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Running head: reflection for changing behaviors 1

Changing Behaviors by Changing The Classroom Environment Reflection

Lun Sian Cing

International Teachers College

Instructional Alignment II

Dr. J. Spanogle

6th April, 2017

reflection for changing behaviors 2

Abstract: In this article, both of the authors focuses on managing the students' behavior through

classroom environment. The given reason is because developing the class environment is one of

the many ways of managing classroom. By implementing this method in the classroom, students

are indirectly challenged to get out of their comfort zone and encouraged to think and see things

from different vantages. Also, the authors have provided three stages to implementing changes to

the environment. The first is to Observe which means to recognize the patterns of behaviors

that occurred, from where this disruptive behaviors comes from, and when do these behaviors

occur. The second is to Modify which means to change the seating arrangement, increasing or

decreasing the visual aids in the classroom, and reducing the objects that creates background

noises etc. The third is to Follow-Up which means to make sure if it is correctly modified,

consistently modified, and to check if the implements are used for the correct purpose etc. The

authors have also provided a case study to support their claim. From the case-study, the readers

can find different applications of changing the environment that engages the students to learn.

And in conclusion, the authors say that teachers are not trained in modifying the classroom

(p.13) therefore, the teachers should choose the modification that they believe would be most

benefit for their classroom.

reflection for changing behaviors 3

Reflection and Evaluation: To evaluate this, I find this source trustworthy and credible for

teachers to be able to apply in the classroom. It was helpful for the readers to see the case study

and data collection because it became a strong persuasion for the readers (especially if a teacher

is reading this article) for application in their own environments/classrooms. And also for biblical

perspective, the growth in spirituality requires growing in different seasons. The spread of the

gospel requires places to be spread out. And the same goes to our classrooms. Teachers cannot

expect a different students' progress if they are still in the same classroom with same position

throughout the entire year. We cannot approach to people with the same style of communication.

We can see a new result of something when we finally change or breakout from our boundaries.

And as a reflection, I would love to apply this in my classroom annually. I want to approach to

my students with different impressions.