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Pe CRC Alexander Technique NEW EDITION Body Learning has been a steady bestseller since it was first published in 1981 This updated edition has completely new illustrations, including photographs of Alexander lessons specially taken for the book. Michael Gelb brings the progress of the Alexander movement up to date, and there is a for€word to the new edition by Laura Huxle ‘The Alexander Technique continues to gain support, and is now recognized the world over as a method not only of putting us in touch with our bodies but of deepening our perceptions and wellbeing in general. Its effects on all aspects of living are profound. Michael Gelb is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. He is currently the director of the High Performance Learning Center in Washington, an international management consultancy organization which sponsors seminars on the Technique for businesses, schools and professional groups throughout the world. “The approach to learning and the techniques outlined in Body Learning transformed my life. Read and practice, and Michael Gelb’s profound message will transform yours’ — ‘Tony Buzan, author of Use Your Head Cover photograph by Jim Forrest Cover design by A.M.A. Aurum Press Limited, 33 Museum Street London WC1A ILD Or UC mere i 0-948149-73-6 ii 1 1 BODY LEARNING An Introduction to the Alexander Technique Michael Gelb AURUM PRESS