

D. Observers Comments