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The bunsen burner

1. A Bunsen burner is used to heat things in a

2. The air hole allows the intake of air when
3. The collar is used to open or close the air
4. When air- hole is closed, the flame is yellow
in colour and is called a luminous flame.
5. When air- hole is opened, the flame is blue in
colour and is called a non- luminous flame.
6. Differences between luminous and
non-luminous flame.
Luminous flame Differences Non-luminous flame
Air- hole
Colour of the flame
Easily / not easily
Suitable for heating
Luminous flame Differences Non-luminous flame

closed Air- hole opened

yellow Colour of the flame blue

Easy to see Easily / not easily Not easy to see

Not very hot Hotness Very hot

Gives out a lot of soot Soot Does not give out soot

no Suitable for heating yes

7. Proper ways of using a Bunsen burner
a) Use a lighter or match to light up a Bunsen
burner. Remember to light up the match
before you turn on the gas.
b) Use a test tube holder when heating solutions
in a test tube. Do not point the mouth of the
test tube to yourself or your friends.
c) Use a tripod stand and wire gauze when
heating chemicals in a beaker or crucible.
d) Do not heat flammable substances like alcohol
directly. Use a water bath instead.
e) Turn off the gas after using a Bunsen burner