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_-4— Acriindrical can is rolied along the ruler as shown in the diagram below. It rolis over twice before reaching the final postion staring position ‘ial postion mark on cylinder’ \ a A { 2 SSO Oem § 10 What is the radius of the can? Goan 8, 80an 2a average speed between X and Yin the speed:-time graph shown is C 120em =D. 24.0.0 speed / ms" * tot ie is a | 'wo identical balls X and ¥ were dropped from a 40 m building at the same time. X fell {from the top of the building while ¥ fell from haif way up as shown below. D. 200ms* Which of the following spees-time graph shows the correct relationships between velocity and time for balls X and Y? ‘When a herizontal force of 4N is applied to a wooden block of mass 2 kg on a horizontal surface, the block moves wifi @ constant velocity. Ifthe force is increased to 10N, what will be the acceleration of the block? nine ant came One _-7 fear crver stopped on the accelerator wen the traffic ignt turned green, The graph below shows how the resultant force on the car varies with time. Force z= Time Which graph shows the variation of the car's speed with time? spene Spees A 8 Tie ° Fine speed D ume 77 Fa. 14 shows 2 woley P on a horizonal table Fig. 1.2 shows an identical trolley Q, which is foaded with steel bars, on the same table. A horizontal force of 19 N is applied to each of the trolley fora time of 0.2. Both trolleys ae initially at rest. 108 E 02s TUTTE, a Fig 1.4 Fig. 1.2 AS b0 0.2, Oey P moves the ight with a speed ofS mis but Holey moves othe right ‘with a speed of Lys. Explain why these speeds are different. WA) 27S. HOSS. LOPSHEX. Hoc TWollRy O'S was. ROME... HR... ARRA. ONG.» Ts, AWoWEY) IP... CAN SHOVE. Ort. OK. LACKEY. SERB AO VoIVeY,.@. 5 OS. LTEWTT ROVE LON OLE Yortion, ee 2 be AS Toe P is now tured over 80 thats resting on stp surface, as shown Fig. 1.9. Fig. 1.3 Explain why a force of 10 N acting for 0.2 s now results in a very small speed after 0.2s and why that speed rapidly reduces to zero WRB NER JIE, HEEAIRG Cle 40. CIAO - The. AVANRY,..NN Anus. de CIVAAR. Cn COME. FOO AMP seco ane ama (2) AS The mass of troliey P is 0.50 kg. Calculate the gravitational force acting on toley P when the trolley is near the surface of the Earth. (The acceleration of free tall is 10 mvs’ at tne surface of the Earth.) Fema ZO.5OK 1D = SN, A wen ‘ofthe following pairs of physical quantities have the same unit? ‘A energy and power 8 friction and prassure ‘neat capacity and latent heat displacement and distance traveled