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Name: Rosy Thinn

Lesson: 01
Topic: Introduction to Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire)
Grade: 7 (50minutes)
Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

Studying history can provide the Group poster presentation project (at the end of the unit)
knowledge of the effect of changes
happening in societies that impacted social,
cultures, politics and religions as a whole,
in this era.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

The student will . . .
1. How did the Byzantine Empire begin? - Record the timeline and locate the map
2. What are some significant things that - Outline the unit overview
you watch from the video clip?
3. Who is the Emperor?
4. What are the three timelines?
5. Name the territories of Byzantine
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
5 mins Beginning the Lesson
Listing agenda on the board before students come in and Welcoming.
Opening Activity
Review background knowledge on Byzantine Empire
Introduction to Byzantine Empire
Map and a short video clip
5mins Opening activity: Imagine yourself as a teacher and you have 100 students in a small
classroom. As a teacher, how would you place them?
- Take a few seconds to think about it and we will discuss as a class.
- Class discussion and students will give their opinions.
5mins - Teacher will tell the topic that they are going to learn today. Distribute KWL Template to
everyone to know what they already know, what they want to know more, and what they
learned about Byzantine Empire. (It can be one kind of note for the whole period of
class). Tell them that the template/paper will be collected in the end of class.
- How did Byzantine Empire begin? (due to great population and they separated into two;
eastern and western Roman Empire). Students will connect the idea from opening activity
and todays topic.
Developing the Lesson
- Tell students to record the information on the KWL template in the column What I learned
Byzantine Empire and its territories; North Africa, Italy, the coast of Spain
3mins (Egypt, Greece, Palestine, Syria, Armenia, Turkey) The Emperor Justinian I,
Timeline: 527-565, 1020, 1360
- Teacher will show different maps according to timeline on projector, ask students (split into
small groups depending on the numbers of students, probably groups of 5) to come in
front of the class and locate the Byzantine Empire on the map.
20mins - First, let them try to point it out on their own. After that teacher will clarify to make sure
they locate
- In the transition of another group, tell the rest of the students to memorize timeline and the
Closing the Lesson
- Teacher will provide the outline of the topics on Byzantine Empire
The Capital City Constantinople
The Emperor Justinian I
The Empress Theodora
The Hagia Sphia
Nika Revolt
Roman law
Christianity in Byzantine Empire
- A small quiz on the Emperor, the timeline, and territories of Byzantine Empire
- Students will write answer on the paper. (questions will be on power point slide)
- Teacher will collect both the template sheet and their quiz papers.
- Class Dismiss



Formative Assessment Differentiation

Give a small quiz in the end of class

Google maps
KWL Template