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EDTS 234

Practicum Evaluation
Winter 2017

Student Name: Amber Kornelson Teacher Associate: Tylene Neary

The final signed copy of the Practicum Evaluation will need to be submitted on or before
the final class.

Note to Teacher Associate:

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide feedback to the students. Please answer all the
questions regarding your practicum student. If there are areas you are not sure of please mark
them with an NA.

A four point Likert scale is used for rating using the following descriptors:

4- Always 3-Usually 2-Sometimes 1-Never


4 3 2 1 NA
Personal Attributes
Positive and enthusiastic
Warm and friendly
Uses humor appropriately
Dresses professionally
Responsive to suggestions
Projects a positive image to students
Follows up on suggestions
Takes initiative
Shows responsibility punctual, dependable
Relates well to students
Demonstrates empathy
Well organized
Has good interpersonal relations
Responds to feedback
Shows maturity and good judgement
Communication Skills
Uses appropriate language
Good tone and volume
Presents ideas clearly when speaking
Language is appropriate for students
Good eye contact
Written communication is clear
Written mechanics are appropriate
Interactions with students
Sensitive to the needs of the student
Prepares for instruction as necessary
Holds attention of students
Has good rapport with students
Students are respectful
Responds appropriately to students
Presents material in a logical manner
Motivates the students
Management of Students
Provides clear directions
Consistent with rules and expectations
Gives students positive feedback
Provides a safe and orderly environment
Responds appropriately to student behavior
Discusses ideas an approaches to teaching
Asks questions about the teaching learning process
Analyzes and interprets observations
Reflects on his/her role in the classroom
Shares insights
Professional Conduct
Respects the dignity and rights of all students
Treats students and school personnel with respect
Punctual for practicum times
Abides by the ATA Code of Ethics
Respects the confidentiality of students and staff
It was a pleasure having Amber as a student teacher. She has a calm presence in the classroom
and is reflective in her practice. Ambers lesson(s) during this practicum were well thought out
and engaging for her students. She was very open to feedback and followed through on
suggestions. During her lessons, Amber was able to make adjustments on the fly based on
student need and adapt lessons when technology failed. I wish Amber good luck and continued
success in her teacher training and future career.


Pass X Signed: Teacher Associate ________________________________

Fail ___ Student Teacher __________________________________

Date: __________________________________________