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Name: Rosy Thinn

Lesson: 02
Topic: - The Capital City Constantinople (people, language, culture and literature)
Grade: 7 (50minutes)
Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
History is a place where people can trace Group poster presentation project (at the end of the unit)
back how todays languages, cultures and
literature have developed.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

The student will . . .
1. What do you think of the city - Find the things that made the city Constantinople
Constantinople as the largest and the the worlds biggest and richest city during that
richest at that time? Provide concrete
- View people, language, culture and literature of
2. How did people look like? What kind
of languages did they use? How did Constantinople
their culture look like?
3. In your countries (or in your ethnicity)
what are the similar and different
things from Constantinople regarding
the people, language, culture and

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

5mins Beginning the Lesson
Listing agenda on the board before the class starts and welcoming students.
- Review previous lesson
- Individual Reading
- Class Discussion
- Sing a song (Istanbul not Constantinople)
- Poster Project

- Greeting
4mins - Return the quiz paper from last class
- Let students guess todays lesson (to recall the outline from last class)
- Tell them the agenda
- Write down objectives for today class
- Review what they have learned from previous class (ask a few students to provide one thing
3mins that they remember about the Byzantine Empire).
Developing the Lesson

- Distribute a reading handout about the city Constantinople. Tell the students to read
10mins individually and highlight the text.
- Classroom discussion will follow (Ask students what they saw from the text before giving
10mins guiding questions. If they miss something, teacher will then, use guiding questions so that
they will not skip the important information)
- Teacher will ask reflective question. In your countries (or in your ethnicity) what are the
similar and different things from Constantinople regarding the people, language, culture
5mins and literature?
- Give them some time to think first and write down. Ask 4 students to share each topic;
people, language, culture and literature.
- Teacher will provide a brief information about the fall of Constantinople (Ottoman Turks or
3mins Turkish finally conquered Constantinople and the name changed into Istanbul) before
listening to the song Istanbul not Constantinople. Listen to a song and sing along.

Closing the Lesson

- Provide time for the students to review the lesson

- Ask a student to come in front of class and summarize today lesson
5mins - Grouping for Poster Project through drawing lots. There will be 4 people in one group
according to the topic that they get from drawing lots. (Topics: Constantinople, Roman
5mins law, Justinian, Theodora, Christianity in Byzantine Empire)
- Class Dismiss

Formative Assessment Differentiation

class participation, ask questions to quiet
students to share their opinions

The Beauty of Constantinople