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1. To establish the Saint Joseph College Educative Family in which all

members are respected and participated harmoniously the attainment
of each Mission and Vision.
2. To form students who are imbued with Christian conviction,
academically and professionally competent, vocationally and
technically skilled, who are able to make sound judgment and sensible
decisions and who are active agents of social transformation.
3. To promote the well-being and to enhance the professional qualification
of the teaching and non-teaching staff.
4. To upgrade the instructional materials and delivery system to make
responsive to the needs of time.
5. To inculcate Christian values by integrating them in all subject areas
and activities of the institution.
6. To give witness to the life of the authentic faith through humble service
in the community.
7. To provide opportunities for the on-going formation of all the members
of the Saint Joseph College Educative Family.

Specific Objectives of the Grade School

1. To participate actively and harmoniously in all religious and other
activities of the institutions.
2. To establish and strengthen fraternal bonds through fostering of
Christian Values among the SJCEF members.
3. To equip pupils with quality basic education in preparation for the next
higher level of education.
4. To develop self-expressions of ones potentialities through various
school community activities.
5. To strengthen Filipino values and the culture through classroom
instructions and curricular activities.
6. To inculcate Christian values by integrating them in all subject areas
and activities of the institutions.
7. To undertake an annual department research and community extension
in the coordination with other departments.
Constitutions and By-Laws of the Pupils
We, the members of the Pupils
Government Organization of Saint Joseph College,
imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to establish a
just and human Government that shall embody our ideals
and aspirations in order to promote the general welfare of
the school and community, to foster brotherhood,
perpetuate rights and values, to develop and encourage
awareness, and preserve a lasting mutual understanding
among pupils, faculty and administrators, do ordain and
promulgate this constitution and By-Laws.

Article I
Name and Address
Section 1: The name of the Government shall be Pupils
Government (PG). The Pupils Government shall be the
ruling body among all pupils in the Elementary
Section 2: The address of the Government shall be
Elementary Department, Saint Joseph College, Tunga-
Tunga, Maasin City, Southern Leyte.

Article II
Section 1: The government aims to establish closer
relations between pupils and parents, pupils and
teachers, pupils and administrators and pupils among
Section 2: To serve the voice of the elementary pupils
Section 3: To develop pupils talents and potentials
through programs and other activities.
Section 4: To be an instrument in the development of the
pupils potential as future leaders of the community and
the country.

Article III
Section 1: All elementary pupils shall be bonafide
members of the Government

Article IV
Rights, Duties and Obligations of Members
Section 1: It shall be the duty of the members to be loyal
to the government and to defend and uphold the
constitutions and by-laws of the organization in line with
that of the school rules and regulations.
Section 2: Activity in all deliberations and to express his
or her opinion in any matter under discussion.
Section 3: It shall be the duty of every member to carry
out plans for the welfare of the government to the best of
his or her abilities and uphold the school policies, rights
and regulations.

Article V:
Section 1: The Government shall have the following
officers: President, Vice-president and Eight Senators.
Section 2: The executive and legislative powers shall be
vested on the officers

Article VI
Duties and Functions of the Officers
Section 1: President

Shall preside meetings and may call special sessions

Shall issue orders, directors, and promulgate policies
approved by the members of the government those
that are beneficial to the members.
Shall exercise his or her rights to vote in case of tie
Shall have immediate management of the affairs of
the government and perform duties inherent to his or
her office
Shall sign or countersign all payments, contracts, etc.
Shall have power to appoint anybody to perform a
certain task, for the welfare of the pupils
Shall have power to give due punishment as referred
to in article XI
Shall exercise general supervision over the activities
in the government

Section 2: Vice President

Shall automatically assume office of the president in

case the later could not hold office due to absence,
resignation, sickness or disqualification.
Shall be assisting the president

Section 3: Senators:

Shall pass, enact and repel laws

Shall provide for the construction and maintenance
of the projects chargeable to the general fund of the
pupils government or such other funds actually
available for the purpose.
Shall submit to PG President such suggestions or
recommendations as it may see fit for the
improvement of the school.

Article VII
Class Mayors
Section 1: All class representatives shall be called
mayors. It shall be the primary duty of every class
mayors to represent his/her class in every meetings and

Article VIII
Election, Terms of Office and Meetings
Section 1: Election
a. The elementary pupils shall elect one president, one
vice-president and eight senators.
b. Only grade five pupils are qualified to run for
c. Candidates shall have one year residency in the
school and of the president, he shall have two years
residency in school.
d. All candidates must have grades, for top ten pupils
are grouped into two according to their skills and
abilities. Each group shall elect among themselves as
to who will run president, vice president and
e. The grade 5 top twenty pupils and the grade 4 Top
pupils are grouped into two according to their skills
and abilities.
f. The room to room campaign must start before the
Miting De Avanc.
g. Group posters or postcards are only the propagandas
and campaign materials permitted. Violation would
mean disqualification of the candidate.
h. Considered voters are Grades III, IV, V and VI pupils.
i. The Commission on Election shall be appointed by
the PG adviser.
j. The votation shall be conducted in a room to room
k. Election shall be the day after the Miting De Avanc.

Section 2: Meetings
a. Regular meetings shall be on the first Friday of the
b. Special meetings for special program shall be held
any day upon the call by the President.
c. The meeting shall be at 4:30 pm in the PG office or
any place designated by the body.
d. Elected officers shall be present in all the meeting
unless expressly excluded from it or necessarily
prevented from doing so by sickness, or any
unavoidable circumstances duly reported to the
secretary of the day. Punctuality, orderliness and
courtesy should be observed during the Meetings.

Article IX
Section 1: In every meeting, a quorum that is + 1 shall
be observed. If a quorum is not at a meeting, the said
meeting shall be set for another date and it should be