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I f you want to be as flawless as us, keep in mind that it doesnt necessarily

refer to outer beauty. Rather, it is about that inner sparkle that sets you

apart from everyone else in the world. Here are a few tips from the experts

1. Wear clothes you feel good in. It doesnt matter if theyre in style, it

matters that you like them.

2. Laugh at yourself. Find humor in your greatest mistakes.
3. Learn from your mistakes. Along with humor, find lessons that will help you later in life.
4. Dont regret your mistakes. Not because they taught you a lesson, but because that decision is clich.

Dont regret your mistakes because there is absolutely nothing you can do to change them, and you

deserve better than that pit in your stomach every time you think about them.
5. You should develop a unique, classic style if you haven't already. You have to own it. You can parade

around in beautiful clothes all day but if you don't have confidence in yourself, you'll just look

ridiculous. Keep in mind the school dress code or uniform. Find things that fit your body type.
6. Be pleasant, always. Keep your grades up in school and be respectful. Be kind to people. Be playful and

carefree, but never obnoxious. Fun does not equal immature. Accept compliments gracefully and don't

become too full of yourself. Know that you look great and own it but don't become cocky. Smile, be

polite, and genuine.


Now we are going to delve into the world of vogue, filled to the brim with designer clothes from your

locker. Remember, a womans place is not in the kitchen or with the kids at home! With the fresh New

Year comes fresh perspective, especially with the latest trends. Whether it is school or home, a new

wardrobe can be exactly the fresh start you need. Its time to revamp your old worn out locker into an

innovative wardrobe fit for royalty.

1. Shiny Collar Tank Top

Turn that old shirt into party wear with this amazing DIY. Cut out the sleeves, add some shine to the collars

with old CDs and voila! Youre ready to hit the town.
2. No-Sew DIY Slip Dress

A loose-fitted bright colored slip dress always works wonders

in those hot summer afternoons. But, its hard to imagine one such

lovely-looking attire in an investment of under $10. Invented

as a part of a fashion challenge, this DIY lets you use a maxi

skirt for making a totally marvelous no-sew slip dress. Simply

cut out the neck, back and sleeves for gifting yourself this gorgeous


3. DIY Fest : Studded Cuffs

A pair of jeans with beautifully studded cuffs can

definitely make you stand out at night out. You will love this

idea as it opens up a creative side of yours and is a super

easy no-sew DIY that will totally raise the style bar of a

regular denim wear. Taking just a few minutes to complete

this tutorial is surely worth giving a try!

4. DIY Lace Slip-on Vans


One trend I can fully get behind this

season is fancy slip-on sneakers. Since

comfort is key when picking out

shoes, these are a no-brainer.

Coat the front section of the shoes

with fabric glue. Lay the lace over the

wet glue and lightly press down. Trim

the excess lace from around the

section. Glue down the lace edges.

Repeat until you cover the entire shoe