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Name: Rosy Thinn

Lesson: 05
Topic: The Hagia Sophia
Grade: 7 (50minutes)
Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Fall: The greediness of people had ruined the
beautiful temple of God. However, God does Group poster presentation project (at the end of the unit)
not exist in the temple only for he is

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

1. Provide some significant things about The student will . . .
the architecture of the Hagia Sophia. - Acquire the knowledge of how the Church had been
2. What are the possible reasons over the changing over time; from a Church to a Mosque,
and now was turned into a museum
changing of Hagia Sophia; from a - Generate the possible reasons over its changing
Church to a Mosque, and now was
turned into a museum?
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
5mins Beginning the Lesson
Listing agenda on the board before the class starts
Watch a video clip
Group discussion
Review: What are the major accomplishments of Justinian?
- Ask all students as a class (tell them to raise hand when they provide the answer)
- Remind students that todays topic is one of the great works of Justinian. Let them
guess the topic first.
- Watch a video clip about Hagia Sophia. Tell them to listen well and to focus on the
art inside the building before they watch it.
Developing the Lesson
- Tell them to get into the groups (same group as poster project)
- Tell them to discuss the significant things that they have watched regarding the architecture.
They will choose a scribe to record their discussion and a speaker to share to the class.
- They will share what they have found from each group.
- Provide one more question to the groups: What are the possible reasons over the changing of
6mins Hagia Sophia; from a Church to a Mosque, and now was turned into a museum?
5mins - Each group will share to the class about their thoughts on the possible reasons. (Teacher may
expect them to see the greediness of people to rule over one another)
6mins Closing the Lesson
- Use power point slides to show the picture of old and new Hagia Sophia Church and provide
factual information (some factual information may be known already but this will be a
3mins kind of recapping the lesson). Remind students that God is omnipresent. He exists
everywhere in anytime not in the church only.
- Introduce the rubric for poster and remind them to start preparing the poster (they can do
advanced research)
- Class dismiss

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Group discussion
Power point slides
Hagia Sophia,