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Name: Rosy Thinn

Lesson: 10
Topic: Group Poster Presentation
Grade: 7 (50minutes)
Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
- Learning is not only receiving Group poster presentation project (at the end of the unit)
information but also being able to
produce it (retell it to someone else).
- Developing presentation skills along
with collaboration

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

What does a good presentation mean? The student will . . .
What is team work? - Integrate, illustrate, and present what they have
Give a summary of your poster. learned plus researching

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

5mins Beginning the Lesson
Welcoming students.
Greeting (Remind them that today is presentation day and the teacher will give
15mins for all to get ready then, the presentation will start)
Introduction: Ask as a class- What does a good presentation mean?
What is team work?
Developing the Lesson

3mins Remind them what they need to know before they present.
Give a brief explanation about the poster.
Each person presents (at least 2 facts, mentioning their sources)
Clear and loud enough for the whole class to hear, to make eye contact while
presenting. It is presentation not reading.
Everyone needs to pay attention while others are presenting (no one is working any
Remember the time is 3-4mins
10mins Give practice and preparation time to get ready for poster presentation (Roughly
there will be 5 groups)
Presentation time
7mins Closing the Lesson
Feedback and Reflection time (students and teachers)

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Poster by students