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Review questions & Answers - Lecture 5

1. JIT in its conceptual sense:

A) is a lean production system
B) has no idle items waiting to be processed
C) has no idle workers
D) has no idle workstations waiting to process work
E) all of the above

2. Which of the following are related to lean production?

A) Philosophy of waste elimination
B) Lean consumption
C) Never running out of inventory
D) Full use of capacity

3. In implementing a lean production system you should work with suppliers to

do which of the following?

A) Calculate lead times.

B) Use quality circles.
C) Freeze windows.
D) Make frequent deliveries.

4. Firms implementing JIT tend to have short-term relationships with their suppliers and
customers. (F)

5. Which of the following dimension of service quality can be used to measure the tidiness of staff

A) Reliability.
B) Assurance.
C) Tangibles.
D) Responsiveness.

6. Which of the following gap of service quality is about the managing of


A) Market research.
B) Conformance.
C) Design.
D) Communicaton.