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IME I PREZIME: ______________________________

BROJ TELFONA: ______________________________

Good ______________. My _____ is James Brooks and this ___ my assistent,

Harry Jonson. Ben________________ (sit) in his office now and he
______________(remember) his first day in Vestas Wind Systems A/S. Today, as the
companys boss, he __________ (manage) the business from the head office __
Rinkobing, Denmark. He _____ (come) from New York to Rinkobing seven years ago.
For most tourists, New York is ______________ (popular) city in the USA. Houses in
New York are_______________ (expensive) than in European cities because people
earn more money, but European cities are ________ (safe). At that time, there _____
(be) a lot more career _______________ (opportunity) in Europe.

He _____________ (wait) for a phone call from his wife. She has well _____ (pay)
job but her job includes lot of _________ (travel). She went on business to London,
she usually ______ (stay) at _____ Ritz Hotel, but now she _________ (stay) with a
friend. He ___ never _____ (be) to London. If she ___________ (invite) him, he ________
(go) with her next time. Both of them enjoy ______ (go) to the theatre. He would like
___________ (watch) Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and ____________
(visit) The Globe. He____________ (arrange) everything. She will be ____________
(surprise). He can imagine them going _____ a walk after the play.

He____________________ (wait) for the phone call for half an hour now. His wife
is never late. He ______ (look) tired so he ___________ (go) to bed earlier tonight. His
job ___________ (become) incredibly __________ (stress). Due to the ___________
(expand) of the company, the business has become difficult ____________ (manage).
He reduced his night-time sleep because of ______________ (increase) work.
Yesterday, while he ___________ (have) breakfast, he ______ (read) an article about
sleeping. The latest theory suggests that we do not really _________ sleep at all. We
sleep only because our brain is programmed to make us do so. According ___ this
theory, the ___________ (tired) we feel at the end of the day __________ (produce) by a
chemical mechanism in the brain which makes us sleep. The __________ (pleasant)
symptoms we suffer when we dont sleep enough are not because we have not
rested but because we have _________ (obey) our brains programming.

___________ (long) we do not sleep ___________ (bad) we feel. Not sleeping

enough is very ___________ (health) as same as drinking coffee. He was addicted to
caffeine. Now he __________ (use) not drinking coffee. He __________ (use) drink 10
cups of coffee per day. All of a sudden:
kola stranih jezika MOGI

Hello, honey, I wish you_________ (be) with me yesterday when I entered Sallys
house. They _______ (have) their house __________ (redecorate). Before, the house
was completely impractical.

__________ speaking, I was not interested in ______________ (redecorate) of our lovely

home. I thought that todays designers had run ______ new ideas and that modern
furniture is uncomfortable.

However, I ______ (take) the whole concept of Feng Shui. But, tell me, did you
manage to solve that embarrassing incident?

The situation is totally clear. The bookkeeper accused of stealing the money was
caught ___ the act and he will be fired. In addition, employees who noticed that
earlier and ____ quiet, and acted as if nothing ___________ will never ____ foot in this
company too. !

He will have to fire them all. But, here it is. Todays paper article says: Father
Fires Son. A businessman sacked his own son because of _________ (lazy),
___________ (competence) and ___________ (honest) and after dozens of letters of
__________ (complains) about his work during the ten years he was his fathers
__________ (employ). He got _________ (count) warnings, said Stephan Bidwell,
Stuarts father, and the _________ (manage) of the company. He was
absolutely__________ (use) at his job and he didnt even have the right _____________
(quality). Eventually he was aked to hand in his __________ (resign) after being
caught making phone calls to a girlfriend in Australia. His _________ (refuse) to resign
forced his father to sack him, _______(fair) according to Stuart, who is now suing his
father. By the end of the month, he ____________ (fire) them. They should
_____________ better. The ___________ (severe) of company discipline is nonarguable.

It was very ___________ (prudent) to jeopardize their employment in this way

as if they were not aware of the current_____________ (employ) rate. Information
technology has transformed the_____________ (organize) of work, but instead of
__________ (liberate) workers from humdrum task it can put people out of work.
Information technology may event be making the workplace _________ redundant.
Offices are extremely expensive, as well as the time and energy of ___________
(commute). Alredy more than two million Britis employees are teleworkers. Many
employees welcome the _______ (break) with tradition, __________ (claim) that
teleworking has improved their lives enormously. Furthermore, employees must be
receptive to the possibilities of part time working and of ____________ (train) in
different skills. Yesterday, it was announced in the newspapers that two thousand
workers ____________________ (lay off) by the countrys largest supermarket chain
and that recent___________ recession __________ (mean) that many small
companies_________ (go) bankrupt. Small businesses must adapt or ___________ the
consequences. They have to keep ________________ market demand.
kola stranih jezika MOGI