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Date From To

4/8/2017 1.00 PM 1.15 PM

4/8/2017 8.00 PM 8.15 PM
Task / Meeting/ Call attend or completed.
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Emp Code Emp Name Date Time (From) Time (To)

331729 Hemalatha H 3/16/2017 12 9.3

792442 Thanigavel 3/16/2017 1 10.3


323643 Prasuna 3/16/2017 12 9.3

331715 Rohini 3/16/2017 12 10.3

787988 Sarvesh 3/16/2017 12:30 9.45

331729 Hemalatha H 3/17/2017 12 9.3

792442 Thanigavel 3/17/2017 1 10.3

323643 Prasuna 3/17/2017 12 9.3
331715 Rohini 3/17/2017 12 10.3
787988 Sarvesh 3/17/2017 3:36 9.45
Hours Spent

8.50 Hours

8.50 Hours

8.00 Hours

9.50 Hours

9 Hours

8.50 Hours

8.50 Hours
8.00 Hours
9.50 Hours
9 Hours
Process Name
Completed the observations given by kranthi for Rate fixing.
Codes uploaded in DEV repository.
Need to send mail to kranthi for uploading the codes to UAT.

SSI development is in progress.

Need to implement RPA dashboard.
Requested test data from Ops for testing the code.

Testing in DEV Environment is completed for GLDC downloading notices.

Uploaded to DEV repository and commenced to test in DEV Bot runner.
Facing issue in Bot runner as the variables getting are null but the variables have values
in DEV dashboard.

Tested in dev environment.

Initiated to test in DEV Bot runner.

Scrittura SDD completed

Implementing observation in rollover.

Performed UAT for rateFixing
Implementing RPA architecture
unit testing in Flexcube part.observation implementation
Tested in dev environment.
Scrittura SDD completed
SDD review done by Veera
Task status Remarks

System Integration Testing wip


Unit Testing wip

Unit Testing wip

Code Review Wip

UAT Close
Unit Testing Wip
Unit Testing Wip
Unit Testing Close
SDD Close
KSD Walk Through Close
Final Action

Implementing observations is in progress

Testing in Dev Environment

Tasks Status

KSD Walk Through Open

Technical Feasibility Wip

Unit Testing Close


Real Time Process Walthrough

Code Review
Remarks Final Acition

Code Review Observation Identified

Change Request Identified

Test Case Failed

Test Case passed

UAT in Progress

UAT Observation Identified