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1. What motivated the US to go to war with Great Britain?

A. Support of the Indians by the British
B. Maritime rights
C. Growth of US borders by conquering Canada
D. All of the above

2. Who was the Governor General of British North America(Canada) in

A. Sir Isaac Brock
B. Sir George Prevost
C. Sir Gordon Drummond
D. Sir James Craig

3. This man built a strong confederacy among native Americans in Ohio,

Indiana, and Michigan.
A. William Henry Harrison
B. The Prophet
C. Tecumseh
D. Henry Clay

4. Tecumseh was killed at the Battle of

A. New Orleans
B. Lake Erie
C. Fort McHenry
D. The Thames

5. The practice of forcing captured sailors to serve in British naval crews

was called what?
A. Impressment
B. Sea- slaving
C. Commandeering
D. Requisitioning.

6. The burning of the public buildings in Washington D.C. by the British

was in retaliation for:
A. The killing of the Indian chief Tecumseh
B. Us armys burning of Newark, Upper Canada
C. The US armys looting of York (Upper Canada)
D. None of the above
7. The American commander who surrendered at Detroit was?
A. Isaac Brock
B. George Washington
C. Benedict Arnold
D. General Hull

8. Laura Secord
A. Warned the British about an American attack
B. Warned the Americans about a British attack.
C. Was the first woman to visit Niagara Falls.
D. Opened the first candy store in Montreal.

9. What place did the United States and Great Britain sign the Peace
treaty ending the war of 1812?
A. Ghent
B. The Hague
C. Paris
D. Antwerp

10. Who won the war of 1812?

A. America
B. Great Britain
C. The First Nations
D. No one. Everyone got tired of fighting.