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Rosy Thinn Byzantine Empire

2 weeks Grade 7

Rubric for Summative Assessment; Group Poster Presentation (Reference: from IB-MYP Program)

Criterion Excellent (8) Average (4) Developing (2) Not Yet (0)
Knowing & - (Thoroughly) Demonstrate Make an attempt No evidence of
Understanding Demonstrate some of the to demonstrate understanding
knowledge and content some of the the content
understanding of the knowledge and content knowledge
content and understanding of knowledge but
concepts the concepts unorganized
- Poster is well
organized with clear
Researching Two and more sources - Two or more Some information No evidence of
are stated along with sources are and sources are researching
the good evaluation of stated stated (sources (information,
the information and - Attempt to are less than two) ideas and
connecting with own evaluate the but lack of sources are not
ideas information evaluation and stated)
but no proof connection
of connecting
with own
Communicating - Communicate (using - Communicate - Attempt to - Lack of
eye-contact, clear (using eye- communicate communicati
and audible with contact, clear (using eye- on; Reading
confidence, good and audible) contact, clear only (but no
posture) but the and audible) eye-contact,
- Transition goes transition does - Finish earlier than not clear and
smoothly within not go well given time audible)
group members within group - Finish earlier
- Finish within given members than given
time (3-4min) - Goes beyond time
limited time